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  1. Custom flats would work significantly better for this, yes. You're working in vanilla, which means you should optimize as much as possible and avoid building in ways that aren't at all vanilla-friendly. Though personally, I don't like that floor to begin with. A plain, single-flat floor would look better to me and would also save you lines for more important things. While you're at it, I'd suggest changing that ceiling flat as well. It doesn't really work well repeated in large amounts like that and generally is just useful for lifts.
  2. AD_79

    Tantum Mortuus Est - Dead simple Community project.

    People don't dislike Dead Simple itself. People dislike the billion clones that have appeared throughout the years. So often it feels like an excuse to be lazy and just make a box arena, as opposed to thinking of an interesting concept to use instead. Rare exceptions exist, but usually you're better off doing something else. ...I think that ends up describing my thoughts on a Dead Simple project in general, heh.
  3. A map from me is not happening, I can tell you that now. It's a mix of "I have zero time to actually make this", "I don't know what I would want to do for it now", and "I don't really want to map for Doom 1", heh.
  4. AD_79

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    We've had enough people say that already. They handled the packaging of the set (and we're still doing what they did and packing two more or less unrelated sets together), and really there's no better name for it. It's part of an established, recognizable series now, no real point in changing it just because of technicalities or whatever. I'm still looking to do more Plutonia maps when the project kicks back up and I've got more time, by the way. Also still hoping to make an O'Brien map for the TNT side!
  5. AD_79

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    The project is on hiatus at the moment, but will return at a later point in time once some other projects are finished off.
  6. Depends on what the project is going for, though I tend to be in the "yes to track repetition" camp regardless. For more "classic" or old-school sets, it works incredibly well and I would love for more people to do so (@valkiriforce, consider this for Akeldama perhaps?). Modern sets tend to have a greater emphasis on an individual map's personality, especially with community projects having a wide range of contributors who bring different things to the table, and unique music choices help to solidify this. With that being said though, I find myself still wishing for some track repetition here and there where fitting. It's part of why BTSX's hub maps resonate with me so well. To me, it's an important part of making your track listing feel like a game soundtrack. Should I ever make a large-scale project again, it's very likely to use at least some of this.
  7. It's shaping to be a cool project and I'm looking forward to the finished set, but I have a couple concerns with it going public like this. First, all of the new contributors should keep in mind that this is a vanilla project. This means that maps should be tested extensively in vanilla (ChocoRenderLimits), and that doesn't just mean to get someone to do so after the map is built. Mappers, please test your maps as you make them. Second, how much quality control is this project going to have? I had interest before as the set was initially looking to be a tighter, team-based effort to me. With the project opening up to the public though, I'm concerned that map quality could end up being a fair amount less consistent as a result.
  8. AD_79

    Whats your favorite animes

    Personal favourites from this year: Yuru Camp, Hinamatsuri, SAO Alternative: GGO, and Asobi Asobase. There's a ton of stuff I either haven't finished or have been interested in seeing this year though. Personal favourites not counting stuff from this year is a moderately longer list: Kill la Kill Nichijou JoJo (Diamond is Unbreakable specifically, Parts 1 through 3 were good but Part 4 is a different beast entirely and I love it. Part 5 is also really good so far) KonoSuba Gabriel DropOut Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Mob Psycho 100 Toradora! Again though, there's so much out there that I still need to watch, including a bunch of classics that I've pretty much neglected entirely. I can tell you right now that it's not. I don't think I should be linking to it on here but it's still working; the URL just seems to change around every now and then.
  9. AD_79

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Congrats on the release, Dragonfly! I'm happy to have been a part of the project, even if it just ended up being a fairly small contribution. I hope people enjoy that though, as well as everything else that went into the set.
  10. Fixed, only MAP01 was missing them. Now, what about the actual maps, what are your thoughts on those? That's kinda what I'm most interested in :P
  11. Yeah, I see them. I believe I just stuck with the nodebuilder I used because it allows the monsters to see the player in the self-referencing sector fight in MAP03. Any nodebuilder which allows for this to work should therefore be fine, I think. Are there other ports a zero-length reject causes issues in? The maps function in PRBoom+ and Choco without any adverse effects, as far as I can tell.
  12. The titlepic, interpic and m_doom are all placeholders, yeah. I'm in the process of looking for someone who could make some new ones. I've got some semi-specific ideas in mind for what they would look like though.
  13. Thanks Garrett! And sure, hope this helps without being too obvious.
  14. Ah yeah you're not supposed to get up there, haha. Someone reported it to me yesterday and I think I can fix it easily enough. As for reject, I admittedly didn't test in zdoom, though I did see someone playing in it and it worked fine so I dunno. I might switch nodebuilders.
  15. I do essentially force the berserk pack right at the start of the map for a reason, heh. A change of strategy and mindset throughout the map should be all you need to get through. Additionally, if you're concerned about those viles being too much: Also, I did mention that skill settings haven't been implemented yet, so please check back once I've done so :P It shouldn't take a massive amount of time, I hope!