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  1. erkyp3rky

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    i love your stuff. i dont know why but it gives me a megaman vibe? ive never even played megaman but something about it just rubs me that way. amazing work as always
  2. erkyp3rky

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    so ominous, nailed it
  3. erkyp3rky

    Which Doom creators do you appreciate this year?

    i cant not say thank you to @DavidN for getting me into mapping... i look forward to ramp next year! maybe next year ill have a finished map ;)
  4. erkyp3rky

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    manmade horrors beyond our comprehension character from changed?
  5. erkyp3rky

    Forest of Illusion [1.3]

    really nice and aesthetically wonderful map. well done!
  6. erkyp3rky

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    thanks!!! im not so sure about the palette, but i do know that the light strips are from the wad "extra lights" and the blue ceiling lights are from cc4 tex i believe. and then the floor is just a default doom flat. sorry i couldnt tell you what palette it is
  7. erkyp3rky

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    take a seat for a while
  8. so ive been using this texture pack for a while and its great, but i just loaded it into slade today to export and edit a texture and to my surprise i found a sizeable chunk of textures that i havent seen in the texture browser in UDB. while i havent committed the whole pack to memory, i can definitely tell that some of these textures just straight up arent showing up for me in the editor. a lot of the missing textures seem to be in comp. am i misunderstanding a crucial component of how texture wads work or does UDB not get along well with this pack? thanks :D
  9. play other wads for inspiration! as long as youre not outright stealing theres no shame in copying some great ideas (like a warehouse of crates in hell, or a submarine infiltration mission, ect) and putting your own twist on them move away from blocky rooms as others have stated. play around with height variation, cover and texture use! have different layers to your areas to give them more depth use traps and ambushes to create interesting or at the very least intense combat scenarios. could be anything from a bunch of monster closets opening when picking up a key or a door locking behind a player forcing them to think on their feet and survive a room. locking doors/trapping players is an especially good one because believe it or not one of doom guy's greatest weapons is his ability to open and close doors and thereby leave the room. and heres some criticisms for the level depicted in the video that will hopefully help you out: dont use teleporter textures as a floor texture unless its actually a teleporter. the teleporter texture is a bit of a sacred thing really and the fact it is used solely as a teleporter texture and nothing else is so that players can easily "read" a level while running around. if i see that texture while sprinting across the level trying to escape archviles, i know its a teleporter. to me your level kind of feels like paintball arenas. like you built a big big room and then added cover and walls in the middle.
  10. erkyp3rky


    definitely room for improvement my friend. dont let that discourage you though! add lots of tricks and traps and ambushes ( ;D ) to your next map and move away from corridor door corridor combat
  11. erkyp3rky

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    that looks insane. nothing too over the top yet still gorgeous... you struck a perfect balance of detail top work
  12. yeah good idea, shit on and review bomb new doom games effectively ignoring the developers and how hard they've worked on that game just so you can grant more publicity to the industry spearheads. what do you think boycotting is going to do? no really, do you think that marty or whomever is gonna see your steam review or your doomworld post and think "fuck boys, we fucked up this time..." no, they wont, and if anything this kind of behavior is only gonna build a bigger ravine between the consumer and producers. all while pushing the hard working devs right to the background in a selfish act. edit i am stupid and read your post again and realized you were drumming off collective opinions, not yours. my point stands, except it just isnt aimed at you now. sorry....
  13. erkyp3rky

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    how would i go about creating a platform/elevator with multiple differing floor heights? im using UDMF and im aware of the "lower/raise by value" command, but the issue with that command is it is easily abused by multi-use switches. so say i have an elevator with crates of varying heights on it. i use the "lower by value" command on the switch on the bottom floor so you can call the elevator. it has to be multi use because if the player finds their way down there again theyll be trapped. except... if the player uses the switch twice in a row, itll break the geometry by lowering the elevator lower into the floor. lets say i use "lower to nearest/lowest floor" instead. now the switch cant be abused, but the crates on my elevator will lower into the floor. now what? im very poor at wording things so if anything needs to be explained or if you want diagrams let me know : D
  14. erkyp3rky

    thoughts on hyperdetailed doom wads?

    very big thing for me. this is why i establish aesthetic rules to my map to maintain a consistency. like 90% of the rules players will probably never notice (ocd dam you) but 10% of those rules are in place so gameplay is not squandered
  15. erkyp3rky

    thoughts on hyperdetailed doom wads?

    couldnt have said it better myself! i love trying to work with the limitations