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  1. It's for sure a significant improvement over the current E2 sky. I might end up using that, actually. Map looks great, by the way, I'm not entirely sold on some of the texturing, but I generally like what I'm seeing.
  2. Awesome. A few favourites out of the stuff I first listened to this year (ordered by year of release from newest to oldest):
  3. It's not really Boom-compatible if it doesn't work in the intended source port, eh? Here is a version that runs in PRBoom+. All I did was remake the TEXTURE1 and PNAMES lumps. By the way, the sky in MAP02 (aside from in front of the tunnel before the exit) shows up as a giant HOM.
  4. The link must have broken when Dropbox changed how the public folder worked a while back. Try this. I'll let you make any necessary edits/fixes, if that's alright.
  5. If I remember correctly, I included one in the wad file. Re-download it if necessary.
  6. yeah um I tried working on it a few times, the ideas weren't flowing and I got nowhere with it, sorry. Would love to see it finished though.
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    still trying to get back into Doom-stuff after not doing much for ages, haven't been feeling very motivated I guess. maybe I can release something soon-ish though, as well as return to other things.

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      >no purple or cool lights


    2. AD_79


      Cool lights and colours can wait. For now I'm trying to make something using a vastly different approach compared to my previous works, which is definitely helping me get things done.

  8. ^ Run it with Plutonia as the IWAD, not Doom 2.
  9. I actually recently discovered that there's a tab on the right-hand side called "draw settings" which lets you do that. It looks like this (these of course default to CEIL1_1, FLOOR0_1 and STARTAN2):
  10. STARTAN2, FLOOR0_1, and CEIL1_1 unfortunately all generate a negative response from me because of the reason you described. It's a shame because they're not necessarily bad textures, but I always just associate their presence with "this looks unfinished".
  11. Are these your first maps? As a starting point, it's not bad. I've definitely seen (and made) worse. In addition, it's good that you are not overly ambitious in terms of your goals. Nine maps should provide room to grow without the set becoming too inconsistent and back-loaded, and significantly reduces the possibility of you running out of steam before the project is done. With that said, the maps themselves are lacking in the gameplay department, which is what I want to focus on in this post. The layouts are pretty basic. MAP01 is the best example of this, it being an overly symmetrical room-door-room affair, but they all fall into the trap of heavy linearity. Now, a linear map isn't necessarily a bad map (a lot of maps I like are pretty linear. BTSX E1 for example has a bunch of maps which are essentially straight lines), but it's important to give off an illusion of non-linearity; that is, making them feel like they're more than they actually are. A good linear map is disguised to make it feel less one-directional. This can be accomplished by implementing side areas, revisiting old areas and doing new things with them, and/or just making the map more open and doing away with heavy amounts of closed, tight hallways. MAP02 is one big hallway with a room at the end, but MAP03 has some of those elements that make it feel a little more open and interesting. The combat is also fairly one-dimensional. It's pretty laid back in terms of difficulty, which is not a bad thing if the setups are clever and keep you on your toes. Unfortunately, here they were predictable with most ambushes being simple monster closets (the only thing to catch me off-guard was the red key lift in MAP03). It's possible to make a map feel dangerous without it actually being hard, and varying the setups would go a long way towards this, as well as maintaining the player's interest. There is a ludicrous amount of supplies to be found here, particularly health and shells. You really don't need that much for what's being thrown at you. And while we're on the subject of throwing stuff at the player: Groups of demons and lost souls by themselves are not threatening and only make the player take a step back and pick them off one by one, and that's no fun, eh? They work best when mixed in with crowds and act as moving obstacles; they get in your way and make dodging other things a little harder. I could talk about visuals as well but I don't have time at the moment. One thing I will say: Always mark your key doors! MAP03's key doors are mostly unmarked, and the automap is the only way to tell which key goes where. Keep at it. Every map you make will be a step forward. (One more thing. Almost every line in MAP02 blocks sound, even one-sided lines. Similarly, in MAP03, a lot of one-sided lines are flagged as monster blocking. I have no idea why that is)
  12. ok maybe fine i guess The few times I've tried posting, I lost steam after maybe seven maps. I dunno, it just doesn't work well for me.
  13. +++ MM2 Won't post but I'll at least play it with the club.