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  1. Sure thing! Apologies for seeming dead. ============================= blockedout.zip ============================= New menu graphics. A bunch of map fixes co-op-wise and some for singleplayer. Softer intermission graphics. Adjusted map order. Compared to the last two, the changes here aren't as major, hence why i've holded off updating the build. I plan to release Blocked-Out during October. Currently, my goal is to replace the placeholder ending with the real one i've been working on.
  2. Depends. How easier or harder are you planning on making it?
  3. Everything's all right here. I've just been working on miscellaneous stuff & co-op bugfixes again.
  4. I used moving sectors to distribute the cell packs in intervals instead of constant conveyors.
  5. Alright. Blocked-Out's second beta build is here! ============================= blockedout.zip ============================= Here are the noticable changes. Blocked Out can now be beaten in co-op without cheating. BFG Testing Facility can now be ran with ZDoom ports without it becoming a slideshow. The map order has been rearranged to supress difficulty spikes.
  6. Matacrat

    Coop Survival mode - we need this in GZ DOOM!

    There's a mod made by @Doommarine_maxi that does exactly what you're requesting! Good luck with Gzdoom Multiplayer, you'll need it!
  7. Could you also add a lift out of this pit here please?
  8. Updated! Currently, your map is now the 17th one.
  9. That's the version being used.
  10. Not at all! I'll absolutely be replacing those soon. Thanks! Shredded beef is a pretty cool song! Eh. The placement seems ok to me. I mean map 6 contains a cyberdemon! Some of the decorations, unlike env_light or spr_secret, are pretty vague in what they acually represent. So I kinda expected them to be interpreted differently among each mapper. Fixed! This was my error. Nothing that you've done wrong. Done! Could you tell me where you found them? I'll probably be putting that map and the one before it behind Korni's map soon.
  11. Alright! Blocked-Out’s first alpha build is here! This version has a lot of it’s presentation unfinished but all the map’s released so far are here. They all have their own help screens and map definitions filled in across all 5 mapinfo’s (help). Now here comes a very descriptive idgames.txt... blockedout.wad
  12. I'll be compiling the wad for proper release. Outliers could still submit, but the deadline this time around's going to be until I complete the project.
  13. Absolutely Awesome! Love when mappers make eccentric experiences like this for doom.