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  1. Ah, yes, I remember cleaning out a lot of junk controller events in one of your songs. Over 100KB for a song that should've barely taken up 20KB. Not a huge deal, aside from setting pitch bend range (which defaults to 2 semitones). It can ruin every song that comes after it in the WAD unless you set it back. TNT2 had that problem. Anyway, it seems like Aria Maestosa fits the bill for what I need. It's no Cakewalk Pro 6, but it'll do.
  2. I need to get back into writing. What's the latest on this project? EDIT: Also, I may not have access to my regular software. What's a good editor for MacOS?
  3. My backlog consists of approximately: 200 Steam games 50 GOG games 10 PS4 games 20 PS3 games 40 PS2 games 5 PS1 games And a buttload of emulated games.
  4. Bucket

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Once again trying to play through Dragon Age: Origins. This time on Easy, because the ridiculous spikes in difficulty made other playthroughs a chore. I'll probably pick up Inquisition right after that.
  5. Bucket

    Unreal Gold is currently free on GOG

    Unreal came out before the hardware acceleration market settled on OpenGL and DirectX. You still have quite a few options, even with only those two left. Oldunreal is a site that has maintained the game long after Epic moved on, though they have the developer's blessing. They've been squashing bugs, adding Windows x64 support, and keeping up with hardware standards. The soundtrack was probably the most amazing thing about the game. Speaking of compatibility, can anyone recommend a tracker that works with Windows 10?
  6. Started with rumors and hearsay, confirmed with publicly available depositions.
  7. There was a kid I knew from Boy Scouts named Brian. A few years younger than me, I didn't have much of an opinion of him, just another kid with a chip on his shoulder from a dysfunctional family like so many of us. I know we spent most weekends together, camping, hiking, fishing, rafting, basket weaving - but I really didn't get to know him as a person. In junior year of high school I was surprised to learn that my best friend Dave had a few classes with him, a freshman. I suppose they also ran in some of the same circles, or at any rate knew the same pot dealers. I ran into Brian plenty at school, like I did a few other Scouts, but those worlds just didn't intersect. Dave was friends with all the black kids in school and was known all over the county. He had an impressive recording setup he'd paid for with his trust fund; the black kids would come over, get high, drunk, and record their demo tapes. I was usually there, composing beats and mixing them live. Brian, however, fell in with the white nationalists. There was a gang, the Brotherhood, real original. Kids who dyed their hair blonde, tried to grow beards, bought Confederate flag shirts, wore denim jackets with their shitty emblems on, and rode bitch in Rustangs with the "grownup" Brothers who dealt meth and hung out in abandoned factories or roofied girls or whatever it is that Nazis do for fun. During school, though, Brian and Dave would sit next to each other in Study Hall or wherever and be unproductive. During one such period, Dave called Brian a slacker. They talked shit for fun all the time but I guess this one word stuck in Brian's craw. Brian stewed in it for a while and snitched to the head Nazi in the school: Luke, a kid out of a gritty reboot of West Side Story. Today Luke is a bail bondsman, which is irrelevant to this story, but I like to think he took the job so he could help his friends and family. There's a section of hallway near the auditorium we would hang out at before class started. The band geeks, drama nerds, and other misfits crowded there. One morning I watch as Luke goose-steps in, leading what must have been most of his crew, more than a dozen denim-wearing wastoids. Brian isn't there. Luke hems Dave up against the wall and the whole crew surrounds him before I can do anything. Luke says that for his transgression, Dave has to pay him 20 dollars a week or he'll get the shit kicked out of him. All the following month, the Brotherhood learns that white does not make right. Dave tells his friend, Pat. Pat tells every black kid in the school. Every black kid in the school declares open season on denim jackets. In one such incident the star running back for the school football team takes on three Brothers at once. He picks one up and turns him sideways like an empty garbage can, and throws him into a wall. He must have knocked the white power out of that kid, because years later he turns into a dreadlocked hippie and thumbs his way across the country. The Brotherhood was dismantled and we hear that the fight extended way beyond the school grounds. The tri-county area is Nazi-free for years to come. Today they still don't dare wander outside Marcus Hook for too long. Most of those misguided punks clean up their act after high school. Not Brian. I assume he graduates by the skin of his teeth. I'm sure his Scout career was less successful. His mom kicks him out for whatever reason. He becomes one of those losers who surfs from one friend's couch to the next, tries to deal on the side but smokes more than he sells. Dave was right about him. This goes on for a few years. One autumn, Brian is living with two friends and their mom. I was surprised to learn, again, that I knew those two kids, being well-acquainted with their older sister and having taken their cousin to prom. I think one's name was Matt, maybe. Brian was shacked up in the basement with a futon and all his worldly possessions in a duffel bag. They run with a little crowd of petty criminals, for whom it hasn't sunk in yet that they are now adults and accountable for their actions. One such thug, Joe, has stolen some kid's dirt bike and needs to stash it somewhere. Brian, being the helpful friend that he is, suggests to keep it in a shed in Matt's back yard. Joe loves the idea. Brian is a covetous little prick, and always broke from smoking his own supply, so he moves the bike to some other undisclosed place. Joe lives in Jersey, and waits for the heat to die down, so he doesn't find out until later that "his" bike is gone. Several angry calls later, Brian finally decides to reach out to Joe. He makes up some story about having to move the bike to secure it, telling him to come get it. Joe shows up at Matt's (mom's) apartment one evening and is impatient to get what's his. Bordering one side of the apartment complex is a set of train tracks. Brian leads Joe out to the tracks and tells him his bike is down by the overpass. At some point during this walk along the tracks, Brian pulls out a semi-automatic pistol and blows Joe's fucking brains out. According to the police report, Brian is visibly shaken when he returns to the apartment. He confesses to Matt and his brother, who share his panic. Early the next morning a jogger discovers Joe's corpse by the tracks. The police are called and they ID him. There are defensive wounds on his hands. Officers learn that Joe was a suspect in a bike theft, having read statements and talked to the original owner. They comb Joe's whereabouts and contacts and of course discover quite a few phone calls to and from Matt's house right before his death. When they arrive at Matt's, he and his brother sing like canaries. The cops know everything. Brian is the murderer. Brian has a gun. Brian is in the basement. The cops visit Brian downstairs and wake him up. When Brian realizes what's happening he jumps up and reaches for his waistband. Two officers struggle with him for several minutes and take his gun off of him. Brian is serving a life sentence for murder, assaulting a police officer, theft, and probably possession with intent to distribute. I forget the whole list. He has several failed appeals under his belt. I believe one had him claiming that the prosecution tried to portray him falsely as a hardened criminal and big-time drug dealer, which may have affected his sentencing. I guess it didn't occur to him that slackers who can't even make money selling pot can be heartless killers too. Despite this horror story, it somewhat surprises me that there aren't more people from my school days doing hard time. tl;dr version: fuck you read the whole thing
  8. You already know my response since the only "people" I ever see saying that is you. Since I already did my errands for today I had some time to flip through my post history and uncover the origin of this unhealthy obsession you have with me. Your account was only weeks old when this vendetta started - mentioning things that were before your time. The evidence points to ban evasion. I'll wager there was some political thread previously, where my unassailable arguments so deeply offended you that you flew into a spittle-flecked rage and committed Suicide By Banhammer. Alternatively: you were lurking these forums for years hence, seething in hatred at those same comments but impotent to do anything about them. To keep this post on topic: I think we can all learn something from the example Decay has set on the absolute worst way to deal with utter defeat.
  9. Intentionally give yourself a handicap, then you have something to blame. Revel in knowing that people will never know your true strength. Also, never play on Normal difficulty. I use Easy when I want the story, and Hard when I want a challenge.
  10. Bucket

    The Superbowl

    I always enjoy when Philly wins but this time it was more satisfying to embarrass the Patriots. Watching Brady bumble a trick play and then later Foles getting a TD with THE SAME PLAY was everything I needed. Honestly, even if the Eagles lost that would've made my night.
  11. Bucket

    which mac?

    I was looking to keep a laptop dedicated to home recording. It's unlikely I'll ever use it for anything else. As it happens, I have two MacBook Pros and I need to sell one. The 2011 i5 is smaller and supports the latest MacOS. The 2012 i7 has a dedicated GPU and USB 3.0 ports. Both have 8GB RAM and solid state drives. The problem is, I have to decide whether processing power is more important than portability. (How much horsepower do I really NEED for Reaper et al?) I might also turn a bigger profit selling the i7. Opinions, go.
  12. The mind-numbingly stupid tagline for the Doom movie inspired me to make a little poem. The formatting needs fixing though...
  13. Bucket

    What are you listening to?

    Are you ready for an 80s flashback? [/
  14. A friend and I want to ramp up our streaming channels and we'd like to feature mainly cooperative/competitive games. There are plenty of splitscreen multiplayer games to choose from but others require us to run the game on two machines. To get around this, there are a few solutions I know of: there's a port called Doom Legacy that allows split-screen play, and also an emulator called TGB dual that supports multiple instances to emulate Gameboy link play. I'm hoping these aren't my only options, as there are so many other platforms to stream for (not the least of which being DOS and Windows). I would love to, for example, do a co-op run of Half Life showing both our screens in the stream. Can anyone recommend any other multiplayer-friendly ports or emulators? Alternatively, is there any software that can capture screen output from another PC on the network? If there's any software solution that doesn't involve spending over $100 on a capture card, I'm all for it.
  15. Here is the requested font for Deilvution, both in greyscale and color.