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  1. Hey guys, I came up with a pretty cool name for a track: " Evil on tour! " it is an anagram of " Revolution! " Feel free to use / not use it.
  2. Hey guys, I just dropped by to thank you all! Thanks for still playing Revolution! and making a great new soundtrack for it. Jimmy is doing a great job with this project, and I hope to see... uh.. hear the final result soon :-)
  3. t.v.

    Spock tribute

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. Indeed it is McCoy in the upper left. In the drawing, Spock is saying farewell to Kirk and is about to join McCoy in the sky. The actors of Spock and McCoy have past away in real life. So FireFish found the symbolism :-)
  4. t.v.

    Spock tribute

    In memory of Leonard Nimoy, I made this picture: There are probably some trekkies around here, so I am sharing it here. I hope you guys like it. BTW 1: Here's my other stuff: rabotik.nl BTW 2: There is a Tribble hiding in the picture :-)
  5. t.v.

    Animated Doom2 cover art

    Thanks. I had to make everything fit in with the original style so it would not look out of place. I wanted the Cyberdemon to walk, but could not get the movement of the legs to look right. So now you only see him take one small step to get into frame and you don't see his legs at all when he charges towards the marine :-) No, I have not. That would indeed be very hard to do, so I don't think I ever will. Maybe when Doom turn 50 :-)
  6. t.v.

    Animated Doom2 cover art

    Thanks everyone, It was hard to make, but it ended up well. I gained new appreciation for the quality of the original artwork. It captures a lot of detail, atmosphere and dynamics in a single image.
  7. Hello fellow doomers, To commemorate Doom's 21st birthday and Doom2's 20th, I made a short animation based on the awesome Doom2 cover art. Please check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLiO5xCRuF0&list=UUXkZlNUgRuOuSgY_1DyOBKw I hope you like it, t.v. aka Rabotik
  8. t.v.

    Community Chest 4 (PUBLIC BETA PERIOD OVER!)

    Great work guys! I found an error in the text file: My website is rabotik.nl]www.rabotik.nl. Not rabotNik. Good luck with the final polishings!
  9. t.v.

    Need a host for Harmony !

    thanks. I just emailed Ty. we wait...
  10. t.v.

    Need a host for Harmony !

    @ memfis: Well back in 2009 is was rejected for that reason... @ Jimmy: I don't want to bother anyone with the extra traffic. So I need a big site :-). I just realised Harmony is still available on drdteam so there is no hurry. It would be nice to have a stable backup just in case.
  11. t.v.

    Need a host for Harmony !

    My game Harmony cannot be downloaded now :-( Untill recently it was available on http://wadhost.fathax.com/files/harmony.zip But now it just gives a 404. Lately Harmony is being visited/ downloaded more than usual, so maybe this is only a temporary problem... Still I would like another host, if only as a backup. Can anyone help me out or point me in he right direction? To avoid the obvious: Harmony cannot be hosted on the idGames Archives because it contains an exe file. It need the exe to be a standalone game. It needs to be a standalone game because it reaches a far bigger audience this way. The download file is 42 MB btw.
  12. t.v.

    Doom related Youtube channels

    Not much doom, but it has my Harmony trailer video: Rabotik on youtube
  13. t.v.

    2 more PrBoom editing questions

    Thanks for the replies everyone! It is not optimal, but indeed a map like that seems like the best option right now. Well I'm making it for prboom now. It doesn't allow scaling of sprites so I had to resize them and manually brush up 700 images :-C. It really sucked but I did it anyway. Hey, that actually worked! Now I only get one message: "Are you sure you want to quit this great game". Too bad I cannot rewrite it, but is a lot better than before.
  14. Question 1: Is it possible to end the game after map 11? If so how? My project Harmony only has 11 maps and I don't want the player to be able to proceed any further. I want my wad to be read as an iwad btw. This works only if I add filler maps. and I don't want these filler maps to be reach-able. Question 2: Can I alter the messages that appear after the player selects Quit game. The messages are rude and refer to MS-DOS. If so how? I cannot find them in the Dehacked file :-/ thanks again!
  15. Thanks for the feedback. I thought it might have been a bug, but I see now it is not. Setting the starting ammo to 99999 won't help in my case. I need the FireMissile action and cannot use existing ammo :-(. I will have to figure out a creative work-around. At least now I won't waste my time looking in the wrong direction (thinkiing it is a PrBoom bug). So it is back to the drawing board for me. Thanks again and keep up the good work guys!