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  1. Haha, I first played Ultimate Doom on the iOS sometime in late 2012. Subsequently picked up all the classic Doom games in early 2013. Playing an FPS on a touch screen, as it turns out, isn't much fun.
  2. Spent some time over the past few days working my way towards Diamond in Overwatch, finally reached it today. If you've been wondering where the updated Nova III alpha is, that's the primary reason why it's not quite ready yet (it's almost done though, should be up soon!).

  3. Generally with vanilla projects such as BTSX, the only vanilla limit that gets flat-out ignored is the savegame buffer.
  4. At least give him a chance to do something before saying "go do your own thing instead". If the end result is an improvement on the original maplist, then cool, Freedoom benefits. If it's not, Freedoom remains unchanged and someone else can have a go at it.
  5. wtf, no It's worth noting that I haven't even touched the map as of yet. If it's fun, it has a place in Nova (it would end up tucked away in a secret map slot so it wouldn't be mandatory, as I understand it's quite a niche genre), but if you want to release it standalone and make something else for Nova, go ahead.
  6. Lovely stuff, Franck! A shame the palette doesn't seem to fade nicely, maybe some palette/colormap work could be done to solve that?
  7. I really shouldn't. I'll take Phase 1 E3, won't be working on it for a while though.
  8. ^ Will have a look when I have the time. Thanks for the submission! Speaking of limited time, I've decided to put off finishing the alpha compilation until next weekend when I'm not quite so flooded with real life stuff (which I mostly put off to today for whatever reason ┬»\_(ツ)_/┬»). I appreciate your patience. It will be up in a week, though!
  9. Despite having a bunch of more important stuff to do, I couldn't resist cooking up another map. Milo E2. High Noon edit: found a cool vile jump, modified the map slightly so you couldn't break the map after pulling it off
  10. There's also a few midis of Symphony X songs in Scythe/Scythe 2 which are really well put together and sound surprisingly good.
  11. ^ Seidolon also mentioned in the OP that maps should look like something you could find in Doom 2 ;)
  12. ^ Placement for maps beyond the episode they are located in is yet to be determined. As for "will your map be included": I'd need to play it to be 100% sure, but from what I've seen of it, most likely (and as stated previously, it looks like secret map material, so let's say MAP32 for now).
  13. It might be a bit too secret heavy, sure, but keep in mind that Dario occasionally placed a decent amount of secrets in his maps (Caged has 4, Baron's Lair has 6(!), Impossible Mission has 4, Bunker has 4). So I don't think it's too out of place, heh. (Though now that I think about it, yeahhh the secrets are probably a little tougher than the average Plutonia secret. I'll see what I can do about that!)
  14. ^ As long as they're named properly (see the OP for how they should be named; you might need to rename yours if they're not like that), custom textures are allowed.
  15. I made another map, Dario-style, which I think would work well in E3 (or possibly E2). The Testament edit: super quick map update