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  1. Didn't realise the 25th was the first chance for votes so reiterating this now. +++ No Sleep for the Dead, UAC Ultra, Scythe X
  2. The initial battles with inspiration and imagination, either trying to get something going or realise a picture in your mind - i always find this to be the single hardest thing and like to mindlessly speedmap initial map areas or concepts to see if they snowball into something worthwhile. Playtesting, namely trying to understand the map from a blind perspective or trying to figure out the impact of secrets on the balance of the map. Tedium of difficulty settings and having to do more and more playtesting just to get a feel for any little change. When you think you've finally got a map nailed then someone else tests it and a million fucking problems raise their heads. How long it all takes (especially if you are actually trying to make something good). The hopeless moments when you feel that everything you are creating is complete shit and you could just scrap the lot despite having spent hours and hours on it.
  3. Thanks for the videos, very useful and i'll fix those bugs and breakages i can see there. Yeah that final fight.. erg it was never supposed to be Sunderously difficult in the first place, but it definitely seems likely people are finding it anticlimactic. I did experiment with lowering those rocky platforms during the fights but it felt like it offered too much ground space... i guess more work is needed.
  4. Favorite Movie Genre: Action Favorite Food: Italian Favorite Holiday: One on the beach Favorite Memory: Driving a fucking Ferrari Worst Memory: Many but no point dwelling Age: 30 Favorite Outfit: on me or on a woman? Favorite Genre Of Music: Rock, metal, blues Most Hated Genre of Music: look up "Mass Text" on youtube Left Handed or Right Handed: Right Worst Injury: Crashing a go kart into a lamp post and generally wrecking myself badly Favorite Hobby: Feeling good Your Definition of Success: Happiness In your opinion, are situations typically black and white: Never
  5. Ha that is awesome. I just messed around trying to replicate the plant movement from Mario but because Cacos fly, it's a pain in the ass to implement cause you have to manipulate ceilings as well as floors to stop them just floating at the top of the sector and i don't have the brain power for that on a Saturday night. It is definitely doable though - will investigate further tomorrow! (this is awesome expect a contribution from me)
  6. In terms of pure music when it comes to midi compositions, i find this kind of stuff absolutely fucking beautiful and it works so well within midi limitations. The flipside of this... i really like atmospheric midis that add something intangible to a map by themselves, usually ominous, oppressive music... Sunder map10 being a great example of that (i have no idea what the midi is). Map14 too. Sunder had an awesome soundtrack in terms of atmosphere - the impact of which on that mapset is very underrated i feel.
  7. Objectively speaking, infinite height is an archaic game mechanic and it is obviously physically nonsensical. But of course, we are basically all here because of a game that is nearly a quarter of a century old now so i think there has to be a fair level of expectation that it comes with the territory and the same can be said of the other inherent limitations of the Doom engine. If the Doom engine and all the quirks that come with it are that much of a problem then there are a myriad of more modern FPS games out there which don't have these issues, so go play them instead. This said, there is no real excuse (ignorance aside) for lazy mod/wad design that draws attention to these limitations or at the very least does not account for potential problems presented by them. Is infinite height a good game mechanic? No, of course it's not, and there isn't really any strong argument otherwise. But we can potentially deal with it in a tidy enough way to mask the issue and still enjoy the game, which obviously is so incredibly strong in so many other areas that it more than makes up for this problem.
  8. Took his own life it seems. How very sad. I absolutely loved Audioslave when i was a teenager and subsequently discovered Soundgarden - what a voice.
  9. Multiple action linedefs (e.g. a switch can open a door and lower a floor at the same time) 'tuneable' lighting specials, e.g. the glowing light effect could have completely custom minimum/maximum brightness and cycle duration, and not be dependent on neighbouring sectors either
  10. I just don't think any E1 needs one hour long map let alone 2! Don't worry got a collab (sort of) Moon map somewhere in the pipeline to make up for it. Weird one that, cause it only happens in prB and is not a software rendering thing... i tried a few solutions but to no avail. I don't know if it might just be the sky transfer acting up... Care to share or preview it rather than scrapping it without showing anyone? :P
  11. Thanks for your thoughts! You don't need any secrets to exit the level really, there's enough ammo etc without getting any of them (i tested this several times), although of course the secrets help out in places. It would have been interesting to know which ones you found (obviously you got the red key), but it doesn't matter either way. I will consider some of your issues. The Mastermind is there to stop the final area being too cheeseable really, it serves a purpose. I do expect fights like that to split opinion and that's why it was made to be optional. Don't be put off from creating a Nova map, people will help you and offer you advice if a map has problems. My recommendation just make something small (maybe under 120 monsters is a simple goal), do the layout and fights first, and then you can work on it pretty easily, and it'll be easy to modify the map if some areas need work. Then once that is all in place, make it look pretty. I can't stress enough how much easier it is to work on smaller maps especially when it comes to playtesting.
  12. Had to make a quick ninja edit and clearly failed at it... try again :)
  13. Death is the easy way out. Behemoth is a single Boom (cl9) map that I originally created for Nova III but have decided to release standalone instead. The map offers varied gameplay styles and a moderate difficulty curve especially if you find your way into the optional secret areas, where some large fights are to be found. Most of the 666 enemy count is optional! HMP is implemented and takes the nastiest edges off while still keeping a challenge. The only change i have made for easy mode is adding a BFG for the big secret fight. Hopefully there is something for everyone with this map. Build time is many, many hours over the course of the 14 months or so. When i started this map i was still very green so i feel this map represents a lot of my learning and progression as a mapper over this time. Tested in GZDoom and PRBoom+ v2.5.1.3 Thanks to rdwpa and an_mutt for testing the map and providing useful feedback (at various points in its inception) and to Mechadon for his awesome Box O' Skies, which i have raided here. Known bugs: When playing under software mode there are a couple of minor glitches, ie some odd sector bleeding and a small HOM. I don't know what has caused this to be honest (nodes perhaps?), if anyone has any suggestions i'd be very grateful. I hope you have as much fun playing this as i have had building it. More screens: DOWNLOAD IT HERE!!!
  14. In a nutshell Boom maps retain the same overall game feel as vanilla stuff, but provide more scope in terms of mapping features that can be employed.
  15. Posting to register interest but a map probably won't get done until the deadline is a bit closer. Creating map23 for last year's DWMegaproject was fun for me and was done in a similar vein to the idea behind this project, so i'll look to expand on that map and have definitely learnt from some of the slaughter mapping 'mistakes' (eg frontloading the map) i made there. Question, are we limited to D2 textures or can i use stuff from Plutonia etc?