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  1. I always enjoy when Philly wins but this time it was more satisfying to embarrass the Patriots. Watching Brady bumble a trick play and then later Foles getting a TD with THE SAME PLAY was everything I needed. Honestly, even if the Eagles lost that would've made my night.
  2. I was looking to keep a laptop dedicated to home recording. It's unlikely I'll ever use it for anything else. As it happens, I have two MacBook Pros and I need to sell one. The 2011 i5 is smaller and supports the latest MacOS. The 2012 i7 has a dedicated GPU and USB 3.0 ports. Both have 8GB RAM and solid state drives. The problem is, I have to decide whether processing power is more important than portability. (How much horsepower do I really NEED for Reaper et al?) I might also turn a bigger profit selling the i7. Opinions, go.
  3. The mind-numbingly stupid tagline for the Doom movie inspired me to make a little poem. The formatting needs fixing though...
  4. Are you ready for an 80s flashback? [/
  5. A friend and I want to ramp up our streaming channels and we'd like to feature mainly cooperative/competitive games. There are plenty of splitscreen multiplayer games to choose from but others require us to run the game on two machines. To get around this, there are a few solutions I know of: there's a port called Doom Legacy that allows split-screen play, and also an emulator called TGB dual that supports multiple instances to emulate Gameboy link play. I'm hoping these aren't my only options, as there are so many other platforms to stream for (not the least of which being DOS and Windows). I would love to, for example, do a co-op run of Half Life showing both our screens in the stream. Can anyone recommend any other multiplayer-friendly ports or emulators? Alternatively, is there any software that can capture screen output from another PC on the network? If there's any software solution that doesn't involve spending over $100 on a capture card, I'm all for it.
  6. Here is the requested font for Deilvution, both in greyscale and color.
  7. The man was hugely involved in alternative rock and the art world in the 80s. Awesome guy.
  8. I did another thing. https://soundcloud.com/bucketismyname/countach
  9. Possible but unlikely... one card came with the phone and the other was bought at Micro Center.
  10. I hear you but these disks work just fine in Windows. Whenever my phone does decide to detect them, all my files are still there and perfectly accessible. I'm not so sure the disks are the problem.
  11. So I haven't been able to use an SD card since I keep getting this error saying "SD card is blank or has unsupported filesystem". I've done everything the internet has told me to do to fix this. I've formatted it in Windows. I've let the phone format itself (which doesn't actually seem to erase anything). I ran CHKDSK in Windows and fixed the errors. I even went the extra mile using DISKPART to wipe the disk completely clean, partition and all, and do a slow format on it. I still get this error constantly. Occasionally the stars align and I'm able to use the disk normally. Pictures save just fine and I can browse and open files. Then after a few minutes it goes back on the fritz. I should also mention that I've had this problem on TWO different phones, one running 4.4 and the other 5.1. I also get the error on two different disks, one a regular MicroSD and the other an SDHC.
  12. Thanks for the compliments, everyone. I suppose I could've been inspired subconsciously - but that song existed as a 3/4 piano dirge before I adapted it for TNT. The adaptation, however, directly draws from this song: Nope! This song came about when I was in the middle of playing Portal 2.
  13. Remixed one of my MIDI tracks. https://soundcloud.com/bucketismyname/trance-action
  14. No mutilation, but there's a scene in One Hour Photo that made my skin crawl like nothing else. Robin Williams plays a lonely old man who works at a photo lab and stalks a family. Creep factor 11.
  15. I have a tablet with similar specs (powered by a quad-core Atom) and I play Skyrim on it. Granted, you'll have to turn EVERYTHING to minimum settings - including some CFG file tweaks - but you'll manage a respectable framerate. But really, Dwarf Fortress is the only game you'll ever need.