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  1. FractalBeast

    What "Lost Media" are you interested in?

    Yessss yes yes, I specifically searched this thread for a mention of the Spider Pit.
  2. FractalBeast

    How To Like Electronic Music?

    It is what it is. All that matters is that a subgenre communicates what it is.
  3. FractalBeast

    How To Like Electronic Music?

    Given that you have a Pink Floyd pfp, you might want to look at IDM. IDM is an umbrella term meaning "intelligent dance music". Basically, it's the prog rock of electronic dance music. You'll probably like at least one artist in the grouping, and since it's an umbrella term, it contains just about everything from pounding blood-curdling harsh music to beautiful almost-piano music with a twist.
  4. FractalBeast

    What do you think of the "boomer" meme?

    Pretty sure boomer sprang up as an insult by modern-FPS players towards arena-FPS players on 4chan's /vg/. People make "generals" on /vg/, and there's limited space. As soon as a thread passes page 10 (IIRC) they're deleted. So there's lots of rivalry between various generals. If a general starts losing users or a certain posting speed, it risks falling off page 10. In this environment, the term "boomer" sprang up. It's related to the use of "boomer" in pop culture, but different, since obviously within videogame contexts, "boomers" don't refer to babyboomers, but to millennials. There's also some skill jealousy since good arena-skills do translate to good modern-FPS skills if you account for the more down-to-earth arsenal, more focus on hitscan, slower movement speed and health regen, but the reverse isn't quite true.
  5. FractalBeast

    Can you drink snow globe water

    Only drink the blue snowglobes with a screaming face in them.
  6. FractalBeast

    Goodbye Adobe Flash...

    Given the historical importance of flashgames, I eagerly await the archival processes that will be coming.
  7. FractalBeast


    The final last backstab of 2020. Fucking sucks. MF Doom really helped me expand my musical horizons as a teen. A real musical giant.
  8. FractalBeast

    Can I copy weird ideas from Spirit Science?

    I'm suddenly reminded of a really weird dumb scifi book I read as a teen by some American writer about an alien invasion, made by demons that went into space to pose as aliens as some kind of spiritual false flag to convince "good christians" god didn't exist. The book ended with some epilogue where the writer went on some idiotic Trumpian rant about how demons were totally real and spiritual warfare was a real thing. Hahahahahaha.
  9. FractalBeast

    I'm worried about the future of Doom.

    I'll just ignore all the tryhard "nuDoom sucks" wankers who weren't even in their dad's nutsack when id dropped Doom 1 and 2. There's a fundamental problem comparing OG Doom modding with hypothetical Doom Eternal modding. A motivated person can make a good award-worthy .wad with new monsters, textures, weapons and maps - solo. Now imagine doing the same for Doom Eternal in some hypothetical TES-Creation-Kit like program. Solo. Good luck, I'll see you in 666 years.
  10. FractalBeast

    Which game currently destroys you?

    C&C Remastered on Hard. It's not impossible, but the way I like to play, and the way you should play on Hard are just diametrically opposed. So I have to turn everything around just to finish a mission on Hard.
  11. FractalBeast

    The New Doomworld Pet Thread

    That's a lotta cats.
  12. Slowly, the drugs are winning the war on drugs, and I'm completely okay with that. Fucking about time we got some fucking biochemical freedom up in here.
  13. FractalBeast

    Why Was Doom 4 Called Doom?

    Why do you guys need 5 pages to discuss the obvious. You call it Doom for the millions of idiotic braindead CoD mainlining console peasants. The actual Doom fans will just call it, nuDoom, Doom2016 or Doom 4. It really doesn't matter, who the fuck cares about names. Back when I was a kid, Doom 1, Doom 2, TNT, Plutonia, it was all DOOOOM. We didn't give a shit.
  14. FractalBeast

    What are you listening to?

    @Martin Howe Great pick. Hellripper is EXCELLENT. Moreso that it's a one-man-band.
  15. FractalBeast

    Anyone scared of water monsters in video games?

    It all depends on how deep the water is. And how big the monsters are. Luckily for me, most games don't feature deep monster-infested waters. Nothing is more spooky than a huge stretch of deep water and knowing there's something BIG in it.