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  1. markcalloway

    doom mods wanted to play

    Yes I have been trying out various doom mods I might just try that doom mod next. So yes I have been experimenting with various doom mods. Considering the fact that I am a big fan of doom and I have been since the mid 1990's metaphorically speaking of course.
  2. markcalloway

    doom mods wanted to play

    Are there any particular interesting doom mods out there? That I should be playing or at least try each of them once. Doom mod recommendations are always welcome since I am just starting to get into my groove of playing doom mods. If so please post download link to a doom mod like I said doom mod recommendations are always welcome
  3. markcalloway

    Fistful of Doom

    The answer is yes I am just talking about Fistful of Doom. I thought about making my own video games the only problem I have is funding for one and two I can not afford the bigger biffier bulkier more powerful equipment required at least not yet for the time being minor set back. But I am however able to play doom mods from different doom mod game developers on my google chrome notebook laptop computer that much I can tell you.
  4. markcalloway

    Fistful of Doom

    Yeah it is kind of ashamed you know that it only has 2 conversion levels to it. But I will however say this fistful of doom really did have alot of potential for a doom mod. The rest of this doom mod will have to be replaced with levels from doom 2 hell on earth wad. If you use doom 2 hell on earth the first 2 levels of that game will be replaced with 2 conversion levels from fistful of doom. I think the power up items and remain the same in fistful of doom if you use doom 2 hell on earth wad file.
  5. Chilling out in my man cave playing with my xbox 360 on my monstrosity TV while drinking a small bottle of diet coke 

    2018-06-21 20.22.53.jpg

  6. I really need to check my notifications a lot more often whenever possible.

    Well anyways looks like I will be off for that good Friday holiday Saturday Sunday Monday and Tuesday.

    5 day vacation for me well I do need time from my job once in a while occasionally.

    I will probably be playing infectonator survivors slender woods and some other games for a while.


  7. Holy shit my notifications are blowing up constantly while I am gone.

    Not to mention the fact that yesterday I ended up deleting close to 3000 emails now that was a pain in the ass. 

  8. Battery of my laptop computer is getting critically low on power energy levels at 17%.

    I have about maybe if I am lucky 47 to 51 minutes worth of power remaining before I have to recharge my laptop computer.


  9. Message to all cyber bullies

    To those that are having a great time with their sick twisted and cruel fun tormenting others.

    On the doom world forums I will say this shame on you big time.

    To those doing this justification bullshit tormenting other people on here.

    What somebody needs to do is drag your lunatic asses down the walk of shame.

    And teach you one hell of lesson you will never forget.

    Because if you are one of these so called cyber bullies then dont bother commenting

    because if you do then I will know that you cyber bullies are present and I will know who you really are.

    One more thing cyber bulling is not cool at all and you people damn well know it.

    If you insist on bullying people on the doom world forums with your sick twisted cruel fun then will tell you to get the hell out my sight.

    Have Nice day you damn cyber bullies.

  10. I am just going to sit back and relax and drink nice cold can of pepsi.

    While others have their sick twisted cruel fun tormenting other people.

    Eventually I am going to look back this and laugh in their faces.

    You want to know why because sooner or later karma is going to bite somebody in the ass with a vengeance. 

    Karma will bite somebody in the ass and it will eventually in my favor fight back.

    Thank you and have nice day.





  11. Don't you people just hate it when they have their sick and cruel fun tormenting people on the doom world forums.

    When they say that your threads are not needed and that they clog up the forums.

    But seriously though people then what in the hell is the point of posting on the doom world forums.

    If people have their sick twisted and cruel fun tormenting others on here.

    Side note this is only status update

  12. markcalloway

    Doom mod game lagging question answered

    Of course there is this option of creating a recovery flash drive on your computer just in case something like this happens. But in order to do that you need to have an empty USB flash drive with at least 8 GB of free space on it. Then you can start creating your flash drive recovery programs on that empty flash drive.
  13. markcalloway

    Skulldash expanded edition

    That is actually meant for people who are not familiar and who are new to this game just a little reminder what is wrong with that.
  14. markcalloway

    Skulldash expanded edition

    If you people want kind of a challenging doom mod then I recommend going with skulldash expanded edition. There are several reasons this doom mod adds a twist to the traditional doom guy first person view shooting genre. Sure you still get your ass kicking demon slaying doom guy weapons. A lot of power up items were replaced with different colored skull tokens. Like armor health packs armor bonuses health bonuses In each level you will be racing against time to collect a certain number of skulldash token required to advance to the next level while killing demons collecting weapons and ammo. But luckily there are ways to increase your time limit to give you extra time in each level they have something called time bonus you can get by doing certain things in these levels. Here is an example of a screeshot of different colored skulldash tokens
  15. markcalloway

    Doom mod game lagging question answered

    If I delete system 32 it might end up messing up my operating system. And my computer may become non operational and might have to end up taking it into a computer repair shop. And yes something like that is not funny.