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  1. Matacrat

    ENDOOM Appreciation Thread

  2. Matacrat

    ENDOOM Appreciation Thread

    I always make an endoom screen for my standalone projects. I love crafting these.
  3. Matacrat

    Metropolitan Mayhem Machine - Limit Removing Map

    How do I access this room?
  4. Matacrat


    Maybe I'm just a sucker for narratives but I quite liked this short game! Granted if any enemy connects an attack you die real quick. Tasing this one was a pain cuz of how unpredictible those Void Fiend's are. Even in "TAS-time" they were hard to react to. And yet I wonder what those password protected folders were for... I unlocked extra 1 but could not find the second password for extra 2. Guess the arg will remain to be unsolved!
  5. Map Name: Coupled Architecture Author: Matacrat Theme: Gothic Music: Island of Ruins from Ardy Lightfoot Difficulty Settings: Implemented Ports Tested: DSDA-Doom, Gzdoom Description: Tried to go for a gameplay first approach. Notes: I don't know if I've made a critical mistake regarding the last battle. 30mc_Matacrat.7z
  6. I'm still alive! (thankfully.) Didn't like my first design so I scrapped it. Thinking of another right now.