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  1. time to get UnMade once again, i was starting to miss that black hole ;)
  2. i always have a mess of ideas for maps... soooo :D sign me up for map 08, 15, and 32 for now please
  3. Nice! i can finish this in time, i got the linedef limit but that is not a problem, i will just remove unnecessary details and then test some stuff.
  4. idk if that's the way to beat the map but you can just kill the first boss and go pacifist the rest of the level making the barons infight the motherdemons using her projectiles, i beated it with a few barons left, while i was playing i noticed some monsters were attacking the boss so i thought "maybe i should try infighting", restarted the map, tried it, and it worked ._. oh and dumb question, is map40 actually unbeatable? edit: my bad, on the final round i used the bfg because i ran out of barons, but i still cheesed most of the map like that after round one or two... quick saving may have something related but im not sure.
  5. just finished Map39 on Watch Me Die after being stuck dying a lot for almost 2 hours (wish i knew the trick to beat it earlier) and idk what to do with my life now... 10/10 i would beat UnMaking again now with fastmonsters on but im already satisfied beating it at normal speed thanks nice job with this maps, Prismatagoria is my favorite map of this megawad :3
  6. Jetx_121

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    WIP, random map for Doom64 EX
  7. Jetx_121

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Beating Doom 64 (2020 re-release) MAP32:Hectic in Fast Monsters mode and pistol start! :)
  8. a tribute for Doom 64 and Doom Eternal. it's not a Doom Eternal copy paste fan trailer at all, i added some quotes related to the Doom 64 lore from the instruction manual. i modified some of the original maps in the game by extracting them from Doom 64 Ex and open them in Doom Builder 64, a Doom 64 map editor For Ex. all of this to make the camera movements, placing the objects that appear in the scenes and more, be sure to watch the full video to see a cool post credit scene. the new sprite animations were made with photoshop and Camtasia Studio. all done in one week before the release. i NEED a break hehe.
  9. Jetx_121

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    “WHO ARE YOU?!" "a human..." "TO DEFY OUR TRADITION!?”
  10. Jetx_121

    Icon of Sin in Doom Eternal

    so badass the Icon of Sin head in Doom Eternal looks the same as classic Doom ^-^
  11. Jetx_121

    Shall we congratulate Kaiser...?

    something told me that Kaiser would be in this re-release, and i was right this whole time! somebody remember the port "Doom 64: Absolution TC"? Time has passed FAST! Good Times. ^-^