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  1. Some small suggestions for changes (nothing critical) - The 'Plutonia' black teleporter boxes are inconsistent throughout the game. They vary in height and brightness levels. IMO they should be made consistent. It's these small things that make a project look more professional. Map 05, 06, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12 exit, 13, 16, 28 and 26. The rhomb center of the black-box should be set as pulsing light in: 15, 17, 19, 22 and 23. In map 12, 20, 21 and 25 there is no black box as start and/or exit at all. In can understand this for the exit of 20, but the transition to a standard teleporter exit at the start of map 21 makes no sense. * The green names of the mappers are sometimes hard to read on the intermission background. * In the end text screen there is a " ' " missing. It reads: "We hope you ve had fun". It should be: "you've". Overall: Great job everyone! Random compliments: * The "Piranha" sign in Map04 was cool :-). * Good music! * I appreciated the water lilies in map 07. * The opening teleportation effect in Map 23 was very cool.
  2. t.v.

    A Science-Fiction Project (art & introduction)

    Interesting stuff! I really like your drawing style. Cool surreal shapes and good use of colors. You are obviously talented with the use of pencils. Constructive criticism: The images could use a bit more depth though. They seem a bit flat. To create more depth you could: - Give the organisms a thicker outline than the rest of the drawing (this will make them 'pop out'). - Color the (far-)background lighter than the foreground. - Color the sky with a gradient instead of a solid color. Keep up the good work!
  3. t.v.

    Smart CTF 2

    I may be biased but the maps look stunning :-)
  4. I really enjoyed watching these videos! I love how the Doom community never forgets about the older projects, not even more than a decade later. Thank you for your critical view and constructive words on my maps (10, 26 and 30. *cough* map11 co-author *cough* :-P ) BTW: You mentioned the 'TWO secret maps'. Actually, there are THREE secret maps. You can only reach the third using the IDCLEV33 code. It would be a shame if you missed this in the 'complete' play through :-)
  5. The pics without logo are in the zip. Good luck with finishing this project! isolation no logo.zip
  6. Ok, I'm done :-D Below is the result a few hours of hard work. I like it! I always wondered what the Doom marine looked like in the radiation suit... I even recorded a video of the coloring proces:
  7. That sounds cool. I'll make something and then you can feel free to use it or not. No strings. I'll make it a speed-art, so it fits the theme :-)
  8. Great idea! I don't want to step on any toes, but I would love to make a titlepic for this! Is that ok? Either way: good luck everyone!
  9. t.v.

    We made a game: Angeldust

    Thanks for the positive feedback! It is hard to explain this game in a few sentences. It's an open world where you are free to roam and set your own goals. I made a quick video to give a basic idea. (I should point out that the game looks much better than this video :-P):
  10. Scientist and I made artwork for the game: Angeldust, which was recently released. (There was an early-access release in 2015. Now it is released as a full product.) It is an online 3D (or 2.5D!) game where you can explore, fight and build. Quite different from Doom, but if you like casual indie games, this is your thing. The engine is very impressive and programmed specifically for this game by our computer-genius friend Frank. You can play the game on PC, Mac, tablet, phone or whatever and it's the same game world for everybody playing! It doesn't matter what device you are using or where you are playing from, everybody interacts in the same game world. For all details go to the Angeldust website: https://angeldu.st Screenshots: If you like it : - Buy the game - Tell your friends - Leave a review on Steam
  11. Thanks for bringing it up (no pun intended :-)). To this day I am still proud of how well that map turned out. The rising-trick works with vanilla doom, even though ceilings cannot do such a thing. It works because it is a trick. Actually the ship doesn't rise... it's the floors that LOWER! Everything in the scene is carefully crafted not to break the illusion. BTW: I made some more spaceships in Harmony (map08 and 09), but they don't move :-)
  12. Hey guys, I came up with a pretty cool name for a track: " Evil on tour! " it is an anagram of " Revolution! " Feel free to use / not use it.
  13. Hey guys, I just dropped by to thank you all! Thanks for still playing Revolution! and making a great new soundtrack for it. Jimmy is doing a great job with this project, and I hope to see... uh.. hear the final result soon :-)
  14. t.v.

    Spock tribute

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. Indeed it is McCoy in the upper left. In the drawing, Spock is saying farewell to Kirk and is about to join McCoy in the sky. The actors of Spock and McCoy have past away in real life. So FireFish found the symbolism :-)
  15. t.v.

    Spock tribute

    In memory of Leonard Nimoy, I made this picture: There are probably some trekkies around here, so I am sharing it here. I hope you guys like it. BTW 1: Here's my other stuff: rabotik.nl BTW 2: There is a Tribble hiding in the picture :-)