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  1. Because he is a gentleman. It is not implemented inside the game, but he takes out his glove, slaps the demons in the face with it and challenges them to a good old fist fight.
  2. SirJuicyLemon

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Didn't wanted to sleep tonight anyway
  3. Yeah pretty much... ...because of this. Like, he's facing like 7 Barons (?) (and a Cyberdemon ?) at the same time, he's probably dead by now, so... probably the guy in the back is our Doomguy
  4. mmMMMMM!!! wHy aRe ThErE TWOOOO DOMGUYSSSSS oN tHe cOvEr aRt?!?!?! hE HaS a TwInS bRoThEr???! i DoM'T UnDeRmStAnDz!!!!
  5. SirJuicyLemon

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    Man, Team Fortress 2 used to be so damn good...
  6. SirJuicyLemon

    Did you have a favorite monster ( all Doom games )

    Cacodemons for me, their design is too unique and recognizable from Doom* that you just gotta love those flying meatballs! If not them, Barons of Hell are my way to go! I just loved when I got scared the first time I saw them on E1M8. Those giants behemoths are awesome! (*Yes, I know they are sort of a mix from the Beholders and Astral Dreadnought from DND, but the final product is very differentiable and unique on it's own)
  7. SirJuicyLemon

    Among us maps in DooM

    I think that, just recreating them, it's kind of a good idea for a personal project or practice for mapping. In that case, it'd be even better if that transforms into a multiplayer Among Us mod for Doom. If it's "worth it" or not, I guess that depends on you. I can't see much of the Doom/Doomworld forums community loving the idea or playing it at first glance, but hey who knows? Maybe I'm dead wrong. Personally, I think it'd be fun!
  8. SirJuicyLemon

    What kind of maps do you enjoy?

    I honestly love the map design and aesthetics of Episode 1. One of the things that I like the most are the windows that allow you to know that there's an outside garden/patio where you can go, but you just don't know beforehand how to reach that place and so you need to search for secret switches and stuff.
  9. SirJuicyLemon

    Favorite episode and difficulty

    Same here, first episode it's the best for me. I love the map designs. And Ultraviolence as always.
  10. SirJuicyLemon

    Do any of you believe in the theory that all wads are canon?

    If this isn't canon, I don't wanna live anymore
  11. SirJuicyLemon

    What was your first DOOM experience?

    Because people go to forums not only seeking answers, but also to post their own opinion. People want to speak their mind on forums. Because there's new members who wanna get involved into community and wanna be conversation (thead) starters. Most likely, only then they will read the answers of others (as if they were advices or explanation for their question). Because preferences change over time even if source ports don't "appear overnight". Because they probably don't want to revive an old thread unnecessarily, which I think it's fine. It keeps the forum fresh and plenty of life.
  12. Wow Didn't know that one of the guys that made Batman Doom was chilean, that's amazing!
  13. SirJuicyLemon

    What was your first DOOM experience?

    This. I can't agree much tbh. I mean, I kinda agree in the part that the first is generic question is "deadbeat" as you said (but still legit and valid questions), but I can't agree on the others as they are looking for solutions on technical problems or doubts. Sure, those kind of questions also get repeated over time, but it's way more useful to get a customized answer suited for your own problem and learning experience as people understand and learn in different ways. As long as there are people willing to answer on how to solve those problems, the forum is serving it's purpose and asking there should be no problem. Don't worry! At least you tried to do it beforehand, that's something! And that's much better than just not doing it and posting anyway because you don't care.
  14. SirJuicyLemon

    What was your first DOOM experience?

    Yeah Then again we gotta understand that Doomworld forums is like (at least, I think) 21 years old, so pretty much many topics may repeat in time over and over again. And I guess it's fine as long as it doesn't become reaaaally overrepetitive or transforms into spam. Thinking about the users who have been in these forums since the early 2000's, they must have seen like gazillions of topics of "What's your favorite Doom game?" and such. But well, new users come in every day and they can express themselves and speak their minds. At least it's a good opportunity for those who want to contribute to the community and/or raise their "content count" as forum member in a fun and easy way by giving their opinion or telling their story :P