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  1. maybe loosen the requirements by allowing the option to recreate the original Prince MIDI from memory.
  2. what a surprise that some faceless holding company hoarding IPs like pokemon had an unfortunate conclusion
  3. Bucket

    RIP E3 1995-2023 :(

    CES and GDC are where it's at, anyway. I can't imagine anyone wanting to be more informed than whatever trailers pop up on the Tube, unless you have a fascination behind the hardware and software technologies that go into game development.
  4. But apparently not poor form to put it up there next to projects that are 100% finished.
  5. Did this get officially released without my knowledge?
  6. Bucket

    Times you've talked to the police

    Funny coincidence, I read recently that almost half of cops admit to trying to get vape shop owners arrested on technicalities. Google "40% of police" if you don't believe me.
  7. Bucket

    epic acquires bandcamp?

    https://www.wired.com/story/epic-games-sale-bandcamp-music-platform-limbo/ So Bandcamp was sold as quickly as it was bought. Lots of BC employees are surprised to learn they weren't offered their jobs back. Even though Songtradr isn't a publicly traded company (yet) and Bandcamp is unionized, this isn't great news. I've been looking into alternatives to Bandcamp but most articles only cover the consumer side, not artists. Apparently it's possible to sell music on itch.io, even if it isn't a game soundtrack, but I have no experience with the site beyond a few purchases. Any ideas?
  8. Bucket


    all right, next question: can anyone recommend some good JP games that have translation patches?
  9. Bucket


    I'm referring to games supported by a community. I have no interest in "games as a service" crap.
  10. Bucket


    Seems like the last games made for any consoles are always soccer games
  11. Bucket


    (this is not a thread for asking where to get roms) quick romhacking question: are there any more sports games with active communities patching the game with updated rosters every year? tecmo super bowl is the only one i'm aware of.
  12. Bucket

    Random Image Thread

    me reloading baldur's gate 3 for the fifth time today because i don't have the psychic foresight to be perfectly prepared for every battle
  13. you are not allowed to use any of my music unless you first donate $5 to the ASPCA
  14. Pandora used to be good for this. That app had a unique algorithm that pointed me to some bands I wouldn't have found otherwise. It's a shame they pivoted so hard to copying Spotify and iTunes.
  15. Bucket

    Worst State in the United States

    Definitely Ohio.