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  1. Couldn’t you use that example of Chinese schools using Doombuilder to teach both code structure and architecture in grade school or something? Just force load Chex Quest skins and shit if violence is an issue
  2. Everyone is going to be pissed when Yuki and I destroy capitalism with a planet sized revolver
  3. On one hand having a system that is built around benefiting those who pay and setting the creative course of content creators based around the wishes of money holders is scarily capitalistic and could open up a path for monopolies to develop (looking at you Bethesda you shits). On the other hand people should benefit off of their work to sustain themselves in some way if they deem it so and they are 100% the owners of their labor. I think the practice itself is open to unethical aspects and is even a bit so itself solely for its capitalistic nature, but it’s not really the creators fault as much as the fact we live in a world set around these rules where money leads the way. In the end maybe it depends entirely on the relationship between the modded and their patrons and how it’s all handled.
  4. >get to kill KKK members too >that ending Oh FUCK yes Maybe one of the bosses will be a KKK wizard who is literally a wizard or some shit.
  5. Gonna watch Blade Runner 2049 later this week with my dad, hoping it’s as good as everyone says!
  6. There is almost always a canon path, 99% of the time it’s the most morally correct goody two shoes one, so I try going for that first solely because i believe it’s the developers more focused or intended story to tell. Do appreciate sequels that reveal that is not the case and it’s something else (Like Fallout 2) or better yet when it lets you fill the gaps and whatnot (KoTOR 2)
  7. It’s me, I’m the reason.
  8. A hat in time Quickly became goty contender for me
  9. Oh shit my dudes its here, what do you think? I personally adored the first movie and this looks really cool.
  10. Gunstar Heroes if that counts
  11. For only $1.27 Oh shit boys who's ready to take down some supers?
  12. Annoying leftist cousin with hot opinions
  13. Also if you play a Speech focused character you can beat the game without killing a single soul.
  14. I mean if you are interested in the game but the combat is that off putting you can always just cheat and play it for the great setting and story at least.