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Stealthy Ivan

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    DM 4 life

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  1. Stealthy Ivan

    List your top ten favorite games.

    Call of duty MW2, thats all ten for me. :)
  2. Stealthy Ivan

    What are your favorite music groups?

    Dark Funeral Satyricon Dark throne Marduk Dismember Gutted Dying Fetus Setherial Shining Unleashed Jungle rot Myrkskog Svartsyn Nocternity Ondskapt Infestdead Dimhymn Kataklysm Broken Hope Vile To name a few...
  3. Stealthy Ivan

    Blasphemy is now illegal. (in Ireland)

    I agree....
  4. Stealthy Ivan

    Doom Turns Sixteen

    Dam time flies... Happy birthday doom! Hope to see/play some of the worst wads ever! :P
  5. As a part time police officer which i am in training for(for medina oh) if you break the law we get to have fun with your stuff... :P Dont break the law... nuff said.
  6. Stealthy Ivan

    Virtue Of Sin

    I smell old school! keep up the good work!!! :)
  7. Stealthy Ivan

    Doomsday 1.9-beta6.7 released

    Wow!!! That looks SO sweet, dam, its been a while since I have been in the scene, never would have thought that it would have gone this far... That looks incredible!!! Makes me happy to see a game I have loved forever go so far! Keep it up!!!! Doom 4 Ever!
  8. Hi peeps, glad to see DW is doing well, been a long time since i have been an active member (I always will love DooM), miss the days of skull tag after work but life's little changes (like my daughter) take up a lot of time. I have not mapped in forever (and miss it), and hope you guys keep it up, there is a lot of cool stuff still to be uncovered in doom! I still have all the software to map if I have time, but I'm sure there are a billion updates by now and new programs when it comes to mapping and scripting, plus I have a lot of irons in the fire at the time being. Just glad to see DooM still doing well and wish you all the best of fragging!!!!
    Stealthy Ivan
    K33p DW 1337!!! :P

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    2. Bucket


      Stealthy Ivan said:

      I still have all the software to map if I have time, but I'm sure there are a billion updates by now and new programs when it comes to mapping and scripting,

      Get DoomBuilder, make vanilla maps. Easy as that.

    3. Kaiser


      Who the hell are these new people?

    4. pavera


      Hi, this is the future speaking.

  9. I remember him, I have not been on here in a long time due to life... :P But I hope you do well in this matter. Good luck! :) This is sad and I hope you do well, that is pretty rough, glad to see you can still play games ok, thats rather amazing! I have not been a active member for a while now since my life is rather busy these days. But I will always remember the good times here on DW. Good luck, and keep up the good work that I have seen! :) Doom for ever! Espi, stay strong!!!!!! BTW my cousin Shelly had to recently lose her arm due to bone marrow cancer, you will be ok dude! :) Even though it might be a big change in your life. Now you are like a Cyber Demon with your bio mechanical arm! :P
  10. My 2 favorite movies!!! DooM and Event Horizon. Could not have said it better myself!
  11. Stealthy Ivan

    [Community Project] Untitled New Years CP.

    This project is looking really good so far! I would help out but my computer is fucked at the moment. :( At least I can still play doom, editing on the other hand, well, lets just say if my computer crashes while I'm in the middle of mapping, I will hit it with a ball bat... >:) Looks like its new pc time, the old one is gonna be a stripped for parts (but I'm keeping my GForce card and ram for the new one! :P)...
  12. Stealthy Ivan

    The State Of Map Editors

    SLADE needs someone to help it out, I'm not a programmer or a SLADE user but some of you are, if you like it try and save it (If I could I would...)! Doom editors are an important tool to us mappers, maybe people should start stepping to the plate and save them!
  13. Stealthy Ivan

    The State Of Map Editors

    Heh, ever since I started using DB I have been pleased! I used DeeP and DeepSea for years, then when I found DB I never turned back. It has also never crashed on me yet, and the maps compile just fine! :) No complaints here!
  14. Stealthy Ivan

    My Latest map: Rise Of The Scorned

    I like this old school style you have going on, good work! Also good choice of textures, very fitting to your map design.
  15. Stealthy Ivan

    Instagib project.

    Thats cool Johnny, I'm glad to see you are a DW member too! Well now you see I have many iron's in the fire if you know what I mean. BTW how is your map going (PM me here or at ST :P)?