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  1. SirJuicyLemon

    what is every Doom game from worst to best

    I usually have a hard time ranking stuff from worst to best, or selecting my favorites, mostly because my opinion change from time to time and I haven't played every single game enough times to make fair comparisons, but well, here's what I think right now. Worst: Doom 3 TNT: Evilution Doom Eternal DOOM (2016) Plutonia Experiment Doom 2 Doom 64 Best: Ultimate Doom
  2. SirJuicyLemon

    What are you playing now?

    After giving up on Sunder UV for a few/several months on Map 05 or so, I'm now on Map 15. I usually have several saved games so I can save in key moments without fucking up the entire play and starting all over again. I usually feel somewhat like a cheater/coward when I do that, but for a mod like Sunder, feels really necessary. Although, I also discovered something really magical while playing Sunder, even while saving a lot of times throughout one single map. There are some moments when I see a horde of X demons (Cyberdemons, Arch-viles, etc) and I say to myself "This is just impossible. I can't beat this part. Even if I save for every small progress.", and after dying 500 times, I beat that part that seemed impossible. Sunder provides good challenges that truly defy the perception of your own skills and capabilities.
  3. SirJuicyLemon

    What are you playing now?

    I've been playing Sunder from time to time in the last few months. Not sure what are the right rules to play it, but I'm in UV, and while it's been fun, it's also been somewhat despairing. I have to save the game a lot of times in checkpoints in order to advance, not lose progress and keep my mental sanity. I just finished Map08 today, and I was stuck against an enormous horde of Cacodemons for quite a long time.
  4. Once I did create a new monster for Doom, but rather than typical monsters, I wanted it to be a boss. A different boss than those giant Spider Mastermind or Cyberdemon that are just big and destructive, something much smaller and faster, and also that could be some sort of rival for Doomguy, like the Marauder from Doom Eternal. So I used the Phobos skin that often came with Skulltag and edited the plasma rifle projectiles sprites to turn them red, as if they were an enhanced plasma rifle version. It was pretty deadly I must say, but I think it would be reasonable to place him in a map filled with pillars so you can hide at least from your impending death for a little bit and take a chance on blowing him with a SSG shot.
  5. Honestly, not that sure; I might be mixing up memories of two different WADs, and not sure if it was a white or orange key. Now that you mention it, it might be more likely that it was orange instead of white, but at least the one I'm talking about had indeed multiple keys. Yeah, sadly doesn't seem that either of those WADs (Infinity or Squadron 417) is the one I remember. But now @stewboy made me doubt a little: for the record, I'm talking about two different maps; the one that I'm sure had the Van Halen MIDI was just a map that had a sort of giant corridor and at the end of it there was a big fall. And I believe that it was the same WAD that had another map that had multiple colored keys; it was like a city at a certain floor height and there was this path of different platforms that go higher and higher until you reach a castle-like building, with some security bars that could be raised/lowered from inside the security guards cabins and has a crushing ceiling (activable too). Inside there were some bathrooms, a cocktail bar, and a kitchen IIRC.
  6. I used to play a lot of fun multiplayer WADs in ZDaemon. There was this one WAD that had some big/giant maps with a lot of stuff and places that you could explore, and had a lot of colored keys and stuff (apart from the original ones, had green, purple, white keys) and there was this one map that had a MIDI version of "Jump" by Van Halen. Damn, I can't remember which WAD it was.
  7. SirJuicyLemon

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I think it's most likely (80% sure) that it is indeed Elementalism The only thing that makes me doubt is my particular remembrance of how the original picture was (I recall the gears to be a lot bigger and inside a room), but anyways, it is unlikely to find another WAD that comes as close to those gears as this. Thank you very much!
  8. SirJuicyLemon

    DOOM 64 PC Version - worth it

    I think I played the Doom 64 TC Absolution PC version rather than the one that Bethesda released some time ago. I have Bethesda's version on Steam, and have played it for some minutes, looks good, but I don't like the controls. And I have tried to play the original N64 version on an emulator, but hated that experience many years ago (because of the emulator and the poor specs of my PC at the time). Having finished D64 Absolution, even if it was quite a different experience from the original Doom games, I loved it from start to finish. Mostly at the end, to be honest, because the experience at the start of the game is quite unusual and a bit scary. Once I got used to that eerie, scary but fascinating atmosphere, I loved that new and fresh Doom experience. I would even go as far as saying that I enjoyed that experience as much as the original Dooms or even more so.
  9. SirJuicyLemon

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I remember reading a topic where the creator of the WAD I'm trying to find posted about the mod they (he/she with the collab team, IIRC) were creating, it was a WIP (at least in 2019 or so) and there were some screenshots of it. All I can remember is that there it wasn't a mod intended for vanilla Doom because it required GZDoom features and the most important screenshot that I can remember was a room with 2 giant bevel gears. I can't recall if they were moving or not (I don't remember watching a video). At the time, I could access their Discord community, but I eventually left or got kicked out for some reason and can't find it anymore. I'm sorry but that's all the useful information I can provide with certainty.
  10. SirJuicyLemon

    Doom books

    There was some interesting post on Zdoom (from 5 years ago) forums about making a "Classic" Doom III, instead of the way it ended up being with a new engine. And the OP made the titlepic based on the "Infernal Sky" novel's cover. Also he made some "Fiend" sprites as replacement for Imps. Fiends being the generic demons that appear on the original Doom cover, that are similar to Hell Knights / Barons of Hell in their appeareance. (Source: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=54160 )
  11. SirJuicyLemon

    Icon of Win

    Icon of Jim (Alternate)
  12. SirJuicyLemon


    I couldn't say that. For me there's the old classical Doom (is not that I call it that way, I just don't know how to say it; I guess you can just refer to it as the Doom version before Ultimate came up) with the 3 original episodes, there's Ultimate Doom with Thy Flesh Consumed, and then there's Sigil with Sigil (the episode name), unofficialy of course. If you've finished Thy Flesh Consumed (and most likely the 3 episodes behind it), you've finished Ultimate Doom. And it's different because it feels as if Ultimate Doom is almost a complete pack of Doom + Thy Flesh Consumed, while Sigil feels like it's just Sigil (the 5th chapter). Like Gez, it feels just like an add-on.
  13. SirJuicyLemon

    Do you play some maps over and over?

    If you excuse me I'm going to play E1M1 for the 18274th time