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  1. AD_79

    The 2019 Cacowards

    I'd also like to congratulate Jimmy for the award, he most certainly deserved it. The amount he's done for this community is simply staggering, and his musical contributions are among the finest that this community has ever seen. I will always love his work on the BTSX soundtrack in particular, tracks like Enigma and Within Reach are massively inspiring and will stick with me for a long time. Every project he's touched has been improved by his presence; they simply wouldn't be the same without his additions. I'd also like to mention that he is what got me properly into composing my own music and was very helpful in assisting me in my early stages, and I can't thank him enough for that. Without that, I most likely would have continued to struggle immensely as I had for ages. Not to mention, he's a very cool and upstanding dude on top of all that, and I hope he'll continue to stick around the Doom community for a long time. Jimmy, thank you for everything!
  2. I guess you could say that I like metal a fair amount. This is one of my personal favourite albums:
  3. AD_79

    Akeldama - First Beta Released!

    Kaguya (11:22) For MAP26. Might still work on this a bit, depends on how I feel about it when I come back to it later on. EDIT: Updated slightly.
  4. AD_79

    Nova III - RC1 AVAILABLE!!!

    Congrats on the RC release! It's definitely been a long road, glad to see the end is finally in sight :P
  5. AD_79

    Akeldama - First Beta Released!

    I can handle both slots. Started on something for 26 earlier, have a pretty solid idea of what I want to do with it. Ideally I'll be able to get everything done before the end of the year.
  6. AD_79

    Akeldama - First Beta Released!

    Excellent map, Breezeep! As a heads up for everyone else, I'm going to write new music for it once my other two tracks have been completed. The one currently listed in the OP wouldn't be a good fit for the map IMO; something more moody, less in-your-face is required.
  7. Don't give up so quickly! With a little time and effort, you should be able to get into it easily enough. There can never be enough composers around here. Also, MIDIs and OTEX resources still work damn well together. Eviternity is a prime example of that :P
  8. Short answer: Yes. Longer answer: The music is one of the most important aspects of this game, in my opinion. It sets the overall tone and atmosphere, and the right track will make your map that much more memorable, especially if it's a piece composed specifically for the map. I have been writing MIDIs for about a year and a half now, so I definitely believe it to be super important that new music still be written for this game, to continue giving to this community. So yes, I'd absolutely consider it a worthwhile endeavour. Nowadays, I'm not likely to release any new projects without at least some original music for it!
  9. Hi! It's been a little while. I've been quietly working on a bunch of stuff over the past five months, and at the moment have about twenty new finished tracks, with more still in the works. However, as the majority of them are for currently-in-progress projects, I can't post them quite yet. So for the moment, here's a quick teaser featuring snippets of nine new MIDIs. I was going to post this on the 26th but impatience got the best of me :P
  10. AD_79

    How do I create Midi Music?

    Not listed above is Sekaiju, which is what I use and personally recommend for this purpose. Very good program and not too hard to pick up.
  11. I have only managed about a map and a half so far. On the other hand I've also managed to compose five MIDIs for my project, all of which I'm pretty satisfied with.
  12. AD_79

    Akeldama - First Beta Released!

    Good to see a beta! Once November arrives I'm going to shift my focus back to those two tracks I need to finish.
  13. Upload it somewhere else first (Dropbox, Google Drive, whatever) before idgames, especially as that takes a little while. It'll be better for responding to feedback and making changes if needed. Should mention that I'm looking forward to this as well, it very much looks like my kind of thing!