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  1. Dravencour

    What are "Terry WADs?"

    Zulk RS basically has the right of it. A Terry Wad is a troll wad that usually starts out as a mediocre or even good-looking Doom map, but at some point, you'll try to open a door, hit a switch, or go through a teleporter, and then the Terry Trap happens, and you're hit with very obnoxious ear-rape and scripts designed to throw you around, kill and/or resurrect you again and again and/or flood your display with obnoxious text. Pretty much the only way to get out of a Terry Trap once it's sprung is either to kill yourself with the console, or restart the game. If you want to see what these things look like in action, Aquarius199 has a bunch of vids where he goes through them, and finding a Terry Trap in a level is grounds for him to give the level the Seal of Crap.
  2. Dravencour

    The "actually good mod idea" thread

    Back in the stupid doom mods thread, someone mentioned something called "Ultra Nightmare", and it put me in mind of the Ultra Nightmare difficulties from Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal. Simply put, all the monsters are at their most aggressive, do the most damage out of all the difficulties, and you can't use cheats (essentially what classic Nightmare would be like without the respawning monsters), and once you die, that is it for your run. We'd need a way to prevent savescumming though...
  3. Let's see here: Chaingunners: I would put these guys either very late in E1, or in E2. Hell Knights: Since the first Hell Noble fight proper is at the end of E1, E2 should be where these guys first appear. Revenants: E2 is where I'd put these guys, as something of a warmup for some of the nastier monsters and especially the Cyberdemon. Mancubi: I'd like to save these guys for E3. Pain Elementals: E2 or E3 for these guys, because at this point, you'll have fought a bunch of Lost Souls. Arachnotrons: I would put these guys in E3 in the levels leading up to the Spidey fight, or perhaps as part of the Spidey fight proper. Arch-Viles: E3, presented as the biggest sign that yes, you are in HELL.
  4. Shit. I still do on both major counts. I've recently beaten Doom Eternal on Hurt Me Plenty and am working on a map for GZDOOM for classic Doom II. And as for comics, I'm still in the planning stages for one of my own.
  5. Dravencour

    Doomworld has been compromised.

    And changed my password. About fucking time I did so. And I use a manager anyway, so changing it took only a handful of seconds.
  6. Dravencour

    Joel Builds An Arcade Machine

    Slowly and surely taking shape. I love this kind of project!
  7. Dravencour

    This one part in Arc Complex is unforgettable

    The restaurant section of ARC Complex is one of the more badass fights in the game, not the least because it's the only section of the game where the Berserk can be found in the wild as opposed to having to use the cheat code to get it.
  8. A damn shame. My current card is an EVGA (an RTX 3060), and it's been doing me quite good here.
  9. I'm on a Ryzen these days on a self-built computer, but still remember when Pentiums and Celerons were considered kickass tech.
  10. Dravencour

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Right now, I'm playing Minecraft. I've got a pretty nice cliffside base started, which is really one of the better ways to get started in Survival.
  11. Mine would have to be the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the end of the Cold War era. I was eight years old at the time.
  12. Dravencour

    Hell Theme Exit Conventions

    Portals and areas that have you dropping down into the next level are the transitions I liked from DOOM II.
  13. Dravencour

    The tone of DOOM [BEWARE: walls of text]

    Quake II and IV are their own separate universe. No demons or Lovecraftian horrors like the original Quake, but plenty of alien cyborg bastards in what amounts to a grim space war setting.
  14. Dravencour

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    My personal hated monsters: 1. Chaingunners: Only good thing about these guys is that they're easily killable with at least a boomstick and give you a free chaingun. But they're by far the worst hitscanners in the game and they are fully capable of ruining a run, especially if you get surprised by a whole mess of them. 2. Revenants: Not fond of heatseekers on a good day, and you're not always given the option of retreating to a safezone or given cover enough to lose one of their fireballs. And getting skelly-punched is anything but fun, especially since it takes two to three super shotgun blasts to end them. 3. Viles: I fucking HATE these things. Not only do I have to constantly take cover whenever one of them starts the fire attack, but one or more of them dropped into a map means most if not all of your hard work gets undone in a hurry due to them rezzing nearly everything in sight. I especially hate them in mods like Complex Doom, where they are fully capable of rezzing up some of the more aggravating enemies. 4. Pain Elementals: Not a fan of Lost Souls on a good day, but being inundated with a whole mess of them because of these pains in the ass is anything but fun.
  15. Dravencour

    Unexplored Themes?

    Definitely thirding this. I've not fought demons in Heaven outside of fare like Diablo III and Eviternity, and I know that DOOM Eternal (which I haven't played yet) has Heaven as a battleground, albeit a more alien space god version of Heaven than the kind you normally associate with things. And as mentioned before, OTEX does have textures that lend themselves to something more celestial than the standard Doom fare. Perhaps you may have to fight angels alongside the more standard monsters from Hell.