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  1. Morpheus666

    1 Level Wad: The Devils Wrath

    holy crap! these screenshots look amazing! great job! i'm going to do a review soon My review: The places that you visit are straight out of the minds of what every would assume hell would be like, Burning flames and red accompany you with archaic rocks and Monuments for the dark lord abound, But the place this wad shows is at it's game play.. I don't quite know if the doom wad was suppose to be a slaughter map of some sort but if you decide to play the map know that there is about a million enemies in the map and they are unrelenting and not forgiving, Game play consists of balancing on a knife's blade, one misplaced shot or step could be the difference between you surviving the onslaught and becoming among the many causalities you see scattered across the hell map. While visually stunning and making great use of textures and lighting the doom wad seems a tad unfair in some portions, (2 Cyber demons back to back with Mancubi on both sides?!!?!) Like stated before it is a incredibly difficult on even "Hurt me plenty" I pity the poor bastard who wants to play nightmare mode... Overall a solid 9/10 in my book
  2. Morpheus666

    How do people get Jobs these days?

    I now the struggle, it took me a good 7 months of nonstop applying to random places before i finally got a hit, As of late it is my first job i ever worked and i was immediately met with harsh criticism.(personally i absolutely hate it) i was to them the "Ignorant teen punk who got a job because they couldn't mooch off my parents anymore" (even though that completely isn't the case i felt like that's what everyone was thinking) Now i'm not too smart when it comes to how to run a successful business,But i know for a fact that the greatest leaders used Deceit and lies to force people into submission and to do what they were told and not question there authority,At my job Lately they have been firing employee's left and right and i have a strong reason to believe is that theses people (many who have worked for the company for decades) are asking for more hours and more raises in pay and asking to be treated better by the Corporation. Well that's not in the interest of capitalism, In that it's "Lets make the most money possible, in the shortest amount of time, without caring about who we have to step on in the process, Just as long as it makes us as Shitload of cash." The job's basic is they want to replace the previous staff with new people who don't know what to do in the world and will willingly work for half of a normal paycheck and accept that fact and not cause complaints or draw attention to it. Capitalism is great and all, but only if your on the People making the money spectrum of it.
  3. Morpheus666

    Games You Hated But Played Anyway

    I used to purposefully play trash games to make fun of them but then there was one...One that literally broke me and to this day i can't understand why it freaking exists: Ken's Labyrinth, now i know the game is suppose to be a weird wacky adventure but after playing 6 hours of it i felt like i needed to go to a AA meeting to detoxify myself from the drug induced haze brought on by playing this game. It by all means isn't a bad game, it actually is a really neat Wolf3d like game, but the weird enemies and Levels of mazes that twisted time itself were too much for my brain to handle. I ended up beating it but only because i took weekly breaks from it, (It brought on a rage sometimes because of BS deaths that i literally broke a few keyboards playing it.)
  4. Morpheus666

    The Revenent Program- a short Fanfiction

    i have decided that a Doom wad based on this story might be a incredibly bad idea and have ceased development of the wad. (i still have the wad but i don't think i will continue working on it.)
  5. (The story you are about to read is a fan fiction about a upcoming wad of mine and should be read before playing the doom mod.) (Kinda based off DOOM 1993/Doom 2016) Transcript Started: The date is March 3rd 2027, I am currently on-route to the Phobos Research laboratory, I DR. Jackson Dawn, have been assigned to help researchers on working on experimentation involving Teleportation and weapons research. I am employed by the UAC Corporation and have a notable history as being among the many people who were working on the Sonar bomb, as well as advancements in Weapon research as the highly successful "Photon Plasma Rifle" which has been added to the ever-growing arsenal of the UAC Marine corps. Currently we are working on a new weapon Jokingly named the BFG (BIG F#$%^& GUN).Now that the introduction is out of the way i must attend to my duties, signing off Transcript ended. Transcript Started: March 4th 2027 What i am about to tell you is entirely true and i know people will not believe me when i say it but i swear i know what i saw... The day started like any other, i woke up and started my day by taking my Instant meal pills.That day it was Spinach casserole with cheesy sauce as well as a hint of Steak and Cherry wine. I remember feeling happy as i really enjoyed taking the pills, it saved us scientists the need to eat and stop working, we were able to take them whenever we needed and it would give us all the vitamins and feelings of just enjoying a full meal without the need to waste time actually eating the real thing. I distinctly feeling something different on the Phobos base,for whatever reason there was a shift in the atmosphere of the base, kinda dark and foreboding. I got dressed and headed to the Elevator for the Zeta section of the research department. As i was walking by. I vaguely remember hearing 3 employee's asking how anyone could work down in the zeta sector,I of course had heard many trivial stories about seeing apparitions and the constant whispers that would occasionally drive a mechanic to quit or request off the base. I of course being a man of science and putting my belief in logic, denounced the stories as utter rubbish...(i later learned i was very wrong to think that..) I made my way into the creaky elevator, it's smooth grey metal texture glowed off the harsh yellow lights, the elevator screamed it's mechanical howl as it slowly descended to the darkened zeta sector, i had always hated the lack of lighting in the section, the lights almost never worked properly and were always experiencing power surges which made the whole bases lighting system flicker occasionally.The elevator halted as it began to open the soft metal doors, the dimly lit hallway came into view, it's darkened metal panels on the wall reflected off the concrete floor, casting the light in strange orthogonal pattern, every few feet a dark patch filled the hallway.As i walked my way down the hall, the clicking of my boots hitting the pavement the only sound in the luminous darkness, i stopped dead in my tracks as i noticed a figure hunched in the darkness. Concerned for my well being i stopped and pondered what they were doing.. Instinctively against my greater judgement i called out to the figure: "Hello? do you require assistance?" i called out into the darkness, the figure did not seem to respond to my question. Approaching closer i saw to my horror that the figure was not what they appeared to be...It stood up in the distance, it's back facing me, out of the darkness i faintly made out the reddish tint that it's skin had, it stood 6 ft tall, it's body mainly human in appearance but almost like it had no skin. The faint outline of bones and muscle tissues came into view as it slowly turned around. In my shock i saw it's face clearly as it stabbed it way into the harsh yellow light, It's movements were Jerky and stiff,almost like someone who hasn't stood up in a long time,It Staggered into the light and i clearly saw it in it's entirely.. It had skin but the skin was like a membrane, the inside clearly visible through the translucent skin, It's bones stuck out giving it the appearance of a living skeleton, it's face (if you could call it that) was a clear visible Skull, 2 milk white eyes positioned deep within it's sockets cut straight through you, protruding out of it's chest was a mangled metal mess, Bone and metal were forcibly fused to the skeletal structure, i noticed out of the seams of the metal was exposed organs and intestines, all of which were barely held within the creature's chest.I noticed it was bleeding, a pool of dark red blood began to form on the white concrete, filling the gaps in the tiled flooring. it had 2 metal tubes fused to it's shoulders, both were blackened and had wires and metal falling out the sides of it, it cocked it head down at me, slowly it came within a few inches of my face, the horrible smell of it's breath hit me. At this moment all i could think of was the pungent smell of rot and the fact that this thing might kill me at any moment. I tried my best to carefully step back but ended up slipping on the bloody pool and landing on by back. i looked up quickly to see that Horrible skull tilt back and utter a ghastly inhuman primal scream that chilled my body to the bone.."I'm going to die..." the thought racing in my mind as i stared at the lumbering beast. A mechanical hum filled the air, the sound seeming to come from the creature, the tubes on it's shoulders fluttered a brilliant yellow light which occasionally lit up the glossy hallway. Suddenly without warning the humming turned into a explosion,I was thrown back from the skeleton, blood and guts were splattered all over the walls and ceiling, blood dripping steadily, My freshly washed white clothes turned a deep red,gore and chunks of the creature were plastered onto my clothes, through blurry vision i saw the burning remains of the creature, the horrible smell of charred flesh filling my lungs, i slumped against the wall,My thoughts racing to try to comprehend what i just witnessed,through the loud buzzing in my ears i vaguely remember hearing people shouting and screaming, in my last few moments of consciousness i distinctly heard a low raspy voice utter the phrase "The gate must not be opened.." echo in my head.. then i succumbed to the darkness of unconsciousness.. Fast forward a couple of days later, I was discharged from the UAC Phobos base and was claimed "Clinically unfit for further work". They diagnosed me and said that the Creature was a hallucination brought on by Lack of sleep and "Space Psychosis".( I have researched this term and for the life of me have found zero reference in any medical notes ever published) After i was fired and my Career and reputation was left Tarnished, i was sent back to earth, I "took" medication that was suppose to cure the "Space psychosis" but i didn't actually do that since i realized that they fired me because i saw something that they were desperately trying to keep hidden from the staff and general public. My experience was a large Conspiracy that was orchestrated by the UAC to cover up the real thing. Thankfully i had before i was taken out of the Base downloaded over 16 gigabytes of data on a portable driver, they didn't search my Luggage and i was able to pretty much download most of the restricted files on the UAC'S Military research, (seeing as i had acess to it) The virus i planted on the one work terminal had done it's job and was sending new files to my computer using the USA'S Satellite service. It took me a long time to figure out how to avoid detection but i was already suspicious of the UAC'S military science department to begin with. As i panned through the millions of logs and files in my little folder,My eyes hurt and the desperate feeling of needing sleep crept in. The one upside to working as a researcher was i knew exactly how to get through the fatigue,I quietly sat at my darkened desk, the ambient light of the laptop the only source of lighting in the room, i noticed in the files a new folder had popped up, a initial was displayed on the folder's icon: TRP. I sat for a moment trying to come up with what the initial meant, quickly i tapped the folder, the smooth glass quickly sliding against my hand, the Folder opened with a video, The Thumbnail for it was of a white room, a Shirtless man was strapped to a black leather table, a large metallic tube was aimed directly at him from above. I was very hesitate to click the video, to my horror what i witnessed i can't describe, the one thing i do remember very distinctly was the horrible inhuman screams of agony that came from that man. I was immediately sickened by the video, reaching for the can i reproduced my afternoon lunch, spitting for a bit i realized one thing in that instance.... The UAC was the embodiment of evil...and they needed to be stopped immediately.. The thoughts raced through my mind, the creature i had saw was in fact a failed experiment by the UAC that had somehow escaped containment,I reluctantly read the article and notes about the experiment and how it was a "Massive success" i was entranced in a inescapable Rage that could not be satisfied, My better judgement was overcame by the one thought that captivated my mind: "What are you going to do?" the Raspy voice asked. "Tear them apart.." my mind said. "give into your rage..and end there reign of terror.." The raspy voice replied. A smile grew on my face as the plan came to me.. I walked into the store, the Guns mounted to the walls filled me with happiness, A few Minutes later i walked out with a Springfield Rifle, a AK47,A COLT 45, and a Glock18, Knowing that they would be suspicious i went to over 9 different stores miles apart and collected enough ammunition for my weapons that could serve a whole army. I had obtained the weaponry but the biggest part of my plan was finding the right Location... I researched for days where all the UAC Earth bases were located, which few were actually linked to the Phobos base and How large there staff was. I found my target, a small town east of my house called Noir. The Research base was easy to break into as it only had a short concrete wall which was surrounded by a dense forest. My plan was simple, Take my Duffel bag of guns and go and take out as many UAC Employee's as humanly possible, And the date for the attack was ensured that the CEO "Johnathon Hart" who was leading the UAC Military Research was going to be there for a Monthly scheduled meetup with many of the people responsible for TRP. I went through my notes on the way to the Research base, According to the blueprint to the Base there was a secret sub-basement which housed a Archaeological teleportation device, Which following the next day would be activated to Phobos and they would use the Archaic teleporter to send a man through to earth. According to the research i had unearthed on it,All signs pointed to it being a portal to another dimension. I figured out that the goal wasn't to make teleportation possible but to open a Rift in Our Reality and explore a new Dimension, Only issue is that we cannot know or control what could come through that rift.. Knowing that i had such a tight frame to commit this rebellious act i needed to get to the base way before the meeting began. I don't recall driving very much as it was mostly just a blur of green tree's and highway the whole time. Opening my computer up i typed out what you are currently reading.. March 5th 2027, (1 day before the DOOM episodes) If you are reading this then that means that i have gone forward with my mission and have activated my last resort, This transmission was to help spread awareness about the true nature of the UAC corporation, as well as my motive to whoever decides to investigate the event that has occurred. I will say that i have no remorse for the actions that i have committed and that even though i don't condone violence, i did what i thought was for the best for mankind..Chances are that if you are reading my case-file story then i have failed my mission and it is required that someone else bears the torch to bring down the UAC and stop them before they wipe out mankind.. Signed, Jackson Dawn. END OF TRANSMISSION
  6. Morpheus666

    demons killed over the years

    bigger question, where do the demons go when they die?
  7. Doom's game at a core is a Sandbox of untapped greatness, with modding you can shape and form entire new games using this engine,Not only did they give us a game which defined the fps genre but also a great creative output, Doom modding appeals to everyone because of the fact that it's relatively simple (if you know what your doing) and people can make anything they can come up with, which in turn extends the longevity of Doom in our social culture. (it's going to be around and discussed till hell freezes over) (I'm Not sorry for the joke)
  8. Morpheus666

    Why are Doom 2 maps so much more unique than Doom 1?

    I'm probably going to get burned but IMO i personally dislike Doom 2's Maps, (I've only ever played up until Level 6) Reasons: Doom 2 felt like playing a casual Slaughter map at times, (nothing wrong with that BUT) the sloppiness of how fast they shoved doom 2 out the door is blatantly obvious to me, it lacked the quirky "Soul" of Doom 1 in which rather then going full blown gun's blazing rampage, Doom 1 had a pace and the maps had a coherent "story line". Doom 3 kinda did something along those lines but (WE WON'T DISCUSS THAT ATM) Also call me a sucker for nostalgia (Doom 1 was the first "old" fps I've ever played)
  9. I had a weird hobby of Reading True-crime and Doom was mentioned in a BUNCH of cases as being the cause of it, Curious after reading Raging comments condemning the game and telling of how "Evil" and "Violent" the game was (i took these with a grain of salt since how gory could 1993 games be?) so i jumped onto dosgamesarchive.com and played the DOS version of Doom 95. And after playing the first few levels i really enjoyed it so much i decided to buy it on Steam and play a legit version of it with better graphics, Then i learned of the MASSIVE modding community and jumped headfirst into the scene.
  10. Morpheus666

    What's the best time to make a wad?

    for me personally? 3am after slamming a Redbull (since most of my creativity is at it's max when i'm on a sugar rush) I ONLY DO THIS LIKE 1 TIME A WEEK! any other time i use coffee
  11. Morpheus666

    Blood or Serious Sam?

    Played through Serious Sam First encounter and it honestly was what got me into the Slaughter-map spectrum of Doom mods. I played through Blood and i kinda never finished it because of it's difficulty, but i think i enjoyed the more vibrant and colorful levels.
  12. Morpheus666

    Technoir- Cyberpunk mapset

    Update! Main Spawn area is Updated and looks a Whole lot better compared to the other one from before!
  13. @Jason Sorry, i didn't mean to sound like a dick but it kinda pissed me off a little, (not you doing this) but putting yourself in a situation where someone could easily screw you over. Considering how the way you chat and behave i'm going to assume you are a young person and are easily frustrated by things, I get this! i too am like that when things don't go my way i get emotional and angry, but the best way to deal with that is to push through, DON'T STOP or quit because then you are just planting a negative habit into your mindset and it can lead to a bunch of issues. (like giving up entirely on projects before they even get off the ground) (i've done this WAY TOO OFTEN) Please don't take this the wrong way and think i'm trying to Degrade you! i'm not i'm just trying to help you understand my concerns and maybe? some of my advice will help a bit.
  14. Morpheus666

    Technoir- Cyberpunk mapset

    (this pack is Highly WIP) STORY: The Year is 2098, the world has been conquered by Demons, All resistance was crushed by a unknown creature which calls itself "The System". You play as Detective Archer (formally known as William Blazkowicz IV (Great grandson of BJ Blazkowicz) After witnessing the death of his Father and mother he vows a bloody vendetta against "The System"he Pledges that he will not stop till he tears down the empire the Demons have built on earth.. GAME-PLAY: Dark gritty maps set in areas ranging from Urban to Giant Empires of Hell. New Scifi weaponry which is sure to scare the "Hell" out of your enemies Soundtrack inspired by: Carpenter Brut/Gunship/Perturbator Strip-club- Redux
  15. this is very sad that someone would not be willing to try to improve there skills, I know i struggle with mapping but at least i put some effort into it.