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  1. I need to make a monster's firing sound pretty much inaudible, but I'm a bit limited in my resources. Is there a way to do this using Acs, or the likes?
  2. For decoration purposes, i want him to be like on a treadmill, so he can't notice the player I was thinking giving him speed 0 and the having him agro some invisible monster, but i dont have much place, so won't he eventually kill him, if i dont manage to place both far enough apart? And won't he eventually get bored of the invisible monster? I was thinking making him friendly, but I'd like the player to be able to kill him Does anyone have a better idea?
  3. nvm i just read the wiki, turns out i was retarded all along........... Thanks for the help, anyway
  4. heres the code heres the debug screen im loosing my mind
  5. so im using this function to detect what it is that crosses a certain line, a rocket or a bfgball, but this function doesn't work. Ive tried pretty much everything, writing it first as a string, checking caps, writing it as an integer, and then comparing it to another integer, but nothing works... this last attempt was especially strange, as different projectiles would give out the same integer, and the same projectile under different circumstances would give out different integers, but when asking the game to log said integers as strings, they always displayed the correct item... Can someone, PLEASE, help me?
  6. played this! Had a lot of fun.
  7. I want to have something happen when a projectile enters an area, but i want different things to happen depending on whether the player used the rocketlauncher, or the plasma rifle. "When projectile crosses" and "Actor enters sector" Both kinda help, but neither of them do this differentiation. Does anyone know, how i could do this?
  8. PeceMan

    Path to Hell ep1

    right, just played it I think in general i had fun, but you can DEFINITELY tell this was a starter wad. I mean, i dont want to sound insulting, but there was SO MUCH ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT Right, first, LESS HITSCANNERS. Youve got too many of em. You can easily replace almost all of them with something else, and the wad would be more fun. Second, you really, REALLY, need to work on navigation. Sometimes, the way forward in your levels was really hard to find. To help, you could first try to make your rooms more distinct from one another. You also need to try to make it instantly obvious what every switch does, instead of it just opening some random door, god knows where. Also, you need to experiment a bit with monster closets, to make your levels feel more reactive. You also need to experiment with the "Ambush player" setting on monsters. You need to add more health items in general. YOU HAVE TOO MANY PAIN ELEMENTALS. TOO MANY. I KNOW THE POINT OF THAT BATTLE IS TO HAVE TO FIGHT THE PAIN ELEMENTALS, BUT THAT WAS AN EXPERIMENT, IT TURNS OUT HAVING THAT MANY PAIN ELEMENTALS INSTANTLY LOWERS THE QUALITY OF YOUR WAD, SO NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. Even with all those issues, i went through the entire wad, and i had fun. I didnt "Force" myself to play through them, I went on willingly. Almost all levels were enjoyable in the most part. However, there was one exception. One level, which almost made me turn down the wad from the moment i hit go. That level, was level one. That level was the absolute, undeniable worst part of the entire wad. I get it, it was the level you made to try to get to grips with doom builder, so it has almost an excuse for being as bad as it is, but even then. Get rid of it. Your wad will become instantly better without it. That level is not salvagable. It has to burn. Leave of it nothing but your memories of making it, and let us all move on from that attrocity.
  9. PeceMan

    Fortress of Deception

    weird, i used gzdoom too
  10. This looks really cool, but it really needs its own dedicated mapset, because of how different the movement is. This reminds me of the Ratchet and Clank mod. Ill certainly be giving this one a download. If I ever want to do some mapping with it, ill let you know!
  11. PeceMan

    Fortress of Deception

    did a demo of it Fortress of Deception v0.2.rar I must confess, I'm a sucker for detailed maps, and your map was like candy for my eyes. I do however have a couple of gripes with it first, the encounter in the water tanks for the yellow keycard and the encounter at the end of the level against the revenants, were both annoying, mainly because of the lack of freedom of movement. The map was quite cramped, so avoiding enemy projectiles stopped being about skill and just became about trying to guess where youll be able to step forward next. My second problem, is a minor one. The elevator that takes you back to the upper lounge where the level starts is janky, to say the least. Maybe you could look into it? One last thing, I'm not a fan of stealth enemies, or of the shotgunners from the walls. But maybe that's just personal taste. All in all, I would really like to give this a play once more maps are added. This map may have had its issues, but it was definitely a sight to behold.
  12. PeceMan

    The DWmegawad Club plays: NOVA III (Download RC2b)

    I love this new megawad I didnt comment anything in the 1024 megawad month, because that one(to be hones), was not exactly top quality. But with nova, I instantly got the feeling that it would be different. Maybe that's because nova starts on such a high note, port murder was amazing. I must admit, I'm a sucker for details, and port murder has them all. So much attention was put into making every part of the level fun to watch. The level design was greatas well. The level flow was well constructed, and I always knew where to go and what to do. The only exception would be the beginning, where i was supposed to use the chainsaw on the switch to lower the stairs, but i didnt realize. Instead, as i was playing in GZDoom, I tried jumping, and as it turned out, it worked, which gave me the wrong idea about being able to jump in the level. Having said that, jumping and crouching didn't cause any sequence breaking at all, which is always a good sign that effort was put into a map. All in all, this level truly was a good start, and I'm more than willing to see the next level in the wad.
  13. PeceMan

    Hell Anomaly Beta "Deimos Episode"

    I mean yeah, but it was a secret. I didn't find it in my first playthrough. So i did end up having to fight the cacodemons with the pistol.
  14. PeceMan

    Hell Anomaly Beta "Deimos Episode"

    the map is cool, it does feel like the shores of hell, and i would like to play an entire episode like this. Only one problem though, the ammo box is a bit redundant, since the player only has the pistol. SO i ended up using only the pistol against the cacodemons to try and save on shotgun ammo. Maybe you could fix this by either giving the player the chaingun, or instead of the ammo box, giving a shell box.
  15. Like with the sector set plane reflection, but with lines. I only want partial reflectiveness, not full on mirror Is this possible?