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  1. Forgive me for breaking the "one trait per decade" format here, but I want to go a bit more in-depth on this topic and how I see things. In my mind, Doom mapping has always been about pushing limits and exploring the unknown, in one way or another. In the 90s, it feels like a lot of the focus was placed on making what the mappers thought was cool that they could make, with the limits being the OG Doom engine and the sort of things possible in editors at the time. There's a truly adventurous spirit seen in a lot of maps from that era, especially with a lot of the mapping oddities, progression quirks, etc that would arise from it. Sure, mazes and corridors were highly prevalent in places, but it feels like mappers wanted to explore this new territory as much as they could and simply make cool and interesting things doing so. Moving over to the 2000s, I honestly can't say much about it as I'm not too familiar with this era, but the limits on detailing were certainly being pushed, perhaps at the expense of some of the quirkiness and explorative qualities prevalent in the previous decade. Mapping here feels a bit more... safe at times from what I know, in terms of gameplay and progression? Mappers in the 2010s in contrast are pushing limits of all sorts. Incredibly well-designed and polished mapping never seen before this decade. Massive maps nearly breaking every vanilla limit known to man yet still being able to run in the original engine. Boom maps showing off immense creativity and style, and constantly evolving known gameplay ideas and mapping standards. New palettes displaying wild and wonderful colour schemes. GZDoom pushing capabilities further beyond what was possible, allowing for monumental projects like Elementalism to exist. Gameplay mods that change up the Doom experience and sometimes turn it into an entirely different game. I love it and I'm excited to see where things continue going. In short: The 90s were about simply exploring their newfound unknown territory. The 2000s... I'm still not entirely sure to be honest, perhaps taking what is known and polishing it, sanding some of the rough edges off and bringing a more sophisticated style forward. The 2010s are about relentlessly pushing further and further beyond what we have previously accomplished, never sitting still.
  2. AD_79

    Doom Streams

    https://www.twitch.tv/ad_79 more mapping
  3. AD_79

    Doom Streams

    https://www.twitch.tv/ad_79 mapping for a bit
  4. Mayhem Purple uses a different palette that replaces the default Doom greens with purple. You could instead rework Doom's palette to include a functional purple range (instead of replacing another colour) by removing duplicate or near-duplicate colours. This is what BTSX did for its purple range, in addition to slightly modifying some other colours. That being said: you're targeting GZDoom. Doesn't that have true-colour support, even in software rendering at this point? I don't think you'd even need to mess around with the palette if so. Regardless, the project looks cool, congrats on the release.
  5. Essentially nothing aside from overuse of doors I guess? Though that doesn't show up much nowadays anyways. Stop complaining so much, people. It's Doom, ease up and have some fun with it for once! Ok, just because of this, I'm tempted to use literally everything you listed in your post in one map. In this instance, it's not a matter of pretending, it's simply a matter of me not being lazy and actually making said map, because I will fight you on this.
  6. I figure it's been long enough since I've properly released a project, so I'm setting a hard deadline for myself to get something of my own done. Expect to see some sort of release from me by November 26.

    1. Catpho


      Lemme guess, for a certain someone's birthday?

    2. AD_79


      Sure is. I like doing so, as it feels more like I'm giving back to the community on that date compared to another day, if that makes sense? A shame I missed it last year though.

  7. Dehacked allows you to change the player's starting health, as well as starting ammo, maximum ammo count, et cetera. Also I hate the third theme and the seventh feels a little goofy. The rest of them are fine though, particularly fond of six and eight.
  8. Hmm, Jimmy, you mind if I change my slot to MAP22?
  9. I have some ideas, feel free to steal my slot if I don't end up making any progress before the month ends though.
  10. I have a lot of unreleased maps that are sitting in unfinished projects needing more maps. I have a ton of maps and projects sitting somewhere between "somewhat finished" and "barely started". Let's just say that I would have been releasing at least three projects of varying size each year from 2016 to now, if I were able to see them through. Unfortunately that isn't the case and I haven't finished anything since 2015. Maybe there will be something this year though? No idea!
  11. AD_79

    Infernew, a Community Project

    My map has been updated with difficulty settings. UV has not changed, so the demo should still function properly.
  12. AD_79

    Infernew, a Community Project

    To anyone working in vanilla: please test your maps in vanilla as you build them. Having to totally rework a map that wasn't built with consideration for the limits is a monolithic pain in the ass. A quick look in visplane explorer reveals that your map is reaching 500 segs in places. Scaling it down (the farther out the player is allowed to go, the more HOM they'll get in their face), adding some blockers if necessary, and only having the lines you need would perhaps be a good start? I see a bunch of trims that don't add much visually but sure add to the count. That boat to the southeast is 200 lines by itself, though just deleting it doesn't have much of an effect. I'm not sure the map is salvageable in its current state; you can try of course, but I'd recommend doing an entire rebuild of the map while keeping the limits in mind. Don't rely solely on visplane explorer if you do, be sure you're testing in ChocoRenderLimits as well. It would also give you an opportunity to scale essentially everything about the map down. There's a ton of empty space and areas that feel bigger than they need to be. By the way, your map doesn't start up in Chocolate Doom because there's some lines sitting out in the void unassociated with a sector. These can be seen around the chaingun room to the south. Deleting them allows the map to boot up.
  13. I'd respond with nothing but a gif of people laughing hysterically but I feel like I'd get a warning for that. Kindly point me to this "objectively bad level design" that you speak of, would you? I'd like to know if it's actually some broken, barely-functional garbage or you're just complaining because you weren't able to get through Sunlust or whatever.
  14. Provided you're not avoiding death exits somehow (through cheating or whatnot), I don't really care how you're playing it (pistol starts vs continuous, UV vs HNTR/HMP) provided you're enjoying the experience. If UV happens to be too much for you, please turn it down to a lower setting if it means it'll be more fun for you. Your enjoyment is worth more than your pride. Perhaps I should do a better job of skill setting implementation in the future to encourage this. If you consider UV to be the default and refuse to play on anything else? Ok sure, whatever. I'm going to call you wrong on the subject but it doesn't matter much, really. However, if you actively go on the forums complaining about the difficulty when you haven't touched lower skill settings, and you can't/won't recognize that UV in this instance is too much for you? Please just don't post about it. Have you ever considered that you're simply not the best at this game, and what you consider to be "bullshit" could very well be fair and balanced to another person? Umm, no, mappers generally describe what difficulty they are going for with a project. Either that or a bit of familiarity with a mapper will tell you if selecting UV on their map/project is a good idea or not. Also, "shitty maps"?
  15. AD_79

    Infernew, a Community Project

    Intentional. v SR50 isn't actually required. The timing is pretty tight but I've been able to manage it with a regular straferun.