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  1. Andromeda

    I Want To Finish This Map Very Badly

    I just loaded the level to check, and the only way I see to kill it is to lure a flying enemy to the pit and when it's near the Lost Soul quickly kill it with the Rocket Launcher, the splash damage should be enough to obliterate the Lost Soul. However, you've probably killed every other enemy around so it's probably impossible to kill it in your current situation :/
  2. Andromeda

    I Want To Finish This Map Very Badly

    I think he's talking about MAP27: Anti-Christ of The Plutonia Experiment, where an Arch-vile that is seemingly out of reach can be slowly killed by rockets' splash damage. In your specific case, I'm not sure if you're able to kill the lost soul inside the well since I seem to remember the hole is quite large, and if the lost soul is near the centre it's probably impossible to kill it even with splash damage.
  3. First time I played Doom I was 5 years old after my uncle had given me a CD containing the shareware versions of 20 games of the 90's. (The ones I can distinctly remember are Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, SkyRoads, Nitemare 3D, Ken's Labyrinth, The Catacomb Abyss, Corridor 7: Alien Invasion and Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold. The others either didn't run on my PC or were pretty boring.) I remember loading up Doom for the first time and not being impressed with the graphics, as the player view was somewhat "foggy" compared to the crisp clear view that Wolfenstein 3D provided. However, I got stuck on the last level of Wolfenstein 3D, as I was unable to kill the boss due to not knowing how to strafe. I proceeded to try Doom again, and found it to be much better than Wolfenstein 3D, beating the bruiser brothers with ease on the easiest difficulty setting. I did forget all about Doom until some years later when I found Eternal Doom. One thing led to another and soon I found source-ports, Doomwiki and Doomworld, becoming a long-time lurker here until I decided to join the fray in August last year. The rest, as they say, is history...
  4. Andromeda

    What makes Doom 3 so different from the rest?

    Considering that the BFG Edition comes with No Rest for the Living, it can be argued that it's also better than Doom 4.
  5. Andromeda

    What wads do you prefer?

    I probably shouldn't bother replying but whatever... KDIZD, for all the innovation it brought, is definitely a cornerstone in ZDoom PWADs. However, the feature you explicitly mention isn't exactly groundbreaking if I'm not mistaken, having been present since at least 1996 with Eternal Doom. See for yourself at around 1:00 in the linked video.
  6. Andromeda

    what is your playstyle

    I do the same, it saves so much time and ammo!
  7. If it makes you feel better, that crusher is probably the most sneaky one in all of the IWADs, I was also killed by it multiple times.
  8. Andromeda

    Please support your favorite content creators.

    The danish buttercookies tins' are widely used in my country by old ladies to store their sewing tools for some reason. The cookies are delicious though!
  9. When thinking of the Chaingunner's lethality, I always remember this demo, especially the section starting at 10:35. Notice how fast he goes from 354 (health + armor) to almost 0.
  10. Andromeda

    Do you prefer Doom 1 or Doom 2?

    Off-topic: Love how the poll is balanced. On-topic: Doom II for me, I tend to judge WADs by the gameplay options its levels present, and the Doom II levels in general play better than the Doom ones.
  11. Andromeda

    What was the first custom wads you have played?

    The first PWAD I played was Eternal Doom. With the amount of times I've played it since then, I think I could complete it with my eyes closed :P
  12. Sorry for the bump, but recently I encountered a Intercepts Overflow while playing MAP18: Lake Poison of Alien Vendetta (2nd release) while clearing out the north side room of the big central arena, that resulted in the "all-ghosts" bug. This was on PrBoom+ -complevel 2 (the version found here), but sadly I wasn't recording a demo, so I'm afraid I can't provide more details.
  13. Andromeda

    what is your playstyle

    Probably the most interesting factor of my playstyle is that I only change weapons when I run out of ammo. As I play continuous, I tend to save juicy powerups to collect before I end the level, so that I can top out my health and armor. In terms of ammo and health pickups, I only use them when I can maximize their bonus - I'll never pick up a stimpack with more than 90% health, for example. When playing a level for the first time, I tend to take note of the interactable objects in each room, so that I never get lost/confused. After scanning a room, I'll tackle in the following order: lifts, switches, doors, teleporters, and finally keyed elements - this ensures I'll explore each level thoroughly and methodically.
  14. E1M9 has no Cyberdemons, you probably meant E1M8 :)
  15. Andromeda

    How Many MM1 Maps Can I 100% Alone

    Just to add to rdwpa's answer, I recently played through Memento Mori and the only level you'd have trouble to 100% in single-player is MAP11: Halls of Insanity. However, there's a fix in the form of MM11FIX.WAD, which you can obtain here along with the other Memento Mori files, that fixes the level so that it's possible to 100% in single-player. You mention MAP01: The Teleporter, but you can't get 100% items there in co-op either, as the missing items are only available in deathmatch mode. As for the rest of the levels, it should be possible to 100% most of them, although some levels have mapping errors that prevent the player to achieve 100%, be it on single-player or co-op. Click here and search for "Memento Mori" for a list of the levels where it's impossible to 100%.