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  1. Danz

    The 128 kb mapping extragavanza "challenge"*

    Ep 2 map slot, bitte schön~
  2. Danz

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Doom(guy) Slayer grew tired of Quake Champions and jumped over to have a nice little sword fight in Unreal Championship 2.
  3. Danz

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Something something quick limit-removing mapping.
  4. Danz

    What gun is the Doom 64 marine holding?

    Small Fucking Gun 9000
  5. I forgot to post about the tiny update I did for my map few days ago. I made a mistake in the red key area where the lift's linedef action was S1 instead of SR, making the player unable to leave the room. A very stupid mistake on my part. https://www.dropbox.com/s/g875mip2e9s3es0/64kb-danz.zip?dl=1
  6. There's the Doomsnd program made by MTrop that converts wav files to snd fairly easily. It should probably work with no problems. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1149456
  7. Danz

    What's 1 quirky thing about the place you live?

    It's where World War 1 started :)
  8. I did some minor changes in my map, nothing big just some tweaking of certain areas to make it easier to combat revenants. Tho i upped the monster count a bit compensate for that change. 64kb-danz.zip oh and the wad file is now 64.0 kb :)
  9. Sorry for bumping, but I did some minor texture fixing just in case you need to know. Few areas had some nasty texture misalignments which I didn't want to leave by. I've updated the link in my previous post.
  10. Alright, I've finished my map too. Hopefully I managed to balance it properly as well. Tested on chocolate and crispy doom. Has skill settings, but mostly was tested on UV and HMP. Contains around 60-70 monsters. Expect no revenants in this map. Name: Ichthyosis Map slot in the wad: MAP21 (due to different sky usage) Theme: Episode 3 / Hell / Skintek Size: 63.2 kb Music: XtraBobby.wad - D_E2M5 "Behind You" Requires 64ktexpack.wad. Also contains custom music in the separate wad. Download: 64kb-danz.zip Screenshot:
  11. Hope I'm not late on this, been working on this slowly these past several hours. Might have it ready by tomorrow. It's an ep 3/inferno themed vanilla level I'm going for.