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  1. Shepardus

    Akeldama demos [-complevel 2]

    There's an SSG in coop/solo-net!
  2. Shepardus

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    Thanks everybody, that was indeed the issue! I tried both @Never_Again and @seed's builds and they run great for me now.
  3. Shepardus

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    I'm encountering lower performance in the latest couple builds posted here. With version and the build posted by seed May 15 (both the x86 and x64 versions), I get about 80 fps at the opening scene of Map 01, Entryway (as measured by the IDRATE cheat), but with Never_Again's June 6 and June 26 builds, I only get about 45 fps, making things noticeably choppy on my 60Hz monitor. I tested on a couple other maps (including the opening of Struggle - Antaresian Legacy's Map 28 for a relatively complex scene) and got similar results, about half the framerate on the newer builds compared to the older ones. In all cases I was using the default config, only turning vsync off, fullscreen on, and resolution to 1920x1200. (I also tried windowed 640x480 and saw framerate drop from around 450 to 250 on Entryway, though of course in this case the framerate is high enough that there's no visible difference to me.) I'm running Windows 10, by the way. Has anyone else encountered this, and does anyone have any clue what could be causing this? A change in the code, or perhaps a difference in compilation options or runtime libraries?
  4. Shepardus

    FluidSynth sounding weird in PRBoom+

    Regarding the original question, try setting "samplerate" in the config to 44100 (doubling it from the default 22050). I had a similar-sounding problem until I did just that.
  5. I saw that your UV-respawn demo is now up on the DSDA for Doom Episode 1. I went ahead and watched it. Well done. I enjoyed it, theres lots of room for improvement in several areas. Overall this is a good run.

  6. Shepardus

    Freedoom speedruns?

    There are some Freedoom demos for version 0.11 on DSDA, though I can understand why the maintainers wouldn't want to upload more. I wonder if it will ever be truly "finished," though - I wouldn't want the possibility of future changes to prevent people from ever trying to speedrun it.
  7. Shepardus

    How is total time calculated?

    The time that matters is the in-game timer, which drops fractions of a second at the end of each level. And no, there's no minimum skill level required, especially if there aren't already dozens of demos like there are for E1M1.
  8. Shepardus

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    Nice, looking forward to seeing more! There are two other Episode 1 UV-Respawn demos I'm aware of, one of which is my own (which I posted in another thread), and both of which are pretty recent so they're not on DSDA yet. Yours is faster than those, so maybe I need to revisit this category. :)
  9. Shepardus

    May Movie Madness (Beat/Fill Movie Demos Month)

    It's no 30re, but here's Knee-Deep in the Dead UV-respawn in 26:57 (29:29): ep1r2929.zip There's a 27:10 (30:04) currently on the Compet-n incoming records page, but besides that, how has nobody submitted a demo for this?
  10. Shepardus

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Here's a bunch of demos I recorded for Preacher. Most of these were recorded late last year, but the MAP01 demos are from today. Aside from MAP01 and MAP02, these are my first completed attempts, so don't expect anything super fast. I have yet to complete MAP09 on UV, it's a lot more challenging than the other maps. Map 01 UV-max in 3:30 - prc01-330.zip Map 02 UV-max in 4:46 - prc02-446.zip Map 03 UV-max in 9:52 - prc03-952.zip Map 04 UV-max in 7:55 - prc04-755.zip Map 05 UV-max in 9:37 - prc05-937.zip Map 06 UV-max in 9:20 - prc06-920.zip Map 07 UV-max in 15:03 - prc07-1503.zip Map 08 UV-max in 7:29 - prc08-729.zip Map 01 UV-respawn in 2:53 - prc01r253.zip
  11. Shepardus

    SlaughterMAX (smax.wad) Demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 28 HMP-max in 26:55 smax28sk3-2655.zip
  12. Shepardus

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Some assorted demos I've had lying around: Demonastery UV-max in 13:26 demonastery-1326.zip Doom 64 for Doom II Map 30 UV-pacifist -solo-net in 1:28 d6430psn128.zip Doom 64 for Doom II Map 30 NM-speed -solo-net in 1:28 d6430nsn128.zip Note: The D64D2 demos use v1.4 of the WAD as hosted on /idgames, rather than v1.2 as hosted on DSDA.
  13. Shepardus

    May Movie Madness (Beat/Fill Movie Demos Month)

    I didn't see this until I came here to post my own demo! cyc-384 D2All UV-Max in 8:11 (previous 9:05) cyall-811.zip