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  1. spd7693

    Doomworld International thread

    Markus Grölholm? Mika Hakkinen? Sami Hyypiä? Joona Kiiski? Pekka Rinne? Sakku Kooivu? Nightwish? Sonata Arctica? Apocalyptica? Children Of Bodom? One of the supposed places where Santa lives? The golf lawn divided in two time zones? Don't tell me Finland doesn't exist.
  2. This is so powerful it can run the most high-end modern video games! I would like to get such a machine if I had the money. We'll see what the future brings to me. Congrats anyways. I strongly disagree here. They may have great capabilities, but still aren't as reliable from what I can tell as a programmer. Intel still produce better stuff. But AMD are vastly improving. From what you said, maybe you no longer need water cooling if you have an AMD?
  3. Again, I'm not saying I didn't have fun on UV. Maybe I could have found playing it on HMP more enjoyable. But as I stated (maybe should have made it more obvious) the maps I enjoyed most are actually the hardest in the wad. Maybe except 6, but more likely my low key was out of frustration for not being able to complete it in one piece. Those arch-viles seemed to lower faster when I played the level... The major thing is that in the past I had noticed complevel 5, 6 and 9 of my version of GLBoom+ act quite weirldy. I remember 6 giving me weird arch-vile bugs. 9 gives me bugs with moving platforms. In @Clippy's map with the backpacks I couldn't get to a lot of secrets because on complevel 9 some lifts refused to work, yet worked on complevel 2 (which on its end gave other bugs). I'll try it this way next time. I know lifts behave this way. I never considered flipping the blue switch twice. And also I doubted you would make an unfinishable map. Overall, it's all up to a style of play and you showed me how much I rely on the SSG. A wad like yours that encourages wise weapon choices, so it was a nice training for me to use other weapons. I surely will play the maps again when I have the time and maybe my second impression will be wiser and better structured than the first.
  4. @HAK3180 By "methodical" I meant exactly the progression. To be more specific, the way I found best for completing the maps. It mostly is "get into a room, get into a fight, don't leave until you win it." I didn't see many reasons the player should skip fights for later. For the most part because if you try to run, you get pinned on both sides and get punished. Sometimes there is no way to run and I was stuck in a lot of fights with just a shotgun or just a chaingun. Map 18 and map 21 come in mind. But the fact I don't like it doesn't mean it's a bad thing, right? Maybe I should play some of those maps more than once now that I have an idea what where is. Like I said, I prefer some maps to be structured like "Do I have to take this fight now or I have to take it later when I'm better equipped, but there may be more and harder enemies?" That was quite missing with map 27 being the notable exception. The reference was to the cyberdemon battle in Memento Mori 2 map 25. This is my least favorite cyberdemon, but I simply am bad at two-shot kills to cybers with the BFG. The luck factor is where you'll land and what will attack the cyberdemon first or if you'll drop too close to him. Overall, the warp factor of this fight is speed. I figured out how to win it eventually. It is quite an edge. Well, you have to have every shot count. While running I find it quite tough. Especially with that particular fight. If you don't kill both arch-viles within the first 4 seconds, the mancubi rise and block your shots while the arch-viles out in the open zap you and you have only one column to hide behind. I jumped in their pit once, killed them and once all rose BANG - both arch-viles in my face, surrounded by all demons eating my rockets while I desperately look for cover at 30% health. Well, nobody's guilty for the latter anyways. (Keep in mind I took no damage from the mancubi and I killed them with the SSG.) How am I supposed to do this? Keep in mind the number of Cranium cacodemons all over the map and the fights before that which I didn't find a better way doing it than go all guns blazing with the plasma rifle due to the big number of imps. But mostly it was maybe just me not expecting that many monsters. I am one to expect 30 revenants and not expect 70 imps. With all said, I actually praise what you did, because that is very surprising too. Much better than me pouring 30 barons in one place like I most likely would have done in that area, considering the impressions people have on my mapping, including you. And even something more grindy. By "slipper" I meant you might still die if you're not careful. Yet the ammo is barely enough to kill the arachnotron, which basically gets me stuck with the shotgun against so many imps, so that doesn't count. And yes, later the map is too easy and too difficult at times. Well, you like The Chasm. I can expect tight maps from you. Possible??? 6 arch-viles in close proximity and you have only a chaingun and a rocket launcher? Either I can't play Doom or there is something else on this map. And I understood the puzzle. But one lift didn't work. Just watch. What am I doing wrong or not doing? Just see the video. puzzlecm26.rar
  5. spd7693

    Discussion regarding death traps in maps...

    If I use such, I do one of two things: Make them so that they can be jumped over with a single (strafe-)jump. Put a switch nearby which raises a bridge. One exception comes in my newest map, but I won't spoil it. :P
  6. Whew! Boy, boy, boy! That took me longer than expected. I tried to record videos, but I gave up. I can't complete the majority of the maps in one piece and for some reason my GLBoom+ requires it. Unfortunately. That's why I couldn't. Maybe I will when I finally learn how to use OBS for recording. So, instead, I'm going to just post my impressions. General: What I liked: Fair fights. Very good usage of tactical elements, especially in case which weapon you need in every situation. Some "Think fast or die" situations. Something I also love using as you have seen. Interesting gimmick of having the ending of the first level at the start of the next. That's awesome to see. What I didn't like: Most maps were forcing the player to be methodical. 21 and 27 being the notable exceptions. This is way too blunt in my opinion. There is no situation "should I take this fight now or I can come back later when I'm better equipped, but there might be more and harder monsters?" This is something I would like to see in more maps. The maps will be played in a continuous play almost the same way they will be played from pistol start. That kills the megawad feeling in my opinion. Otherwise it's just a compilation of maps. I remember you criticized me for putting too many high priority monsters together. Well, look at yourself - revenants, pain elementals and arachnotrons in a combo. So when you do it is OK and when I do it it's not??? Didn't see much difference in the map progressions you criticized me for as well. You used a lot of switch textures as decoration textures. I despise this. Especially in close proximity to secrets. Map 22 comes in mind. And there were unmarked exits, as well as unmarked locked doors. If I see a gargoyle/lion/satyr face, I expect a switch. I didn't find the majority of the secrets and two maps are unfinished. 6 out of inability to figure a strategy out, 26 because of something that seems like a bug. I'll address it soon. Map01 - A good kickstarter, a bit of a slipper. I like first maps like this. Map02 - The ending was quite weird with those cacos and shotgunners. Nothing unfun anyways. The mine was a good addition to be honest. Well, at first I really got lost, but I liked it. Map03 - A cool map, the lack of SSG is completely offset by the presense of the plasma rifle. The arch-vile was qiute a problem, but the other stuff not that much. Map04 - Nocturnal maps are always fun. There is a lot of corners to watch and a lot of alternating between shotgun and chaingun. I don't remember that well, but I think you do get to the rocket launcher quite late. But no problem, there are a few fights you can save for later. Map06 - Didn't like it at all. Too much infinite highting by cacodemons and reversed meta for that reason as well. I hate having to kill the cacodemons before the revenants. The arachnotrons are a pain as well. And that arch-vile behind the blue door... Gives me bad vibes all in all. Map07 - I'm sick of Dead Simple-isms. And unfortunately, again a map like that. Why is every Map07 a Dead Simple cover? As for the arachnotrons - I killed the two on the ring with the rocket launcher, then shotgunned the others with simple circle strafing. Once all four in the extensions were dead, I switched to the ones in the deep corners and the chaingun. Unfortunately I found no way to get any of the secrets and I think they were essential. Map10 - Hm... the techbase with the two-key exit... It came a bit tight in the pit where you find the keys, but thankfully the plasma rifle was my saviour. Lots of running and gunning. I remember liking it overall. Map11 - Oh, yeah! The arch-viles were overwhelming, but there is no way you can't finish the map. I liked the "museum" gimmick about showing what what activates and where you can get from where. A very nice map that Andy Johnsen would have been proud of. Map13 - If there is a track I wanna ban from using, it's the one from Doom map 7! It appears in all Ultimate Doom episodes to say the least and is the most overplayed, alongside Running From Evil. Otherwise, a weird map. Nice way of hinting the blue key with the invulnerability. All the time I was having that cyberdemon to mind. The progression was quite confusing. And it got quite frustrating with some fights. Overall, I liked it. Map14 - I didn't expect I'll have my question on mountain themed maps answered that well. This is exactly how I want to structure a mountain themed map. I don't wanna steal your ideas, but you really inspired me how one of my maps should look like. I only didn't like it was too methodical for my taste. Map15 - Lots of stuff to make me scratch my head. Is the secret exit accessible at all? And if we factor in grindiness and confusing progression, that isn't how I expect the 15th map to be. The map had nothing to surprise me with and the mastermind battle was clumsy. At least your spider masterminds are not as clumsy as mine. Map18 - Weird way to start, but fits the map name. Weird ways to get to the weapons too. Tactics though are dead. The map forces you to be methodical like the majority of the previous. I'm disappointed. Map19 - Again, quite asks you to be methodical. That's quite inexcusable for such a wide open map. It also is linear and it would have been better if it wasn't. Lots of joy on paper, but not executed the right way. I didn't feel the map that much suitable for my play style. Map21 - Well, Map Claustrophobia. My least favorite. Despite the involved tactics that I missed earlier, the space is a very big problem, especially adding the start with only a shotgun. The map desperately needs a rapid fire gun early. That wouly make the tight spaces much easier to travers. And that arachnotron blocking the switch you need to start the map is very unpleasant. Later you had the map underwhelming at times and overwhelming the next moment. It's like a sinusoide. Way too rough for me. And it's on the "hit or miss spot" map21 - I either love or hate the maps on this slot. Map22 - Hm... this progression wasn't fun and the map is pretty much RNG based with that massive fight with mancubi and arch-viles. I addressed the design issues earlier. Not a map I would like to play a few times. Like Alien Vendetta's Hordes Of Monsters - too many cooks spoil the broth. Map25 and Map26 - interesting choices - 25 focuses on shotgun and plasma rifle, 26 on chaingun and rocket launcher. I like both maps and the progression of both. This is some inclusion of tactics I really like. The cyberdemon fight in 25 is quite weird, really RNG based though. But still not as bad as so many others. I wonder if I can get him on the raising ledges and fight him from the top, that would be a fairer and more interesting fight to Doomguy. Unless Cybie gets stuck... The bug in map 26 - something weird happens with the lifts you need to lower to get to the yellow key. The second blue one doesn't lower, even if you lower the red one first. The progression requires lots of quickness, but that shouldn't be much of a problem. But I don't understand if the second blue lift lowers. The map is unfinishable without the invulnerability inbetween the yellow bars. And you need to have the yellow key for it. I had to type IDDQD to face that, because for some reason I never managed to see that lift lower at all. Are you sure that puzzle ain't bugged? Or is it my version of GLBoom+? ( Map27 - My favorite! No words for it - perfect! So that was it from me. When I can, I'll record videos.
  7. spd7693

    Who do you think is the strongest infighting enemy? (poll)

    The reason why I mentioned it was purely mathematical. The damage output of all those is very big and the arch-vile doesn't have as much HP as you think, even if the amount is amongst the highest in the game. Another reason is that their attack is slow, while the other three attack in rapid successions. The reason for it is because the splash damage of the attack hurts everything around the arch-vile, especially if the player dodges it. (And that's how arc-viles can also commit suicide.) If they were targetable, then the monsters would prefer to attack the arch-vile if not hit first by the player. Fitting, since arch-viles anyways are the top priority target in a battle for obvious reasons. So maybe John Romero and John Carmack decided it so on purpose. Forgot to mention - even in regular Doom settings a player could also get monsters to attack arch-viles. But you have to be a very big micro nerd like Decino to do so. It's in his videos where I have seen mancubi pounding arch-viles to death.
  8. spd7693

    Who do you think is the strongest infighting enemy? (poll)

    Cyberdemon - highest HP, fires rockets, low pain chance. Baron of Hell - 3rd highest HP and 4th highest damage output, low pain chance. Mancubus - high HP, high damage output, high firing rate, big size. (Sometimes the chaingun and the arachnotron plasma also fail to stun them). Spider Mastermind - highest damage, rapid fire, second highest HP, but gets stuck very easily. Also the pain chance is higher than you think. Arachnotron - rapid fire, yet low HP. Arch-Vile - lowest pain chance, 3rd highest damage, dominates all monsters, but cyberdemons and mastermind. And other monsters don't retaliate. The reason they're this low is their HP, as well as the fact they're the only monster that can commit suicide. (Unless the "suicide bug" occurs.) If you remember, that happened on Tatsurd's Tyson run on Hunted in 2011. (Or maybe it was actually an arch-vile killing another arch-vile.) Hell Knight - high damage output, low pain chance. Chaingunner - Pretty much underrated in infighting. Still, low HP. Revenant - a literal glass cannon, the homing missiles are an asset. Cacodemon - they actually have quite a lot of health. Shotgunner - Only because of the high attack. Imp - At least they know how to attack and hit. Unlike a few monsters below. Lost soul - Don't preserve targets, hits often are va banqe. More likely they'll p*** the player off. Zombieman - Self explanatory. SS-Nazi - I'd rather discount them. Pinky and Spectre - their bites rarely reach the actual target. Pain Elemental - They summon lost souls, so they basically don't attack.
  9. spd7693

    Why You Chose The Username You Did

    I am used to word it day-month-year - the European format. But since I communicate mostly in English, I worded it month-day-year in my username here.
  10. spd7693

    Why You Chose The Username You Did

    Isn't the date in the English speaking world structured Month-Day-Year??? At least that is what I learned in school.
  11. spd7693

    Why You Chose The Username You Did

    Initials + birthdate. Nothing fancy.
  12. spd7693

    Ultraviolence = HARD

    At first I did it because I was thinking I was too good. Then came that infamous post that made me change my ways and I started doing it as a challenge. People simply smash the vanilla game and think they're pro on it. And it's not just Doom. I have seen such things about Age Of Empires players - destroyed the campaigns and the Hard AI, though when playing online, they get easily destroyed. (And a heads up, you don't want your first game against an AOE pro to be against DauT.) It simply is the mindset. Doom is as old as me and for this time it makes so much sense people to get better and try to make things way harder than the original iwads. Starting from Yonatan Donner, going past Eric Alm and then coming to Anders Johnsen - three of the most well known speedrunners of the late 90s and early 00s. But people who don't play at that level want to beat stuff made for players at that level. Logic? I was a part of that as I said. I can only thank some specific users in this forum for making me open my eyes. I don't think I would have ever done it if it wasn't for them. I still play on UV, because... I can lol. I've tried and found out that I can. Not as fast as them, but I can. The only wad I don't play on Ultra-Violence is Scythe, because I don't feel comfortable on its UV difficulty. I tried others on lower difficulty, especially Hell Revealed. I found it so boring on HMP, yet on UV I said it was the greatest ever. In that case HAK is right - balancing stuff for all difficulties is tough. What I do is simply changing like some chaingunners to zombiemen or shotgunners or changing some pain elementals to cacodemons, etc. Still I made three maps with keys that appeared on Hard only. Well, now I know how Dario Casali felt when he found out he had flagged that yellow key in Pharaoh as co-op only. And I said something stupid, didn't I? I shouldn't have posted this.
  13. spd7693

    How much of a DOOM purist are you?

    @HAK3180 Yeah, now I understand how I actually came up playing more often with a mouse. Because I played a lot of RTS games as well, especially StarCraft. And in RTS games you have to be skilled with it and constantly have your left hand on the keyboard and your right on the mouse and act quickly. BTW, that's how I learned to spider-handle a keyboard. I have relatively big hands (and I'm 6' tall), which also helps me as an adult. Hell, I can type "Bruce Dickinson" with one hand only and even not move it. Except my fingers of course.
  14. spd7693

    How much of a DOOM purist are you?

    That was what I was talking about. I remember doing it that way and I was very clumsy. Eventually I did switch to mouse movement and I suddenly started doing things in a way I never imagined. I remember all of that - arrows for moving, Spacebar for doors and switches, numbers for weapons, Ctr for shooting, Alt for strafe run, Shift for run. And Tab for automap of course. I also have played games in the DOS times. I played all of my first Doom that way. I just eventually discovered I could use the mouse and found it easier. I also have to note at some point when I switched to my old Toshiba in 2011, the fourth year of usage, the left arrow broke down. So I had to do things on a separate keyboard. Then is when I started using ASDW more often. I don't know how it all happened. For me the switch from DOS gaming to mouse gaming was so drastic that I never understood how I immediately found myself more comfortable in the latter.