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  1. Just had a go through this, really cool stuff. The overall style is neat and the music was awesome in an old school Megadrive/Genesis type way (also SOR2 sound effects in the menus = yay!). I can't wait to see the next 'episode' cause that teaser map looks brilliant. Map wise this was generally my kinda thing, barrels are rampant and there were loads of tricky lock ins and such, so yeah it was really fun. Couple of small things... - The start of map01 is hilariously brutal compared to the remainder of the map (and most of map02 really) mainly due to not, at that point, understanding how the red vile attack works. On replay it is much easier (ie once you understand how to dodge attacks) but blind it is pretty nasty. - At the start of map03 you can straferun onto this ledge at a certain angle and softlock yourself in the pit behind there. Mod stuff: - Being able to destory the Cyber Noble's rocket launcher is cool and it i appreciated the attention to detail on having it remain destroyed when they get resurrected. - The pistol is actually super fun here cause you can hammer mouse 1 for satisfying rapid fire. I kinda wish the mag was a little bigger but it's not a major issue really. - Rocket launcher felt just a little off despite having (i think) a slightly increased fire rate - like the rockets don't do splash damage any more? Just my imagination, perhaps... - Once i understood how it worked, i actually really liked the Scrap Gun - it seems to become much more powerful at close range and so encourages you to get in the face of the enemies, which is always fun. I managed to take down the Cyb at the end of map03 quicker than using SSG/plasma in vanilla so i don't think it's underpowered or whatever personally. - In this screenshot you can see some sprites floating in mid air, not sure what that's about although it might be my outdated GZDoom (3.2.5). Just posting in case... - If it is possible to default to your custom HUD somehow i think you should implement it, because stupid people like me will not read things and play with the default Doom HUD :D
  2. Scotty

    Flotsam - 12 hard boom compatible maps

    Which version of the beta are you using? This was a node problem that should be fixed in beta 2.
  3. Scotty

    What wads are underrated?

    Archi's stuff is generally underrated imo. Although more people seem to be taking note of how good Rush is now.
  4. I'm literally just stating my situation really, ironman is i guess all in the name - a test of endurance. Clearly my left hand doesn't want to play ball there, heh. If you kept things as is, it is fair really because after all, variety is the spice of life and in some ways the appeal of this competition - i have certainly played many wads i wouldn't have otherwise (and found entertainment on one level or another on many occasions). I guess to expand on that i think the most interesting ironman prospects for me have been from relatively unknown or forgotten wads - Nilla Doom and Osiris definitely stick in my mind there, as well as giving some brand new (perhaps otherwise ignored) wads a time to shine, although i can see the appeal of setting up with blockbuster wads that entice a wider audience to take part.
  5. I'd like to incorporate more abstract shapes into layouts in the vein of TimeofDeath/Xaser style maps, i think that approach can create a lot of interesting architecture. However any efforts at trying that style so far have proven to be tricky trying to find the right 'balance' between an abstract structure and just a garbled mess, haha. I'm not even sure how to approach it outside of a load of trial and error.
  6. Couple of shoddy runs (lame maps 6/4 deaths) i did over a week ago. My playing was utterly shite and half-arsed here to be honest. Cat 1/2 for Renasence/Resistance respectively. Not even good enough to die on my own map! scotty-ironman-nov18.zip On the subject of general ironman proceedings, i much prefer these episodic challenges over being expected to find time for potentially a full megawad in one sitting... i get pretty bad RSI in my fingers if i play for more than 90-120 minutes regardless.
  7. Scotty

    Slaughterfest WADs: Pro or Anti?

    I'll second these suggestions and add Combat Shock 2, which has difficulty settings nicely implemented which would allow a player to start off at a less intense level if they so want to.
  8. Scotty

    Why the first 3 maps of Plutonia are so bad?

    Map01: say hello to dickish chaingunners Map02: say hello to dickish revenants Map03: say hello to dickish viles The perfect intro to the wad really. I don't really like map02 much myself but can't really see what's so wrong about map01. Map03, ok the layout is meh but i like the big blue key area and the complete middle finger that is the two vile traps.
  9. Scotty

    Slaughterfest WADs: Pro or Anti?

    The carnage and being attacked from all sides is fun. Scale and spectacle is another factor that you don't really get in run of the mill maps. Challenge is only a small part of it... i have played many difficult maps that have under 100 monsters.
  10. Scotty

    No Save November 2018

    Let's go. Sunlust map18 in a (very) casual 14:47. One of my all time favourite maps :) I might have a go at some other Sunlust maps, also Sunder map07 has been on my list to do saveless for a while. sl18-1447.zip
  11. Scotty

    Cabal (cl9/OTEX) - coming soon

    Yo. To answer your questions... - i'll finish as many as i can that are built to the standards i deem to be good, within the set timescale... It literally depends on how many hours i have spare in the interim. A rough estimate would be 6-8 maps. - these are combat focused maps so i guess time spent depends on skill of the player. Maps are currently of varying sizes and enemy counts, from single digits to hundreds. But hopefully replay value is offered soo... the sky is the limit?
  12. Scotty

    Cabal (cl9/OTEX) - coming soon

    Ah. I was not aware of this as i couldn't find anything of the same name in the archives. It's just a name to me though, if it avoids confusion i can work something else out, not a big deal.
  13. Cabal is a small mapset of orange industrial themed maps that uses the forthcoming OTEX texture pack. This wad features highly modern gameplay influenced by wads such as Sunlust and Valiant. You can absolutely expect being given a whole bunch of monsters to mow down. As OTEX releases on December 10th, my goal is to have a public beta of this mapset available as close to that date as possible. Many thanks to ukiro for his amazing work on the textures and having faith in me to produce something of representative quality. Have some preview screenshots! I hope you like what you see.
  14. Scotty

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    More OTEX shenanigans