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  1. Probably a intentional leak from marketing to figure out if there is interested in the product.
  2. Honestly I think this is terrible, instead focusing on making a new and better doom game, they are doing star wars. Terrible honestly.
  3. icecoldduke

    AI tech I've been working on

    Hey, Over the past year or so I've been working on some AI tech, specifically for face swapping. Here is basically the result of that. The first video is in real time actually were it replaces Betruger from Doom 3 with John Carmack and Swan with Pete Hines from Bethesda. The second video, using the same tech but in Red Alert 2, during the first cut scene, puts Putin as the Primier and Trump as Yuri
  4. icecoldduke

    DoomArchives: Doom Coding Documentation

    Hey, For those still doing Doom 3 modding, I'm putting together a coding documentation for Doom 3. http://doomarchives.com It includes full documentation already on the most complicated parts of the engine, AAS and the Collision System. I look to expand on it in the future, just posted it here just in case useful to people still working on Doom 3 modding.
  5. hello,i've been trying to reach out to you to know how to setup the doom 3 bfg edition mod for multiplayer bots that you've given me (refactored quake 3 bot) is there a tutorial vid that can help me out or something?


  6. icecoldduke

    any doom 3 bfg edition bots?

    I added heavily refactored Quake 3 bot code to Doom 3 BFG. https://github.com/jmarshall23/Doom3BFG
  7. icecoldduke

    Hospital Pain Nightmare (Beyond My Normal Thread)

    Hey Lee, Sorry to hear your going through this; the only time I've had extreme pain as someone else said was kidney stones. I'm 30 and few months ago I woke up and was unable to pee and within about 30 minutes of that I felt the most extreme pain you could ever feel on my lower right side of my stomach. I eventually went to the ER because I had no idea what was going on. So for about 10 hours I felt extreme pain mixed with a crazy urge to pee it was terrible, but after a catscan I saw that something that size of a piece of sand was causing all of this. I wish you the best Lee, I never personally appreciated how extreme pain can actually bring someone to their knees until I went through that. -Justin
  8. icecoldduke

    Quake 4 - Doom 3 GPL integration

    So I could integrate Quake 3 bot code into Quake 4. Check out the video, preview isn't working. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6fcX-_SUbA
  9. icecoldduke

    Heretic 2 - Source code recreation part 2

    Just to catch everyone up: the last core bug remaining in the Heretic 2 bits is the bugs in the collision detection. Unforunetly Raven in Heretic 2 did some "magic"(only calling it magic because I have no idea) bits to make the collision detection way better then Quake 2; and I haven't been able to find the magic sauce to get that fixed. Probably the next step is switching the collision detection code over to like PhysX or something; I know someone is doing that for Quake 2, once thats done I might revist this and get that code integrated.
  10. icecoldduke

    Quake 4 - Doom 3 GPL integration

    No sorry I just woke up and read it the wrong way I guess :). The entire point though of this project is to create a open source engine that can run Quake 4, and its already there; the contrast adaptive sharpen is just a additional feature and isn't the point of the project. The point of the project is to modify Doom 3 GPL to have the engine features of Quake 4 and can play Quake 4. Its already to that point(singleplayer is completely playable), with the exception of the particle engine and multiplayer and I'm trying to fix multiplayer now.
  11. icecoldduke

    Quake 4 - Doom 3 GPL integration

    It's not a mod. I've recreated chunks of the Quake 4 source code in Doom 3 and added graphical features that wouldn't be available otherwise. This post kind of made me angry(honestly). Contrast adaptive sharpen is a post processing pass, and the visual results give a sharper result then simply disabling low res textures. In fact you can't use CAS with low res textures. This mod adds Quake 4 support to the Doom 3 GPL code base by modifying the engine to load the Quake 4 DLL. Contrast Adaptive Sharpen is just a new graphical feature in the codebase, but you can't get the same result by just editing the config of the original game.
  12. icecoldduke

    Quake 4 - Doom 3 GPL integration

    In previous work(before we had access to add new engine features with Quake4Doom) I added CaS to the closed source engine, but it had a fixed set of resolutions because I couldn't pass in the render target information; obviously that's fixed. (look at it zoomed in). CaS OFF CaS ON
  13. icecoldduke

    Quake 4 - Doom 3 GPL integration

    Alpha 3.2 is now up https://github.com/jmarshall23/Quake4Doom/releases/tag/Alpha3.2
  14. i cant acces the website linked on your about page everytime i try it just redirects me to other websites

  15. icecoldduke

    Quake 4 - Doom 3 GPL integration

    Took down Alpha 3, will update when its back up.