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  1. Well... February is out of the picture. The past 2 months I didn't have any time to work on this. I hope to find some time in March/ April.
  2. I am still working on it, but I have other priorities, so it is going very slowly :-/. The plan is to make it compatible with most ports. I don't think it will be 100% vanilla due to all the visplanes. If all goes well it should be ready February 2023, but I make no promises.
  3. t.v.

    ENDOOM Appreciation Thread

    Importing [copy-pasting] an image is just the first step. It is good to get the rough lines, but after that it can take hours to brush it up.
  4. Yes, please. It is ok to make test versions for yourself and testers, but do not make it publicly available. No hard feelings. Oh, and about the ENDOOM... I like mine better :-P
  5. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I need to cool it down a bit. Like I just said in the announcement thread: So please stop distributing 'copies' of this release. You seem to know your way around the technical limitations of Doom, so I might contact you for help on the compatible version :-).
  6. t.v.

    re-release Harmony

    Thanks for the compliments everyone! I agree. There was already a plan to make a more compatible version. It seems people really want one :-) There is no deadline, but it will come. Just enjoy the current release for now. Furthermore I would like to point out that I do not own the sound effects in the Unity release. They are property of id Software/ Bethesda. Officially I cannot redistribute them, so neither can anyone else. The 'compatible version' will contain new sfx.
  7. Today: Harmony is released! In 2009 Harmony was released as a stand alone game with the ZDoom engine. Now in 2022 it is released as an official mod for Doom! slayersclub announcement Get it for free with the re-release version of Doom or Doom2. I had to make it compatible with the Unity port, so changes had to be made. It now includes: * Low resolution [high quality] sprites * 2 new maps! * 1 new monster * Updated set of weapons * Fixes difficulty settings (yes, the Centaur map) * updated and wide screens I was blessed with help from some of the most talented people in the scene: * Full MIDI soundtrack by James Paddock * Intermission and end screen by Space is green * Dehacked fixes by Xaser * Sound effects by Chad Mossholder It was an amazing experience getting this done. It was hard work, but the end result surpasses my expectations!
  8. t.v.

    ENDOOM Appreciation Thread

    One more. I call it 'Tomato chopper' :-P
  9. t.v.

    ENDOOM Appreciation Thread

    ANSI art is a quirky mix of pixel art and text (ASCII) art. Here are two more I made:
  10. t.v.

    ENDOOM Appreciation Thread

    That sounds great. Feel free to do so.
  11. t.v.

    ENDOOM Appreciation Thread

    Sure, go ahead!
  12. t.v.

    ENDOOM Appreciation Thread

    Some more ANSI art I made in the past 3 weeks (not Doom related). When I started it felt very limiting. But I believe I have mastered it now. BTW: I am working on a few more :-)
  13. t.v.

    ENDOOM Appreciation Thread

    hmm, I messed up my answer to Graf Zahl, in the previous post. Here is what I intended: "Thanks! I have attached them to this message. May I ask what you want them for? ANSI harmony and revolution.zip
  14. t.v.

    ENDOOM Appreciation Thread

    I recently started making Endoom (aka ANSI) art too. It is a lot of fun playing around with the limitations and possibilities, once you get the hang of it :-) Here are 2 screens I made for my Doom projects... If I had a time machine they could have been included in the wads :-) I'm using Endedit. Great program!