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  1. I played Nuts.wad with this mod, and it turned into a survival horror game lmfao. It got to the very point where even a regular zombieman was making me recoil in horror at the thought of what it could potentially throw at me. 10/10 mod, would get traumatized again
  2. Morpheus666

    Fav shooter before 2000?

    Postal, Blood, SIN all great games tbh
  3. Morpheus666

    No Escape (cancelled)

    My opinions on the wad are pretty much what has already been said.
  4. Morpheus666

    OVERTURE - My first map ever

    For a starter map, it's pretty fun! i loved the bit of challenge it posed, the layout was quick and simple and worked very well. I really loved the detailing and height variations within the map, i think for your first map this is a pretty good start! Also the Music for the level was really good.
  5. Morpheus666

    Why Does It Feel Good To Kill In Video Games?

    I personally think it's a personality thing, from me personally i don't get any "good" feelings from killing enemies in games, what makes it feel good i think is the sense of accomplishment you get from clearing out a area of enemies and surviving against it (especially if it's a difficult challenge). The whole idea behind the psychology of how video games shape people's morality/emotions is a long and winding tale which predates the 1990's, namely in part due to a lack of understanding and religiously motivated propaganda which attempted to demonize games instead of actually addressing the real problems in the world. Games in general are a double edged sword, on one hand they can allow people a peaceful way to let out there emotions in a good way, while it also can become a obsession and can ruin someone's social life. The human race in general is a very violent species, and the fact that Violence is a "normal" part of life now is because of our desensitization to it by the Movies,games, Tv shows we watch. I think the massive appeal of hyper-violent games are the difficulty/challenge they pose, the act of killing itself isn't something that gives the player pleasure (at least most people), So what does this long winded dribble mean? The Short answer: It's the satisfaction of overcoming the odds and beating a challenge the game poses. Long answer: Because violence in our society is considered a "normal" part of life
  6. Morpheus666

    Ambitious mapset idea

    I have a quick 5 question for you: 1. What resources will you use for this project? 2. do you have experience in Doom Mapping/modding? 3. Who will be working with you on this project? 4. Is this project attainable (as in could you make a demo for it within 3 years?) 5. Is the project from the heart, or a means to seek a notable feat in the community? If you answered "No" or "idk" to any of these questions, it's time to put the brakes on before heading head-first into this project, A big mistake alot of new Modders make is overscoping there first projects. I did it, and so did alot of other new mappers, you imo must start small, Make a few single maps and work on understanding what is considered good "Doom level design". You can do this by playing other famous Wads and seeing what they did and try to figure out why they work so well, or by learning the basics by reading through what John Romero said himself: links: https://www.helldoradoteam.com/2018/12/19/john-romeros-level-design-tips/
  7. Morpheus666

    Doom 64 is flawed

    As a big fan of Doom 64, i get some of the critique's you listed in your OP Post. However i will say that it seems to me like your trying to like something you don't actually enjoy, Doom 64 is one of those games where it's widely praised by the community however not everyone actually likes it or will enjoy it. You have to be prepared to go into the game and forget everything you knew about any of the other Doom games, because while it still is Doom by heart/gameplay, it's a entirely different and refreshing take on the Doom Formula, it's imo no different then Doom 3. It's a game in the series that not everyone will like, and that's completely fine to not like it, everyone is allowed to have a opinion.
  8. Morpheus666

    Chase - Megawad by SPD7693. Work In Progress

    I tested out the levels that was within the Project so far, and as nicely as i can put it: "You can't learn to run when you haven't even mastered crawling". I don't say this to be mean spirited, the story for your megawad is a interesting one that i honestly would like to see fully realized, HOWEVER I feel the scope of the project, and also seeing as your a very new member to the doom community, i don't think it would be beneficial to you as a mapper to continue this Megawad without the proper understanding of what makes a "good" Doom level. That term is passed around often in the doom community and you probably think "ok, what is a GOOD map?", the answer to that is up to the creator, there is no right or wrong way to make a Doom map, HOWEVER there are tips and tricks you can use to make your map look more polished and up to par with some of the Vanilla maps in Doom. Upon playing them i noticed many, many mistakes that a first try Mapper does, to list off the most common: Misaligned textures Boxy level designs These two were very glaring while i played, i recommend perhaps checking these sources out before you decide to continue making this project, I say all this because i do want to see your idea come to a reality, but at it's current state i feel like you can do so much more. How to avoid falling in to New Mapper Plights: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/126593-a-different-kind-of-beginners-guide-to-doom-modding/ A great guide on how to improve the visual quality of your maps, Told by the man himself: John Romero https://doom.fandom.com/wiki/Tips_for_creating_good_WADs
  9. Morpheus666

    Doom II map inspired by Blood

    Hello! i tried your Wad out and I have a few questions tbh, As a big fan of Blood i was ecstatic to see someone had made a doom level in the same vein as Blood. This Feeling quickly turned when i was met with a Nearly impossible, frustrating Gorefest of Literal Seas of enemies. Pro's: There was some pretty interesting usage of gimmicks throughout this level, My favorite being the ability to get ammo at will from the pillars in the center, The Shootible Buttons also were a nice touch, The Opening room is chaotic and a perfect introduction to how this map continues on till the end (i wasn't able to beat it) Con's: While i do think the texturing does kind of resemble Cheogh's Boss fight, it lacks in the moody lighting/ambient tracks that Blood is famous for, in terms of difficulty ig you could say it's "as hard as blood" but from the view of a vague notion of what makes blood hard, IMO Completely misses the mark on what makes Blood's Unforgiving difficulty fun. The Actual map design is pretty bland, After my playthrough i didn't remember anything interesting about the level, It was a good attempt i think, but perhaps a better understanding about the inner workings of what makes Blood Stand out would be the best. (also couldn't hurt to import custom Blood textures for added effect) i'd give this map a 5/10, It's got good intentions but falls to mediocracy
  10. Morpheus666

    Help to EdIting Sprites!!

    change the 0 to a 1? I'm not 100% on what the digits do in Sprites but i know that if it's animated it has to be numerical (1,2,3,ext), meanwhile if it's a static object it can use A1 which just tells the Engine it's a static sprite with rotation. EDIT: All of the sprites should be FCANA#, So from 1-3 it should look like this: FCANA1 FCANA2 FCANA3
  11. Morpheus666

    Help to EdIting Sprites!!

    in order to replace a sprite, you must name it the same as the sprite you wish to replace Like if I have a mannequin sprite and I want to change the Tech Pillar to this new sprite, I'd rename my Mannequin sprite to ELEC A1, because that is the technical sprite name that the tech Pillar uses
  12. Morpheus666

    Squonker 3 | Now on Idgames

    oh lol! didn't realize it was a speedmap session, i will try Map04 again and see what's up and give it a proper review, afterall i want to be as thorough as possible (otherwise it drives me nuts lol)
  13. Morpheus666

    Squonker 3 | Now on Idgames

    So i played it, and i have to say first: Congrats on releasing your Sequel Community Project! HOWEVER, there are a few things that i will talk about, And in order to give everyone a fair chance, I'll break up each map and write about my thoughts/opinions on it: (the whole playtest was played on HMP Difficulty) EDITED TO INCLUDE MAP04 REVIEW! Map01: Great starter to this project, the Medieval textures paired with the great detailing's makes it a very memorable first starting map, It's difficulty is pretty good, and i really love how tightly crafted each section of the map is, Solid work! Map02: The start to a Promising map, But WAY TOO SHORT! you also get bonus points for using "Going Down The Fast Way" as the map music XD. Map03: This one is a bit more to talk about, Essentially it boils down to Switches and Traps, which can be good way to throw the player off, but become very easy to recognize after the first 3 times it is used. For starters i felt like hitting a brick wall while playing this map, The enemies that ambush the player are too High tier, coupled with the cramped level architecture makes it a nightmare to play on anything higher then HNTR. Besides these big glaring issues, i really do like the way it looks, the texturing shines the most with this map and the many different ways you can use them. Map04: This map is one of my Favorites in this project! It's simplistic but super detailed design and wonderful use of textures feel very much like something from Heretic or Hexen, but also stays true to the doom formula and adds it's own touch of personality to it. Really solid map! Map05: Map 5 is a back to back favorite of mine, It's interesting gimmick and tough difficulty shine through greatly, the higher Enemy count feels like a natural progression of the map pack, Showing off more of the Medieval stylings that this wad seems to love lol, Overall Solid map Map06: It has a wonderful atmosphere, but plays like a brick. The Main issue i found was how cramped the level was inside the castle, There was barely any room to deal with the enemies coming at you, and also getting caught up on level geometry constantly was a bit annoying. My Best advice to you would be to make the hallways more roomy, but it is a great start to a map. Map07: OK, i know that this map was a elaborate troll lmfao, at first glance i was take aback by how weird and just bad looking it was, but as i played more it got slightly better, though i feel like Progress that the last 2 maps made was lost in the name of this weird gimmick, Still not bad, but could be better Map08: I do not like this map tbh, the amount of enemies and the area designed are not very well thought out, it's "Shove a million enemies in a room and be done" kind of deal that doesn't stack up against what i played before, A pretty disappointing conclusion to this overall pretty good Mapset. With all this said in mind, i'd give it a solid 6/10, A good effort all around but it needs some work.
  14. Morpheus666

    16 Rotations

    Ok first thing you need to do is draw the missing frames, secondly you would need to know how to program Decorate or something like it to replace all the enemies to use these new sprite rotations, and after all that stressful and tedious work, make a video and never release the wad for it lol. I'm Kidding on that last part, don't do that. But you can see why it's never been attempted before, it's a long, boring, and tedious job no one is willing to do because they could be doing a million and one other things then a mod that adds virtually nothing to the base games, and if your talking about doing this for EVERY MONSTER in both Doom 1 AND 2, it probably would take years to do that.
  15. Oh boy, i think i might have to make a Txt file on my desktop to send to some people I've playtest for, Can't tell you how many times this thing pops up. But overall great post, definitely should be pinned