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  1. I_Punch_Demons

    So I am going to start on my first wad....

    So I am going to take a lot of this advice to heart. I will say that elevation variation is something to consider and might add to the overall feel of what I am going for. Ideally, what this is supposed to be is supplementary to a creepypasta (which is inspired by a much larger creepy pasta) that I am writing, well, not quite. So I am going to write that up first to give me the basic inspiration and then create the level around the story. Once I have something I will update this page (of course). @Kappes Buur Following my post I did do some supplementary research to avoid frustration. I saw some indie games based on the "Back Rooms" /x post and yeah, they seem to have some variety in terms of office supplies, different rooms. So I can still fundamentally stick with the basic idea and then branch off for some creative liberties. Ideally, I do know i want people to find an exit. This is probably an idea that is going to take a long long time to make given that generating interest over long projects like this can be a chore. I take a look at beasts like Hurt and Verdant Citadel as well as some Sunder Maps and notice that there is always something to keep the attention of the audience so that is something to consider. Originally, I was thinking of making it a larger version of Hunted from plutonia where I would have a group of archviles wake up upon maze enterance and your goal would be to make it to the exit without being hunted by the "beings you can hear but not see". Their laugh hunting sound is perfect ambience. But I might through a few zombies and imps to break some of the tension. Ideally, I am trying to create a clostrophobic and unsettling atmosphere in a office decay settiing. But being that the protag is supposed to be a SCP MTF member, maybe I could go a little more action oriented in practice. @Misty, what map editor would you suggest, I also have Doom Builder 2. I would like the wad ideally compatible with weapons mods and what not so I don't want to make a mistake of having the level only compatible with a certain source port (hence why I am not going for Realm monsters or custom textures). To get a better idea of what I am doing here are my inspirations: http://www.scp-wiki.net/ https://www.creepypasta.com/the-backrooms/ http://www.scp-wiki.net/task-forces
  2. I am having some problems with how I should approach this. Here is what I know: -Its all going to be one texture. -It's going to be a simple maze-like layout with a single exit switch. -It's based off the /X board legend of the "Backrooms" but I am incorporating it into an SCP format (Partly due to design), IE explaining why the player is there. But of course like any doomer knows, story aint important, just expected. -For right now it's going to be a single map and just be based on the office backdrop. Though some other forum posters added to the pasta saying there are other environments. The idea I have in mind is that it's going to be huge, I mean massive as it is meant to test patience and sense of direction. The reason why I chose the backrooms concept is that I figured it would make for a really simple map (but still be beginner af :)). So it would be a bunch of the beige wall textures with a lot of different little hallways rooms and all of it is using the same ceiling texture as well. It breaks a couple of map-making rules like having landmarks and creating variety. But that would be intentional. I was wondering two things about GZDoom Builder: -What is the maximum I can build a map? Because I was thinking Hunted from Plutonia except on steroids. -Also, how would I add custom music, all I want is a low light humm (like from the legend)? Also, any tips on how to approach this project are also welcomed. I was thinking of creating a massive warehouse with concrete floors and just tall enough to fit a revenant. Then adding the walls to create the room. Then finding some prefabs like desks and tables. to populate. So make the outer shell, put up walls and then put in spawn and enemies.
  3. I_Punch_Demons

    The longest WAD ever made

    Yeah I just played it and I nocliped out to see how it worked. That is really interesting. Though I do have a question, why is there a voodoo doll? At this theoretical end does it get crushed and we have limited time to hit the button?
  4. I_Punch_Demons

    The longest WAD ever made

    So is it just a huge wad with a ton of monsters? Or is there any labyrinth aspects. I will download this and see what this is.
  5. I_Punch_Demons

    Is there DOOM 4 maps for DOOM 2?

    What I would recommend doing is taking one of the awesome Doom 4 Doom mods out there and combining it with the "Doom Slayer" chronicles. The combat set up is similar. You go room to room fighting waves unlike the static enemies of vanilla doom. I think it will ease you into the Doom 2 play style. Just keep in mind when you get into wads and other content you will discover that you will need to adopt a different mindset in terms of game play for og Doom over Doom 2016. Doom Slayer Chronicles: https://www.moddb.com/mods/doom-slayer-chronicles
  6. I_Punch_Demons

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    We continue to chase Cthion to revoke our contract with the bastard.
  7. I_Punch_Demons

    Doom Streams

    We are continuing the DM4Map Jam on Quake, then back to a Doom WAD if we finish tonight!
  8. I_Punch_Demons

    Doom Streams

    Playing some good ol' Quake maps tonight! Gonna try something a little different.
  9. I_Punch_Demons

    Titanic Doom (Official Update Thread)

    They say that the map Frigate is starting to reach it's human limits on speedrunning in Goldeneye 64. I don't know why but this map reminds me of it as well as the historic ship. I can't wait to plunge the depths.
  10. I_Punch_Demons

    Doom Streams

    Setting up now. We paly more Doom 64 EX!
  11. I_Punch_Demons

    Which do you hate more, shot gunners or chaingunners?

    I guess I can spot it easier on shotgunners
  12. I_Punch_Demons

    Which do you hate more, shot gunners or chaingunners?

    Plays Plutonia. Hey, this is a neat looking castle level (elevator rises 5 chaingunners on each side of the courtyard). Muh der fuh.... Shotgunners I feel if I get hit by it was my mistake, I just didn't react fast enough before they animate. Chaingunners don't have a telegraph that is long enough. Or Open Season in TNT. Good god, yeah put me in a low ground scenario with chain gunners two platforms up so I can't hit them without freelook and I just have to rely on moving fast enough.
  13. So I was using the wrong version of PRboom which I guess is fixed now, I will revisit it!
  14. I_Punch_Demons

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Just started with a map pack for quake, this would be the first map pack I play outside the original games! Let me know what you think... https://youtu.be/k9M3HStPsSY