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  1. Scotty

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Some work-in-progress shots from something i am creating using OTEX.
  2. Survived, cat 2. I was sure i'd get fucked by the cyb/invis bit but it's not as bad as i remembered (i thought it was 4 cybs at once!). I adore Shaman's Device, what a fantastically surreal level - not played it for years now so it was nice to revisit it. Cherry picking maps is a cool idea for Ironman - Citadel at the Edge of Eternity when? Re. Plutonia i put the run off again and again because i never found a good slot to potentially be playing for hours and hours and just never got around to it in the end, which sucks because i know that wad inside out.
  3. I am finding that i cannot bring myself to release (or even complete) solo efforts because i judge everything against the maps made by others - and this is pretty much exclusively work that i hold in the highest regard. It sucks. With communal projects i feel that the overall wad quality relies much less upon my specific work so can much more easily let things slide and get maps completed and contributed to whatever the project may be. So, i just stop bothering working on lots of things i actually want to make fairly early in development, which i know is bad because a lot of maps don't really come together until they are pretty close to being complete. It's just bridging that gap that is the problem and i can't really find a way around that mentality right now. While my 'fully completed maps vs releases' percentage is actually very good, a lot of things fall by the wayside at like 10% completion and are just sat on the hard disk wasting space.
  4. Scotty

    Most beautiful map layouts

    Wow - was this map ever released in any unofficial form? Interested to see what that looks like in game.
  5. Scotty

    Most beautiful map layouts

    Weird angular stuff is cool.
  6. Scotty

    What are the best slaughter maps in your opinion?

    Lots of good recommendations in this thread, too.
  7. MAP02 - "Phlogiston" Probably my favourite level from a pure mapping standpoint. There is some neat recycling and morphing of areas, notably the landing pad/crate area to the west, which you visit early on, then pass "underneath" to the skull key area, and upon leaving there you are suddenly back up in this area from much earlier on, but things have opened up and it just feels like a completely new thing rather than revisiting a previous area. I love the sheer flair on display with some of the mechanics of this map, case in point being the rising staircase at the eastern end of the map. Most would just take the easy route of the single stair raise action rather than a mass of conveyor trickery - but the effect is worth it and has a cool fringe benefit of creating a clever timer for the trap encountered. Fucking awesome stuff and that is just one example of many instances of the map unravelling in interesting ways. I have spent significant time staring at this map in the editor trying to understand how i might even begin to construct a map as geometrically and architecturally complex as this, but i still have no idea where to even start, heh.
  8. Scotty

    Perilous Cavern [RELEASED]

    Aside from the theme (which has appeared in many, many wads anyway) this is hardly a Scythe 2 tribute/ripoff in any shape or form. I'd say that the map suffered from a lot of corridor type combat and doorways that emphasised the problems associated with that, although the odd trap you sprung upon me did enough to keep me playing. I did like the haze that enshrouded the map though, it looked good and had a cool effect occassionally you'd have an enemy fire at you from distance, then the projectile would appear out of the mist as it got closer to you. You could definitely expand upon that idea. The mass confusion (and fear) by the weird rev/vile thing in the last area was neat and made me wonder what was about to happen. Not sold on the boss pinkies though, i kinda just reverse straferan around taking pot shots at them until they died. Maybe with a more complex arena they'd be more fun to fight.
  9. MAP01 - "Aggilus" Immediately the scale of maps you are about to embark upon is made clear to you with this fantastic structure. The midi and sky choice, allied to some fantastic lighting, creates real atmosphere and sense of place. I appreciated the RL/Chainsaw combat early on, a pretty unique and satisfying combo to gib and butcher enemies with. Despite a massive monster count the map moves at a pretty decent pace and really isn't actually all that big, it's just that the sheer intricacy of the mapping and layout which provide so much dimension to the given space. I like that Mechadon isn't afraid to embrace the slaughter and just throw sheer numbers of low tier enemies at you right from the off, particularly in traps and set-pieces, as it puts pressure on you to fight back and retain space to move around in. Cleverly/dickishly placed (depending on your perspective) Chaingunners in numerous spots add the majority of lethality to the map and ensure that you keep on paying attention. I wanna point out that this map uses the translucent texture feature really nicely, in particular this clever floor trick which i haven't seen anywhere else in a Boom wad.
  10. Scotty

    Doomworld Mega Project 2018 (beat your own map)

    Basically (for Doom 2 wads anyway) if you mapped in Doom format it's cl2. Boom format (where you get all the generalised actions and such), cl9.
  11. Disjunction maps 2-4 2 - Lambda Base Oh, hi Sunlust. Not that i'm being disingenuous, as it's still a great looking map regardless of influence. This map was fun enough, an initial scrabble for weapons and increasing enemy density once you enter the main building providing generally entertaining gameplay. 3 - Neural Nest Two sides to this map for me. The good side being the very bleak industrial setting that looked absolutely fantastic, lots of really sweet detailing throughout too. The bad side being the combat... it all felt like random monsters put in rooms rather than anything thought out and substantial, which in turn created lots of slow clearing out of areas before moving onwards (not helped by my route not obtaining the SSG until near the end either - but this can happen in non linear maps). I was really glad to see the back of this one. 4 - Aqua Regia Amazing looking, fantastic setting and moody music to go with it. Sadly the gameplay was at the polar opposite end of the scale. The map wasn't sure if it wanted to be a tyson map or not and this enforced very one-dimensional and tedious approaches to slowly eradicating enemies one-by-one and making sure you knew exactly who you were saving every scrap of ammo to kill with. On top of my frustrations with the previous map i just stopped with the wad halfway through this level. Scythe X: For me, Alm's mapping as greater than the sum of its parts and so it feels more fitting to review this episodically, soaking in the overall experience and journey rather than dissecting things completely map-by-map... even if we're only getting 10 maps here. Episode 1: This all feels very modern, still, despite being nearly 10 years old now, perhaps thanks to Alm's influence on Skillsaw (Vanguard particularly) and the knock-on effect that has had to many other mappers. This is reinforced visually by the mass use of banding textures similar to BTSX E1 and so many other modern wads. The maps are very small and just fly past initially, so it is hard to find anything specific to say. That vibe was quite reminiscent of the original Scythe rather than the sequel, although compared to the original there is perhaps nothing very memorable for me either, aside from one neat air vent secret. Actually, one thing did stand out - the music was terrible in the first few maps. Episode 2: Started off with more of the same but the maps quickly became more substantial: Map08 - things seemed to step up here with more noteworthy combat, as the pressure is applied with rampant hitscan and attacks from all sides, as well as a slight lack of firepower/ammo which encourages you to push onwards. I don't know if i was just unlucky but this map seemed to like having things teleport right in my face again and again, which got quite annoying... i think you can only really use that kind of trap every so often to keep it effective. Map09 - good traps in this map. I am noticing that Alm is liking Mancubii in this set which is cool, as they can be quite unpredictable and pack a huge punch when multiples are invovled. That said, too many Hell Knights in this map that just act as ammo tax... I just want to go on record and say how useless and boring i think Hell Knights are. They don't have any unique attack patterns or movement unlike their fellow mid-tiers and when unaccompanied by other monster types, are only really a threat in tight spaces. Even Barons are more useful. Come to think of it, where are the Revs in this wad? Map10 - a strong end to the episode, and wad, with this hugely atmospheric map. It is rare you get a good one-on-one Cyberdemon fight! The vista of the final area was cool and very Sunlust-esque. Those green ghoul things were goofy (reminded me of Ghostbusters... see below) and somewhat annoying with their ability to spam themselves everywhere very quickly, in spite of their seemingly miniscule HP. So, yeah. That was fun overall, like i said initially greater than the sum of its parts, and an "easy play" overall. Wads full of maps like this are inherently more entertaining to thrash through than megawads full of droning 'epic' maps, simply because so few mappers are actually good at building large maps that don't outstay their welcome. Luckily Mechadon does not fall under this category and so on to Counterattack we go...
  12. Scotty

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    Midi credits for the missing maps: Map01 - "Shrouded in Darkness" by Jimmy Map03 - "Fear's Falter" by David Shaw Map08 - "Moon/Mars - Sukarabe Fight 2" from The Hybrid Front, sequenced by Jayster Map09 - "Recycle" by Maxime Tondreau Are we good to go now?
  13. Scotty

    Best/Worst maps in The Plutonia Experiment

    Yay: 4 - busy, relatively dangerous, action packed yet compact map 7 - see above 12 - see above 15 - see above 16 - see above 24 - cool layout with a good cyb sniper 27 - fuck-the-player indestructible chaingunner is hilarious (and lots of good combat to be had anyway) Honourable mentions: 9, 11, 14, 21, 22 Meh: 2 - just a bunch of bad ideas placed into one map (worst map in the wad, imo) 26 - long and not very interesting to play 28 - long winded and grindy with little real danger 30 - IOS rubbish