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  1. CortexReaver

    The Secret Energy (Boom level, /idgames)

    Complete playthrough, UV + fastmonsters, from beginning to 00:42:00 :
  2. CortexReaver

    The Secret Energy

    This map is not for beginners, this is a map for the guys, who have an experience and maybe knows how the game works. It took me around 40 minutes to complete (counting all save-loads), but the best time is something like "30 sec". Well keep in mind that I have to save a lot combined with blind walking. If you are playing this level for the second time then maybe you can complete it faster, but I am not a pro and don't even want to be there. Visually speaking this is your another typical-standard-tech-base map, so nothing to comment on here. I've seen thousands of those, this not to be meant as an architectural masterpiece but rather a playground to test your skills. So, if you want to stress your nervous system (whatever that means), have a 10+ years experience in boomer-shooters and plenty of free time on your hands - then go for it. Otherwise no, better spend your time on something more meaningful, like collecting Honey Select cards. Complete playthrough, UV + fastmonsters, from beginning to 00:42:00 :
  3. CortexReaver

    The Incident - My very first map

    Was a short and fun map, really enjoyed it. From 0:42:35 to 1:14:46:
  4. CortexReaver

    Station-12 [ NOW ON IDGAMES ]

    I like the level design deviation from your typical Doom-bases to more half-life-ish (quake-ish) corridors and rooms.
  5. CortexReaver

    Traumatism [WIP Doom 2 Vanilla Mapset]

    So far so good. First map reminds me of System shock and the style of other maps reminded me of Blake stone for some reason. I like when people create places that are used by men and not just some generic corridors. Some call it "Doom cute", I call it a "good design". UV + fastmonsters playthrough:
  6. CortexReaver

    Yuegong - Moon Palace (abandoned map)

    Is this map still in development? Can I download it at least in a form of walking sim? Looks absolutely fantastic. Also looks like Elend has experience in the gamedev industry :) I wish I was as good at concept art as Elend at mapping.
  7. Traveling to the moon (first map) and man on the moon (second map), both completed on UV + fastmonsters:
  8. CortexReaver

    Combat Shock now on /idgames

    Here's some video footage. I know that this is a pretty old WAD, but it still plays good today nonetheless.
  9. CortexReaver

    Crusader [DSDHACKED]

    Also I'll just leave this here: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?p=1244717
  10. CortexReaver

    Crusader [DSDHACKED]

    Yes! Now I can see the enemies!
  11. CortexReaver

    Doom Streams

    If you want to catch me playing doom wads on stream, here's my twitch (but I usually prefer to use it just for footage recording, as not many people watches me): https://www.twitch.tv/abelargraystone And all VODs can be found here (since twitch itself deletes them after some time for non-affiliate accounts): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYd5E2kPHSVFw6uvTms0WJoSzVpoBACM3
  12. CortexReaver

    Crusader [DSDHACKED]

    Now all the new enemy types are visible, as well as map decorations, I still can't figure out what to do after I pick up the red key on the second map. Seems like you have to perform some archvile jumping, but I've not got that much health for this while I get there, besides it doesn't give you enough upward momentum for an escape. Do I have to maybe perform some sort of a rocket jump here? Btw, jumping is allowed while using GZDoom with "Allow jump" set to "Default", don't know if jumping is even possible in DSDA-Doom. Here's a video footage of levels 1 and partially 2:
  13. CortexReaver

    [Ongoing Project] Shadow Crusade

    Bump. Any news on this project?
  14. CortexReaver

    Slaughterwest My second old slaughterwad

    omg, the gamma on these screenshots... By the look of it is the "wild west" themed WAD, and themed wads are always good. There are not too many.
  15. Seems like the mayan theme is quite popular this season.