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  1. Sonic 2/S3&K - i always put off getting the final emerald until as late as possible so i don't end up activating Super Sonic accidentally and ruining the level for myself. Super Mario World - no cape unless accessing secret areas, no use of stored items. Mario 3 - never use stored items MGS3 - no regular kills and stamina kill the bosses (although i guess you are technically supposed to play it this way anyway) Yeah this too usually. I think this is a pretty common thing to add.
  2. Define 'cheese'... i don't mind if it requires skill but a situation like abusing infinite height splash damage is something i'd actively try and avoid the possibility of.
  3. When you create a new texture1 set in Slade you must be sure to select "Import from Base Resource Archive" (make sure you have Doom2.wad set as the base resource archive) instead of create new, then it seems to always work (for me anyway): Here's a link to a working version for you. I basically just removed all the textures and flats and readded them, using this method.
  4. You peeps finding it tough should play Italo Doom.
  5. This is beyond ridiculous. Wow.
  6. I was working on a bunch of plutonia.wad based vanilla maps fairly recently, i should get back to it. Wouldn't be a megawad though, probably an episode that i'd build on if i could be bothered.
  7. Needlessly grindy but easy gameplay (ie having to use the shotgun against a lone noble, come the fuck on - this is my main pet peeve in maps). Being forced to wait on damaging floors for lifts and such. Unreasonably distant sniper gunners with no cover. Insta pop floors (i just think they look really odd).
  8. FYI you could have made this map using Doom: Doom 2 (Doom format) in the editor and it would've played exactly the same (and been playable in more Doom source ports). The map itself is basic and consists of mostly square rooms over and over however i enjoyed the fairly chaotic final fight.
  9. Oh, ok, but it looks like that is in an unreachable area of the map, so why does it matter really? (PS this is not my map)
  10. I get you. I just want to make sure there were no stupid camping spots or anything like that really. Runs fine for me in both Boom and zDoom based ports - there are no addon textures even present in the wad anyway.
  11. System of a Down - Toxicity Nirvana - Nevermind Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Californication Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Dead Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine Shoutouts to - ...and Justice for All (Metallica), Vulgar Display of Power (Pantera), Let There Be Rock (AC/DC)
  12. For me 'heavy' is largely defined by the groove. Some metal bands, Sabbath, Pantera for example have very blues inspired music and i think they inherit more groove and natural rhythm from that, which makes their riffs and stuff way heavier. Noise/speed alone doesn't make something heavy, it makes it noisy and fast. Shit look at AC/DC, not even near metal in the classic sense but some of their songs are really pretty heavy cause they have fucking monster sledgehammer grooves running through them. You know your riffs are heavy when:
  13. Here you go!