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  1. june gloom

    What is like to live in your country or city?

    I live in California's Central Coast. It's basically New England with almost no inclement weather: a collection of nothing little small towns surrounded by terrifyingly empty wilderness. In New England everything is deep, black woods, easy to get lost in; in the Central Coast it's just sheer cliffs you can't see. Either way, I refuse to leave town after dark.
  2. You've never seen Postal then. That movie accurately captured the sheer (mean-spirited) insanity of the FPS Postal games.
  3. Given how much Raven was basically a satellite studio of id for a long time, I'd really like to see a remaster of Heretic II.
  4. june gloom

    About the people who aren't here anymore

    I'm still around -- I just suck at forums these days, especially since I'm still bad at expressing myself in easily digestible ways to most people. (And I'm more political than some would like.) But I'm always game to talk about stuff.
  5. june gloom


    I was 11 years old when I first played Doom. I don't know that I'd let kids play Doom 2016/Eternal, but the lo-fi violence of a game from 1993 is probably okay for the average preteen whose emotional growth is on track (which, mine wasn't, but eh.)
  6. It might not be what you're looking for but there's a deeply unsettling vibe to parts of Ashes 2063/Afterglow.
  7. june gloom

    Prey. The film

    Considering Jacob's Ladder is practically the closest thing to a Silent Hill 2 movie we're gonna get... [edit] I'm aware JL predates SH2, I'm being facetious. If I had to actually put my brain to it I'd say Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier is a pretty close approximation of a Metal Gear Solid movie.
  8. june gloom

    get anything cool for christmas?

    For Christmas I nearly got kicked out again. And also wound up having to cancel a trip back home to see my family. Really done with this dumb holiday. Oh, I guess I got a few games. Most of which I bought myself.
  9. Yup. You get used to it after a while.
  10. This has been a thing in System Shock since the DOS days. It's basically a lack of perspective correction, much like the original Playstation had.
  11. june gloom

    What do you plan to get for Christmas?

    Do people actually do that? Or do they just try to include people who don't celebrate a nominally Christian holiday?
  12. june gloom

    What do you plan to get for Christmas?

    what do you mean
  13. june gloom

    Good free-to-play multiplayer computer games?

    Marathon via Aleph One.
  14. june gloom

    What do you plan to get for Christmas?

    Thanksgiving is also a difficult holiday due to its roots in a colonialist myth that borders on genocide denial. You can make arguments that it's possible to have a feast day detached from that origin but I totally understand why many people living in the US choose not to celebrate it.
  15. june gloom

    MMOs that you played?

    ESO has eaten my brain. It's all I think about.