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  1. Haha yeah Scotty it's about time I return to this. I haven't been doing much Doom-stuff recently, and now's a good time to get back into it. Glad to see there's still a bunch of interest! NeedHealth, I was considering replacing the list in the OP with a spreadsheet or something which would be more manageable and easier for me to edit. I'll add yours in once I do that.
  2. +1 Lilith
  3. Yeah, 256 is generally what is used. Pretty sure it fills the whole skybox (provided you don't use mouselook).
  4. Sure, will do. I don't think I've ever seen a Boom map use a 1024x512 sky. Would be cool if you could make it work, Scotty!
  5. I was considering finding replacements for all of the skies, actually. If you could make one, that would be neato!
  6. Yep. Welcome aboard! Co-op support is nice. I don't think DM support is needed, but if someone really wants to include support for it on their map, I'm not gonna stop them. Hmm, I think it was updated to animate when I compiled the alpha ages ago. I'll have to check. Also, hearing that WFALL isn't in there is surprising, and will be fixed soon.
  7. Removing the 0-tagged sky transfer action (on linedef 9597) seems to fix the problem (an alternative fix is to change the action to 272 and set the horizontal offset to zero, though it would be better to delete it).
  8. Here, I cut out the "hey please make maps that I would like" bits of your post and reduced it to general helpful stuff.
  9. Future Club was used in Hotline Miami 2. It's awesome that Perturbator let you use some of his music, by the way. I was hoping to do the same for a project in the future ;)
  10. Backpacks do a really good job of murdering any sort of ammo balance in continuous play, and it's just easier to balance a mapset without them, especially in the early levels.
  11. Been getting more into metal recently.
  12. Couple reasons for my vote: -I want to see exactly how people can compare Urania to Plutonia, as from what I have seen they are almost completely unlike each other (Urania seems wayyy more inspired by TNT than Plutonia, considering the large map sizes and levels directly inspired by TNT). -I want to look through the maps and see if there's any homages/ripoffs that the community has missed. I bet there's a few! -I want to figure out who exactly did which map. Some deep analysis from some of the regular posters might help with that. Oh and I guess reading people's opinions on the maps and the set as a whole is cool too. -I like Plutonia and want to replay it (in no way is Plutonia a set one suffers through, IMO). If it were to be played I would actually contribute for the whole month, in one way or another. This is not trolling.
  13. Haven't played for about a month but am looking to get back into it soon (especially with the new event). Mostly play quick play. I don't play much competitive, though I was able to reach Diamond. My most played (I guess favourite?) heroes are Lucio, Pharah and Roadhog. I like D.Va quite a bit as well, though I haven't played her as much. Control/King of the Hill is the best game mode.
  14. +++ The Plutonia Experiment
  15. some plutonia stuff: