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  1. Ah, I'm a dumbass, thanks friend.
  2. Is it free as in I download it within this time window and I get to keep it free forever, or Freeā„¢ as in free until its no longer free? I know GOG does the former from time to time but I don't know about Steam.
  3. Honestly just exterminate the human race and be done with it, literally no reason not to.
  4. Halo 3 on PC one day
  5. Off topic but for real Doom 2016 had no right to take that much space nor load like a god damn turtle
  6. Which is your favorite? OFFICIAL SUIT NAMES LEFT TO RIGHT: Arena - Doom Marine - Praetor Suit - Doom Guy \
  7. Whomst is the better looking id shooter guy???
  8. How dense is it? Keep in mind even with the moon in between the light can still be as harmful as if staring into the whole sun, and some clouds still let a fucklot of light to shrine through