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  1. @Eris Falling i guess i felt that the grand entrance to the map was deserving of a pretty decent sized adventure to go with it. There's definitely space in E3 if you find time to finish it up... @amok that's cool man, look forward to seeing what you come up with. @A2Rob go for it man. People should not really worry about map spots at this time, just keep making shit and if you get it done we'll try to find a way to get it in the project one way or another. I think some maps potentially fit in more than one episode anyway so things are a bit flexible (generally speaking that only applies between a few E1/E2 maps). E3 is still the episode most in need for maps!! I spoke to Ethan and he has basically abandoned his map, and Spectre's map could end up as map32 depending on a few things.
  2. I did work on it a bit, slowly but surely, and had a plan for it, but getting it finished for this definitely a bridge to far now that i have to oversee things too, sorry man. :( Unless i hand it back to you possibly? Either way, the vision i had was to expand on that column idea into a massive cave underneath the surface of the moon. Here's where it was at, feel free to do what you please with the stuff i added, it's your map really anyway.
  3. Ok, updated this. NeedHealth, E2 is essentially full as it stands, fyi. Unless you work very very quickly and get a map in before i finish this one :P (Megiddo has a reserved slot). E1 isn't full yet there's at least 2 spaces. Note the map order is basically just submission order, please don't go overhauling maps based on this!! It'll make things unnecessarily complicated. If you've submitted a map just sit back and chill until a later date where an official alpha build will be given alongside feedback on every single map.
  4. Ok i feel as though i should add a note of my entire understanding of the status of this project: 1 - (untitled) - Tactical Stiffy 2 - Calm the Fire - AnonimVio 3 - The Crow Comes Last - Angry Saint 4 - A Partner of the 49th Day - Kurakishi 5 - Blood Eagle - Scotty 6 - Dante Allegory - NeedHealth 7 - Fury Begins - A2Rob 8 - Cannibal - Paul977 amok submitted a map to this project some time ago, but the map was not included in this alpha build due to an expired link, i have contacted him. 12 - El Dorado - Albertoni 13 - (untitled) - sincity2100 14 - Khmeer Agul Tan - Cwolf 15 - Dregs of a Bitter Cup - Obake 16 - (untitled) - dt_ 17 - Terramin - Chainworm666 18 - Woodcraft - roofi 21 - Mare Crisium - Benjogami 22 - Lunatic Dais - Finakala 23 - Beta Three - dt_ 24 - (untitled) - Ethanh59 25 - Generator Alpha - Redead-ITA 26 - The Ship That Wore A Mask - Albertoni E1 WIP maps from therektafire, A7MAD, Bioshockfan90 ***E1 is possibly oversubscribed*** E2 WIP map from me (95% done) and Megiddo III (map15) coming... E3 WIP map from Spectre01, possibly also Relinquished (if he's still around), Snikle, Quantum Dranger working on Map30? Map31 - Big 'ol Billy WIP Map32 - Open??? So, we might actually not be far off with this...
  5. Like i said, i don't want anything bigger than the Megiddo map will be, to be blunt. Perhaps you could cut your map down? I'll be making a new thread at some point, but please just give me a couple of weeks to get organised. This post has i guess the most up to date maplist right now.
  6. Ok, i fixed that animation so that'll be in when everything gets 'officially' updated. A big map29 is cool with me, although i think Megiddo should have the highest monster count as it did in previous Nova sets (around 1k iirc), so you don't need to go too massive with it.
  7. Ok, spoke with AD briefly and it looks like i'll be taking charge, then. I need to clear some other Doom commitments before i can concentrate on this so give me a few weeks to get them out the way. Meanwhile, keep posting your maps - i'll keep adding everything to the alpha. Most likely early January, i'll post the new thread and provide feedback on every submitted map. Megiddo III will be in this mapset so consider either map15 or, less likely, one of the secret maps reserved for that. If you want to know what that map is about, check out the first two Megiddo maps in Nova I and II and contact me if participating is of interest... @Spectre01 @bioshockfan90 i saw you guys posted screens of maps in progress, how far away are these? Reckon you could get something finished by the end of 2017? edit - one thing i am looking for is a potential map01, something short and fast paced with low tier monsters... i don't think we currently have a true map01 style map in the set, personally.
  8. I hate Doom that's it! *golf applause*
  9. Given that you can play Boom with 60fps and in 1080p, no, it clearly was not the implication cause that would be simply impossible. Amazing. I'm done here.
  10. Because i've been playing the game regularly for nearly 20 years and that inherent feel that i am so very used to is simply not present, at least from my moderate experience, in zdoom type gameplay. People have already cited several reasons as to how the base gameplay changes once you start messing with z-axis stuff and how things change in certain ports (not that this is a debate about a specific port), including an importnat point about how enemies react in combat. I don't recall saying that the only reason that i prefer vanilla driven OG Doom gameplay is down to poor resolution and frames either, you literally just made that one up, for whatever reason. I don't hate UDMF or anything, i just prefer older style gameplay offered in such circumstances for the reasons i have given, because i feel it is what makes Doom feel like Doom to me, regardless of supposed old style mechanics and all. It's a pure personal preference. Points you mention about sound and weapon design, etc, apply in both circumstances and that makes them irrelevant here. So, there's no objectively driven debate to be had in my view - and all i did was to give my own opinion on the topic at hand.
  11. Boom still feels like original Doom (which is what i'm in the game for in the first place) and zDoom formats just don't. If i want some true 3d kinda stuff or however the fuck you wanna put it i'll play Half Life or Quake personally.
  12. I believe the answer is yes and that @Obsidian is the person to speak to about that. By the way, it's cool to see that people are still interested in making stuff for this. I just worry because some maps are now 18 months old and there is honestly little driving force from the top of this project.
  13. Sup. I decided to throw together every map i could in some sort of unofficial alpha to keep things going along. 21 maps total. Download. Some maps need extra textures so i added them to the given pack, here. Maps aren't in any particular order. There are gaps cause i just put everything in the relevant episode. Loads of maps need midis and some people need to name their stuff. Hope this is useful and compels people to get their maps finished, cause i know a lot of people have stuff in the works. 2 E1 maps are missing cause the download links have expired for them. E3 needs maps most of all, someone make a moon map!!! Unofficial alpha maplist:
  14. PRCP is hit and miss but that's generally your best bet. Also check out these 5 maps by AD_79, they are very Plutonia in feel.
  15. 10 E1 maps have been submitted so far.... and i see Bioshockfan is working on one too.