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  1. what name is better "the execution" or "DOOM between us:execution"????? hi,this is my first project:a demo of 4/?? maps with psxdoom music,sector colors,basic scripts,some cutscenes and more. also have extra psxdoom/doom64 style music composed by me (EXE01 on MAP04) and maybe easter eggs. download (new link):https://www.dropbox.com/s/uqpsjmvlye78j5l/EXDEMO_1.1.zip?dl=0 credits in "credits and stuff.txt" THANK YOU for your time, and if something is wrong, do not hesitate to tell me. note: drag "The execution.wad" and "EXEMUSIC_and_assets.pk3" to your sourceport(zandronum.exe or gzdoom.exe) to fix the missing actors in map04 11:06pm 8/14/19 edit: (hehe why i forgot that? :/). Required to play: IWAD:DOOM2.wad port:zdoom,gzdoom and zandronum. jump:no. crouch:no. mouselook:yes. i will make other post about the progress of the megawad for the people interested. you can give ideas. stay alert for news.