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  1. Captain Blacksaw

    Doom/Heavy Metal Discord

    we need members :)
  2. Captain Blacksaw

    What's something about Doom you absolutely love?

    The community is one of the best, the map layouts especially map08 in doom2, and also the fact that you can work and develop on your own maps. but what makes doom the best as @elend said its really just the community :D
  3. Captain Blacksaw

    Demented Dreams WAD

    I had to put the file on a link because it was too big to add :/ hope this isnt an issue.
  4. Captain Blacksaw

    How do I choose what music I want to play in my map

    @White Wolf You go into slade, open your wad file and use the command ctrl shift i and select your music file, either midi or mp3. make sure you're music file is named D_runnin and save the wad file. Here is the program Slade its an editing tool for doom wads: http://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=downloads Heres a list of the doom 2 music names for custom music: http://doom.wikia.com/wiki/Doom_II_music If you have any problems lemme know, hope i helped :)
  5. Captain Blacksaw

    Demented Dreams WAD

    A new update is out come check it out :)
  6. Captain Blacksaw

    Doom/Heavy Metal Discord

    oh :/ one question how do you make your topic in bold text?
  7. Captain Blacksaw

    Doom/Heavy Metal Discord

    I thought i make a discord for people to share there wads/talk about doom and also share there passion for heavy metal :D https://discord.gg/mY823u4
  8. Captain Blacksaw

    Demented Dreams WAD

  9. Captain Blacksaw

    Demented Dreams WAD

  10. Captain Blacksaw

    "Favourite Horror Movie?"

    My personal favourite has to be IT due to its horror factor of clowns and also how he gets into childrens minds and reanimates their fears for them to face. Also Evil Dead
  11. Captain Blacksaw

    Favourite Doom Monster?

    What is everyone's favourite doom monster? Mine is the Revenant because of his weird and unusual walk and the difficulty of him :D
  12. Captain Blacksaw

    Demented Dreams WAD

    I would appreciate feedback on my wad for any improvement needed or any bugs found thanks :)
  13. Captain Blacksaw

    Demented Dreams WAD

    This is a little project i'm working on which takes place in the depths of hell, this project is in early stages of development and i will be working on this project as much as i can. The project currently contain's 127 monsters, no secrets and 1 level, the other level is currently empty and to be decided. This is what i used while making this wad: Source Port: Zdoom/GZDoom Map Builder: GZDoom Builder IWAD: Doom2 Editing tool: Slade V3.1.2 I would recommend playing it with brutal doom as it provides more enjoyment when killing the demons. UPDATE 0.01 *Added barrier walls to provide cover in the spider demon room *Added 2 new areas the last room with flesh is experimental *Texture changes and more ammo added UPDATE 0.02 *Added 2 more rooms to explore *more ammo and higher tier weapons *You can now finish the level http://www.mediafire.com/file/w4mucmu7c60p3hv/dememted-dreams.zip/file I had to put this on a link because the file size was too big.