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  1. icecoldduke

    Contrast Adaptive Sharpening

    Quake 4 opt in bloom. With sikkmod they basically bloomed the entire framebuffer(or opted to bloom based on how bright a pixel is, instead were able to opt materials in for bloom. Normally this would require engine source, but with the memory detouring stuff I've done, it made opt-in bloom really easy to add.
  2. icecoldduke

    Contrast Adaptive Sharpening

    Just made a quick video showing the above features and talking about the stuff I'm doing with Quake 4.
  3. icecoldduke

    Contrast Adaptive Sharpening

    I have done a lot more work on doing Quake 4 HD work. I've been doing a bunch of memory injection, code detours, and such, I now have a Framebuffer Object that all of the world renders into, the first render texture in the render target is a HDR 16bit image which is used for lighting, the second render target is for the 8bit albedo. With the lighting and the albedo seperate, the lighting looks A LOT better compared to the original. Then on top of that, CaS is now applied to the Albedo render target, and yields way better results. Also I ran the textures through ESARGAN as well. https://github.com/jmarshall23/idtech4_pbr/tree/master/quake4
  4. icecoldduke

    Contrast Adaptive Sharpening

  5. Video of ESARGAN textures with Contrast Adaptive Sharpening:
  6. Its on my todo list. I got a basic code injection to load PNG textures instead of the low res M8/M32 textures, and I ran all of the textures through ESARGAN
  7. Hey Awhile back I started a thread entitled "recreating the Heretic 2 source code". I've been getting a lot of different requests on what happened, but I want to start over with something a bit more modest in scope. So here's what I have so far: I have a custom Heretic2 launcher that basically does the following: Adds Contrast Adaptive Sharpening pass. Adds widescreen, and fov/brightness support. Adds music support. Fixes numerous buffer over flow bugs. I also have a custom WndSnd.dll that does the following: Adds OpenAL support. EAX reverb. Positional Audio. I also have a custom game/client effects/player DLL that does the following: Fixes numerous buffer over flow bugs. Download: https://github.com/jmarshall23/Heretic2CaS/releases/tag/0.04 To use: Extract to your Heretic 1.06 directory. Must be a CLEAN install! To start the game, do NOT go through the menu(or you will crash). Instead type "map ssdocks" or load a save game. r_brightness controls the brightness with CaS on ONLY. r_fov controls the FOV. MUSIC: If you want music, you need to convert the cd audio music to wav files and structure the files/directory like this. https://imgur.com/a/aDReZ0F
  8. icecoldduke

    Doom 3 Virtual Texturing

    New binaries: https://www.realvectormathstudios.com/forum/iced-tech/news-and-annoucements/39-binary-sdk-0-02-release
  9. icecoldduke

    Doom 3 Virtual Texturing

    I've fixed the game pk4 issue: https://github.com/jmarshall23/IcedTech/commit/5b280734d3bd576736741bc1168a42436e2aaf85 it will be in the next binary release. Have you encountered any other issues?
  10. icecoldduke

    Doom 3 Virtual Texturing

    So have you tried deleting all of the gamexxx.pk4 in base? Thanks again for your support :).
  11. icecoldduke

    Doom 3 Virtual Texturing

    Try deleting you game pk4 files in bsse, also make sure you extracted everything from the fixed package out properly. It looks like in dkbase is the wrong game dll or even missing it entirely. Try installing to a fresh directory, and make sure your using the new binary release.
  12. icecoldduke

    Doom Eternal Delayed(March 2020)

    Looks like Doom Eternal has been delayed till March 2020 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.eurogamer.net/amp/2019-10-08-doom-eternal-delayed-until-march-2020
  13. icecoldduke

    Lighting Tutorial(How To Guide)

    Lighting Tutorial Video 3
  14. icecoldduke

    Doom 3 Virtual Texturing

    Thank you for your support :). That error was caused by me including a debug gamex86.dll in the release package and NOT a release package, so you didn't have the runtimes. I have fixed the release and the new binary package is up here: https://github.com/jmarshall23/IcedTech/releases/tag/v0.01