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  1. Ok, this archvile fix .ziprchvile fix.zip is now correct with positioning. I changed it in my post too.

    1. hidfan


      thank you again !

  2. Honey16

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    Ok, here is a solution for archvile endpic. First I had to reorganize directories, so: Download this: 1. Open NeuralUpscale2XForDoom2_v0.9.pk3 - delete decorate.dec, next go to SPRITES directory and delete ARCHVILE directory. 2. Open archvile fix.zip (yes it is made by slade so it has proper extension). Copy decorate.dec to NeuralUpscale2XForDoom2_v0.9.pk3. Copy ARCHVILE directory from SPRITES directory (in archvile fix.zip) to SPRITES directory in NeuralUpscale2XForDoom2_v0.9.pk3. Now copy ARCHVILE directory from HIRES directory (in archvile fix.zip) to HIRES/MONSTERS DOOM2/ directory in NeuralUpscale2XForDoom2_v0.9.pk3. That's all. EDIT: I hope I didn't make new bugs :/ archvile fix .zip
  3. Honey16

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    Ok, here is the fix for archvile: Download arch fix.pk3.zip Arch fix.pk3.zip 1. Delete zip extension open arch fix.pk3. 2. Open NeuralUpscale2XForDoom2_v0.8.pk3 and delete decorate.dec. 3. Put decorate.dec from arch fix.pk3 to main directory NeuralUpscale2XForDoom2_v0.8.pk3 4. Delete archvile directory in HIRES directory (HIRES/MONSTERS DOOM2/Archvile) 5. Copy from arch fix.pk3 ARCHVILE directory (SPRITES/ARCHVILE) to NeuralUpscale2XForDoom2_v0.8.pk3 SPRITES directory. That's all. I hope it will work for you all fine, cause I'm in middle of night :) This how it works: