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  1. Checked this out after playing the absolutely amazing Paradise wad, was really really impressed with the levels in that pack and how well the gameplay mod played within it. Thank you for making this it's own standalone thing, playing certain wads with this is absolute bliss and is that perfect level of "Vanilla+" that I love. Most gameplay mods come away feeling like novelties, or include a bunch of added bloat / overpowered stuff that ruins them when playing seriously, but this finds that sweet spot for me. You're a tad more powerful, but the enemies also take you to task in return, there's a really satisfying push and pull going on. As for issues, I had a few problems with Revenants and Arachnotrons getting stuck in geometry and otherwise being unable to attack me (Specifically Ancient Aliens MAP03 and a Scythe 2 level I don't remember). The difficulty might be a bit too high, I might just be inexperienced with the wads in question but things didn't feel like Ultra Violence, they felt like something harder. HMP felt a lot closer to Vanilla UV difficulty, not sure if that's intended. Also not a huge fan of not being able to get the Scrap Gun, but I assume that's on the block somewhere or I had just missed the pickup. It'd be cool to be able to toggle certain things on/off. I for one really enjoyed the inclusion of the Cyber Baron for many of the level packs I played, it didn't feel exactly like the vanilla Baron but it was a cool new challenge. Edit: Also had some pretty harsh ammo issues on a lot of levels, it seems to be tied in with the lesser splash damage of the Rocket Launcher. Any map that uses that a bunch has some issues.
  2. Fairweather

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    How about a more positive bent of things that I actually enjoy that some people might not? - Death Traps Especially in smaller levels or wads with many levels, springing an almost certain death trap on a player can be a really fun mix up in diffiulty and overall feel. There's nothing like almost finishing a level and having 8 chaingunners surround you when you hit what you believe to be the exit switch. As long as the trap is elaborate, inventive or interactable enough and not something like an inescapable nukage pool :) - Not getting weapons/SSG for extended periods I think it's a hold over of me playing a lot of Ultimate Doom back in the day on the PlayStation, but making the player really work for their weapons shouldn't be avoided all the time imo. Slapping the start of the level with a Shotgun/SSG/Chaingun might be easier, but I feel it's a lot less rewarding. Sometimes having to save ammo, or use the Fist isn't all bad! - Action Starts Jumping into a map under attack is always fun for me, especially if I've just come from the last map with low health. It becomes a sort of puzzle where you scramble to find health and are blasting baddies as quickly as you can. All of this is not perfect design sure, but I've played some perfect and sterile megawads in my time and there's a sort of invert where the maps just start to blend together when there's no out-there or abrasive designs.
  3. Fairweather

    The DWIronman League dies to: Scythe

    Pretty happy with how far I got considering I'm a massive newbie to playing Doom stuff, especially on PrBoom. Never played Scythe, which I know makes me a bit of an outlier here, as I've heard the name thrown about long beforehand. There were some total shit-your-pants moments in that run, I'm very surprised I survived the Chaingunner trap in MAP08. The drop-down on MAP06 was also pretty brutal, and that was one of the most cramped Dead Simple remakes I've ever played. Died in MAP10 to the death exit, which for whatever reason did not work for me, that sucks! I did like that I never truly felt safe, every button and item pickup was just seeping with the feeling of dread. A lot of them felt perfect for this kind of ironman style deal, quickly acclimating to seemingly completely overwhelming odds felt great. Demo: (Category 1) Used: PrBoom+ (Complevel 2) Dead on: Map 10 (at 00:21:28)
  4. Fairweather

    The DWIronman League dies to: Abcess

    Hey y'all, died in map04 in category 1 but cannot find my demo file. I ran from a shortcut with the correct target parameters and everything, does prboom+ store them somewhere other than the directory it's in? If not, that was pretty fun and I hope I can get a good cat1 showing next time!