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  1. Yep, i will add the textures in at the end when i compile the maps :)
  2. Scotty

    Best Short Wads?

    Some not-to-difficult recommendations. The bottom two wads are are probably my personal favourites of this short list. Counterattack features fairly large maps but they are too impressive to disregard. Suspended in Dusk UAC Ultra Violence Crusades Scythe X Coffee Break Mayan Mishap Counterattack -------------------- If you enjoyed Crumpets then definitely check out Stardate 20x6 and 20x7, although i'd recommend HMP and HNTR respectively for these wads on a first playthough.
  3. Yo, in Doom Builder here you want to use the game configuration "Boom: Doom 2 (Doom format)" :)
  4. Still technical problems here - the map completely HOMs out in PRBoom+. In GZDB it shows the map as being constructed of unknown textures when loaded with OTEX - for whatever reason, zDoom ports still accept this ingame (i assume because it will default to patch names directly). However the only solution here is to reapply textures with the correct texture names as they appear in the TEXTURE2 lump in OTEX - the find and replace function in GZDB will make short work of this - then check the map displays correctly in PRBoom+. Also note that the sky in this map HOMs out in software based ports (checked in zDoom 2.8.1), using non-textured walls to display a sky only works in GZDoom GL/hardware renderers - so you will need to modify the map so that the sky won't HOM out (via the usual zero-height sky ceilinged sector method).
  5. Thanks for the submission but before i can accept it you need to retexture this so that it actually runs alongside base OTEX (you have just extracted all the patches and used them as textures here, it seems). You should be able to send me the map files without including any extra graphical resources. Also please use an OTEX sky rather than some random other jpeg file (which is not supported in software graphics based ports anyway).
  6. Gangbang Galleon Chaotic cove/dock romp, UV difficulty should be similar to regular modern Skillsaw type stuff. Skill settings implemented! Have fun.
  7. Scotty

    Criticality - v2 available

    Hello, i am pleased to release version 2 of this map - download here. Substantial gameplay and progressional improvements have been made as well as some changes to secrets. There is a lot more optional content in the map now. I hope the changes are well received - bugs pending this is the version i will probably look to move forward with and fully release.
  8. IIRC i can deal with this in MAPINFO and set an appropriate sky offset for GZDoom there. So do not worry about this :)
  9. Not really worried about multiplayer within the scope of this project.
  10. This is where i'm at.
  11. It happens to work in Boom, so you can probably use it anyway and ignore Slade not recognising it. Although if necessary i can handle applying sky transfers for people :)
  12. Absolutely! Feel free to build in Doom format if you wish, but be sure to test them in boom format to ensure everything functions as expected. Otex only please (my reasoning is here), with the one exception being the secret map - addressed below. However many maps we get. I don't expect 32 maps, if we do reach that then i will figure something out... Ok here is the deal. Someone immediately pitched this idea and i thought it would make for a cool secret map - but it will lose impact if there are randomly 3-4 of these kinda maps... So i am accepting one single 50 Shades type map for the secret map, decide amongst yourselves who is making it - or collaborate! Or compete for that one slot :) I am assuming anyone who wants to make such a map knows the limitation already... only the GRAYTALL, DOORTRAK and FIREBLU textures are allowed, and the only flats are F_SKY1 plus one of your own choosing.
  13. Scotty

    Abandon - Beta is here!

    Difficulty settings will be eventually added in, yes :)
  14. I considered just using stock stuff and equally considered allowing absolute texture freedom but i want to minimise the energy i have to expend on running this tbh, otherwise running this would quickly become unfun for me. OTEX is easy because i can just basically drop it in and it gives people a huge thematic range to work with, as well as offering something a bit different, as rd says. I don't like mixing of OTEX and vanilla, with very few exceptions - most vanilla textures have an OTEX analogue anyway.