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  1. Bucket

    Windows Vista

    MacOS 6 was top tier, 7 started to get bloated, 8 and 9 were the dark times. OSX is slowly getting up to snuff. 10.11 was where it started to improve.
  2. Bucket

    Windows Vista

    Another thing that got Vista its undeserved reputation was how slow it was. That was actually the result of Microsoft putting a lot of faith in the public where "minimum requirements" are concerned, as well as that time being the Peak Bloatware Era of computing history. Fact is - Vista would run just fine with 1GB of RAM and a Pentium 4 / Athlon 64 or better and it took no more tweaking than most people do with a fresh install.
  3. No, it refers to the single-player story. Other game types would be Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, Cooperative, and so on.
  4. Bucket

    PS3 question

    Quick question for anyone who owns a PS3: I think the HDD is failing. I'm getting a lot of failed boots and it's gone through multiple scans. Not seeing a yellow light, no data has been corrupted (YET) but obviously this problem isn't going to solve itself. Replacing the HDD is no problem for me but I'm concerned I won't be able to re-download my digital games due to the PS store shutdown. Is this still possible?
  5. Bucket

    Who's missing here?

    I don't see John Stalvern.
  6. Bucket

    Quake 1 GBA Demake (via. PrBoom)

    Reminds me of the promising Pocketeers demos. They did eventually make a GBA game... Need 4 Speed, I think.
  7. Bucket

    Random Image Thread

    Dude, you need to put the ends in the freezer. Take them out when you make french toast, garlic bread, bread pudding, whatever.
  8. Bucket

    Random Image Thread

    Me browsing DW in 2006.
  9. Bucket

    Post a picture...that you took

    Posted at an actual middle school.
  10. I think yakfak fits that description quite well.
  11. Bucket

    TNT Forever (formerly Convilution) development thread

    Tired of waiting for Devilution to be done?
  12. Bucket

    "New year, new URE" - URE2021 - E2M1 now up!

    In the meantime, I think I'll submit some older genre-appropriate tracks for use in this WAD. "Black Helicopters" https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9nX-nszGzKvSU5HYUp3VUF5clE/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-GKDVii5rtf73Z_huSFviAw "Syncopaticon" https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yrPv6hXzYlzgM9wSLE-bz17nQD_JwvQ4/view?usp=sharing
  13. Bucket

    What soundfont do you use to play doom?

    Microsoft default is good enough for me. 99% of the Roland sound without having to do any work. Besides, too many Soundfonts have irregular levels for their instruments. A lot of tracks get lost in the mix, particularly drums.
  14. Bucket

    New rule against offsite harassment

    I find it impossible to believe we're revisiting the 40-year-old concept of message board moderation, or indeed the 4000-year-old concept of adjudication by a third party. Clearly the real fear being expressed here is encroaching on one's ability to say shitty things without repercussions by not shitting where you eat.
  15. Bucket

    New rule against offsite harassment

    It'll be interesting to see how enforceable this is, considering all the lengths internet trolls go to to avoid consequences of their words, like sock puppetry and such.