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  1. AD_79

    PSA: Review Trains Fucking Suck!

    I'd love for some sort of system that highlighted good/worthwhile reviews to exist, which would maybe incentivize more people to put some effort in. That being said, I don't know who would oversee this, and it probably wouldn't make a huge amount of sense to implement until the files section is fixed up.
  2. AD_79

    Cheating confession

    Sure. If I remember correctly, my TVR episode demos used a couple segments on intermission screens, basically as a result of impatience (I don't remember enjoying glides and that set is packed full of them). Feel free to either mark as such on the site or remove entirely, it's been so long since I've even thought about speedrunning that I don't really care at this point. I don't have interest in repeating that laziness if I were to return to demo recording, but I suppose that then depends on me having interest in returning to it at all.
  3. Forgive the bump (I was pointed towards this a little while ago but only now had a look at it), but it looks a little more than merely "inspired". That straight up looks like a mirrored+retextured copy-paste of the opening area of BTSX E1M01, all the way down to the midtextures that sit out a ways from the ledge, that rock ledge with the large tree, and the little waterfall at the start of the cave. The geometry looking noticeably more complex than everything else in the trailer would be odd on its own, but it's doubly so when the area's shaping looks so familiar.
  4. AD_79

    AI Generated Title Screens

    Cool thread. I've actually been playing around with a different image-generating AI over the past couple weeks, one known as The Big Sleep. The results tend to be a tad less surreal than NeuralBlender, but are often still really interesting and somewhat usable for album art or whatever (which I plan on doing eventually). Here's a few I generated using various Doom map names, not including the wad name and mapslot: (BTSX E2M26) Beneath a Festering Moon: (CChest MAP29) Citadel at the Edge of Eternity: (CChest4 MAP20) Interstellar Sickness: (Sunder MAP03) The Dreaming Garden:
  5. Update time. Here's 16 new tracks, bringing the total up to 86. Download all MIDIs (2021-11-06) NEW TRACKS: 2020: 2021: I've also uploaded my 1K3 work to Bandcamp. Have a listen!
  6. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! I'm pretty pleased with the reception of this project so far. We put a fair bit of work in, heh. As an aside, I've uploaded my musical contributions to Bandcamp.
  7. Take my opinion with a grain of salt, as I'm simply bored beyond words of IWAD music. I can understand wanting to use it for the purposes listed, but at the same time I think there would still be other music out there that would fit your maps. Also, hard disagree on non-IWAD material somehow being less creative, I'm not sure I understand the thought process there. Would it not be more interesting to pick something underutilized and unexpected as opposed to tracks people have heard a hundred times over?
  8. Upon learning how to compose my own material, I started to feel this drive to write new music for (almost) every new map I create, and that's only intensified with time. Original work assists in giving a map its own identity separate from anything else, as well as a sense of discovering something new. If you're using a MIDI that's been used in a bunch of projects beforehand, it can result in the map feeling less unique. IWAD music usage is particularly frustrating to me, partially due to not finding it interesting at this point, partially due to how much it's cropped up in various projects. Of course, I don't think you absolutely must compose new music for every single new map, though I do think one should look for lesser-used music from the community to pair up with their creations. Be more creative with your selections!
  9. I'd most likely pick creators that share a fair bit of mapping DNA with myself, people who create similar sorts of gameplay experiences while being distinct enough to easily hold interest for a whole project. As a result, I'd say that an even split between myself, Breezeep, Skillsaw and Tarnsman is likely the ultimate dream project. Our styles are similar, we certainly all share some influences, but we each have a unique artistic voice and the project would end up being wonderfully cohesive yet diverse.
  10. AD_79

    I made some music

    The best way to find out is by taking a look for yourself and getting to grips with it, I think! If you don't end up liking its workflow after some amount of time, then fair enough, but I seriously think it's worth trying out.
  11. AD_79

    I made some music

    These are... rough. Very simplistic, short and repetitive ("Lame Train" is ten bars, which are already pretty repetitive on their own, copy-pasted to be quadruple the length), and if I'm being totally honest, kind of difficult to listen to. I'm going to assume these are very early attempts, slowly learning how composition works and whatnot. I understand that, everyone starts somewhere, but I don't see these being good picks for maps as of now. Take some time to learn how to better structure pieces without relying on super-short loops, diversify your rhythms to make them more interesting, and maybe switch to a better program for MIDI composition. Sekaiju is what I would recommend.
  12. AD_79

    Worst looking texture

    The fact that I have yet to see a mention of this texture is baffling on so many levels.
  13. If you want to write "GothicDM-esque" tracks, the original MIDIs would probably serve as decent reference points for the sorts of sounds to aim for, which you can then expand upon with your own concepts. Having a quick listen to the ones you posted, I can't say they really fit with what I consider the original style to be, and they're a little on the repetitive side as well. Gothic's musical style to me is less blatanty metallic (distorted guitars are often present, but aren't frequently the focus. When they are, it results in tracks like Klem's "Entity" or "The Dead Sky"), more varied in terms of instrument selection, and doesn't really do "remixes", as far as I can tell.
  14. AD_79

    Delirium [Boom mapset, cl9] [BETA]

    ^ Bit of a weird complaint, one that I would consider to be mostly incorrect. Having a quick listen to the MIDI choices, I only hear a single track (MAP01's) from one of those projects. Not to mention, I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with music selections that people may "already know". People pick those tracks because they're good and consider them fitting for whatever map they're paired up with!
  15. AD_79

    Midi Composing

    Seconding Stewboy's Sekaiju suggestion. If you're writing MIDI, I personally believe it's best to use a program geared specifically towards the format, and Sekaiju's got a solid interface and is pretty comfortable to work with IMO.