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  1. Biodegradable

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Akeldama

    MAP12 - Urban Strike HMP | Continuous Play with Saves | Running on GZDoom + Hellrider This was another really fun one combat-wise. Densely packed with demons with teleporting trickery and sneaky monster closets that kept me on my toes and would nail me in my second death for this megaWAD. Feels very much coming off the heels of MAP10 as the heat continues to be turned up as I found myself close to death on multiple occasions. My secret finding ability is still woeful, though there is a funny moment that folks who watch my footage will probably get a kick out of regarding that. Thematically, this map seems of have more in common with MAP02 and MAP08 in that more industrial kind of vibe with its layout and texture work as opposed to the snowy medieval aesthetic the majority of the megaWAD has been presenting to us thus far. So, while it does share a more drab theme like those ones, it more than makes up for it with its balls-to-the-wall combat and overall flow that kept things action-packed and engaging. Gameplay footage:
  2. Biodegradable

    Are there any mods that help you find where to go?

    Ah, but mate, part of the fun of exploring a Doom map is their non-linear nature that encourages exploration and trying to figure out their progression, kind of like a light puzzle. Getting lost in a map can be a little frustrating sure, and I've even quit some because of it, but it's all about sharpening your observation skills and recalling certain textures mappers use to indicate elevators and perhaps a cheeky button or skull switch you may have missed.
  3. Biodegradable

    Random Image Thread

  4. I vividly remember playing it keyboard only back when I was a kid back in 1996, but I'm keyboard & mouse all the way now, baby.
  5. Biodegradable

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Akeldama

    MAP11 - The Glacier Base HMP | Continuous Play with Saves | Running on GZDoom + Hellrider My sentiments exactly, @Deadwing by Satan's glorious red arse, this map is H U G E ! Ahem... yes, quite. I was honestly a little overwhelmed by the sprawling majesty waverider has laid out for me here, but I soldiered on and had a blast. I even manage to find two out of the three secrets. I did get a little lost at one point, but figured it out in the end. Like I said, the layout is really big and really cool and progression, while a tad bit odd, was cool. I kind of went all over the place because of the sheer scale of it all, but thankfully, there's no right or wrong way to complete a Doom map. It's about time a Cyberdemon showed up here. I was starting to wonder if Team Akeldama all hated the big galoot hehe. All the large scale battle grounds were fun and kept me running around like a maniac, figuring out the best methods to dispatching them all. I think my only complaint with this map is just how many Lost Souls there are. I can't stand the little bastards, but waverider seems to love 'em because they were bloody everywhere! YUCK! The fucking Doom equivalent of the mosquito and oh how I hate them. Irritating little blighters. What was I talking about again? Oh yes! This map's definitely going to be in my top favourite list. Just a lot of good fun to be had here. Gameplay footage:
  6. This feels like very much a spiritual successor to your map, Brutal Breakout, Clip, and I applaud you. A terrific map full of dastardly traps and tricky secrets, you make Romero and McGee proud, fam. Incidentally, seeing everyone else's playthroughs only further tells me how appalling my secret-finding ability is lmao. UV | GZDoom + Hellrider
  7. We need to find you a profile pic, mate heh

  8. Biodegradable

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Akeldama

    MAP10 - Hangar Facility HMP | Continuous Play with Saves | Running on GZDoom + Hellrider This one felt packed to the rafters with demons and I caught my first death here, though I feel it was mainly to me being careless and sloppy, so it's a really clumsy death. The map itself is really wide, making it feel like more of a slaughtermap but it's also got a lot of verticality to play around with. I think this is the map I've had the most fun with in terms of combat, just lots of little thrilling moments for me personally with the different set pieces. Level design is on the more interesting side and I liked the use of heights and the monster closets towards the end certainly had me panicking and running for cover hehe. This one really had me feeling more of the heat I felt back in MAP07 and I hope there's more where that came from for MAP11. There is beauty in its simplicity and, although MAP09 was better in my opinion, this one is also a better stand-out to me. Both of them I like a lot better than MAP08 and feel more in line with MAP07 with more unique level designs that keep you guessing. Or at the very least, they do for a Doom greenhorn like me ;^) :^P Yeah, just lots of fun to be had. Very much enjoyed this one for the combat scenarios alone. Gameplay footage:
  9. Biodegradable

    Doom 64 for Doom II - v1.4 released, /idgames link is up

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but do I need to download the Motherdemon sprites sheet png for this to work? I'm just a bit confused seeing how it's a separate download link.
  10. Biodegradable

    Blood 2 does not deserve the hate.

    The only positive thing to come out of that pile of unfinished slag that was utterly fucked by corporate meddling is Civvie11's old 3-part video on the subject.
  11. Biodegradable

    Is TNT Evilution good, bad OR okay

    Yeah, must've been MAP03 as I don't recognise that screenshot's architecture.
  12. Biodegradable

    Quake 2 Or Half-Life 1?

    I respect both of them, but Half-Life is much more fun and has greater replay value in my opinion thanks to its campaign constantly throwing you in new scenarios. Mind you, I think any self-respecting FPS fan should play Quake 2 at least once out of curiosity, but I wouldn't blame them if they never feel compelled to play it again or even finish it, especially if they're coming fresh off Quake 1.
  13. Biodegradable

    Is TNT Evilution good, bad OR okay

    @Dark Pulse I don't remember which one of the two it was, honestly. I just remember finding myself wandering around in circles not finding any way to progress further, got annoyed, and then quit. :P
  14. Biodegradable

    Is TNT Evilution good, bad OR okay

    I got stuck progression-wise during the third or fourth map (I genuinely can't remember) and quit out of frustration. I'd go back to it, but honestly, I've been finding much more interesting WADs to play and have also been replaying Doom 1 and 2 frequently as well. I don't really feel compelled to give it a second chance any time soon as I wasn't exactly drawn in by it. It's probably going to sit on the backburner for some time among my "to-do" list.
  15. Biodegradable

    Perilous Warp - Fast-Paced Indie Shooter

    I had a go at the demo. Postive stuff first: It nails the creepy abandoned techbase atmosphere perfectly well, its texturing is really cool and great for world-building, graphically its chunky and old-school but has a modern sheen to it but not too shiny mind you, so it doesn't look like someone smeared vaseline everywhere. The level progression is also delightfully old-school, emphasising exploration and I even found a couple of secrets too! It also has a modern gaming aspect of weapon upgrading, but it's really simple. You only get to use an upgrade station once on a single weapon and there's no choices to be made. The machine just gives it an upgrade and burps the weapon back out to you. Now onto the negative stuff: Unfortunately, the aspect of the game that needs the most work has everything to do with its combat and enemies. The shooting feels pretty crummy, sadly. You don't get a lot of feedback and everything feels kind of flimsy and lacks impact. I upgraded the shotgun to a double-barrel and it really lacks any kind of OOMPH you'd expect in both sound and recoil. The enemies are very stiff, especially the main alien humanoid thing you fight. He has a very fast shooting laser that fires out in 5 bursts, but it's lightning fast making him basically a hitscanner. You can see his projectiles but they're almost impossible to dodge as the player character is stupidly slow. You're on ALWAYS RUN mode with the shift key giving you a "walk" option, but you already feel like you're walking and it makes it impossible to dodge anything. The best you can do is duck in and out of cover as you fight them around corners, but forget fighting these guys in a more open area, especially if you're fighting more than one. There's a section where you're ambushed by three of 'em and I got creamed by 'em over a dozen times. Speaking of the enemies in a general sense, they're awfully stiff and not very well animated. There's no satisfaction whatsoever when killing them. They just flop over very slowly. They act like they're made out of soft rubber and it's kind of lame. The game's slated for an October release, but this demo sadly doesn't leave me with the greatest impression. I do see some potential in other areas, so I'm still going to keep tabs on it. It's pretty nice to look at and the atmosphere is great, but oh boy, does it need to seriously improve its main shooting mechanics and enemies.