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  1. DeathWalkerGT

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    That's one chubby space marine.
  2. DeathWalkerGT

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Bought a bar of chocolate.
  3. Starting the game for the first time... The screen becomes the level (E1M1) and the music starts. Priceless to this day.
  4. DeathWalkerGT

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Now for the matter in hand... hmmm... Anime scientist.
  5. DeathWalkerGT

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Its a unit from the Legion Of The Damned in Disciples II. Its called infernal Knight.
  6. DeathWalkerGT

    What age did you start DOOM?

    The first time I played Doom was when I was 6. To this day I say this... "I never regreted it one bit."
  7. DeathWalkerGT

    Do you like Redneck Rampage?

    You got that alright. A fantastic turn over... To the point of a good plot twist or something. Ahhh RTCW... GREAT GAME...
  8. DeathWalkerGT

    What are your plans for today?

    Its weekend so I guess I'll just fart around peacefully.
  9. DeathWalkerGT

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Just like when I played it for the first time... I just love it. While I know that the game had a very troubled development wich has litterd the game with bugs and stuff I love it as a game for its unique atmospere and that you are always in danger to die from anything or anyone. While I like what the community mods have done for the 3 (now 4) games of the series I can't but love the original.
  10. I just noticed I forgot the (partial) invisibility thingy... Well I suppose when you get that it goes like this... Invisibility reaction --- When I get this I feel a bit tactical. "This post has given me some strategic insight on a challenging part of the game".* *Best suited for walkthroughs and strategy guides.
  11. If you think about it each reaction is a good depiction of how much each user has liked the given post with the God mode being the best reaction you can get. Think about them according to the effects they have in the game. The Bluesphere in the game gives you 200 health but thats it, it covers only 1/3 of your needs to be an unstopable killing machine. It is more common than the other two (still a delight when you find one.) The Megasphere in the game gives you 200 health and 200 armour and is perhaps one of the greatest sights your eyes are going to see (especialy if you are low on health.) It is more uncommon to find one so its more valueble than the Bluesphere. The Invulnerability in the game gives you the chance to make the demons into your sn(b)itches for a short period of time but when you find one hehe...well... the amount of corpses will be determined by your own will. So to sum this up according to the topic... (And not like a tutorial.) Blue face reaction --- A welcoming but common like. "I like this post." Mega face reaction --- When I get this I have everything. "This post had everything from gameplay tips to even help expand my knowledge of the game expand a little more. That's what communities are for right ?." Green face reaction --- This makes me feel strong enough to be powerfull as a God, if not a God something close at least. "This post for me is the defination of something related to the given subject. I like this post so much that I think that it should be immortalised or something." (At least that's my theory for the reactions.)* *Hehe... imagine if there where dislike reactions...
  12. DeathWalkerGT

    Do you like Redneck Rampage?

    Good detail... according to Build Engine standards (I guess...) Gameplay wise... well... *cough... I guess it wasn't for me... When it comes to Build games I prefer Blood or Shadow Warrior with Duke Nukem 3D here and there but Redneck Rampage... nah... not for my cup of tea.
  13. DeathWalkerGT

    Personal W thread

    After 6-7 years I finally was able to keep enough money in reserve so I could finaly build a new pc from scratch.