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  1. Movie already out in some countries, rest of the world tomorrow Remember to spoiler your spoilers, don't be an asshole What did you think?
  2. Joke's on you pig, I'm already dead.
  3. Those graphics aint free nor making themselves!
  4. All I ever did was play RC3, build a sick ass RC and then kill a lot of people with it.
  5. As someone who is still kind of an outsider to the community at large I gotta say this was quite the thread.
  6. Looks like trash, will probably watch it trashed.
  7. Definitely Dragonball, before Z.
  8. Its simple, copy the image to MSPaint or your preferred image editing software and fill each block with your movie predictions, for better or worse. Free Slot already takes care of all the possible Empire references/throwbacks/ripoffs, so try to go wild with your predictions, the point isn't to guess them all but to see who guesses the most wild speculation nonsense for fun, don't play it safe like Disney you In a month we'll see the results!
  9. By far the best gameplay in the series and, despite being crossgen, the first game I felt was truly next gen and took things to a new level. That said, the story blew ass, and I don't know how much of it is Konami's fault because it seems Kojima wanted to do a lot more than he was allowed to.
  10. Evan's Jelly-ON Meduka Meguca
  11. >try playing Old Blood >love it, TNO next >horrendous motion sickness >decide to try TNC anyway >same motion sickness
  12. Sounds like you need a new machine. How old is it, because keep in mind laptops break easily and fast (especially if you play games at all)
  13. Gonna watch Stranger Things 2 later with my girlfriend maybe, if not then gonna play either Knock-Knock, Little Nightmares, The Shrouded Isle (again) or The Void.