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  1. Gideon020

    What are you playing now?

    Nova: The Birth with Trailblazer and Corruption Cards, and by vile grace and perfidious chance, I have made it to Iron Exuviae with a decent number of upgraded weapons and some manageable permanent effects. Only playing the Hell On Earth Starter Pack with Hideous Destructor has given me more of a challenge.
  2. It if does, it's probably better than this potato I'm using.
  3. Jesus christ preserve me... I definitely need a new laptop...
  4. Gideon020


    That's one hell of an intermission screen.
  5. Is it wrong of me to also want standalone weapons/enemy packs when this is all finished? XD
  6. *Curls up on the ground, overwhelmed.* EDIT: Serious question tho, when everything is released, will there be a standalone version of the weapon mod as well? I'm a sucker for new weapon mods to go with old maps. :D
  7. ...I'll be honest, the maps are just a cherry for me, I'd have been happy with the weapons, enemies and pallette to use on my favourite mapsets. :D
  8. Gideon020

    Ani-Toonspiracy Doom (revisited)

    Geez, that's more characters than even Neferia's Reign or that other Duke Nukem mod with the ass-load of characters and guns.
  9. Because you need something to look at when it's covered in corpses so you can regret making such a mess. :D
  10. Gideon020

    Deathless - v1.1 out.

    7zip isn't really that hard to figure out tho...
  11. Gideon020

    Rescue of Earth

    ....no, that is not how it works. You want to play with a customized version of someone else's mod, fine, but you don't pack it with your maps.