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  1. Map 03 first stage looks like a firing squad executing a master jedi. The third place when you "put on" the rockets reminds me of agricultural labors, I don't know why. Great wad! Sad ending :( PD.: map 33 can't be run in PrBoom+?
  2. The first map is the biggest wtf I've seen in years.
  3. What's the name of map 10 midi song? (the one called "nightmare") I can't find anything about it. Great megawad. I beat it in summer 2019. I hope to play it for a second time in UV some day.
  4. Rednov

    DBP26: The City of Damned Children

    Certainly, I find the XIX century early capitalism aesthetics very interesting and disturbing.
  5. This is great. A perfect example of how an UDoom wad must be, with combats in narrow rooms. There is a lot of darkness but the lights are optimized very well. It has reminded me of Sigil but in tech-base theme. I'm waiting for the E2 (and E3). However, I think E1M7 and E1M8 need more difficulty, especially the M8 exit room, which has no enemies: I was waiting a very hard combat and suddenly I saw the endscreen :(. Maybe 4-6 barons or a cyberdemon would have been good stuff there. Great work!!
  6. Rednov

    Midi Recommendations

    For me, (Ultimate) Doom and ROTT have the best MIDIs in official games; Plutonia 2, 2002ado and Sunlust in wads, and Jimmy's MIDIs.
  7. Rednov

    Wormwood [2 halloween maps]

    Awesome maps, I've enjoyed them. The first one is simple but very conceptual. The second one is too much frenetic. The palette's green gives a tetric touch. I've played on HMP, I guess to play on UV soon if I'm mentally prepared.
  8. Rednov

    WADs with great music

    For me: Plutonia 2, Stardate 2x17, Sunlust, Ancient Aliens, 2002ADO, Memento Mori 1&2...
  9. Well, it is a strategic zone, the deep ocean is the only place in the upper earthbound where the human cannot reach. Conspiranoics say that there are a lot of alien spaceships ready to annihilate the human race. In the Lovecraft's Mythos, Cthulhu sleeps on an alien city in the deep ocean, too...
  10. I'm stuck in M07, specifically in the enclosure where the red skullkey keeps. I got the three keycards and the red skullkey, but I can't find the way to return to the main hall or the initial enclosure. Walk through areas with E1 and semi-distorted arquitecture which I love too much + that creepy music that reminds me the lavanders town song, is going to make me mad or sadomasochist. I need an "yes or no" answer for the next question: Can I leave this enclosure IN THE WAD OLD VERSION? I don't know if the author corrected some relevant mechanicals in the new version. Anyway, great wad. Very original. 01, 03 and 07 are my favourite maps. EDIT: Don't answer, I found a way. I was overwhelmed by all I wrote above.
  11. Rednov

    E2 and E3 are good

    For me, E2M4, E2M6 and E2M8 are simply the special ones at all (arquitecture, music, textures...). I can't explain something about Doom 1 without this maps. - E2M4: creepy music and that gargoyles textures. - E2M6: that courtyard without enemies and after floor gets inunded with nukage, the exit trap, the dark labyrinth, etc. And the music is cool, too. - E2M8: just start, you see around four mutilated barons and say WTF. What comes next is another history. Anyway, almost every Doom 1 maps have their special parts too.
  12. Rednov

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    Baron of hell is the most powerlifter Doom 2 enemy. Cyberdemon is desqualified for wires and metal doping.
  13. Rednov

    Hell: Who did it better?

    I think the best example for explain that is m27 "monster condo": an abstract, dark map, with "village" elements like windows, books, and some disturbing things like that green-marble square (maybe a reference of Cthlhu mythos' dimensionless?) and the hall of blood and impaled corpses. However, I would say you that the pure lovecraftian influence is in Petersen's Quake E4, where you can see everything I have said in a more varied and enhanced way; while we could say Doom 2 hell levels are more (too many!) abstracts than lovecraftians.
  14. Rednov

    Hell: Who did it better?

    E3 concept is the archetypal one: swamp, cathedral, torture house, volcano, limbo... (at least it tries to imitate them). Doom 2 is an (too) abstract performance with lovecraftian influence. For me, E4 is a E3-D2 mix, more able to explote hell theme in the Doom engine, especially for e4m1, e4m2 and e4m6.