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  1. Thorogrimm

    Various Doom logos?

    One of my personal favourite Doom logos
  2. Thorogrimm

    Share Your Sprites!

    Damn, that's cool. I was actually considering starting a Doom64 guy mugshot as well.
  3. Thorogrimm

    Share Your Sprites!

    Here is a spritesheet of Guts-themed mugshots I made and completely forgot about. I was originally planning on making a fully Berserk themed WAD with a new arsenal and mechanics but I have zero experience with that!
  4. Thorogrimm

    I think FIREBLU is pretty: Change My Mind

    It's like bus seat ugly, there's an underground appeal to it but it's not to everyone's taste
  5. Thorogrimm

    Would you pay for a classic Doom remake?

    Yeah, absolutely. Just no glory kills and more emphasis on movement, satisfying gunplay and gore. Those are all the things that make Doom great in my mind. The design is obviously important as well and if it were the case, I hope they stick as close to the originals as possible
  6. Thorogrimm

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=67971 There are these but they're more classic oriented when I know that D4V is more in the vain of Doom 2016 in a classic setting
  7. Thorogrimm

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    "Hey, kid... Wanna play my WAD?"
  8. Thorogrimm

    Unexplored Themes?

    I've used that a bit in my maps
  9. Thorogrimm

    Unexplored Themes?

    See, I was sort of considering doing that kind of theme at some point because I remember Blood had at least one, or one in Deathwish which involved you going through a mall. A (sort of) infinite Ikea level would be an interesting idea as well for a DM map
  10. Thorogrimm

    Unexplored Themes?

    I get it, pal. I was fooled
  11. Thorogrimm

    Unexplored Themes?

    Aren't those like the most used?
  12. Thorogrimm

    Unexplored Themes?

    What Doom map themes don't you guys see very often, or think would be cool to see more of?
  13. Thorogrimm


    Yeah, the texture packs I'm using contain ANIMDEFS lumps and I'm just looking for a way to use those animations in Boom format so I don't have to stick to default animated textures. I'll give your link a look
  14. Thorogrimm


    I'm wanting to use textures for my map which is in Boom format but I know I can't use the included ANIMATED scripts with them because Boom doesn't support that. Is there a way to convert it?
  15. Thorogrimm

    Seeking Mapping Advice

    As the title suggests, I'm seeking advice for mapping and currently I've finding some difficulty with my maps because I'm either running out of ideas or getting burnt out quickly. I'd like to ask if there's any advice to making maps, rules to follow (even though it's mostly free form) and ways to keep it interesting. I sometimes use screenshots from maps I've played or maps on the internet as ideas and inspiration. A lot of my time is spent looking for the right textures and rarely know where to go afterwards because so much time is pent thinking about what looks nice rather than structuring the map well for gameplay, and that's most of the trouble I'm having. Is it often good to keep the textures and structures relatively simple if you're still kind of new to mapping? I have about 3 or so maps under my belt currently that I've managed to experiment in and learn different techniques but I still have a hard time trying to make the structure interesting. Many thanks in advance, and I look forward to reading anyone's advice. Doom mapping is something I'm really passionate about and I'm still learning.