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  1. Kaiser

    PowerSlave Exhumed Released

    Also the Saturn/PSX versions were released under different names in the UK, which was Exhumed.
  2. Kaiser

    PowerSlave Exhumed Released

    Unfortunately, the level design in this game is built around the wide hitbox. So changing it would affectively break the game.
  3. Kaiser

    [CANCELED]Community Chest 5

    Dibs on Map01 (assuming this ever becomes a thing)
  4. This is really impressive. This was something that I've always wanted to see happen but never had the resources/knowledge to pull it off at the time. Hopefully, the code can be cleaned up and documented as the project advances, especially with things like the existence of Z_Alloc and why it needs to allocate at the end of the heap. Definitely looking forward to seeing further development on this.
  5. Kaiser

    Going to QuakeCon? Check in here.

    I will also be there from the 24th to 29th. I'll also be at BYOC Section C, Row 5 Seat 2 if anyone wants to yell at me for ruining Blood.
  6. Kaiser

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    It does seem like someone removed it at the last minute. When I decompiled the macro scripts for that level, there's evidence of a sequence that calls the dart spawning action, but there's no trace of actual dart spawners in the level itself. Would of been interesting to actually see it in action, as well as what the steps were suppose to be to activate it.
  7. Kaiser

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    I cannot unsee that now
  8. Kaiser

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    Greetings Tim! Awesome to see you around the community. In case you're wondering, I am the one responsible for that Doom64 'Total Conversion' back in the day (and was also the one that provided a bunch of technical questions for that 2003 interview). I am kinda curious to know, if you remember at all, what was the story behind this unused weapon seen in this issue of Gamepro? I am assuming it was suppose to be some sort of lightning gun (like Quake)?
  9. Its obvious that its a custom algorithm that Carmack wrote like with his custom LZSS one for JagDoom. This is something that I've been trying to figure out for years but couldn't really pinpoint what its based on (I am still convinced that it COULD BE based off of some form of Huffman). Do keep me in the loop if you plan to continue deciphering it.
  10. I've always referred it to the Laser Weapon. Also the sprite for the weapon is also called LASR and the pickup sprite is called LSGR which sounds a lot like 'Laser Gun' to me.
  11. Kaiser

    Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    There's plenty of good reasons why, but lets not go there.
  12. Kaiser

    [Resolved] Doom 3: Sikkmod issues

    Pretty much what they said. OpenGL support on AMD drivers has always been bad and will remain that way unless they start giving two shits about it again. What sucks is that OpenGL is definitely faster than Direct X but it doesn't help that the shader compiler is absolute crap.
  13. Kaiser

    PowerslaveEX Source Code Released

    It's complicated, but part of it was because people didn't seem to get the hint that this was a unofficial hobby/community project and instead believed it was something official. Word got around, toes got stepped on, etc, etc
  14. Decided to make the source code to PowerslaveEX public since I barely have the time for it anymore. You can find the link here: https://github.com/svkaiser/PowerslaveEX So yeah... go nuts.