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  1. FractalBeast

    Which games are bad, but you like them?

    Paranautical Activity. Binding of Isaac meets Quake. Great concept. Shit execution. Small cramped rooms, annoying hitboxes on architecture making dodging even harder, and it's basically eternally in beta because the dev got kicked off Steam for sending a death threat to Gabe Newell about some internal Steam dev problem. Some shovelware publisher bought it promising to finish the game... they just did some bugfixes. And the guy who did the AMAZING soundtrack has hardly gotten paid for his work.
  2. FractalBeast

    Things that should NEVER be said to metalheads.

    Maybe you already alluded to it, but the crossover between Black Sabbath-ish heavy metal, doom metal, "heavy rock" hard rock, stoner rock and stoner metal is exactly that. I'd say it depends on whether the person making the mistake likes heavy metal too, and whether they consider themselves knowledgeable about metal. "Isn't Slipknot death metal?" said by someone who likes salsa and surf rock is very different from "Slipknot is death metal!" said by someone with a Pantera shirt on.
  3. FractalBeast

    Things that should NEVER be said to metalheads.

    Didn't the term death metal come from Possessed? Who ironically are best described as proto-death/thrash/death crossover?
  4. FractalBeast

    What is the first fps game you have played?

    Doom. The second FPS I played after that was Rise of the Triad. Whenever Doom got too scary, I'd play Rise of the Triad. So I was quite surprised as I got older, that Rise of the Triad is actually technologically behind compared to Doom. To my childhood self, it seemed like Rise of the Triad was newer, more advanced.
  5. FractalBeast

    Things that should NEVER be said to metalheads.

    "Metallica makes good music." Those be fighting words.
  6. FractalBeast

    Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV announced

    Has Blizzard thrown the neon coloured American-Renfair WoW-ian fantasy style in the trash? If not, Diablo 4 can fuck off.
  7. Everyone knows that Gordon Freeman is already dead. The Zone has claimed another victim.
  8. FractalBeast

    for how long did you lurk b4 joining?

    I've been visiting occasionally through random Google searches once or twice every year since... who knows... the 200X's? Found myself wandering the hallways several times a month one time, and decided to join.
  9. FractalBeast

    Game Obsessions You Don't Understand

    No problem with BD or PB, but I do wonder how the fuck people play those WADs if all you hear is THUDDDATHUDDATHUDDA AAARH HUEEEGH WUUGUUUHHHGORGL. There could be fifty cyberdemons lurking behind that red door, but you'd never hear it because the dying zombiemen are dying too loud.
  10. FractalBeast

    Regenerating Health In First Person Shooters A Bad Thing??

    You actually die surprisingly fast in Crysis. That's one thing I liked about the health regen in it. Die fast, regen fast. It's the perfect health regen for a stealth game.
  11. FractalBeast

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I'll probably grab that soon too. Is it only on Epic or also on GoG? Either way, it's another dagger between Gaben's lazy complacent ribs so that's good in my books.
  12. FractalBeast

    Regenerating Health In First Person Shooters A Bad Thing??

    That game isn't out yet man. We'll have Half-Life 4 before Duke Nukem Forever comes out.
  13. FractalBeast

    Regenerating Health In First Person Shooters A Bad Thing??

    Prototype was a third person superhero beat-em-up, but yeah. That's actually a perfect example. You could even accelerate healing by snacking on an innocent bystander/US Marine.
  14. Ebola itself isn't even a serious problem in Africa. The problem is a total lack of trust in the government. You can add to that, that ebola happens in African countries that had the CIA mess with their democratically elected governments and install dictatorial mass murdering military leaders during the Cold War, so you end up with a situation where people don't trust the international help either. A health crisis where people don't trust any medical help will become so much larger.