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  1. avyon7

    The Demon Invasion

    Good first map! I like the little details like the broken wall and cracked floors. Enough ammo to get through the enemies and a basic challenge to progress.
  2. avyon7

    Chill Base

    Enjoyed this a lot! Great progression and use of triggers. Enough ammo and health but not too much. Maybe could add a box of bullets near the end to help with the last group of enemies. But I thought this was a great classic-style map!
  3. avyon7

    Mountain Fortress

    I liked the use of textures and enemy placement. You really got to explore and try to use your artifacts smartly because you are limited as far as ammo and health, but there's enough to spare in the end at Skill 3. A morph ovum would of been nice for the dragonclaw area!
  4. avyon7

    my first two [vanilla] doom 1 levels

    this was fun to play! almost relaxing in a way. i was able to find all secrets. i really liked the outdoor areas and the progression of the map. i only got stuck a little at the end with the three doors in the outdoor area that leads to the key. i wasn't too sure they were doors at first. but it didn't take too long to figure out. but awesome job so far!
  5. avyon7


    well Wad submitted yesterday! started off strong but meh, had to pull through this last week lol. had to compromise alot of ideas for the time limit, but i think it came out alright. was too late for the 2016 contest, so have been waiting for this for a while. went through about 20 pots of coffee and 3 cases of soda lol! i'll attach some screenshots! good luck to everyone and hopefully jobel starts the streams soon. oh and the screenshots are super dark for some reason, not sure why. EDIT: tried to get better screenshots!