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  1. Asbadagba

    IronEagle Competition 61: Grim Ripper

    cat 1 dead on map11 dead at 70:53 112/133 kills map11 entered at 66:37 i did the retry thing on map01 (i failed the pick a pipe) ironeagle_2023_12_asbadagba.zip commentary edition: (or lackthereof; this wad's rather basic, i didn't have much to say)
  2. cat 2 (played before) survived in 54:31 dsdadoom 0.26.2 ironman_2023_12_asbadagba.zip commentary edition:
  3. Asbadagba

    NM-Lite Contest: Scythe

    dead on map21 dead at 26:10 map21 entered at 25:38 nmlite-scythe-asbadagba.zip commentary edition:
  4. Asbadagba

    IronEagle Competition 60: Bad Idea

    silly death, but eh didn't look like a wad i was going to like cat 1 uv dead at 2:36 60/83 kills dsdadoom 0.26.2 ironeagle_2023_11_asbadagba.zip commentary edition:
  5. cat 1 (never played) dead at 1:27:28 map07 entered at 1:24:47 55/108 kills (the archvile killed both me and itself at the same time lol) ironman_2023_11_asbadagba.zip commentary edition:
  6. cat 1 (never played) dead on map08 (softlock, fell into a hom pit) dead at 1:09:40 entered map08 at 1:00:33 155/416 kills dsdadoom 0.26.2 ironman_2023_10_asbadagba.zip video edition:
  7. Asbadagba

    Alcazar [6 Halloween Boom Maps]

    congrats on the release
  8. Asbadagba

    IronEagle Competition 59: Escalation Titan

    cat 1 uv (never played) dead on map03 (got lost and found a switch that killed me) dead at 20:39 entered map03 at 14:35 76/142 kills dsdadoom 0.26.2 ironeagle-2023_10_asbadagba.zip video edition:
  9. Asbadagba

    NM-Lite Contest: Speed of Doom

    dead on map03 deat at 4:51 40/53 kills nmlite-sod-asbadagba.zip video edition:
  10. cat 1 uv (never played) dead on map05, entered map05 at 15:37 dead at 20:41 (softlock) 51/75 kills dsdadoom 0.25.6 ironeagle_2023_09_asbadagba.zip commentary edition:
  11. Asbadagba

    NM-Lite Contest: Scythe 2

    dead on map22 dead at 43:28 107/92 kills nmlite-scythe2-asbadagba.zip commentary edition:
  12. cat 1 (never played) 267/666 kills dead at 12:45 dsdadoom v0.25.6 dwironman-contain-asbadagba-cat1.zip commentary edition
  13. I'd say draw out the layout and then do the texturing/detailing/etc. I used to draw a room, detail it and then move on to the next, but the problem with that is it makes it much more difficult to reform rooms; like in case you want to add a new connection to another part of the map or make the room bigger/smaller, it's going to be a lot harder to do that if you've already done the detailing. If it's a junction then you're not going to have many options for redrawing because then it has to either connect with the detailing of the rooms around it or you have to redraw a larger portion of the map. This can of course still happen during post detailing, but not nearly as often as in the planning phase.
  14. Asbadagba

    The DWIronman League dies to: Mutiny

    cat 2 (played it a bunch of times, last time was over a year ago, don't remember much) dead on map08 map08 entered at 102:57 died at 118:58 319/348 kills ironman_2023_08_asbadagba.zip commentary edition:
  15. all of them work in freedoom. freedoom does not change any of the coding because doom's source code was released, it simply changes all the graphics/sounds/maps/etc. to freely available ones (when you buy doom nowadays you're technically paying for those, not the coding) some mods use edited iwad assets which will look weird in freedoom, but it'll still be fully playable.