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  1. how to delete account

    Is there a complete list of BOOM things?

    Is there a complete list of BOOM things? Can't find it on doom wiki. Example of a BOOM thing: Song changer in Ancient Aliens MAP01
  2. how to delete account

    What's the hardest part of making a map for you?

    Starting to actually do anything is hard. I don't know how much hours i've been looking in the editors blank screen, occasionally drawing few lines or square sectors until i give up and play league or something. But when i get myself going, everything becomes kinda easy, the day flies by in a single moment, and by the end of it i had most of the map done.
  3. how to delete account

    The thread that belongs to oblivion

  4. how to delete account

    The Modest Mapping Challenge (Old Thread)

    you guys are bullies
  5. how to delete account

    Please support your favorite content creators.

    Curb your passive-aggressiveness chief, it ain't welcome. "Job" is the word that doesn't only mean "a paid work", but also means person with a job has responcibilities and duties he has to answer to, while hobby makesyou answer to noone but yourself. And also not every job can be a hobby, and not every hobby can be a job, plane modeler won't always make a good plane constructor, and a builder may not like legos.
  6. how to delete account

    Please support your favorite content creators.

    Humbly disagree.
  7. Nah it has some objective values really, there is a logic to that in balance, visuals and others. In general case it may be something like ammo and health balance, for encounters it might be something like monster diversity, for the layout it might be height variation, for visuals it may be usage of colors and color balance. Subjectiveness of good and bad in a media is a meme.
  8. Spent making excuses and ignoring the problems. Bravo. Okay that one is actually funny. Because your thread would be empty and unnoticed, and you'd probably either keep making bad maps by your own, or just stop mapping. Thats the thing that separates you from all other newbies.
  9. how to delete account

    The Slaughter Spectrum - RC1 Release

    Toldya brig
  10. Yea well, welcome to doomworld and doom modding, where everything was done before you've joined, there are thousands of maps that look and sound better than yours. People simply have something better to do, than to review every single bloated wad not either imbedded in post nor uploaded to mega and google. We actually get a lot of those. Thats why presentation matters, and you failed at it. You say the wad has no flaws and yet you say in your post: What should we believe in then? Your whole attitude towards the map kinda shows that you didn't put any care or effort into it. Slacking off, like having two identical "wav"s in your wad and copypasting entire rooms, demanding people to take your work serious when you yourself can't by adding *Copyrighted* soundbits in the first place and trying to joke around in the post, it's all there and those are really big flaws. I didn't even have to play your wad to find that out. There is no way your are not actually trolling.
  11. how to delete account

    The Slaughter Spectrum - RC1 Release

    Phade you are better than that, we had to exclude them for performance reasons, cos half of the testers, kyle, leo, others and meg herself could not or had dufficultues running them, which isn't that nice.
  12. how to delete account

    Please support your favorite content creators.

    Far better than trying to bring it up here imho
  13. how to delete account

    Please support your favorite content creators.

    you wrote an entire book explaining the context of the joke that wasn't funny nor made any sense in curent context. whaw. @Dark Pulse >>/pol/ you belong there
  14. how to delete account

    Best map ever made

    plz dont Dunno dudes Map 19 pretty much overstays its welcome really. Like visually it's stunning, creative use of textures, midtextures, fake floors, pressing plates, all nice, progression is also pretty much something i can get behind because it was pretty nice. For like 20-30 minutes. The map is like 90 minutes long, it stops being charming and nice not even halfway there. It runs out of things to show you and destroys the flow with FOUR ANNIHILATORS ON HMP WITH THAT SECTION HAVING THE MOST OF THE ANNIHILATORS IN ONE PLACE, and it all goes downhill from there, as the you kill like a second dozen of archviles, 10th annihilator, 30th surprise monster closet with monsters teleporting behind you, press a 20th pressing plate, and pretty much memorize not one of the prettiest locations in not only this map, not only this mod, but in pretty much any game - sewers. It's draining and stops being fun. Makes you feel all like "When will this over?". And it's not even a standalone, i'm supposed to play other maps after that one. Very cool map, but i really don't like it that much. Evi in general is kinda overrated