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  1. Bucket

    Your PC specs

    Ryzen 3400G w/ Radeon Vega 11 16GB DDR4-3200 ASRock B450M Pro4 1TB SATA SSD 320GB HDD 1080p TV It does the job well enough. I'm saving up for a Radeon 5000 or GeForce 20 series card on Black Friday.
  2. Bucket

    AMD returns to the top end in GPU race

    Or grab a 5000 series on the cheap this Black Friday.
  3. Bucket

    Discolored corpses glitch

    I just bought a new desktop with a Ryzen 3400G and was testing it out with Doom. I noticed a graphical bug with the ragdoll models where they're colored green or red, like plastic army men. I'm using the Vulkan renderer with mostly lowest settings. Anyone else ever have this problem?
  4. Bucket

    Looking for advice

    I'm constructing a studio but it's difficult to set things up for gaming AND streaming AND audio production with the resources I have, i.e. not one machine for all of those things. Maybe I'll go see what those Devilution fellows might need... everybody knows they were 99% done BEFORE the lockdown started.
  5. Bucket

    Looking for advice

    I need to come up with new, inventive ways to procrastinate after 6 months of not being allowed to work or go places. Ideas?
  6. Bucket

    MIDI/MUS or OGG/WAV music?

    Plenty of source ports support digital audio but COOL people use MIDIs.
  7. Hey, I'm always down for some dark ambient/noise/experimental stuff. Now, "Fly Away" by Lenny Kravitz... that's fucking garbage.
  8. Bucket

    Macbook Pro repair rabbit hole

    That's where I got the quote in the first place. Repair would most likely mean replacing the entire logic board which is almost the cost of an entire MBP. Like I said, the much cheaper but much harder solution is finding a way to flash the EFI ROM with a working image. That involves soldering and an EEPROM programmer.
  9. Bucket

    I need ideas for weapons

    A Pain Elemental gullet that shoots Lost Soul allies.
  10. Normal will be fine. You'll probably die more from the environment anyway.
  11. Bucket

    Free floppy disk recovery software?

    If it's just the data you can probably use any undelete program. Recuva is freeware and works as well as any app I paid money for. But... keep in mind that floppies write data just like cassette tapes, which can degrade over time. There is no recovering data that doesn't physically exist anymore.
  12. Bucket

    Macbook Pro repair rabbit hole

    Is there a way to pre-block AndrewB from all threads that attempt to be constructive or informative? I think it'd be a widely popular forum feature.
  13. Bucket

    Chadwick Boseman has died.

    Only 3 years older than me. And one of my co-workers only just had colon surgery a few weeks ago. Fellas, get your buttholes checked.
  14. One of the Macs I'm repairing is a highly sought-after 2012 quad core. It technically works but has a typical "kernel_task" usage problem. You can look it up if you want but the short of it is that the process reports up to 1000% CPU usage which slows the system to a crawl and blows the fans full speed. This is happening from the moment the MBP turns on (and even in Recovery Mode), meaning resetting the SMC and PRAM has no effect. There can be any number of things causing this. Usually it's a broken temp sensor, so I installed a monitoring app and nothing seems out of the ordinary. I surmised that the firmware might be corrupted from a failed update - though it has the latest version so of course there's no way to force a reinstall, because Apple. On the other hand, a corrupt firmware often means the Mac wouldn't even turn on and mine is at least functional. Another less common cause is an expired battery and even though this one has 800+ cycles, there's usually an obvious warning message. So I guess I've narrowed it down to three possible solutions in order of cost: Cheap: replace battery Expensive: replace firmware chip Really fucking expensive: replace logic board The last solution costs about the same as a whole working model. Anyone with experience have any input on this?
  15. Bucket

    Progressive Rock Suggestions?

    I could recommend a bunch but most are too obscure for YouTube. Present Steve Hillage Guapo Nektar Deus Ex Machina Gilgamesh But anyway, here's my current jam.