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  1. I second WinCDEmu - doesn't get any easier to use than that!
  2. Andromeda

    Which is harder, Wolfenstein 3D or Doom?

    E4M5 hides the gold key, required to exit the level, inside a secret. I'm sure there's a couple other instances of hiding mandatory keys inside secrets that I'm not remembering right now in the two base games.
  3. Andromeda

    DB family comparison

    Good post, I spotted a small oversight:
  4. Andromeda

    Which is harder, Wolfenstein 3D or Doom?

    Yeah the mutant infested episode 2 is the peak of Wolfenstein 3D's difficulty. All it takes is a mutant to sneak behind you and you're a goner in a split second.
  5. Andromeda

    Do you ever get mad at somebody playing a game?

    I rarely get mad, certainly not when watching someone else play videogames. However I've noticed gradually losing interest and eventually unsubscribing gaming channels on Youtube that I used to love. Not sure if it's a "honeymoon phase" that I go through and fail to notice the very noticeable flaws, or the person behind the channel just had a sudden change in personality and playstyle to cater to a casual audience. It usually gets to the point where in the middle of a video I keep thinking "why am I wasting my time watching this channel, I'm not enjoying their latest videos in the slighest!".
  6. Andromeda

    Rowdy Rudy II: POWERTRIP (Development Thread)

    Interesting, surprised that bug wasn't found sooner but I guess not many wads change the music lump names (that I know of at least).
  7. Andromeda

    Extremely Hot Take About Classic Doom

    What a loser.
  8. Andromeda

    Rowdy Rudy II: POWERTRIP (Development Thread)

    I remember running into the same issue when playing Ray Mohawk's Manic Monday, think PrBoom+ is a bit picky with the name of music lumps.
  9. Abcess, six sprawling oldschool style levels filled to the brim with hitscanners, very fun!
  10. Andromeda

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Haven't played many E1 renditions to be fair, but these are my top 5 in no particular order: Shotgun Symphony Double Impact No End in Sight (E1) 2002 A Doom Odyssey (E1) Deathless (E1)
  11. Andromeda

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    I have the opposite opinion.
  12. You can kill it through a window in the adjacent secret.
  13. Andromeda

    Beat Grazza Demos Month

    STRAIN MAP22 UV Speed in 0:44.74 MAP31 UV Speed in 0:28.69 st22-044.zip st31-028.zip Mars War MAP05 UV Speed in 0:22.60 mw05-022.zip Icarus: Alien Vanguard MAP22 UV Pacifist in 0:19.74 ic22p019.zip
  14. Andromeda

    Megawad Strategy Guide?

    One for Eternal Doom would be swell - I'd do it myself but I'm fairly busy at the moment...
  15. Andromeda

    Rebirth demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP11 UV Max in 2:40 rb11m240.zip