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  1. AD_79

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    Congrats on the release, Dragonfly! I'm happy to have been a part of the project, even if it just ended up being a fairly small contribution. I hope people enjoy that though, as well as everything else that went into the set.
  2. Fixed, only MAP01 was missing them. Now, what about the actual maps, what are your thoughts on those? That's kinda what I'm most interested in :P
  3. Yeah, I see them. I believe I just stuck with the nodebuilder I used because it allows the monsters to see the player in the self-referencing sector fight in MAP03. Any nodebuilder which allows for this to work should therefore be fine, I think. Are there other ports a zero-length reject causes issues in? The maps function in PRBoom+ and Choco without any adverse effects, as far as I can tell.
  4. The titlepic, interpic and m_doom are all placeholders, yeah. I'm in the process of looking for someone who could make some new ones. I've got some semi-specific ideas in mind for what they would look like though.
  5. Thanks Garrett! And sure, hope this helps without being too obvious.
  6. Ah yeah you're not supposed to get up there, haha. Someone reported it to me yesterday and I think I can fix it easily enough. As for reject, I admittedly didn't test in zdoom, though I did see someone playing in it and it worked fine so I dunno. I might switch nodebuilders.
  7. I do essentially force the berserk pack right at the start of the map for a reason, heh. A change of strategy and mindset throughout the map should be all you need to get through. Additionally, if you're concerned about those viles being too much: Also, I did mention that skill settings haven't been implemented yet, so please check back once I've done so :P It shouldn't take a massive amount of time, I hope!
  8. Thank you! Here's hoping you have fun, I'm really curious to see the response to these!
  9. It's the 26th, you know what time it is! IDOL is a small work-in-progress mapset for Doom 2, designed to be played in limit-removing ports. I employed a somewhat different approach for this one, pulling inspiration from the classic megawads of the past and combining that spirit with more modern design knowledge. At the moment, five maps are fully playable (minus skill settings), though this is likely just the first half of what I want to accomplish. The maps aren't too difficult and should be easily enjoyable by the average player. The music is currently placeholder; in the future I plan on having a fully original, self-composed soundtrack. For the moment though, the music is: I hope you all enjoy these, and look forward to the rest when I'm ready with it! Once the rest is done, the link will be updated. DOWNLOAD SCREENSHOTS:
  10. Suggestion for those who say they build a square/rectangle room and then don't know what to do with it: just don't make a square room to start with, and if you can avoid it, almost never make them as well, heh. Pretty much any other shape will allow for more interesting designs and hopefully less staring at the editor not knowing what to do next. Sometimes it's good to just draw some semi-complex shapes and then just see how the layout develops from there.
  11. New goal: get one map finished
  12. AD_79

    Infinity (Doom 2 WAD)

    Out of curiosity, is there a reason you copy-pasted the end area of Doom 64 in Doom 2's MAP30 and used it for your MAP02? That's going a little beyond "inspired by Doom 64".
  13. It's weird seeing yourself listed in the same sentence as a bunch of Doom musicians you respect and enjoy the work of, heh. Anyways, check out the program Sekaiju if you have interest in MIDI composition. Alfonzo and I would both recommend it.
  14. AD_79

    Vote for your favourite Perturbator LP

    Uncanny Valley is really solid and kicks ass, but Dangerous Days will always have a special place in my heart so I'm voting for that one. The twelve minute titular track is still one of my all-time favourite darksynth tracks in existence. The progression is fantastic. I love how much of a journey into some sort of mechanized hell it feels like. Every time I listen to it I envision a steep descent into a hostile, unforgiving place, yet showing a glimmer of hope at the end; prime Doom map material actually!! Not to mention every other piece of the track listing being excellent and flowing well.
  15. AD_79

    remove the "File reviews" panel

    Mmm, I don't mind it in concept, though I do agree with what you're saying. I can't stand the "this old thing no one knows is bad, let me write twenty words max about it" type of review you see often. I don't know how one would enforce this aside from just removing said low-effort reviews, but a way to get people to compose more in-depth write-ups would be appreciated. Also, another thumbs up for the "recent releases" idea.