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  1. +++ Level 3 +++ Chillax2: UV-MAX 20:15 +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ Archviles are hidden on every corn. Narrow rooms and horde of monsters! Why Demos are not on DSDA?
  2. Thank for variation, but this WAD looks boring and not so quite challenge for TAS :/
  3. All know this. On Zip you can find txt. and there are written, that I had used TAS
  4. +++ Level 2 +++ Chillax2: UV-MAX 8:02 +++ +++ +++ +++ +++
  5. Is there WAD to download? Llink dont work...
  6. Make this WAD without any custom monsters, this WAD should able play on TAS :)
  7. Ok didnt see this. I hope this demo can run with this WAD.
  8. Im BACK!!! Now I want try beat Chillax2!!! +++ Level 1 +++ Chillax2: UV-MAX 5:05 +++ +++ +++ +++ +++
  9. New Chillax??? Is that on Boom format? I can make TAS :)))) Where is download link?
  10. Fixed link and add new WADs: Hall of Blood (1 map) and Drown in Blood (megawad) Link for WAD "Dank Midis and Linedefs" dont work. Someone know where to find this WAD? There exist Chillax2 with 10 maps!!!
  11. 1. You need writte name of your map on MAPINFO. Besides build better a map on level 1. 2. You place a link download WAD on your next comment.
  12. You need patience :) In summer all people want chill on real life and they are at moment lazy. On autumn if weather get cold you will get more maps! There are 7 month wait ;)
  13. Seems I need fix link manuel. I will do it on weekend.
  14. Yes, I hope. If not, then I should doing a lot
  15. I had did a mistake and dont know how solve. I cant see URL codes for fix... I wrote to admin and seems, he doing nothing...