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  1. A question, can my demo call UV-MAX because of 100% or more kills but I dont kill all archviles? P.S I did 65% of map. Really hard even with TAS
  2. Its weird that cyberdemon hunt only me although he get damage from the other monsters... exist some command that this not happen? P.S I think, I can beat level 44
  3. Who liked my sky? :/
  4. Hello, on this thread I will publish my skybox. You can download it and check. If you see some problem with picture, you can inform me. On first this is a skybox from many different WADs that I collected. I just dont found megaskypack... Skybox Now here is mine skybox. Most picture are 128x256 pixel and PNG format. This format can run only on Gzdoom. On Doom or Prdoom run only with graphic doom format. It is unlikely that one of the PNG can be converted into a doom format with a good looking... MySky PS: If you found one picture in internet and you want have this as sky, send me per PM and I can make this with photoshop. These shall not difficult looking. Here is some pictures
  5. Just remember for interested mappers without published a map: today is august and we have 5 month :) Try get time and finish a map!
  6. A question: if I make a sky for gzdoom, should this sky have same size like 256x128 or I can make more longer? Is ok if png file? I planed make one file with png and other file with doom converted.
  7. Can I add here my sky or better own thread? I make only on doom converted sky. That make for all readable
  8. Here is my first sky. In some times I publish my work :)
  9. This option, which you writte dont work as I wanted. I want run through linedef trap and it should not activate. To realize this I need run very fast through this linedef. I did it on map 43 without XDRE. Now at moment I cant do this on all map... also I need perfect straferun... better without XDRE. If no way but XDRE, please can you explain me what should I do with these programm? where include this? how make setting?
  10. I made all these setting "YES" (on glboom-plus/option/general) and it didnt make some effekt. Linedef read my movement and it activated... I need run very fast as I can. On map 43 I had something avoid a linedef for closing gate without XDRE, but now it didnt work...
  11. I think, only with straferun for avoid some linedef is passable. What should I do for make this? in glboom-plus cfg is some about straferun, is that right way?
  12. Chillax map 44 is impossible, can I add berserker and some ammos? Besides one medic is placed out map... author didnt think about reality of passable
  13. is exact. Try convert on existing/global. The color is exact
  14. I found a way! Convert it and sky have exact color!!!! I just wanted make own skypack. I can use photoshop. I make dor against boring ;)
  15. If I not convert, can i run this on map?