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  1. You are partly right in my opinion, and I imagine that they created the hell knight in Doom2 because of that. But... as the wads became more complex, Barons are one of the best options in fights if they are "well" complemented with other kind of monsters, especially on narrow spaces or with obstacles. Even at slaughter battles with only Barons and a BFG, they could shit on you because you have to get too close because of the ammo (health too high).
  2. Rednov

    Old Still Life .wad

    Probably I'll upload a new version with corrections and other stuff which I started a year ago, but I'm busy to finish it at this time. Thanks for feedback!
  3. Predatory tribes centralized by a Fuhrer/Icon of Sin? Maybe, it's a good point.
  4. Rednov


    I don't think so. They want to shit in their pants because it gives them more audience. If they have to play it with 90s-00s graphics, they do it, and they don't only play recent games like Visage. But I think Doom is another thing and can't "supply" them with this kind of stuff. I mean, you can do this kind of map for Doom, but it requires a lot of imagination and being "tied" to a theme and an architecture, so it's hard to improvise. And we are talking about a masterpiece like myhouse.wad. It's not like mapping in the 2010s with a cchest4 inspiration. So, it's very difficult: it's difficult in movies, it's difficult in recent games, imagine how difficult is in Doom (unless you do a full-converted mod without any other connection with Doom except gzdoom). In my opinion, of course; maybe I'm wrong. However, Doom doesn't need this. The Doom community has been very active before myhouse.wad, doing a lot of stuff all the years. And it's already 30, so I assume that it will be active after myhouse.wad.
  5. Rednov

    Wormwood IV: The Final Chapter

    I'm on map05. Great stuff for now.
  6. Rednov

    Old Still Life .wad

    I know I'm late to post, but I was too busy this half-year. However, I have been looking at your reactions. Thank you all for feed back. I have in mind two new versions for Old Still Life: - 1.0.1: to correct the errors that I've noticed in your posts, etc. (trapping sectors, enemies that cannot be killed, HOMs, GZDoom...). - 1.1 or 2.0: the corrections of 1.0.1 plus a light reimagination 100% according to the atmosphere of the wad (more or less enemies at a determined zone, new sectors, decoration, secrets...). For technical major reasons, I can't start to make this stuff now. I hope to be able to do it before 2023. Thank you all one more time!
  7. Only the first two maps done, but brilliant and awesome the idea and the architecture.
  8. Rednov

    Old Still Life .wad

    Hi, @galileo31dos01, thanks for playing. Keep exploring: this map screwed up even me while testing time. Search switches, new paths that open when turn on something... Just explore.
  9. Rednov

    Old Still Life .wad

    Hi, @cassis, thanks for your feedback. Map01 ending on UV is the same as on HMP/HNTR but taking damage, so the berserk is for putting you on 100 health and getting you in tension while you watch your life going down. Map04 doesn't end at the switch on that rock island. You have to push on that switch and... explore a bit. Map06 was intended for a change in the dinamics, towards E1 techbase style. After that, I think (hope) map 07 will like you. I take advantage of this post to thank the community for the runner up Cacoward. It's an honour for me. I'm playing Doom community wads since 2014-2015 and I remember when I freaked out with wads like Sunlust, Ancient Aliens, Stardate... I thought: oh shit I could never do even a quarter of this kind of art. And I keep thinking it actually, but winning this Cacoward gets me closer to that feeling, taking into account the quality of the great amount of wads that come out every year. So thank you all for recognize this work and dedication. And thanks to the people who didn't like it for playing and for criticism, too.
  10. Rednov

    Old Still Life .wad

    Thanks for this words @Scotty . One of the main ideas for the wad was getting stuck and exploring the environment to advance, but to be honest, I wanted to avoid as far as possible extremely long and boring moments of doing nothing, but making this kind of wads have that problem if you don't have any tester. I'd considered to upload speedruns in youtube for saving players from going to the editor. I'm curious, where did you get stuck at map 04? Maybe the brick labyrinth with switches and a CD behind an invisible wall? Thanks for reporting that bug. I should have warned in the text file to deactivate blocking corpses if they are high, but when I upload a 1.1 version probably I'll deactivate that directly in dehacked. For what you say, I think you will enjoy the next maps, but map 09 and 10 can twitch your nerves. So thanks for playing and have fun!!
  11. Rednov

    Old Still Life .wad

    The problem persists? What I could do? In my PC there's no problem apparently. All the settings should allow you to download it. Maybe do you need to update your winrar? However, I could send it to you in another way. Write me to the private messages if you want. I have to say it's true map 01 is very tiny, I intended the first map for a claustrophobic stage, but the rest of maps are more "normal". About the ammo, yes, there are few ammo, but if you are playing in UV: I had never intended this wad for playing firstly in UV. Probably even HMP is shit at the first time. About the second map, I intended the wad for being stuck in some ways: hidden/messy buttons, puzzles, the stage itself... But I recognize some parts can despair players. Think about I didn't have any tester apart of me to know what I could change to balance all the parts from the point of view of someone that didn't build the wad. Probably I will correct some things in a next version. All in all, thanks for playing and I hope you continue the following maps and enjoy more them!
  12. Hi, this is Old Still Life and it's my first wad here. It contains 11 maps for Doom 2, boom compatible. There are slaughter moments, some basic puzzles and non-linear constructions. Read the text file for more wonderful information. Some screenshots below. Enjoy! Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Swqk6nvYqc8vGqU8Ykg9GlsSTIYeaC2O/view?usp=sharing Screenshots:
  13. I've just finished this wad and, well, if Sigil gave birth to a boy and he was a gifted child, he would be this wad. It doesn't decay at all, like a symphonic orchestra. The maps and their architecture are complex, non-lineal and varied (even using only Doom textures), and the combats are intense and varied: there are maps in which you must run and face enemies until the end, and there are traps with a lot of monsters in small halls. But the most important thing: it makes clear from the beginning that the rocket launcher is the pillar of your arsenal (as well as plasmagun and especially BFG later), while shotgun and chaingun are mostly relegated to face enemies when they're few and weak. This is the best Ultimate Doom episode I've ever played, at least the most balanced and fun. Soon I'll play this in UV and search the secret level. PD.: The only criticisms I have are at E3M7, in Prboom+ you can reach an invulnerability from outside the secret area. There is another bad thing but I can't remember it now.
  14. Map 03 first stage looks like a firing squad executing a master jedi. The third place when you "put on" the rockets reminds me of agricultural labors, I don't know why. Great wad! Sad ending :( PD.: map 33 can't be run in PrBoom+?
  15. The first map is the biggest wtf I've seen in years.