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  1. ItaloDoom Map10 UV-Max in 2:28 it10-228.zip
  2. This project has been going really well so far , with over 17 maps introduced . I am really hoping we can get at least 20 or so before the project deadline.
  3. scythe 2
  4. really? I thought you were only supposed to use pistols and chainsaw or fists
  5. Has to be a "uv-max" sorry ;(
  6. ItaloDoom Map 10 UV-Max in 2:38 I call this strategy the 'Don't be a pussy strategy' works all the time ... some of the time ;) Huge and important Disclamer! Blind People cant beat this level Good luck grinding this level it10-238.zip
  7. Here you go , try and see if it fits . It looks nice brkmach with music.zip
  8. Ok I will see give me 1 minute
  9. I will do it for you , which midi/music do you want for your map
  10. If slade is easy to use , then why not add midi?
  11. interesting