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  1. Rathori

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I never noticed, and probably never would if it wasn't pointed out here :D
  2. Ah, this takes me all the way back to the 90s. You know, when I was 12 and would say things along the lines of "lol this person doesn't listen to metal and they said metallica was death metal. They're so dumb, lol".
  3. I'm pretty sure prboom+ complevels only apply to gameplay/physics, but not to rendering the visuals.
  4. Nah, it's definitely 100%-able in singleplayer without the RNG or jumping (I did the first 4 or 5 maps), but might require some creative thinking.
  5. Rathori

    What's the best gun in Doom II?

    In my experience, when you have both and one of them is a better choice than any other weapon, it's gonna be BFG 95% of the time. Plasma Gun is only better in some very niche situations, apart from not having the BFG of course :P
  6. Rathori

    What's the best gun in Doom II?

    Plasma gun? You must be joking! BFG is way more ammo-efficient, can two-shot boss enemies and one-shot pairs of archies and/or barons or melt roomfuls of hitscanners.
  7. Rathori

    What's the best SNES game you've ever played?

    Super Metroid, although I've never actually finished it.
  8. Are you running any other mods with this? I just did a quick run through E1M8 in gzdoom 4.2.1 and the barons were acting normally.
  9. Rathori

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I accidentally looked something up on the fandom wiki instead of doomwiki.org yesterday.
  10. Rathori

    The Band Name Game.

    Helloween has already been posted, so here's the next thing I could think of (too lazy to turn on my PC to see what else in my library starts with H):
  11. Rathori

    Which color key is the scariest/hardest?

    Whenever I see a custom coloured key in a PWAD, it makes me expect a nasty surprise of some sort. So I would say that poll needs a fourth option :P
  12. Rathori

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Should have patched it to reference NIN's second EP :P
  13. Rathori

    Which monsters you have faced as ghosts?

    I think it still happens in some compatibility modes in ZDoom-based ports, like "Doom strict". Not 100% sure, though, I use prboom+ almost exclusively. I am, however, pretty sure that you can't "crush" a corpse with a berserk fist or explosions, it specifically has to be crushed by a door or a crusher for that bug to occur.
  14. Rathori

    Which monsters you have faced as ghosts?

    It really depends on the map and encounter/trap design. In my experience it usually happens on maps with lots of doors, where there's a high chance you'll kill something in a doorway and its corpse will get crushed. Add a trap that releases an archvile in a way that you can't immediately kill it (say, on the other side of the map; or right in your face, but there's no cover, so you have to get out of the room), and there's a good chance that AV will resurrect a crushed corpse.