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  1. So Ancient Aliens, Sunlust, Eviternity, Going Down, BTSX, Sunder, NEIS, JPCP, etc. are the same as any OBLIGE map, and you need spherical skyboxes to be "truly creative"?
  2. Shepardus

    What's considered a good song length?

    Anything shorter than The Godhood Suite is too short.
  3. Shepardus

    Multiplayer map editor?

    I've seen it done in platformers such as LittleBigPlanet, Super Mario Maker, and Mega Man Maker. Would be cool to see for Doom, though it does seem like a lot of work.
  4. Shepardus

    Atomic [Limit Removing] - 8 Maps for Doom 2

    Awesome, more maps from cannonball! I've only played a bit so far but am looking forward to the rest! Possible bug report: Sector 139 in MAP02 is marked as damaging floor but it doesn't seem like it should be:
  5. Shepardus

    Any good easier slaughter maps?

    Tetraptykon is good stuff.
  6. I think some of the lifts aren't working as expected. I just tried this in GZDoom for comparison and in that source port, the lift out of the pit I mentioned earlier is just a thin ledge, while in dsda-doom and Crispy Doom, the entire area around it lowers too, revealing a bunch of missing textures because those parts weren't supposed to be exposed in the first place. Same goes for the room with the hanging corpses - instead of just the thin metal ledge lowering, pretty much the whole room flattens out.
  7. I tested some more (had only played the first half of the map when I wrote my previous post, spoke too soon), and I can confirm I'm seeing the same issues as @GarrettChan in both dsda-doom and Crispy Doom, including missing textures, infinite height hanging corpses, and that one finicky door beyond the blue key door.
  8. Oh, I actually just found this. If you press use against the south half of the eastern wall of a pit in MAP01 (the one with blue torches on the other side), the whole floor of the area lowers and there's a lot of HOMs: Edit: Also, the middle segment of that pit (the part that rises up to become a bridge) doesn't damage the player, while the rest does.
  9. I didn't notice any issues in dsda-doom 0.19.7. A screenshot of what you're seeing would be helpful. Edit: Never mind about that, I'm seeing the same.
  10. Shepardus

    dsda-doom source port [v0.19.7]

    Look for "Use extended HUD" in dsda-doom settings (last page of general settings).
  11. This is really cool, more people ought to see this! I happened across this thread because I was searching for some screenshots of the Eternity Engine HUD and some of the screenshots here popped up in Google Image Search.
  12. Shepardus

    Best source port for just wads?

    To clarify the chain of PrBoom variants: The original PrBoom was discontinued over a decade ago, and there's no real reason to use it today. PrBoom+ is the continuation of PrBoom. The UMAPINFO fork of PrBoom+ is the continuation of PrBoom+. dsda-doom is forked from the UMAPINFO fork. The PrBoom+ UMAPINFO fork and dsda-doom still see active development, while the others do not. The PrBoom+ SourceForge page even links to the GitHub repos for the UMAPINFO fork and dsda-doom as the center of development, so these should be seen as the "current" versions of the PrBoom family of source ports.
  13. Shepardus

    Best source port for just wads?

    dsda-doom is targeted toward speedrunners, but it's not like you shouldn't use it if you're not planning on recording demos. In addition to dsda-doom and the UMAPINFO fork of PrBoom+, some others you can consider are Woof! (a continuation of WinMBF, will run Boom-compatible wads) and Crispy Doom (fork of Chocolate Doom, will only run vanilla/limit-removing wads).
  14. Shepardus

    What are the hardest maps you've ever played?

    The Twilight becomes a lot easier if you know where all the secrets are, because it gives a lot in its secrets (megasphere, BFG, invulnerability, and more). It's brutal if you don't, though.
  15. Shepardus

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.