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  1. Wow how did I miss the previous two polls? I love this type of polls! Now to compensate I'll cast my vote on the previous two matchups and then back on topic :P #1: Spawning Vats #2: Unruly Evil Now for this one, my vote goes for Perfect Hatred. I quite like the way the player has to improvise cover, as the monsters attack you from all sides practically from the get-go, and one only gets some breathing room after making a noticeable dent on the monster count (helped by the fact that it's not particularly populated). I did find the Cyberdemon telefrag to be kinda anticlimactic, I think it'd be better placed on the normal exit room, together with the Cacodemons would make for a somewhat tense finale for IWAD standards. They Will Repent is somewhat confusing, in fact it's one of the few levels in the IWADs that I need to look at the automap to know my way around it, and I feel that there aren't enough radiation shielding suits for the amount of nukage present. However, it's pretty easy, which allows for quick gameplay if one knows how to navigate through it.