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  1. indeed, there's a lot of cybers at some point, i tried to tone it down in the EX Plus monster placement scripting, but masterminds are just too fat, so only MAP07 and MAP10 used them x.x sometimes i like to torture players with rockets only for cybers :) the corner cheesing should work in most battles, making the rockets use less painful
  2. around 17 years old, the map layouts were a little different of course :P
  3. small patch released!!! >added an unused texture "I Suck At Making Textures" at the end of MAP32 >fixed the "fake log computer" in MAP06 >fixed a visual bug related to the switches while playing on the Remaster (hopefully) updated download in OP ^^^^
  4. A little thing i've been making in a "ON and OFF" using 2 abandoned unreleased Doom 64 EX wads from 2019-2020 i had, now merged in a single wad, enhanced and with more content than before, a bunch of new exclusive maps made from scratch to connect both wads (or at least try to), new music and reworked visuals! (FULL BEHIND THE SCENES IN README.TXT) oh yeah and a new history, but eh, it's just there, not a big thing. one of my goals while making this mapset, was getting the maps working on both Remaster and Doom 64 EX Plus without making 2 separated files, although that means i have to limit my mapping techniques, Doom 64 EX Plus may be almost on par with the Remaster at the moment i write this, but there's still some little differences. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/u402v5pznix5yezboztsz/LUNAR_REVELATIONS.zip?rlkey=zf2nl7uuc3ncxbs1wik1sir7n&amp;dl=0 (inside the ZIP you will find a custom edited soundfont to use in DOOM 64 EX Plus) to run the wad in Remaster use the .BAT file named #RUN-LUNAR or if you wanna play with Fast Monsters use #RUN-LUNAR-FAST-MONSTERS if that doesn't work you're gonna have to use the Launch parameter -file on Steam, or whatever other thing you're using. or you can use Gibbon's D64 Remaster Launcher here: https://github.com/atsb/DOOM64-Remaster-Launcher on Doom 64 EX PLUS drag and drop the wad should work, if not, Doom 64 EX Plus has it's own Launcher too. EX PLUS players: MAP09 and MAP10 may softlock randomly due to some linedef trickery done in the maps, so get a save so you can restart that part if that happens, i tried my best to not make that a common thing, but it seems more like an engine thing on how many actions can get triggered at once in the same tick or something?????, at the moment i write this, it's gonna keep happening until new updates drop or i figure something out. another thing to EX PLus is make sure "Tall Monsters" is turned on. that's all, or a few monster teleports will break. HAVE FUN GUYS, WE'RE GOING TO THE MOON! "Years after the Hell's invasion on Earth, and the Mother Demon's extermination by the Doom Marine. a distress call from the Moon Colonization Project by the U.A.C.Moon Division arrives at the rebuilt U.A.C on Earth, the report mentions horrorific creatures swarming the complex, and the disappearance of OMEGA. fearing the worst, a team of marines is sent to the Lunar Complex, among them there's you, the rookie. upon arriving the complex you and the team notice this place is empty, quiet... to quiet it's scary. almost like frozen in time, exploring deeper and deeper, gathering information about what happened. your team notices piles of bones, that could just turn into dust at the most minimal touch, how much time has passed since the distress call? then... unknown creatures swarm the team, killing everyone on sight, you barely manage to escape back to the spaceship but one of the monsters damaged it trying to get in, stuck in this rock, you take what's left of your gear and decide to find another exit, but it won't be that easy without facing the source of this disaster first, the corruption is affecting the moon from inside so you gotta finishe the job as soon as possible. the moon is becoming a dormant organic being... this may be your first and last mission!" you'll find ingame computers where you can read more lore about the Lunar Complex 12 maps await for ya MAPS: MAP01: "Lunar Entryway" (secret exit to MAP32, hint: barrels) MAP02: "Aristoles Base" MAP03: "The Hangars" MAP04: "Sereni Complex" MAP05: "Station to Omega" MAP06: "Donius Arteries" (secret exit to MAP69, hint: find the "green key", beating a challenge and doing a little switch hunt first, when you get the "green key", all green doors in the map will open, so you can finally open the secret exit) MAP07: "The Sinister Labs" MAP08: "The NoWhere" MAP09: "A B I S M O" MAP10: "OMEGA" MAP32: "Hell-Tic" (secret map) MAP69: "test" (secret map) MAP33 "title" <--- (it's just the title map) you can see it in this video: Thanks to the Doom 64 Compendium page and the Doom 64 Discord for the mapping help and feedback :) Doom 64 Compendium: https://www.doom64.com/ Doom 64 Discord: https://discord.gg/Ktxz8nz (full credits in README.TXT) Credits: MUSIC: @Immorpher @Proxy-MIDI @Jetx_121 <--(me ofc) @NewHouse (and a mario 64 midi made by Planet Bobstar i converted to D64 format) Graphics and Textures: @BigStronk for the new plasmagun @Jetx_121 @AtomicFrog the GEC Team for the Pinky replacement sprites, @Craneo for MAP10 final boss texture SOUND: @Jetx_121 (soundfont edit for EX+ and new sounds for some monsters), @BigStronk (for new Plasma Gun sounds), @Immorpher for the MorphSound64 (HIGH Quality sounds pre-installed for Doom 64 Remaster only, too lazy to do the same for EX+), GEC Team (sounds for the Pinky replacement) TESTING: @Jetx_121, Zoyahu, @Immorpher, Styd051, DanieruPD64 sorry if this post looks unpolished or i didn't get the right section to post, i'm not a regular around this kind of places x.x some of the OST i composed: IMAGES: