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  1. CrazyDoomguy

    DoomTools Tutorial

    Something I didnt saw your comment You can add A_SpawnObject( thingId , angle , xoffset , yoffset , zoffset , xvel , yvel , zvel ) anywhere on death phase of monster. You can add anything even megasphere etc. You can add z offset highter that it fall naturally Example Death: SPID J 20 A_Scream SPID K 10 A_Fall SPID LMNOPQR 10 SPID S 0 A_SpawnObject(thing 63 , 0 , 0, 0, 30 , 0 , 0 , 0) SPID S 30 SPID S -1 A_BossDeath Stop
  2. CrazyDoomguy

    Tarachillax 6 level WAD

    Level 9 done :) Walk
  3. CrazyDoomguy

    I_SignalHandler 8 error

    Thank you! indeed, it miss mass. Now it works!!!
  4. CrazyDoomguy

    I_SignalHandler 8 error

    I do decohack doom tools and see this error. What does this mean? I tried make barrel because my old dehaked took original barrel and replaced to cacodemon, now i want barrel back. Fix old dehacked is not easy and take many time, so better create new thing
  5. CrazyDoomguy

    Tarachillax improvisation

    No remake, just for level 9. Im creator of tarachillax maps. I need some ideas of battle fields
  6. I want create some map for Tarachillax and need some improvisation and idea. Has someone super extreme hard map fantasy and want share? I will create such stuff, even new monsters
  7. CrazyDoomguy

    Tarachillax 6 level WAD

    Map 8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5ISTurrFag
  8. CrazyDoomguy

    What is the Hardest Map...

    Note that since the original wow.wad contains no exit, speedruns use a modified version (created by Grazza), called wow_x.wad, which moves the map to the E2M8 slot so that the cyberdemon's death triggers the level's end
  9. CrazyDoomguy

    What is the Hardest Map...

    wow is easy
  10. CrazyDoomguy

    Decohack DSDA run error

    How can I understand this error? is there any list of errors? DSDA-doom-0.24.3
  11. CrazyDoomguy

    Decohack new soulspehre?

    Is that possible new soulsphere with 1000 hp and defense?
  12. CrazyDoomguy

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    Is possible create new megasphere with 1000 HP and defense?
  13. CrazyDoomguy

    Decohack Seesound

    Why decohack SeeSound dont work properly? I used SeeSound "FRE005" Added "DSFRE005" sound into slade as "sound (Doom Format) 22380 samples at 16000 Hz" and still no sound while see... why?
  14. Sound as "doom sound" format? Name DSFRE001? (Decohack must FRE001)
  15. CrazyDoomguy

    Tarachillax 6 level WAD

    You need play with complevel 21 (MBF21)