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  1. looks like magnolia style
  2. CrazyDoomguy


    As I wrote, Arcore dont know. It all depends on his motivation create new maps. Earlier he planned to make 32 maps
  3. CrazyDoomguy

    New WAD - No Panic

    Format: Boom
  4. CrazyDoomguy

    New WAD - No Panic

    Hard 1 map WAD. Wrong strategy and you die Video here NoPanic.zip
  5. CrazyDoomguy

    Select all texture and change

    I want select all texture and change to other texture. Example all WALL1 to WALLXX I dont want rename texture in SLADE... Is possible do this in doom builder 2?
  6. CrazyDoomguy

    CrazyDoomguy Demo Thread

    +++ Level 1 +++ ErM77: UV-MAX 1:03:59 +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ ErM77.zip
  7. CrazyDoomguy


    By Arcore: Unfortunately, I'm unable to finish this project because of: - time constraints - lack of interest from the general public For lack of interest from the general public, some people have shown interest, but not enough. And worse, there's a group of people that started their own chillax2 project recently. It's my understand that this group is aware of the existence of my chillax2 project, so it's unclear what their reasoning is for starting their own chillax2 project. It is sad to see my project go unfinished. There's only 2 options I can see: 1. Wait 1-3 years to finish it. OR 2. Convert the project into something different (non-chillax, rebrand it as a typical wad with reduced monsters) and simply end it (at MAP10). I'm very sorry that I started a project that I could not finish; a project that gained your interest, and I failed to finish it.
  8. It azuruish was she??? :O
  9. CrazyDoomguy

    CrazyDoomguy Demo Thread

    +++ Level 1 +++ Salomons Kitchen: UV-MAX 44:30 +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ SalomonsKitchen.zip
  10. On Last video I saw message that Azuruish is dead. What mean dead? Inactive or in real life? Is very sad :(((((
  11. CrazyDoomguy

    CrazyDoomguy Demo Thread

    +++ Level 1 +++ Stairway Under: UV-MAX 11:24 +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ Stairway Under.zip
  12. CrazyDoomguy


    There some players asked about latest version of chillax2 WAD but link of author is broken. Now I found in my old PC latest version and uploaded in my dropbox. On new version author Arcore have fixed some balance, HOM and monsters stucks. Chillax2 latest Version: V 1.5.5 Chillax2 in Wad-archive (latest V1.4.1): Link There are my Playlist
  13. CrazyDoomguy

    CrazyDoomguy Demo Thread

    +++ Level 1 +++ Reacting: UV-MAX 14:52 +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ Reacting.zip
  14. CrazyDoomguy

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    I have uploaded 4 demos. Why they arent in? Should I upload my demo in DSDA?