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  1. Antares started on his map before i assumed responsibility as project lead and added that stipulation, to be fair. That's why i haven't mentioned it.
  2. Alrighty, so the plan is that in early March i compile a new alpha. That seems like a good point to do a big old testing and feedback stream (if my net connection allows) - so get something posted by March 1st if you want my undivided attention on it for a thorough round of testing! We're getting there - slowly but surely. @antares031 i get that the white techbase is an important part of how your map looks, that's fine, i don't want to compromise the basic vision anyone has in terms of aesthetics, but equally the project has to work as a whole and so some compromise is always to be expected. I can't just add tonnes of textures where they are only very slightly different to stuff already provided in the texture pack, this is to avoid precedents being set for random minor new textures and things getting out of control in that area. Your map definitely doesn't HAVE to be 100% new textures as you have presented.
  3. Just play on easier difficulties if you need to. Sunlust, Valiant, Ancient Aliens, they are all actually pretty simple in terms of progression and mainly combat based. No one gives a shit what difficulty you play on as long as you have fun. You can always start on UV and move down a difficulty step if a level is proving to be a tough nut to crack.
  4. I am under the impression that Scythe (!) and Crumpets are basically speedmap wads.
  5. @Spectre01 i took a look at this - nice spot - merging them is no problem, i'll update the tex wad at some point (gimme a few weeks though, got a tonne of stuff on the go right now). Speaking of textures, @antares031 is your map entirely made of addon textures? It appears that way. I'm not sure about the prospect of that to be honest, because it adds unnecessary bloat to the texture wad especially where there are masses of general usage rock and tech textures already in there. Perhaps we can reach a compromise on this while still retaining the base aesthetic of your map - i certainly think it is doable.
    To me, this map felt like the spirit of Doom 2's 2nd episode with a particularly strong John Romero influence, packaged in a more modern way. Combat and progression is neat. Great stuff!
  6. No Rest For The Living on ITYTD. It's digestible at only 9 maps and is close enough to D1/D2 material (ie the 'classic' Doom experience) but generally has more polished/modern gameplay.
  7. Download link Name: Laid to Rest Midi: "Dungeon" from Castlevania 64 Build time: 2h30 Resources: 32in24 Themes: zerk, blood, slaughter, maybe floors? you tell me
  8. Counterattack along with Breach and Brigandine are hands down the most visually impressive examples of stock D2 texture use.
  9. It does indeed work. The back side of that door doesn't require the yellow key to be opened, and uses the particular linedef action that allows enemies to use the door as well.
  10. I will play through this but you gotta understand that at 1400 monsters it is a big ass thing allocate time to playing. I think you could have been patient with that particular CP, but if you must remove the map, you might as well remove the restriction because it makes little sense to keep it outside of that particular context, as the texture limits are not really relevant any longer. The map has some potentially cool vistas (which aren't shown from the screens given) that are kinda ruined by now-unnecessary crate textures and such. Spending some time retexturing the map would be highly beneficial to you in this situation, imo.
  11. Map03 FDA, 100% Kills 0% Secrets Good stuff, enjoyed this the most out of the three maps so far, very fun to play and felt more Plutoniaesque (reminiscent of Plutonia 2 episode 1) to me thanks to better weapons and what felt like a more concerted attempts to try and kill me:
  12. I made it to map04! Really stoked with that one, perhaps my best showing ever in an ironman. Demo. Died in that fight after you get the BFG, natch. UV only attempt. Cat 2, played this before, admittedly i know some map02 much better than others from this wad having played it for fun a few times (it's more fun when you can play quickly without having to worry about dying), although it didn't stop that final fight in 02 from being incredibly nerve wracking. Map03 seemed to be made way easier by playing continuous because you can ignore that dangerous rocket launcher room. I can see why some might have been pissed off with this one because that very first area of the wad can be quite overwhelming given the weaponry you have (indeed, i nearly bit it here, falling to only 2% health), although i personally got pissed off with the other exteme in DTWID, to the point where i couldn't be bothered to continue with it. Knowing that death was unlikely, being up against the timer with the priority being switch hunting for progression, was immensely frustrating to me as i don't think it was so much a test of skill and avoiding death, more just a memory test of knowing where shit was. I really hope nothing as easy as that appears again.
  13. It seems as though your graphics all need to be converted from png's to doom format textures and flats - if you are using Slade, there's a few guides for this around. Additionally, slopes and MAPINFO, etc, are zdoom only features. It appears as though most of your linedef actions are vanilla compat so it probably won't take much to get this working in the intended sourceports... zdoom handles some things differently, so it's worth getting PRBoom+ to test limit-removing maps.
  14. This is a zdoom map, not limit-removing in the classical sense (ie Doom 2 Format in the editor)... still, i found it fairly fun.