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  1. I do like hip hop and for a while could actually give beginner-level lectures about the history of the form to my boomer family members, but in recent years I've moved away from most forms of music that aren't the stuff I listed. I'll still put on Kid Cudi anytime tho.
  2. june gloom

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I don't really play Doom much anymore. In fairness I'm overwhelmed with other projects, and I am playing through the games on stream, but just sitting down and trying new wads isn't something I do much like I used to.
  3. I listen to vaporwave, jazz, post-hardcore, dream pop and whatever the hell Ulver is doing. I used to love metal but I hate it now. I have a soft spot for 90s alt rock and I'm convinced Linkin Park is underrated genius.
  4. june gloom

    What movie do you dislike but every else loves?

    As someone who generally hates comedy as a genre I can see how someone could come to dislike Blazing Saddles. (I love Blazing Saddles, though.) But Blazing Saddles is more than a mere comedy.
  5. june gloom

    What movie do you dislike but every else loves?

    I agree. I did like Joker in spite of the fact that internet dorks idolize the character in general.
  6. june gloom

    Hey, remember Metroid Dread?

    It felt excessively hand-holdy even compared to Fusion, and the stealth sequence at the end sucks. I do enjoy the game but it's nowhere near on the level of 2, Super or Fusion. To say nothing of AM2R (okay, I'm biased, AM2R is far and away my favorite Metroid and it's not even official. If I have to ignore AM2R then Super gets the top spot.)
  7. june gloom

    What movie do you dislike but every else loves?

    Yeah Fight Club is a terrifying documentary about how to create a group like the alt-right.
  8. june gloom

    Hey, remember Metroid Dread?

    I want good Metroid games, not mediocre 2.5D ones with ugly aesthetics. (I will also accept a new Prime game.) But the truth is, I also know that Nintendo is not interested in doing that. Their whole approach to the franchise since Fusion/Prime 1 has been to throw us unsatisfactory or outright bad titles every few years then act like we're ungrateful. And you're dead wrong about this being just about AM2R -- that's just one of the many things Nintendo has done to this franchise. Or did you actually like Other M?
  9. june gloom

    Hey, remember Metroid Dread?

    I'm just tired of seeing Nintendo fuck Metroid's corpse. My heart can't take it anymore. Nintendo needs to just say "we don't care about our western market, so we're not going to make Metroid games anymore since you gaijin are the only ones who like it. Go play Axiom Verge or something and let us crank out Mario and Zelda games in peace." Instead they keep dangling a carrot to get our money and that carrot always turns out to be a fucking parsnip. Samus Returns. Federation Force. Other M. Even Zero Mission was a lot of wasted potential. And now this, another ugly 2.5D game with a washed out aesthetic. At least they use new assets this time, unlike the immensely lazy Samus Returns with its 15-year-old Metroid Prime assets that they only cranked out to calm the PR snafu Nintendo found themselves in after they C&D'd AM2R. The way Nintendo treats this franchise is depressing. But at least they don't do Metroid as dirty as they do F-Zero...
  10. june gloom

    Hey, remember Metroid Dread?

    I don't know what I was expecting, but my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. I shouldn't really expect anything from Nintendo when it comes to Metroid.
  11. june gloom

    Digital Gentrification

    The chief reason isn't just because of the outsize influence social media has, but also the aggressively clean, sanitized culture it encourages and enforces, made easier because so much of the internet has been consolidated. (Apple is a huge factor in this, often kowtowing to reactionary governments to bar LGBTQ-centered apps.) I don't mean "it makes people be less bigoted" because it most certainly does not, quite the opposite really because bigots spend big bucks; but rather, it's part of a years-long campaign to "clean up" the internet and make it "family friendly." We can see the roots of it in the Communications Decency act of 1996 and the PROTECT act of 2003; but the first real attack on internet freedom was the Great Livejournal Strikethrough of 2007, when the popular blogging platform banned five hundred accounts on the impetus of a moral watchdog group, Warriors for Innocence; among the accounts banned were groups for survivors of rape and incest and individual users who discussed their experiences. (This event was one of the impetuses behind the popular fanfiction site An Archive Of Our Own.) We also see what happened to tumblr when Yahoo banned adult content because Apple demanded it -- it's a ghost town now. Or how about SESTA/FOSTA, which has literally gotten people killed. In general the internet is becoming more and more sanitized in the name of being "family friendly," and this often shakes out as silencing queer people and other marginalized groups, because "family friendly" is code for "white, straight and Christian." As the white nationalist hegemony becomes more entrenched and brazen we're only going to see an acceleration of this. More and more I think there's going to be a massive outburst of violence in the future. The broken system we operate under, the relentlessness of the culture war, the steady crumbling of society as rich ghouls fleece us for millions and leave us in the dirt -- it's not sustainable.
  12. june gloom

    What movie do you dislike but every else loves?

    You really like to take my posts entirely too seriously, huh? The movie isn't really anything but a showcase for terrible characters doing terrible things. What message it has is ultimately shallow and meaningless in a society that regularly destroys lives in the name of justice with no pretense of reform. Ultimately, it's a film that goes nowhere and says little besides. Which is probably why the most superficial elements of the film are what has persisted in pop culture, because it's the only thing that can, while completely ignoring the fact that the film's main character is an unrepentant rapist who has to be tortured into reform. It's a thoroughly unlikeable, alienating film and I think most people either forget that, or mistake it for being deep. I'm sorry I don't speak enough gibberish to be in your gang, though.
  13. june gloom

    ROTT Review on YouTube w/Props Toward Music

    Wouldn't mind seeing those two tracks remastered... Wasn't there also a few songs for the beta? I'm mostly thinking of "Taiko Recall."