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  1. spd7693

    Strange linedef behavior

    You know, I like using those doors that open downwards instead of upwards. My next map makes no exception to this. Why am I posting it though? In the area there is a baron, guarding the door and later an arch-vile that guards the key. I killed the baron with the rocket launcher in front of the door. Or so it seems. When the arch-vile became mobile and could move wherever she wanted, she resurrected the baron. Keep in mind monsters can't open this door! (Action 62 - SR Lift lower wait raise.) But I heard the baron get resurrected and feared it might have become a ghost. Well... Instead, the monster turned out resurrected... inside the ceiling and when I was about to come out, thinking the arch-vile had resurrected the baron through the door - it's 16 units wide, so arch-viles can resurrect through it. However, the resurrected baron simply lowered with the elevator. And was taking direct damage from both the RL and the SSG. Keep in mind ghosts are on. (And I play on -complevel 2 anyways.) So... why did the baron get resurected inside the ceiling then? It lowered with the door all the way down. When I stepped into it, it couldn't rise to the top. Why does it happen and how?
  2. spd7693

    Problem loading resources

    Seemed like it was an issue with a Windows update. It no longer happens after the update was installed. However, I will consider using the aforementioned wad editors when I buy myself a new computer, which seems to be bound to happen no earlier than mid April.
  3. spd7693

    Problem loading resources

    I don't know what the reason for this is, but before I had no problems with the loading of resources. Particularly textures. Here is the issue: This "loading resources" message stays there for more than an hour, even hours. Today I started Doom Builder early and this writing remained there in the bottom left for about 3 or 4 hours. I switched off. Switched back on an hour ago - same thing. In both cases I turned Visual Mode on and saw the textures and monsters were all there, with no exceptions and no question marks shown. But in the menu, they look like this all the time. You see all the resource files are loaded up and included. Compatibility is set to be Doom 2. When I click on a new textures, it changes, but it never gets previewed. This means I like have to know all the textures by heart and then change them. I'm not sure why is that. So, has anyone had this problem? I don't understand what to do.
  4. spd7693

    Doom the Way id Did

    The reason I played it basically was to improve my mapping. I do think I drew a few lessons from there. As gameplay it didn't impress me much, especially Inferno. I was most disappointed by E3M3, which in the original game is my favorite map! Some levels were weird in terms of progression and I din't understand much of them. But like I said, the purpose was different and if I can take a lesson from this, then everything is great.
  5. spd7693

    How do you handle your Mouse?

    I go for the dragon claw most recently, but since my fingers are stub on the right hand, I use a combination of both. Because my index finger has only two bones, I have to let it rest on the left button fully like in the manta ray. I used smaller mouses in the past that I can't hold in the manta ray ways anyways. I'll see however, how I'll handle this once I buy myself a new computer, because this one is going to fall apart every next second...
  6. Hello all. I wanted to try this idea a few more times, but I'm not sure if I'm really doing it really good. I'm trying to work on a new level and I have this question. The thing is - the building should be something built in the sea. I decided to make the area, surrounded by cliffs. However, if you put cliffs everywhere, you know it no longer looks like a sea. So, I added this gap. I want to make the sea look as if it disappears into the horizon and make it look endless as you know. Is there a way to do it more eficiently or have I done the maximum possible? Disclaimer: Vanilla methods only, please!
  7. spd7693

    HELL TO YOU! My first map (for Doom)

    Oh, these also are good. They make the player think, which is what I wage most. Using both this and the "normal" doors, however, is best.
  8. spd7693

    HELL TO YOU! My first map (for Doom)

    GLBoom+, -complevel 2: helltoyou.rar Maps like this make me consider quitting mapping, even if I know I'm improving. Nothing to complain, the level is perfect. I really like the way it works. Some stuff is a bit weird to me like the way the doors open. But that's good anyways.
  9. What I am bothered by is this constant "cancel culture" that is still lingering among everyone around. I know you won't blame me for wanting what I want - in the end everybody has their own views. I know I don't want to give my money for low quality production. That is applicable to anyone, right? Other question is that even things of not very good quality have their moments, that make some people like them. I am maybe an even bigger StarCraft maniac than I like Doom 2. Belive or not, I even enjoyed Legacy Of The Void! (And I have no patience for a third game, which Blizzard seem to be planning in some not very distant future.) I grew up with this game as much as I grew up with Doom. The reason for my outburst was that I felt the same bash towards fans of these companies I felt when people bashed J. K. Rowling for her apparently homophobic thoughts and condemned readers of Harry Potter. I also felt it towards fans of Iced Earth after what Jon Schaffer did at Capitolia. And when I gave example with them in other forums for some things, the answer was literally "I don't give a f***." I always would say that no matter what you do, that doesn't make you less human than you are. (Unless some very specific explicit acts of cruelty.) True, a crime must always come with a punishment, but if you also have done mostly good things before that, shouldn't you be given a fair chance of redemption? Maybe these companies also should be given a such instead of being condemned, along their fans. Or at least the ones, who are willing to get something their like, be given a chance in community, not be thrown away just for that. People should not divide each other in camps over everything. It's not wrong to make exceptions for people or not to even them up with their causes.
  10. Just my two cents: If I played the game and like it, I'll play it again. If I listened the song and liked it, I'll listen to it again. If I read the book and liked it, I'll read it again. If I watched the movie and liked it, I'll watch it again. I don't f***ing care what sorts of douchebags create those things! Their indoors schenaningans are their indoors schenanigans. Of course, I'd like to be treated correctly by my bosses, but I doubt I'll be a game designer whatsoever. If you think their work ethics is bad, look at what the work ethics in BullS***Garia is! At least I'm lucky so far. But you don't tell me what games to play and what not! You don't tell me what music to listen to and what not! You don't tell me what books to read and what not! You don't tell me what movies to watch and what not!
  11. Well... I may as well ask you to test my stuff. There is still quite some of the cringe I had with my earliest maps, but from then on I invested lots of time in improvement. I just am in no rush to rework them though, because I don't want to draw two lines and repost the map, draw two lines and repost again etc. (Basically, following HAK's advice.) Anyways, I'd be glad if you would agree. Here is the wad: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hwgmnei0bop9vv1/Chaseprog.rar/file Information about the wad: Name: The Chase Ready maps: 1, 5, 6, 9, 15, 16, 29, 30, 32 5 will not make the final cut. Feel free to play it though. Difficulty curve on Ultra-Violence: Find out yourself. New monsters: None, even Nazis and Commander Keens aren't used and aren't going to be used. New graphics: I use textures from Final Doom New music: Yes, but in OGG Vobris format. Compatibility: Limit removing Tested with: Chocolate Doom - runs everything except the music, however it refused to issue warp on 29 and 30. However, it ran 30 before I changed the HDD. Crispy Doom - runs everything. GLBoom-Plus - runs everything on -complevel 2, most of the screenshots are from there. Fellow members tested with GZDoom and it gives no problems. Have a good time. :)
  12. spd7693

    Chase - Megawad by SPD7693. Work In Progress

    New map: Map 6! I don't know what I can do more in this map. I did everything possible to make it a bit more varying, not as much of a maze of corridors and not as boxy as it used to be. Well, it still is. That being said, I did all I could to squeeze out the best possible from this boxyness by adding lighting variation and multiple storeys. What I kept: The exit is still visible from within the first three rooms. Same as the window showing the yellow door. (But you barely see it, because I kinda changed the heights.) The hexagonal hub in the middle I made as a junction in Doom 2 Map 15 style is the same, but a bit better textured. The box maze is basically the same. I needed a lot of time until I finally fixed all crate cutoffs. I promise you there are none now. (I also promise you there are no texture cutoffs in the map at all.) The exit routine is the same, just a few textures changed. What I changed: A bit of a split of the path to the box maze. The yellow key area is now more Doom 2 Map 10 - like. Light amps are a must and I've tested the light amp support - more than sufficient. New area on the way from the yellow door to the exit. I tried all I could to finally break the boxynes of the rest of the map. Needless to say, I can promise you lots of fun. I've tested the map only with the green armour and without the berserk packs, so I know it works without them. Story: Tested with all the ports mentioned in the OP. All of them work flawlessly. Also a change to map 15 - removed the block monster flag from the linedef before the yellow door. I think the fight is better that way.
  13. spd7693

    Choosing Only 5 wads to Play Forever

    I have chosen them already: The two parts of Memento Mori, Hell Revealed, Alien Vendetta and Eternal. The only other one than these I'd consider is Requiem.
  14. Quote

    Yeah, I am seaching for maps with lots of fight puzzles, switch puzzles and moving around, that aren't as long as the ones in Eternal and Epic 2. Is there such a wad at all? 

    Try out Ribbiks' Magnolia! :)

    1. spd7693


      Is it Vanilla compatible? 

    2. Yumheart


      No, don't think so. Boom, complevel 9, iirc.

  15. spd7693

    Zone 300

    Didn't impress me much. The maps are short and mostly simple, you start and you finish - that's it. Most of the maps are simply arena fights with some tougher monsters. 29 is a bit of hectic and I will say that I don't like secrets that obviously require an arch-vile jump. Maybe OK to be speedran on UV-Fast, or UV-Respawn - it's quite challenging - but for a calm player like me, who enjoys playing tricks with monsters and finds more thrill dodging projectiles than fast-killing stuff, this wad was quite boring. I'd honestly rather play Eternal Doom than this. (If I have another 6 months to spend, of course.) Let's see if Zone 400 will be more thrilling. Yeah, I am seaching for maps with lots of fight puzzles, switch puzzles and moving around, that aren't as long as the ones in Eternal and Epic 2. Is there such a wad at all?