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  1. I like them all, but E4 I like the best, with E1 coming off close despite its restricted bestiary and weaponry. E4 benefits from the challenge, and I enjoy the visual style. I used to dislike some of the maps here, although I have even come to like E4M4. E1 might be too easy and too familiar, but aside from E1M9 and E1M8 maps here are consistently solid. But I also like E2 and E3. They vary in quality; their lows are low (E2M9, E2M3, E3M7, E3M5) but highs are really good (E2M2, E2M6, E2M7, E3M2 (yes), E3M6, …). I never back down from a playthrough, because the bad levels are short or at least not overly tedious. Same can’t be said about Doom 2.
  2. RHhe82

    What frontend loader do you prefer?

    Hobomaster's Doom Launcher. Love it.
  3. RHhe82

    SIGIL II - Episode 6

    (Shouldn't this thread be in WAD Discussion subforum?) Anyway, just wanted to join the choir and say, what's already been said, I think. I really liked the visual style, and I *loved* the midi soundtrack. But I did have bad time at the start. I think Sigil 2 is riddled with questionable design choices, which are most evident in the first two maps. Especially in E6M2 the cyber is obnoxious all the while map itself is mediocre. E6M1 gets a pass, because the layout is great. From E6M3 onwards things get better, and things definitely got better as soon as I decided to play on HMP first to locate all the tight spots and all the secrets. After that UV playthroughs were fun. I suppose secrets aren't mandatory, but for me they made the difference between difficult and tedious. Between enjoying my stay and suffering miserably from ammo starvation. Some other deisgn choices I didn't approve: in E6M7 for instance there was a section with multiple perpetually lowering and raising platforms. After going through it a couple of times in my UV playthrough, I just idclipped through it. I think Ultimate Doom wads can be both fun and difficult, but Sigil 2 leans too much on tedium. I guess too many barons and cybers in respect to resources. E6M6 was my favourite map. I didn't realize SMM had buffed up HP! I was just surprised at how little damage cybies managed to inflict on it :-D
  4. RHhe82

    what was the firsrt doom game you played

    It was Doom v1.1 or v1.2, can't remember if it was the shareware version or the registered one. Played on our 486DX 33Mhz back in what must have been early 1994.
  5. RHhe82

    Is using SAVES in Doom bad?

    Maybe someone should make a source port, call it TrueDoom or something of the sort, that prevents bad playing; that removes cheat codes, removes load and save options from the main menu, has only Ultra-Violence and Nightmare as difficulty options, and exit linedef does not work (or gibs the player) if the player hasn't reached 100% kills and secrets.
  6. RHhe82

    2023 Cacowards

    The same here: astounding number of wads I haven’t even heard of, less considerable number of those I have, slightly smaller amount I have heard and have been meaning to play, and a very small amount of what I’ve actually played. Wish I was a teenager with seemingly infinite time on my hands. Also, congrats to all winners!
  7. Just wanna leave my post in this thread and go off my merry way to download Eviternity II. And I was just in the middle of replaying the first one D:
  8. I sometimes feel like Plutonia stumbles a bit in its final act. Like maps 22 & 23 and one upcoming map, they almost feel like they belong more in Evilution... and not because I think they are of lesser quality than your average Plutonia map, but by the virtue of them being longer, more adventurous maps rather than short and punchy combat-puzzles.
  9. I believe this might be an occasion where I'm not gonna be patient enough to wait for an idGames upload, if there's going to be one.
  10. RHhe82

    The DWmegawad Club plays: I C H I N I C H I

    Funny thing -- when I first saw Ichinichi get chosen for the club, I decided nah, gonna skip again, it's probably a sort of mapset I wouldn't enjoy. When MtPain episode was released, I didn't even watch it, thinking I'm not interested. I'm not sure why that is: maybe it's the name, I don't know. When I accidentally put on the said MtPain video, I saw I might enjoy it, and decided to try it. I guess it's a bit late to give map-by-map capsule reviews. I just reached the half-way mark (MAP32), and I like the wad. It's a bit on the easy side so far, but then: one sometimes needs more relaxed wads every once in a while (or, in my case, Ichinichi's something I can handle while suffering thru flu). I'm sure it's been mentioned in the club; it's strange that enemies seem to be deaf. Very often they are just standing there, unaware of what's happening. I'm guessing too many sound blocking lines and ambush flags set... A small matter, I suppose. One risk in easy-going wads using stock textures is the maps can get boring, but somehow that hasn't happened here yet... and MAP31 further invigorates the experience. I'm sure there's been a lot of maps utilizing barrels, but this is one instance of Barrels of fun being actually fun. Makes me regret a bit I didn't participate this month from the get-go.
  11. Hey, not too rough or bust, I say.
  12. I’m sure I’ve done eps 1-3 in one sitting — when I was a teen, no job and no school on that day. Maybe Doom 2, but by not caring one bit about maxing anything. Nowadays I’m happy if I can do two maps a day. (Even in iwads, especially in TNT or Plutonia)
  13. RHhe82

    Question to mods.

    I'll use the opportunity too to thank the moderators - imho this forum, in my time being here, has been decent and mostly (?) devoid of annoying drama, harassment and mindless trollthreads (and I'm glad I'm not a moderator who has to make the judgment calls on what constitutes these things).
  14. I can’t believe I didn’t just assume they were iwad demos, geez :-D I guess I got confused when the first one, for a moment, looked as if it was the real deal. Didn’t even realize it was MAP11.