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  1. I might have a go at something fairly manageable like Vanguard and if i get that done continue with trying to beat the Sunder maps saveless (i beat Grinder and it put me off that quest for 8 months and counting heh). Have you played Skepland? I think you might like it. Saveless runs of those maps might be quite a challenge.
  2. The first 6 maps of Sunder have no BFG.
  3. Slaughtermaps are misrepresented because people who don't play them make incorrect generalisations about their gameplay and subsequently go around pushing these inaccuracies whenever the topic arises.
  4. Finished stuff: 2015 - Doomworld Megaproject 2015 - Deimos Quarry 2015 - Doomworld Roulette: Session 1 - Refuge Below the Brutish Strait 2015 - Doom 2 Redux - map17 & map24 2016 - Doomworld Roulette: Session 2 - Shrivelled Graveyard (Unreleased) 2016 - Cereal Killer - 2 maps 2016 - 32in24-16: Doot CTF - Ren & Stimpack 2016 - Doomworld Megaproject 2016 - Sons of Liberty 2016 - Behemoth - Single map (really should get this on idgames i guess) 2016 - TNT: Resistance - Nukage Filtration 2017 - Nova III - Blood Eagle 2017 - Super Mayhem 17 - Rainbow Road 2017 - Joy of Mapping 4E4M5 - Escape Velocity 2017 - Joy of Mapping 4E4MFinal - Alienation 2017 - Eagle Speedmapping Sessions 6 - Viscera WIP: more Nova III maps, UDiNO E2M8, E3M7, map05 for TNT:Resistance, another Cereal Killer map, a bunch of vanilla Plutonia maps, probably more stuff on top. I want to release my own mapset sometime but i basically would only put all the effort into that if i think it might be good enough to possibly contend for a cacoward (by my own standards anyway). Otherwise i wouldn't waste my time. And i don't think i'm a good enough mapper to be in that position, i haven't even realised my own style yet (although i am getting there, i was pleased with the way E4M5 from JOM4 plays). I can't even be bothered to release Behemoth cause it's now old and of course i don't think it's my best work now. Screens of some shit i made:
  5. Steve, i might be barking up the wrong tree here but if you're looking to get Amiga music into Doom you could use Audacity to record the music then save it as .ogg which will work in Boom/zDoom...
  6. Perhaps the most simple solution is to specify in the text file that it may not run with any port that wasn't used for testing. I think that review is a really shitty way to act, fuck that person. I dunno if any admins will end up reading this but maybe there's a feature available (or potential for) that would automatically remove reviews once a certain ratio of users mark them as unhelpful? I'll play your wad, although it's a beast at first glance so gimme a few days :P
  7. You can't take most of these guys out early and always get wrecked upon arriving at that teleporter.
  8. Beaten in 1:15ish. Yeah this was relatively easy, although i had one close call and those Vile Pharaoh things do pack a punch. Got lost a few times. I dread to think what insane horror Alfonzo has in store to balance things out next month...
  9. Viscera Build time: 2h40 Themes: 1,2, bonus Music: E3M8 Note: uses CC4 tex, thought this would be ok as they were allowed in the previous session, if not i'll retexture it quickly i guess (*edit* re-added the new sky, map now won't work in boom until it has been compiled with the other textures)
    Slick, classic Doom style mapset that feels like a mix of E1 and TNT with some Plutonia elements present. Generally solid although gunners are abundant while health is not so much, necessitating quite conservative play in parts.
    Somehow these maps manage to feel absolutely huge and nonlinear without drastically creating confusion for progression, and this creates a lot of replay value. Combat is varied and traps inventive. Astonishingly beautiful detailing. This is a masterpiece.
    Brilliant atmosphere. The general pacing of the mapset is excellent. Absolutely recommended.
    Mixed bag. E1 maps generally the best.
  10. Trying to open clearly marked locked doors when i don't have the right key "just to check".
  11. Oh that explains why those teleporters are a secret, i see now... :P