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  1. spd7693

    What are your hobbies?

    Music. I was in a heavy metal band at some point of my life and I could still work on some musical projects with friends. I'm a vocalist and I take singers like Rob Halford, Stu Block and Warrel Dane as an inspiration. Yeah, I can do high pitched screaming, believe or not. Chess. I'm gonna have a FIDE ELO next year hopefully. Roleplaying. Not the best at it, but can create different stories. My usual characters are sports or music prodigies who end up having some trouble staying between real life and fame or some medieval stuff in different fantasy universes. Other video games I enjoy are Sims (weird for a man), StarCraft, Heroes Of Might And Magic, Age Of Empires 2 and some GTA games. No wonder I use music from them in my wad. In fact Doom is roughly the only FPS I ever play. Board games are always welcome if there is who to play with.
  2. spd7693

    Designing The Icon Of Sin

    Hey, fellow doomers. I searched everywhere and couldn't find any tutorials how to design the Icon Of Sin. I am aware of the fact it's a few textures you have to split in different sectors, as well as make sure the face matches well. Still I have trouble doing that because I either don't know what exactly to do or am too noobish to make sectors behave in weird ways. I even tried to copy and paste. Didn't quite work. While trying to make the sectors independant I kept making mistakes and nothing turned out to plan. I don't at all know what to do. Sorry for the noob question anyways.
  3. spd7693

    What are you listening to?

    Considering what's going on about Donald J. Trump: BTW, in May it will be 10 years since Ronnie James Dio is no longer among us.
  4. spd7693

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    You got the BFG9000! Oh Yes!
  5. spd7693

    Least favorite classic Doom or Doom 2 map?

    @GarrettChan Yeah, if you look at them objectively they are fine, but some simply don't resonate with my playstyle. There comes the question - do I hate number 24 or number 24 hates me? Furthermore, I don't like Deimos Lab (E2M4 - can also read 24 in it) and Perfect Hatred (E4M2 - can also read 24 into it if you reverse the episode and the map.) There are other games where I don't like the 24th level as well. Which leads to me speaking of the "number 24 curse." Other Doom wads where the 24th level doesn't seem like my cup of tea are TNT Revilution and Eternal Doom. At least map 24 of Doom 2 The Way It Did temporarily broke the curse and I not only like it, but it turned out my favorite in the set. Personally, I don't like the way The Final Frontier is built out. But again, Diehard is a lot worse. Come on! Who likes pain elementals opening up at the other end of the map and waking up? It's even worse with those in Post Mortem since the lost souls never let me deal with the cyberdemons at peace.
  6. spd7693

    Least favorite classic Doom or Doom 2 map?

    @seed read everything please. I know it's not weird I hate The Chasm lol. Look closer at the whole text.
  7. spd7693

    Least favorite classic Doom or Doom 2 map?

    There is another weird thing about me: Doom 2 - I hate The Chasm TNT - I hate Quarry Plutonia - I hate The Final Frontier Memento Mori - I hate Diehard Memento Mori 2 - I don't like Io Lab Requiem - I hate Procrustes Chambers Hell Revealed - I hate Post Mortem Scythe - I hate Hatred. Anything similar?
  8. spd7693

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps 2

    You had a lot of luck when infighting, which sometimes I fail to do. For now I'm not thinking about nerfing the ammo for three reasons: I don't want things to go from one extreme to the other and make the map impossible to beat without infighting in every second room like Base Exposure from Memento Mori 2. (Still my second favorite in that wad.) I sometimes don't have much luck with infighting different monsters. Either I'm not good at it or fear every single one of them too much or simply prefer killing them on my own. Especially the arch-viles who still are relatively everywere in The Black Sheep. After all, the players have found two secret exits and now are fighting in a tough map filled with monsters. I may add more since the starting arena remains too quiet after grabbing the keys. There must be a reward after all though, thus you have this much ammo in the exit room. I considered a BFG, but I settled for the decision that this weapon was first found in Hell and must be found in Hell first in my wad as well. That's why I don't think I'll include it before map 21. I'm surprised how much the opinions on my levels travel from one extreme to the other, paticularly compaing your reviews to Austinado's. And I'm glad the maps are tested by players with different playstyles. So far your reviews are giving me a lot of stuff to note to myself and use it in further maps, but from 300,000 (random number) players who play Doom there could be 300,000 different playstyles. I see it even in speedrunning videos the much the speedrunning part of the game keeps changing. I don't think I could satisfy every playstyle, but at least will have to satisfy at least a considerable number, except mine. The best I can do is try to create maps that can let players amuse themselves with however they want and constantly learn from my mistakes. Unfortunately, maybe it's still a bad habit of mine to have a fetish for mixbag stuff. Feel free to play map 6 from the set, but I don't know if it would fit your standards. It "made me" leave Doomworld in May 2018 and in the end, a year after trying to release it I reviewed it and chopped off 3/4 of it. Still, the ending is rather bland and I need to decide how to spice up that long wide corridor, but that will come in time. Map 6 - Boot Camp.rar
  9. spd7693

    Least favorite classic Doom or Doom 2 map?

    So, I see a lot of you posting least favorite Final Doom maps as well. Let me just say which are they for me. Surprisingly or not, I not only like Habitat (TNT map 22), but it also is my favorite map of the whole wad! Seriously! I personally adore the idea of doors opening wherever you step. Adds surprise element and makes you watch your corners all the time. I also love maps where you have to go everywhere to get everything. I also design my maps with something in every point of them, but come on! Nobody likes to traverse the whole sewer maze only to open two shortcuts which are totally irrelevant. I think if they didn't exist, the map wouldn't have been as hated. Oh, and if the trap at the exit wasn't redundant, because you can completely skip triggering it. Wormhole is one of the maps of TNT I really hate (map 4). Main reason is that 88% of the level is optional. If it's not essential for the player to go through it, why does it exist at all? Metal. (TNT map 8.) Self-explanatory. Especially the last room. Shipping/Respawning (TNT map 19.) What the f*** is this level supposed to be or what the f*** is its purpose? Quarry (TNT map 24). Well, the caverns gimmick does start getting boring. Same with 25 and 26. Mount Pain (TNT map 27). Like Big Mac Davis would say "This map is never a good thing." There are portions of it I actually like, but if my maps aren't balanced with health and ammo, how about this map? Realm (Plutonia map 8.) Milo, a few more monster variety, letting the player out of that chaingunner trap and using less revenatns won't kill you! Even now after I have improved gameplay wise, I still feel the map is kinda unforgiving for being just the 8th in the wad. Onslaught (Plutonia map 10.) Chaingunners everywhere. Strange why I actually like Speed for the same reason. The Crypt (Plutonia map 13.) Well, I don't understand this map. Also I feel the Casalis didn't think the hard levels were getting too many in a row. A breather after 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 wouldn't have hurt. At least 14 kinda fills in that role, but that arch-vile running around all over the place is still nerve-wrecking. Slayer (Plutonia map 21.) Just personal opinion about it. I don't have fun playing it. I just want to enjoy wrestling with the monsters not just BFG-bash everything. At least it's not ammoless like Requiem 23. The Final Frontier (Plutonia map 24). Way too wide open for no hiding spots from arch-viles. The cyberdemon either will splatter you or is a total joke. Let's not forget something Dario did in Memento Mori - pain elementals that spawn all the way on the other side of the map and before you kill them they have flooded the level with lost souls. Bunker (Plutonia map 26.) Ah, that sewer. How many times do you have to run a full circle into it to kill everything? Not to mention you can't really jump over it and the traps are for weird reasons. If there is to be a trap, it has to be triggered by a key, an essential switch, a major weapon or powerup (megasphere, BFG, but I don't like berserk packs being a bait for a trap) or in a hallway essential for finishing the level! Period!
  10. spd7693

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    It's hidden behind a fake wall in the tunnel full of imps near the computer room with the barons and revenants. Fun fact - you're the first one not to find it. There is an indication the walls are fake. True, there is a lot of infighting and there is a lot of ammo in secrets. Some find the ammo enough. I don't know, but yes, there is different opinion. All in all, I think it's best that multiple people are testing. This is what I want.
  11. spd7693

    Mountain Themed Maps?

    Real beauty and I would easily take this as a sample too. Moreover, the map has the hellish atmosphere I'm aiming for. But I really am not a fan of including stuff like evil doomguys and new monsters. I am trying to make my wad vanilla compatible. But I kind of am aware how to build out the "steps" so that they can imitate the slope or cliffs you need to climb to go further up. Still gathering ideas.
  12. spd7693

    Mountain Themed Maps?

    Just watched the video. It's the closest thing to what I'm going for in the map I'm planning. Even has music that makes you feel like it originally has been played on a bagpipe. I hope it's BOOM compatible at least, if not Vanilla, but I would easily use it as a sample. Maybe I'd just sparse the areas a bit and add a cyberdemon into it, because the plan is that my map takes place around 20. That's why I'll give a look at some other suggestions.
  13. spd7693

    Mountain Themed Maps?

    Well, it has one some sort of a mount which rises above the sky, so that you can't kill that one shotgunner. And the level tries to look like a mountain, but I don't get that feeling.