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  1. Very cool. I've seen (and used) this type of effect before but never considered the possibility of having both the top and the bottom flats being visible, so thanks for this!
  2. Worst I've personally experienced is Ride to Hell: Retribution. Played it with a couple friends for a laugh. It's nothing compared to some of the shit Tarnsman has put himself through, though!
  3. Woah, looks great. Adding this to my list of stuff to look forward to. I've been doing something similar, actually, and coincidentally was thinking of putting an 11 map release out soon-ish :)
  4. mayhem 2018 incoming, get hyped (cool though, hoping I have time and motivation to make a thing!)
  5. It's still Sunday here! Here's the updated alpha. CURRENT MAPLIST (important: no work has gone into ordering yet): Anyways, it's late, so if I accidentally missed something, please let me know.
  6. Of course you can join! There's no deadline on maps as of now. Take your time.
  7. School kicking my shit in is what's going on o/ I feel bad for letting it sit on the sidelines for so long, though, so I'm gonna try to get an alpha up this Sunday (and this time I mean it :I ). Apologies for taking so long!
  8. I like mapping in Boom for a few reasons: -Port compatibility. A solid amount of ports support Boom functionality. Also, PRBoom+ is my favourite port to play on; I don't like how ZDoom feels in comparison. -Simple to work with. It's essentially the vanilla format extended, which makes mapping really quick. -Surprisingly advanced capabilities. There's a lot of cool stuff you can do in Boom if you know what you're doing, particularly involving voodoo doll "scripting".
  9. Recent vanilla projects tend to ignore the savegame buffer.
  10. Every time I see this posted, I think to myself, "this isn't actually a good explanation". Not only would it be difficult, if not impossible, to control while using weapons (how do you grip the handlebars while both hands are occupied with a shotgun?), maneuverability in tight spaces would be severely reduced as the scooter in-game would be much larger than Doomguy by himself. It might work if he had a couple extra arms and it was somehow scaled down.
  11. Hello, I am in dire need of a sequel to Maximum Doom. Can you make this for me?
  12. Hey, mind if I suggest that you don't do this? The music selections on your maps (and throughout the wad, for the most part) are solid as-is and are in no need of changing.
  13. Current favourite: Revenant. The most fun to fight (viles are a close second) and one of the most versatile monsters. I think some people could afford to use them more ;) Least favourite: Baron. Hard to use well and usually a chore to fight. Most of the time you should just use a hell knight or maybe even a couple revenants!
  14. You know what else has become predictable and boring? The jokes about BTSX, especially after that fake E3 release. It was funny and all, sure, but I think it's time to stop with the 'l o l btsx" comments :I (I do agree that Memfis-posting has lost its charm, though)