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  1. I'd recommend playing Final Doom before getting into the PWads. Otherwise, Doom 2 The Way It Did is close to the original. Then come the two Memento Mori wads, I always recommend people to play them after they've beaten (or mastered) the OG game. Otherwise, I don't think I'm saying much more than 7hm.
  2. spd7693

    Things about Doom you just found out

    This is well known for years, even no shortage of speedrunners have used this trick. So this is nothing new honestly.
  3. spd7693

    Single huge level Vs using a hub system

    I also make and like big maps, but using hubs is much better. Not only they let the experience flow better through the player, also they make the game more interesting. Especially with every next level rising up in difficulty. Or at least until some point.
  4. spd7693

    Things about Doom you just found out

    @rehelekretep GLBoom+.
  5. spd7693

    Things about Doom you just found out

    All-Ghosts bug in Memento Mori again. This time Memento Mori 2, map 4. When I did the jump from the secret in the bloodfall to the other southern area - between Duck Nukem's grave and Green Soldier's grave - I was right inbetween some imps and demons and couldn't hurt them, no matter how much I shot. I also think I walked through walls too.
  6. spd7693

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I wasn't able to hurt the monsters, but didn't try if the rocket launcher would work. Monsters could hurt me (and killed me) only with their mellee attacks. The fireballs and the gunshots didn't hurt me. Also, I was going through the walls as well.
  7. spd7693

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I just replayed Map 31 of Memento Mori and noticed something that I never had before. Because it had never occurred. Usually when I enter the rednez-vous (correct me if wrong, I speak no french) point and the yellow key respectively, I stand at one place until I kill all the teleporting gunners. However, at some point a no-clip bug occurred and all monsters started going through the walls. I wasn't recording, so I can't show it off, but the bug happened. Has someone had something happen like that?
  8. spd7693

    Strange linedef behavior

    Is this some sort of an add-on or is it a different map editor?
  9. spd7693

    Strange linedef behavior

    This means I need to make TNT override Plutonia for the textures. I do like some textures from there and I feel they're worth using. So, next time I'll try this. But then again I'll have TNT sky and I don't really want that.
  10. spd7693

    Strange linedef behavior

    Here are the textures. I haven't added them, they were in my Doom Builder file by default. I have seen them as well in different wads - TNT and MM especially. So I don't think they're custom at all. Or are they? Is the problem because they were added in TNT Evilution, but I'm playing the wad in Doom 2 properties?
  11. spd7693

    Strange linedef behavior

    Hello again, long time not seen, but anyways. Before making new maps I decided to edit some of my old, noticing some things that aren't that well in the otherwise well made maps. Again I'm returning you to Homerun which now has an improved look. Here comes a part of the base where the yellow key is. And where I have the strange linedef problem: At first I decided to make the highlighted linedefs have the LITERED1 texture. Here is how they look in View Mode: However, while running the game with GLBoom+ there is no texture, but a nasty Hall-Of-Mirrors effect. Same goes with the LITEBLU4, LITEGRN1 and LITEYEL1 textures, but not with LITE3 texture (which I've placed now). Why is this happening, is this supposed to and how could I fix it? Please help. PS: Just now I see I may fix the outlook of one of the windows. It may look better with something else.
  12. spd7693

    Things about Doom you just found out

    First of all, I'll just remind you thay I hate revenants. At least they're easy to kill. But it's a rarity for me to manage to shoot one out with two SSGs. And when revs come in big groups, the rocket launcher or the BFG work better. The SSG is slow anyways. The chaingun too. But if you talk about single revenants, you really are correct.
  13. spd7693

    What are you listening to?

    Talk about Judas Priest's Riding On The Wind, talk about Disturbed's Down With The Sickness... They're pieces of cake in terms of singing in comparison to this! This is my favorite version of this great song.
  14. ^ That looks like Map 32 from Doom 2 The Way iD Did. It really looks like a nightmare to be made.
  15. Of course. I think we all clarified ourselves. However, let's no longer start threads like these, because I think the same s*** will be said everywhere.