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  1. RC 5 is posted.
  2. RC4 is up. Should be the last one.
  3. I literally just realized I moved the player start! DOH! Incoming fix.. god dammit lol
  4. RC 3 posted. Might call this one done unless any major issues spawn in.
  5. Added a bit more ammo, another secret too shhh... and tweaked a few things here and there. RC2 wip links in top post (read: too lazy to copy)
  6. Repopulated and ready for playtesting. Hopefully. MediaFire MEGA
  8. Redid the platforming area. Yes yes much better methinks.
  9. Posted links for wip udate in main post. yay pics
  10. Any errors are being addressed as this is a wip. No need to worry. :P
  11. Since the original doom map, House of Pain, has a mix of marble and tech, I'm just going with a similar theme. Still a bit of texture work to do, so it wont be all brown metal.
  12. Updated the wip in the main post. Still a bit more to add, outside viewing area at the least. I suck at update posts...
  13. Nectarine Demoscene Radio
  14. Still working on it, but hit a bit of a wall with the ending area. Atm I've ditched the old maze and hallway sections completely and am building from scratch there. Been working in a bit more height variations in so its not all flat. Exit room I like but still a stumped on the rest. Another maze? More hallways? Anyway here a few pics of the exit room area and its entrance with more detailing as well as a map shot.
  15. Honestly not a big fan of this czar thing. In principal an "editor" for touch ups and smoothing sure, but after reading some threads it's a bit worrying. I've gotten an mediafire thingie setup so next wip will have another mirror. The map actually has/had a ton of problems in CD. I think I've caught most of them, but I'm currently battling a visplane crash. As far as where to go, if you are referring to the computer end area that is being worked on and should be a bit different. The map has a rather simple layout in general, so if your getting lost that's on you. ;P