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  1. Strange take. If I remember correctly, creators in the 90s would do this if there were no actual secrets to find in a map. This would prevent the secret tally from displaying "0%" at the end, as it would do that if there weren't any secrets. Even if this wasn't the case, outright refusing to play a map because it does this doesn't make sense to me.
  2. AD_79

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Cydonia & Arrival

    I'm glad that people have been enjoying Arrival's music (as well as Arrival and Cydonia as a whole). For those that want to listen to it whenever, the soundtrack can be downloaded here. Thank you! Those are my favourites as well, I'm pretty satisfied with most of my work here but those ones probably rank among my best. If I remember correctly, "Necrocosmic Alchemical Apparatus" originates from a Demon of the Well post describing Syringe MAP06, and I felt totally compelled to write something using that name.
  3. Double post. I just learned that a project I was contributing to got scrapped, so here's 6 additional tracks to bring the total up to 100(!). Particularly of note is a multi-part progressive rock/metal piece that exceeds a half hour in length. Download all MIDIs (2022-09-24) NEW TRACKS: 2020: 2021:
  4. Small update with 8 new tracks, which should raise the total to 94. I've been super inactive this year and would have liked to have more ready to post by now, but I figured it was time to stop sitting on these. Let me know what you think. Download all MIDIs (2022-09-03) NEW TRACKS: 2022:
  5. AD_79

    Ask me something about one of these maps...

    Consider it done eventually. I was wanting to make a few other maps with this sort of theme (something on the scale of Violence, with Third Impact thrown in as a bonus map?), but I may just finish it up and release it standalone. Thank you for the write-up by the way! It made me realize some things I do that I wasn't all that aware of, and that I should learn to consciously embrace more. Interesting, it might be the only track in there that I'm not totally satisfied with. Glad to hear you get that much enjoyment out of it.
  6. AD_79

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Cydonia & Arrival

    The majority of my maps in this were attempts for Final Doom the Way Id Did's Plutonia half (which pretty much requires referencing the previous TWIDs), with the rest being practice maps intended to get a feel for the Casali's styles. For the curious, here's a list of what is referenced:
  7. AD_79

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    Hmm. I'm surprised the final grade ended up being as high as it was, as he seemed to be somewhat down on this one for the better part of the episode. I'm not sure I understand why, aside from his 100% completion requirement sapping the longer adventure maps of their magic. Maps like Dirty Water or Speedtraps thrive on the player losing themselves within, wandering around and uncovering things at their own pace without pressure to hunt down every last shred of content on offer (and in the case of the two named maps, the authors don't necessarily want you to do everything as you can reach the exit via more than one route). I know the show's format calls for it, but forcing oneself to fully complete these maps turns them into a potential self-inflicted chore. Those longer maps are also spaced out pretty nicely by shorter, punchier offerings; I find the pacing of E2 to be a fair bit better than its predecessor due to the greater variety in map length. I'm also not a fan of some of his weird comments regarding the authors' egos? Essentially calling Tarns pretentious for making MAP19 feels especially unneeded. (I'm aware of my title.)
  8. AD_79

    Community Original Content Project: 2021* OSTs

    I felt compelled to write something. --------------------------------------------------------------- Stuart Rynn - Heartland Stuart "stewboy" Rynn is Doom's most immediately recognizable composer, and among its most revolutionary. A statement that may sound a tad aggrandizing, but one I believe to be wholly true. From the tail end of the 2000s onwards, he (alongside fellow maestro Jimmy) commandeered the transformation of what Doom music is and has the potential to be, culminating in the electrojazz maelstrom of Ancient Aliens. Experimental, densely layered, and downright beautiful at times, it perfectly complimented the project while being miles from the thrash riffage this game is often known for. 2021's Heartland finds Rynn taking yet another step forward and heightening his ambitions. Mirroring the mapset's structure, the Heartland OST is a tale of two halves. At first all seems business as usual; Rynn's signature harmonically-adventurous progressions and jazzy instrumentation remain intact, albeit with more guitar woven into proceedings to suit the surrounding industrial decay. Much of this could have belonged to Projects of Skillsaw Past: Opener "Street Surfer" brings to mind the lonely, towering structures of Valiant, a concept the map evolves on with aplomb. The track sounds immense and somewhat mournful, but never hopeless as the ascending guitar leads guide your way through the scrapyards and subway tunnels. Later, the more earthen, naturalistic tones of "Dancing Snakes" and "See the Shrews" recall Ancient Aliens' opening stretch. The latter is a particular favourite, weaving strands of woodwind, kalimba and synth into a lovely little tapestry. If "a collection of new and expertly-crafted, though not necessarily ground-breaking tracks" was all Heartland's soundscape had to offer, I would be more than happy. There's more. Rynn waits until the second half to tear the lands asunder and unearth three of the strongest pieces he's ever conceived, all of which could not belong elsewhere. The text screen fades and makes way for distressed mechanical whimpers. "The Towering Colliery" is the tale of a machine struggling to reboot itself, alarms quietly pleading for assistance. In time, it manages to turn its gears and cry out its tune, only to shudder to a halt and begin the cycle anew. "Para Bellum" meanwhile is Heartland at its most energetic, its ceaseless ebb and flow of adrenaline engineered to fuel the fight against overwhelming odds. It's the closest thing to power metal on display here, albeit filtered through a grandiose symphonic lens. But it's Heartland's final movement that stands above the rest. The opening chords of "Soul's Symphony" are stomach-churning in their opulent orchestral obscenity, a fine match for the eldritch grandeur of the shrine before one's eyes. Sickness gradually gives way to mystery and melancholy, at times hopeful and always mesmerizing, but never letting you forget that initial impression of something being horribly wrong. The music feels alive and desperate as it crawls forward, twisting and writhing with each chord, and only in its last breath is there a sense of relief. At long last the heart may rest. Quibbles are few and negligible. The intermission and text screen tracks are miniscule, almost throwaway pieces, doing what's asked of them and no more. There's also a quirky passage within "Street Surfer" that feels as if it was torn from a Mario game and stitched into the body of an unrelated piece. It sticks out as odd and briefly disrupts the track's flow. Outside of that, Heartland's OST is virtually flawless and comes together as one of the strongest soundtracks of recent memory, befitting the monumental achievement that is the mapset itself. Rynn's voice in the community is truly unique, and I look forward to even more in the future.
  9. Taking a break from Doom and community happenings for a while. I'll likely return once I've gotten myself back in order mentally, and once I've reassessed what exactly drives me to continue creating things.

    1. Biodegradable


      Take care of yourself, AD. If you're not back beforehand, Happy Holidays!

    2. Jimmy


      All the best mate, will be thinking of you. You rock \m/

    3. DMPhobos


      Take care of yourself AD, i hope we see you around soon

  10. AD_79

    PSA: Review Trains Fucking Suck!

    I'd love for some sort of system that highlighted good/worthwhile reviews to exist, which would maybe incentivize more people to put some effort in. That being said, I don't know who would oversee this, and it probably wouldn't make a huge amount of sense to implement until the files section is fixed up.
  11. AD_79

    Cheating confession

    Sure. If I remember correctly, my TVR episode demos used a couple segments on intermission screens, basically as a result of impatience (I don't remember enjoying glides and that set is packed full of them). Feel free to either mark as such on the site or remove entirely, it's been so long since I've even thought about speedrunning that I don't really care at this point. I don't have interest in repeating that laziness if I were to return to demo recording, but I suppose that then depends on me having interest in returning to it at all.
  12. Forgive the bump (I was pointed towards this a little while ago but only now had a look at it), but it looks a little more than merely "inspired". That straight up looks like a mirrored+retextured copy-paste of the opening area of BTSX E1M01, all the way down to the midtextures that sit out a ways from the ledge, that rock ledge with the large tree, and the little waterfall at the start of the cave. The geometry looking noticeably more complex than everything else in the trailer would be odd on its own, but it's doubly so when the area's shaping looks so familiar.
  13. AD_79

    AI Generated Title Screens

    Cool thread. I've actually been playing around with a different image-generating AI over the past couple weeks, one known as The Big Sleep. The results tend to be a tad less surreal than NeuralBlender, but are often still really interesting and somewhat usable for album art or whatever (which I plan on doing eventually). Here's a few I generated using various Doom map names, not including the wad name and mapslot: (BTSX E2M26) Beneath a Festering Moon: (CChest MAP29) Citadel at the Edge of Eternity: (CChest4 MAP20) Interstellar Sickness: (Sunder MAP03) The Dreaming Garden:
  14. Update time. Here's 16 new tracks, bringing the total up to 86. Download all MIDIs (2021-11-06) NEW TRACKS: 2020: 2021: I've also uploaded my 1K3 work to Bandcamp. Have a listen!