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  1. 1) release a project
  2. I wish I had something to release today, like I had done the past two years, but oh well. Nothing was ready enough for me to polish off and upload. Next time, hopefully!


    have been working on things... at a pace that can be described as "glacial" at best, heh.

    1. tourniquet


      Working slowly is still a hundred times better than doing nothing.

    2. SP_FACE1


      How about the five level Plutonia mapset you released last time? I mean releasing it to idgames / the downloads section. That would be still something!


    3. AD_79


      Haha, working on that is actually my primary focus right now. Those five maps are part of a bigger release, and were simply the most polished, complete maps from what I had at the time. I won't spoil much, but there are exciting things currently going on with that project... :)

    4. Memfis


      What is "today"? Birthday or something?

    5. AD_79


      The 26th was my birthday, yes.

    6. Memfis


      Congrats then!


      Hm, if there is anything Facebook-like that I would like to see on Doomworld, it would be birthday notifications.

  3. Yeah... as much as I'd like to lead this project and see it to completion, it would be best for someone like Scotty to take over. I just do not have the motivation these days to manage this, or to do much of anything, really. I've tried and I just can't seem to make it work. Sorry.
  4. some mapping
  5. Funnily enough, I've done pretty much the opposite over the past year or so, though every now and then I'll go back and listen to some synthwave. There's still some releases there that I'm looking forward to. For the most part, though, I've just been searching around for metal and finding some pretty interesting stuff.
  6. It's for sure a significant improvement over the current E2 sky. I might end up using that, actually. Map looks great, by the way, I'm not entirely sold on some of the texturing, but I generally like what I'm seeing.
  7. Awesome. A few favourites out of the stuff I first listened to this year (ordered by year of release from newest to oldest):
  8. It's not really Boom-compatible if it doesn't work in the intended source port, eh? Here is a version that runs in PRBoom+. All I did was remake the TEXTURE1 and PNAMES lumps. By the way, the sky in MAP02 (aside from in front of the tunnel before the exit) shows up as a giant HOM.
  9. The link must have broken when Dropbox changed how the public folder worked a while back. Try this. I'll let you make any necessary edits/fixes, if that's alright.
  10. If I remember correctly, I included one in the wad file. Re-download it if necessary.
  11. yeah um I tried working on it a few times, the ideas weren't flowing and I got nowhere with it, sorry. Would love to see it finished though.
  12. RlFVQgR.png




    still trying to get back into Doom-stuff after not doing much for ages, haven't been feeling very motivated I guess. maybe I can release something soon-ish though, as well as return to other things.

    1. stru


      >no purple or cool lights


    2. AD_79


      Cool lights and colours can wait. For now I'm trying to make something using a vastly different approach compared to my previous works, which is definitely helping me get things done.