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  1. As long as there is a community and content being created for it I don't think it will ever how you said it??? Oh yes... "die".
  2. DeathWalkerGT

    Favorite doom enemy?

    Baron Of Hell, not many around (in Hurt me plenty difficulty) but I tend to love these guys a lot, maybe it has to do that the Baron was originally hand made, maybe that is why Iam so intrested in him. Otherwise I would say the Imp and the Pinky.
  3. DeathWalkerGT


    LZ Doom because of a sh*tty computer.
  4. I tend to go back to games I have kind of "abandoned" every now and then...but the games I play are few anyway, few and good as they say.
  5. DeathWalkerGT

    Doom Guy, Doom Marine or Doom Slayer?

    I believe its Doomguy cause ID Software wanted Doomguy to resemble the player and not a fictional character and if you think about it, it kind of fits because allthough every player has the same "objective" while playing the way you tackle each challenge is in the player's hands...still the core idea remains the same no mater how you like to call Doomguy, no guts no glory...
  6. DeathWalkerGT

    So I emailed John Romero and here's what he said

    Pretty intresting.
  7. DeathWalkerGT

    Could doomguy survive throughout WW2?

    Maybe...it actualy dependes in wich front of the war he would have been deployed.
  8. DeathWalkerGT

    Doom Timeline Question

    It could be that Sigil comes after Doom I, cause its the sixth episode of Doom I and Final Doom could be after Doom II. An other scenario could be that you could discard Sigil entirely as its a more recent addition to classic Doom. The other scenario is the one were you decide. (Not helpful at all I know it.)
  9. DeathWalkerGT

    Fearfully Frightening (Vanilla)

    I actualy tried it, but then I ran out of patience with it...I came close on two occations but I blew my self up with my own rockets....If somebody actualy beats this he will have my respect...
  10. DeathWalkerGT

    3 random related DOOM polls

    Pehaps I should have edited my comment...when I had the chance...hehe. What I ment was that some stuff in Brutal Doom are a bit too much...for example you get a super bloody kill for no reason or some weapons feel a bit out of place...these are the staff I meant as "pretty far", sorry for that....I was a bit bored then and did not know what I was writing...
  11. DeathWalkerGT


    Excuse me Kizoky but I could not say anything about how much I love your avatar pic man...sorry.... Everyone....Don't mind me...
  12. DeathWalkerGT

    3 random related DOOM polls

    But some times it goes pretty far...right? Still though a nice gameplay mod as you mentioned.
  13. DeathWalkerGT

    The Imp Beta

    The final imp is better...but that is nice too, actualy it makes for a pretty nice variant in a custom wad or something.
  14. DeathWalkerGT

    favorite gun

    Shotgun, I use it quite a lot sometimes too much... Super Shotgun, cause I love it... Plasma Gun, Nothing better than some good plasma rounds onto the bodies of some demons.
  15. DeathWalkerGT

    Is DOOM 3 Cannon in the Doom Universe?? D:

    From what I konw is that Doom 3 is Doom I with Doom II never happening, now I won't speak about the new Doom games (Doom 2016, Eternal) cause obviously I have no idea what ID had in their minds back then. Long story short it is its own thing.