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  1. So you want a download link for a soundfont file? There are countless sf2 files , some of them might or might not fit you . Here are some mentions... -TimGM6mb.SF2 , comes with prboom-plus.exe -SGM v2.01 , really awesome , link :https://osdn.net/frs/g_redir.php?m=netix&f=%2Fandroidframe%2Fsoundfonts%2FSGM-V2.01.sf2 -WeedsGM3 , also really good , link : http://uk.un4seen.com/files/extra/WeedsGM3.zip -Arachno Soundfont , link :https://www.sendspace.com/file/4tki2c -Ewpats, link :http://youfailit.net/pub/idgames/sounds/eawpats.zip -General User GS ,amazing its my 2nd favorite , link :https://www.dropbox.com/s/4x27l49kxcwamp5/GeneralUser_GS_1.471.zip?dl=1
  2. umaru-chan suxxxx

    1. Ajora


      This is the second time you've told me this.


      I've noticed a propensity in you to make disparaging remarks about anime on people's timelines, without any constructive cogitation behind them. Expending energy on things you don't like is counterproductive. 

    2. A7MAD


      I actually like the himouto series , its very funny and has an amazing slice of life genre into it. The main character seems to be... you get it , right?

    3. Marnetstapler


      How about you just piss off?

  3. How do you play doom multiplayer?

    1. Myst.Haruko


      People use zandronum or zdaemon for multiplayer stuff.

    2. bzzrak


      are you blind or just stupid ffs

    3. 42PercentHealth


      People also use Odamex, which is my personal favorite multiplayer port, but nobody is ever on the servers.


      Zandronum is the most popular, with players on various servers 24/7. Download it, along with Doomseeker (comes with the installation), and the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

  4. Just Uploaded it into youtube


  5. Haruko Haruhara from Fooly Cooly 




    1. Myst.Haruko


      My spirit anime ;)

  6. My first TAS 


    Dimensions map 32 UV-Max in 8:54

    1. A7MAD
    2. Yousuf Anik

      Yousuf Anik

      Impressive!! Much better for your first TAS run and now all you need to practice more. Watch more TAS runs and see how they are made. Next time try hitting a switch in one time. Good work :)

  7. Gud
  8. Yes , my method is to go to the red key area first ,then the yellow key area and lastly the blue key area . The red key area is easy , you have to survive for around 30 seconds before the teleporter opens , easy . The blue key area is not very hard , just matter of moving alot making sure the revenant do not hit you , not too hard . The yellow key area is much different , the moment you fall you die , because there is no teleporter . There are 5-6 cyberdemons in the area , so you have to constantly be moving or else the cyberdemon will snipe you , insanely difficult to be able to finish that area . Not too mention the last area .. uhhhh just torture for me. I will keep trying :(
  9. Map 32 is too fucking hard to be attempted without TAS ,especially the yellow key area, I am in the brink of giving up . ;(
  10. How you get better time than tas ?

    1. rdwpa


      When the TAS is not good. :) 

  11. Slade , slumped, prboom-plus ,doom builder , oggenec2 and other files for encoding, iwads and pwads ,bat files as well as midi music and some other doom related stuff are all compacted together in one folder . So to summarise briefly , I don't organise them . This is starting to make me feel ashamed :c
  12. Lingui... Oh wait , I mean ...
  13. Anybody up for a csgo match?