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  1. Biodegradable

    Anyone else annoyed by the back button not going back?

    Is this a recent thing or have you been tolerating it for a while? Are you only experiencing this phenomenon on DW and not on any other website? It sounds more like your browser is having a case of the brain-farts than anything else.
  2. Biodegradable

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #036

    Planet Altair1 Base (1995) My luck continues to withstand with 90s maps at the moment. This one isn't exactly what I'd call amazing, but it's a charming little map. A little claustraphobic and a bit reliant on monster closets, but it's a fun one to chill out with. It's piss-easy, but who says demon-slaying has to always be arduous chore, eh? Sometimes it's just nice to lean back and unwind as you feed Mr Imp his shotgun-pellet sandwich.
  3. Biodegradable

    Is Doomworld secured for the future ?

    It's an odd choice, but that's probably just me. I'd definitely prefer the ability to recover my old account by merging it with a new one should I lose access for whatever reason. Not sure why anyone WOULDN'T want that, but then again, let's interrogate one we know and find out: @Murdoch I call upon you, old chum. Why didn't you have your new account merged with your old one after your great return to DW? Did you have a particular reason or did nobody tell you about it?
  4. Biodegradable

    Is Doomworld secured for the future ?

    The beauty with this particular forum software is that old accounts can be merged with new ones, so any veteran member who wants access to their old account can always request it be done that way too!
  5. Biodegradable

    Is Doomworld secured for the future ?

    Considering the fact Ling previous left in 2003 and handed over lead admin duties to Bloodshedder until his eventual return in 2016, should he decide to leave active duty again, he'll likely hand it over to someone else who is willing. The most likely candidate being co-founder Mordeth whose still been active in his own admin duties this entire time. I'm sure the guys have some contingency plans in mind for different circumstances. @Linguica @Mordeth feel free to drop in here and fill in the blanks for us so we stop speculating. :^P
  6. Biodegradable

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #036

    I was just about to post this in thread #35, so your timing is impeccable @ICID lmfao. --- Deep Pit of the Damned (2004) So for the first map of the day, I stumbled across a dusty old one from @TwinBeast that has a simple, but rather intriguing premise that involves a fuck-ton of Archies. The skinny pyromaniacs are everywhere in this map with a veritable army of Zombiemen at their disposal. At first glance, I wouldn't blame a player for thinking TB was taking the piss, but don't be mistaken, there's a lot of thought put behind the design and progression. It's rather tricky, but any Doomer whose really familiarised themselves with the Archie's attack will be able to stand toe-to-toe with the opposition. It certainly took me a couple of tries and there's more than meets the eye here, I assure you. It's very simple but very cheeky. Depths of Hell (1998) I'm happy to report that I've found another 90s map that's actually really well made. It's a tad clautraphobic, but the design is really nice. The detailing is impeccable for its age and is really good fun. The progression is a little wonky, but nothing too confusing as the map is rather small so you won't feel lost for very long if you explore all its nooks and crannies. It's a little dull visually in the texture department, but more than makes up for it with its curious layout and really neat lighting. Not much else to say, really. It's just a cute little map and a standout from a lot of 90s trash I've endured in this series.
  7. Biodegradable

    The Varginha Incident Remake? (ON HOLD)

    Necroposting is fine if your post is relevant to the topic, so I wouldn't worry. You have been spared from your tar and feathering this day.
  8. Biodegradable

    Infernal Excavations - first finished map

    Pretty spicy little map you got here, mate. I had a ball with it.
  9. Biodegradable

    Deluge [GZDoom] [Standalone]

    Hey @FloodgateArts! I'm delighted to see you guys make a new thread for the project here. I'm still greatly anticipating this game. :^)
  10. Biodegradable

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #035

    House of DOOM! (1997) According to an ancient review by my man, @Doomkid, this is the greatest myhouse.WAD ever created! I've played my fair share of house maps in my short career and I'd say that statement is fairly accurate. For '97, this map holds up pretty well. The DoomCute is pretty strong and I loved the big garage especially. Bit disappointed there wasn't a DoomCute car inside but you can't win them all. The premise of the map is real simple: You just finished up in the bathroom taking a huge crap when suddenly your house has been invaded! The are demons absolutely everywhere! It's a rather hot-start with you being forced to scramble around the place, ducking and weaving about the place trying to locate some tools to fight off the uninvited guests that have rudely broken into your humble domicile. My only real complaint is just how stingy the ammo placement is on UV. It never feels like you're provided with enough ammo to deal with all the meat you need to put down, which grew rather frustrating at the end. Regardless, it's a 90s map that has a bit more charm than just being a novelty for its time and is worth playing, honestly. Definitely the best myhouse.WAD I've ever played, that's for sure.
  11. Biodegradable

    First Half of New WAD

  12. Biodegradable

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Random screenshot from @nicolas monti's new WAD, Rupture.