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  1. Ok I need solution. What should I do?
  2. I dont know what IWAD is...
  3. What check? I wanted remove entires duplicate from IWAD but this dont help...
  4. Newer meet this, but can anyone tell me what should I do? This happen only on map 10.
  5. Now I know how pass this map skin4v2. But i do it, if the design fixed
  6. ok. I watched and yes... for design it would better if you add some wall above gate. and some screen for nightmare :/
  7. Ok, I make this on TAS :)
  8. I know how make compatibel for prboom, but I want that some watch on Gzdoom. On prboom is ok. I watched it Here is link (prboom):
  9. If so, I think is extremely hard without save and load... even with TAS you can lost, but you can try it. I havent now so much skills passing without save and load
  10. Wow! This map had so much details! How many times you spend for building this map?
  11. This map had similar idea like chillax map 16. Pillars and building :) I can TAS, but is that ok for this thread? This thread says, maps should passable without TAS and save and load...
  12. Here is mystical WAD... On level 14. Walk on area where sky to see.
  13. Only in a specific map happen these skys glitch. This glitch make me see trought wall and I can see another rooms... If I copy this map and move on another level, the problem with sky is the same, also something is wrong witch map. I dont see any mistace of routing, because in all maps is ok... what sort of problem can be?
  14. Ok :) 24
  15. My english is bad too but I have learned do it. If you want add other MIDI, I hope with my explain can help you: You open one WAD on SLADE that you want copy MIDI. Select this MIDI, copy it, paste on your WAD, rename your MIDI in right name for example your map is on level 1 - your MIDI should call D_RUNNIN. Also there exist a list of name for each level. You find on google " Doom 2 Musik"