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  1. Added HD Particle Effects billboarded sprites, and fixed transparency.
  2. Added realtime lights to items and spells.
  3. I spent a lot of time thinking about this, and it is the best approach. You have a one time annoyance, and the end result is the tech is easier for me to develop, and easier for everyone to make new content for.
  4. removed.
  5. The particles now render. Its still not quite correct, but at least they render now.
  6. I didn't realize this forum doesn't auto downsize images for some people, so what is the recommended way to post images on this forum?
  7. Updated progress video: This video shows the new lighting system in the game, hd textures, character lighting basically were I'm at right now. The overblown spec textures you see are the result of a bug with the non hd textures.
  8. I finished up somemore textures. I'm not a artist by any means, I'm hoping someone better can come in and do some more hi res stuff properly. I never realized how much yellow there is in this game haha.
  9. I have made some progress on lighting and tools. I have modified q3map2 and q3radiant to load and create maps for the new renderer. In this screenshot, I'm q3map2's deluxel lighting. I currently have one hi-res texture, which is why you only see bump maps on that surface.
  10. Yes it works with the original 1.6 quake2.dll
  11. I have fixed the issues with our h2common.dll, I have enabled the project in the compile process by default. That means as of now the only dll we are missing code for is quake2.dll.
  12. Has there ever been any Heretic 2 HD texture packs? If not, does anyone have any bandwidth to start creating one?
  13. I have uploaded source code.
  14. Ht2Toolkit_v1.06.exe All of my code references variable types/structs and even code inside of the qcommon/client/ref_commmon folders. You can see when I release it, but to be on better legal ground I might have to write ref_gl from scratch(I planned on doing this anyway using D3D11 or Vulkan), but I still wouldn't be able to use GPL.
  15. Hey guys, One of my favorite games as a kid was Heretic 2, and I have been wanting to play Heretic 2 with next gen graphics. Without source code being available this was a impossible task. Off and on I have been working on re-creating the Heretic 2 engine side source code. With Heretic 2 being so modular, it made the task easier. Here is the status of each of the modules. H2Common.dll * 100% recreated. Heretic2.exe * 100% recreated. * Hooks Quake2.dll functions such as cdaudio and com_printf. cdaudio can be * played from the harddrive from wav files. Com_Printf now outputs to the visual studio debug log. ref_gl.dll * 80% recreated. * Levels load and render correctly(with the exception of some bmodels rendering * some faces with wrong winding order?). * Static .FM models render correctly. * Skeletal .FM models render correctly(with the exception of corvus who always * has his elite gear on). * .m8 and .m32 format support. * Native Widescreen support. * Custom FOV and aspect ratio support. * Particles do NOT render correctly. * The engine can load TGA textures WinSnd.dll * 100% recreated, some bugs with audio not playing when it should. * Uses FMOD for audio. Quake2.dll * 0% recreated - only using hooks to override various functions. Video: Source Code