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  1. I have a lot of unreleased maps that are sitting in unfinished projects needing more maps. I have a ton of maps and projects sitting somewhere between "somewhat finished" and "barely started". Let's just say that I would have been releasing at least three projects of varying size each year from 2016 to now, if I were able to see them through. Unfortunately that isn't the case and I haven't finished anything since 2015. Maybe there will be something this year though? No idea!
  2. AD_79

    Infernew, a Community Project

    My map has been updated with difficulty settings. UV has not changed, so the demo should still function properly.
  3. AD_79

    Infernew, a Community Project

    To anyone working in vanilla: please test your maps in vanilla as you build them. Having to totally rework a map that wasn't built with consideration for the limits is a monolithic pain in the ass. A quick look in visplane explorer reveals that your map is reaching 500 segs in places. Scaling it down (the farther out the player is allowed to go, the more HOM they'll get in their face), adding some blockers if necessary, and only having the lines you need would perhaps be a good start? I see a bunch of trims that don't add much visually but sure add to the count. That boat to the southeast is 200 lines by itself, though just deleting it doesn't have much of an effect. I'm not sure the map is salvageable in its current state; you can try of course, but I'd recommend doing an entire rebuild of the map while keeping the limits in mind. Don't rely solely on visplane explorer if you do, be sure you're testing in ChocoRenderLimits as well. It would also give you an opportunity to scale essentially everything about the map down. There's a ton of empty space and areas that feel bigger than they need to be. By the way, your map doesn't start up in Chocolate Doom because there's some lines sitting out in the void unassociated with a sector. These can be seen around the chaingun room to the south. Deleting them allows the map to boot up.
  4. I'd respond with nothing but a gif of people laughing hysterically but I feel like I'd get a warning for that. Kindly point me to this "objectively bad level design" that you speak of, would you? I'd like to know if it's actually some broken, barely-functional garbage or you're just complaining because you weren't able to get through Sunlust or whatever.
  5. Provided you're not avoiding death exits somehow (through cheating or whatnot), I don't really care how you're playing it (pistol starts vs continuous, UV vs HNTR/HMP) provided you're enjoying the experience. If UV happens to be too much for you, please turn it down to a lower setting if it means it'll be more fun for you. Your enjoyment is worth more than your pride. Perhaps I should do a better job of skill setting implementation in the future to encourage this. If you consider UV to be the default and refuse to play on anything else? Ok sure, whatever. I'm going to call you wrong on the subject but it doesn't matter much, really. However, if you actively go on the forums complaining about the difficulty when you haven't touched lower skill settings, and you can't/won't recognize that UV in this instance is too much for you? Please just don't post about it. Have you ever considered that you're simply not the best at this game, and what you consider to be "bullshit" could very well be fair and balanced to another person? Umm, no, mappers generally describe what difficulty they are going for with a project. Either that or a bit of familiarity with a mapper will tell you if selecting UV on their map/project is a good idea or not. Also, "shitty maps"?
  6. AD_79

    Infernew, a Community Project

    Intentional. v SR50 isn't actually required. The timing is pretty tight but I've been able to manage it with a regular straferun.
  7. AD_79

    Best games?

    ok here we go Plutonia > Doom 2 > TNT >>>>>>> Doom 1 the game just isn't very fun without the d2 stuff
  8. AD_79

    Infernew, a Community Project

    UV-Max demo/guide for my map. Map still needs difficulty settings; UV will likely remain as-is to keep the demo functioning. ad-esoteric-180705-demo.zip
  9. AD_79

    Doom lost popularity?

    The people giving low ratings for "too easy" are justified if they meant it as "the gameplay didn't do anything to interest me". Believe it or not, you can totally make engaging gameplay while still maintaining a low actual threat level. Anyways, I personally don't care much about people complaining for the sake of complaining in their reviews. If they want to think that way, cool whatever who cares really. I'm going to ignore it if the criticism is outright useless to me. If you want more low-difficulty projects, my advice to you is to take matters into your own hands. Release a quality, interesting project to the community the way you want it, and perhaps others will follow. By the way, I'd suggest you soften your tone. You don't want to be seen as a bitter, negative person who thinks the community should conform to their will, eh? Not exactly the best first impression!
  10. AD_79

    Doom lost popularity?

    Sure, we could always use more of them, but there's already plenty of easier mapsets for less advanced players to chew through. Even more open up via the usage of difficulty settings, yo
  11. AD_79

    Infernew, a Community Project

    Heh yeah, you overlooked essentially the whole thing; the sky in the center of the starting room is a teleporter which warps you off to the actual map. I made it entirely avoidable for a reason though, which should become obvious if you attempt it :P
  12. AD_79

    Doom Streams

    https://www.twitch.tv/ad_79 Mapping for a bit.
  13. I think otherwise. We've seen the standard simple, low-threat MAP01 countless times now. I'm personally looking for something different that will grab me right away and say "hey, this is going to be a different experience". Do something that people won't expect from your first map, even if it's not necessarily a huge change-up. Think of what you either haven't seen much on the first map, or haven't seen at all. This goes for early-game progression as a whole, really. It doesn't have to be all that hard, for what it's worth; there's nothing wrong with easier maps provided they're still interesting in some way.
  14. AD_79

    Infernew, a Community Project

    Should you test it out at some point, it's probably best that you don't bother with a demo for my submission.
  15. AD_79

    Infernew, a Community Project

    That's what I gathered as well, and not doing so is a far superior approach anyways, I would say. It's somewhat disappointing seeing so many mappers deliberately creating homages to the original maps. We know the originals. Please give us stuff in the E3 theme but with its own unique identity!