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  1. I though this is a RSKY. Can I take one of them? I need a doom converted sky
  2. I want understand how work Dehacked. I searched tutorial and found something here (Forum - As I understand, we need a programm to create dehack. I think, with this programm you able create custom monsters without any copy and paste:
  3. I will look too. I want add one custom monster on my wad but this should work on boom format - also dehack.txt. Sad that boom dont read decorate.txt... :((((( or is possible?
  4. After playing with over 100.000 monsters your computer will explode... I cant immage, how you can play with octillion monsters -!!! (10^27)
  5. Ok I had fixed this WAD for prboom. Now it should play without problems. I had updated link.
  6. Ah ok, thank you. This is probably on prboom but on Gzdoom is ok. I will fix for prboom at afternoon.
  7. Thank for explain, I will do it if I go to home. Can you say what is a HOM?
  8. Yes, but dont try on prboom because you can get some error.
  9. Demo Megawad Version 1.1 Here is my first time that I had did more than 7 maps. This Megawad havent now a name, but I will find in some time. I had did 8 new maps and you can try 1-8 of these. Map 12 is a Fortborg from recycling.WAD and map 31 from doom megawad 2017 (If you want try this too, but map 31 is hard). After playing you can writte here a feedback "what can I do better", "Is that for you fun?", "What do you liked it". Map: 1-8, 12, 31. Download: Screenshots:
  10. Music on SLADE and on Gzdoom sounds different, but on Gzdoom worser. How can I do, that music sounds exact like on SLADE? I saw on Tartaru wad where author used S3M Module. Is that the way?
  11. Long time ago and I wanted find some walktrough video if they exist. Yes, they exist :) I had collected on playlist all videos of "Veryhard WAD"
  12. Volume is full. I had special check music on youtube, also volume is on.
  13. I had downloaded it, moved on my desktop and connected with SLADE "Preferences -> Audio -> Location of MIDI soundfont.". MIDI run but cant hear it!!
  14. Do you know any programm? I tried find in internet, but some are equivocal (not that, what I wanted). Link would helpful :/
  15. I want hear music on SLADE before I use but these music (MIDI) dont run! I dont want test music while on WAD demotest because it take some time. What should I do?