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  1. SirJuicyLemon

    Doom books

    There was some interesting post on Zdoom (from 5 years ago) forums about making a "Classic" Doom III, instead of the way it ended up being with a new engine. And the OP made the titlepic based on the "Infernal Sky" novel's cover. Also he made some "Fiend" sprites as replacement for Imps. Fiends being the generic demons that appear on the original Doom cover, that are similar to Hell Knights / Barons of Hell in their appeareance. (Source: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=54160 )
  2. SirJuicyLemon

    Icon of Win

    Icon of Jim (Alternate)
  3. SirJuicyLemon


    I couldn't say that. For me there's the old classical Doom (is not that I call it that way, I just don't know how to say it; I guess you can just refer to it as the Doom version before Ultimate came up) with the 3 original episodes, there's Ultimate Doom with Thy Flesh Consumed, and then there's Sigil with Sigil (the episode name), unofficialy of course. If you've finished Thy Flesh Consumed (and most likely the 3 episodes behind it), you've finished Ultimate Doom. And it's different because it feels as if Ultimate Doom is almost a complete pack of Doom + Thy Flesh Consumed, while Sigil feels like it's just Sigil (the 5th chapter). Like Gez, it feels just like an add-on.
  4. SirJuicyLemon

    Do you play some maps over and over?

    If you excuse me I'm going to play E1M1 for the 18274th time
  5. SirJuicyLemon

    What Monster(Or Thing) In Doom Gives You Bad Vibes?

    This always gave me bad vibes mostly because I've always felt this health status face is somewhat bad designed. I know where it's supposed to be looking at, but my brain isn't capable of processing that, I keep thinking that he is looking rightwards with some weird dark-black sclera and red pupils eyes, and I think it's due to the rest of the face. I feel as if the entire head is looking rightwards.
  6. In Hexen, I think in Gibbet or somewhere near, there was a big room with these wooden doors (I think, not sure) where inside there were a lot of Dark Bishops and a Heresiarch (maybe?), and after killing them all, some doors should lower revealing some Chaos Serpents, but somehow it got bugged and they didn't lower. I thought I had done somethin wrong or that I was missing something, but seems not. I had to use a no clip cheat to kill them and progress normally.
  7. SirJuicyLemon

    Which way is it???

    To Do Ow Doom 2 predicted Overwatch 22 years before it's release Also, too much Doow, Moom and Dood and nobody is gonna talk about Wood?
  8. SirJuicyLemon

    Which way is it???

    Whether you like one way or the other, we all can agree in one thing... ...that haircut looks horrible from both sides.
  9. SirJuicyLemon

    Imps found in an urban area in Poland

    Damn, Road Runner's art skills of painting on the walls to make Coyote crash into them are on point
  10. SirJuicyLemon

    Where would you sleep in Doom?

    Here (E1M2) I should feel pretty damn safe Or here: has a nice view, but you should get rid of the imp and zombiemen first.
  11. SirJuicyLemon

    I beat Doom 1 and 2 for the first time ever

    Congratulations! I wouldn't say the graphics are bad: for me the graphics are amazing, it's just that it's old and doesn't compete with nowadays graphics, but they still are amazing and really well done. Even if they are sprites mostly. I assume you have already played Hexen if you are going directly to play Hexen 2, right? If not, give it a try! It's really really entertaining! Same goes for Heretic! Both are sort of a medieval/fantasy version of Doom. Heretic is basically the same as Doom, Hexen is somewhat different as you have to solve more complex puzzles based on a different level system (hubs). And same as above, try Quake! Quake 1 at least for me it's another must play. Some other games similar are Dusk, really fun game too!
  12. SirJuicyLemon

    14 year old plays Plutonia Experiment

    Good luck on Go 2 It
  13. Because he is a gentleman. It is not implemented inside the game, but he takes out his glove, slaps the demons in the face with it and challenges them to a good old fist fight.
  14. SirJuicyLemon

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Didn't wanted to sleep tonight anyway