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  1. Shepardus

    Helion - C# ( 4/24 - Goodbye BSP tree rendering)

    Eviternity MAP30 uses OGG music, which Helion doesn't support.
  2. Shepardus

    dsda-doom v0.27.5 [2023-12-03]

    You could check your framerate to see if the choice of synth is making a difference on that (either the "show FPS" toggle in the display options, or the IDRATE cheat). I remember back when there was an SDL mixer option I got noticeably lower framerate with that compared to PortMidi for some reason, though I haven't had a problem with Fluidsynth.
  3. Shepardus

    This is Woof! 14.3.0 (Mar 15, 2024)

    The AppImage accepts all the same command-line parameters as the normal binary does, so it'll also work through the terminal or a launcher such as ZDL (which has a prebuilt binary for Linux available).
  4. Shepardus

    Is there a way to run DSDA natively on linux?

    There aren't any official binaries, but depending on the distro you're using there may be something in your package manager (I know there's a Debian package, and an Arch package through the AUR). You can also build it from source. There are instructions for doing so here, though you'll have to figure out the specific dependencies for your distro yourself.
  5. Shepardus

    Good Boomer shooter YouTube channels

    pagb666 does a lot of no-commentary playthroughs of Doom WADs and other shooters, good to watch if you're not looking for commentary/reviews.
  6. Shepardus

    issue with completing a map (broken spawners?)

    Did you get the plasma gun, and the cell pack in the opposite corner of the area where that's at? At least one of the groups that you screenshotted is tied to that, and I didn't have any trouble triggering it with Boom (strict) compatibility. Each of them is a separate trigger, so you need to pass over the lines even if you have full ammo. I'm not about to play the rest of the map to check, but for the rest you can take a look at the relevant lines and sectors in an editor, e.g. UDB/SLADE, to see what points to what. Learning that much isn't hard, you just enter lines/sectors mode and mouse over the lines/sectors you want to examine.
  7. Shepardus

    Looking for Doom girl face + weapon sprites

    There are some female faces in the 150 skins WAD that Doomkid compiled, as well as the one used in Tarnsman's Projectile Hell and Alice Clancy's Shattered Dimensions. No idea about weapon sprites, though the ones used in the latter two I mentioned work fine for those WADs (even if it's weird in my opinion having a kick replace the fist as you're running around).
  8. Shepardus

    I have some problems with testing someones mod

    There are several ways to run GZDoom on Linux: Download the official binary from zdoom.org (the "Linux Portable" one is what you'd want for a non-Debian distro like yours) For Arch Linux, there's a gzdoom package on the AUR. Install the GZDoom Flatpak from Flathub (see the readme here for instructions on adjusting the permissions to access your WAD files) Build from source (instructions on the ZDoom wiki) I haven't tried the first two, but the other two work well for me (on Fedora). Frankly, running the Windows version through Proton/Wine seems both worse and more complicated to me. Could you describe what you mean by "launch the exe with the 3 wad files"? What exactly are you doing to pass the WAD files to the executable? The -file parameter on the command-line? A launcher such as ZDL? Drag and drop? Sounds to me that you're either passing the files to GZDoom incorrectly or they're in a location GZDoom can't access. I'm not sure how much help I can be since you're running through Wine instead of a native build and I'm not familiar with what sorts of problems you might face with that, so I'd recommend giving a native build a try.
  9. Shepardus

    File Size for GZDoom WADs

    Converting it to Doom sound format is probably lowering the sample rate and/or converting stereo to mono sound, hard to say without knowing the original sound. Maybe you don't hear too much difference in quality, but there definitely is a difference. For music files you'd want to encode in FLAC (lossless) or Ogg Vorbis (lossy, but probably fine if the Doom sound format didn't sound too bad to you), or offer it in a separate file as plums said (based on your screenshots it looks like there's a MIDI version anyway, just put the MIDI version in the main download and offer the larger version as a separate download). You might also want to look into packaging your map as a PK3 so you can take advantage of zip compression, that'll help reduce the size of your map data too.
  10. If you're practicing by repeatedly starting from the beginning of the map hoping to single-segment it in one of your attempts, you're doing it wrong. People doing long and difficult runs will practice liberally with saves and route to minimize the amount of luck required. That said, I don't particularly enjoy trying to single-segment long and difficult maps, even though I do enjoy 1CC-ing many arcade shmups, which one might think is a similar thing. I think a lot of WADs, be they individual maps or megawads, are lacking in the long-term resource management that I find appealing in other games, where you can get past a difficult fight by doing better in other fights and thus having more resources to work with in the places where it matters. Part of that is just how the game is, with RNG playing a large role in the damage you take and many enemies potentially ending a run in two or three bad rolls if you don't have armor, but it also has to do with level design. Patterns like "series of setpiece fights with megaspheres to reset the player in between" are easy to implement and are good for preventing players from saving themselves into a corner (unless they save mid-fight), but it can make the map feel disconnected, and any challenge has to come from nuking the player down in an individual fight, which at least to me is the most frustrating way to fail a long run. Long Road, No Turns is one of the few Doom WADs where I get that sense of carefully monitoring my available resources akin to stocking up lives to throw at a Touhou final boss, and even that has its frustrating moments of getting nuked by cyberdemons or a ball of revenant missiles. Writing this has me wondering whether there are Heretic WADs that really take advantage of its inventory system and the generally lower damage of its monsters...
  11. Ancient Aliens predates the advent of UMAPINFO, so it uses MAPINFO for ZDoom and EMAPINFO for Eternity Engine, which only those ports and a few others (e.g. Helion) support. You can download UMAPINFO patches for Ancient Aliens and some other WADs from the UMAPINFO Appreciation Thread:
  12. Shepardus

    Good texture sets for use in maps?

  13. To clarify, dsda-doom supports UDMF, but that doesn't mean other MBF21 ports (e.g. Woof) support UDMF, nor is UDMF part of the MBF21 spec. It also doesn't support everything ZDoom does in UDMF, e.g. slopes, 3D floors, portals, etc. Some things that currently aren't possible with vanilla/Boom/MBF(21) are adding weapon slots, creating new powerups, and anything to do with ACS or polyobjects. Speaking of which, by "non-UDMF map formats" are you also including the Hexen map format?
  14. Shepardus

    Which sourceport to use to play heretic nowdays?

    You have to play with the right compatibility settings for the stairs in TNT MAP30 to work. It'll work with vanilla compatibility (Doom 1.9, Ultimate Doom, Final Doom), but Boom and later complevels break it. dsda-doom should automatically detect that level and set the right flags when using MBF21 compatibility, but that isn't a thing in PrBoom+. I think when using PrBoom+'s default complevel there's a flag you can toggle to fix the issue ("Use exactly Doom's stairbuilding method").
  15. Shepardus

    Come up with the most clever troll design decisions

    Basically anything involving that door type that opens five minutes after the start of the level.