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  1. SoulSphere

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    mostly mobile legends and Brutal Doom 64
  2. SoulSphere

    Funny Jump Scares In Doom

    I will never forget getting to the end of episode one on Doom and the hell knights appearing and screaming for the first time! now that was scary!
  3. SoulSphere

    A good (and legal) way to get Doom 1 and Doom 2?

    yeah buying them is the only legal way. Downloading them free is illegal.. and probably full of viruses
  4. SoulSphere

    Hi, I'm making a 2D, ascii art Doom game.

    That is pretty cool man I want to play it lol
  5. SoulSphere

    Do you spend the whole of episode 4 carrying Daisy's head?

    I don't know what episode 4 is. But yes I want to carry Daisy's head. that sounds like fun !
  6. SoulSphere

    The Doom Movie is Canon?

    I just hope the new Doom movie is scary
  7. SoulSphere

    Hell in Doom Moving Forward

    Oh yeah the original old Doom hell levels and E2 still creep me out. I think its the levels , music, and the lighting, and monster sounds all combined to make you feel uneasy. But it's why Doom is such a great game.. I still have not played a shooter that can capture the essence and greatness of the original Doom.
  8. SoulSphere

    Hell in Doom Moving Forward

    Exactly I loved the levels in old Doom. They were really spooky and scary.
  9. Should I get it for PC or Ps4? what would be the best system to play it on? and what is the best new system where i can get other games. Also Id like to just get the whole Doom collection to play it on the big screen off a console. Doom 1 is still my fav game. But is it worth getting a new system and Doom 2016? please be honest
  10. Some beautiful doom soundtrack music for tonight :)


  11. SoulSphere

    Doom II - new animation movie

    that is really cool! Its actually more entertaining that the actual movie.. you should help produce the next movie...
  12. SoulSphere

    B.F.G and U.A.C stand for...

    Yeah I always knew BFG was Big Fucking Gun... because I read the novels... they are pretty good. The Doom books.. i need to read them again.
  13. SoulSphere

    What are your Favorite Heretic and Hexen Weapons?

    I remember playing Heretic a lot. I need to get that game again. Well i really like the crossbow. And I remember the Tome Of Power being awesome when it powered it up.
  14. SoulSphere

    What did you remember from Toys 'Я' Us?

    I remember going there many times to buy toys and video games. It was such a huge and cool store that had everything in it. The last thing I bought were some Tron toys there. Sadly it looks like stores like Target have taken over the toy market. I am sad to see it go. But I hold on the childhood memories of it. I remember the story of a haunted Toys R Us as a child..