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  1. june gloom

    In the heavens, a new Marathon is waiting...

    Yeah it has some QOL issues I find frustrating.
  2. june gloom

    In the heavens, a new Marathon is waiting...

    Sometimes I think disappointment is the only thing I apparently deserve, but yeah you're not wrong.
  3. june gloom

    In the heavens, a new Marathon is waiting...

    ugh. Turns out it's an extraction shooter. Hype canceled. I'm going to bed.
  4. I am so excited for this I could about shit myself. I can't tell if this is a remake or sequel (or, knowing Bungie and how Infinity ended, both) but I am just losing my mind with glee. This is the best news I've heard all month.
  5. It's worth getting World Tour for the extra episode but otherwise you're better off with the Atomic Edition.
  6. june gloom

    Any Duke 3D mods where you can Save The Babes?™

    Duke 64 is definitely the better console port of the era compared to PSX/Saturn. And while Time To Kill has a lot of good fun to be had, Zero Hour is unquestionably the better game (and, Palutena willing, we may be seeing a port of it to PC as it improbably runs on the Build engine.)
  7. june gloom

    Any Duke 3D mods where you can Save The Babes?™

    I also use the mod that was linked (with the health bonus removed, easy to do.) It's a nice little tool. Though while I do have a Duke4 account, I post rarely in there as the culture there is... not great. Duke Nukem 64 and Zero Hour both have babes to save.
  8. june gloom

    some changes that i want to see in doomworld

    Personally, Doomworld's stringent moderation and low tolerance for reactionary horseshit is why it's a great forum, even if I get my dumb ass suspended now and then 'cuz I can't help but square up. I'm perfectly happy with it as it is.
  9. june gloom

    Half life on PC or PS2?

    The PC version's HD pack uses the old Dreamcast models. But there are plenty of packs out there that port the PS2 versions, and the Decay mod uses the PS2 models by default. I never had a problem with it.
  10. june gloom

    Half life on PC or PS2?

    Yes, there's a perfectly serviceable fan port of Decay to the PC version. I even managed to co-op it with my partner.
  11. Dogs evolved alongside us. For over 10,000 years they've learned to read our emotions and body language. They have only ever been a reflection of humanity. I get having trauma around a dog, like say one bit you as a child, but the way some people talk about dogs in this thread and in general is hard to read as anything other than a personal failing. Same goes for cats -- cats are a lesson in boundaries, and the kind of people who think cats are mean or aloof are so often in my experience the kind of people who will not respect other peoples' boundaries.
  12. This thread is depressing.
  13. Make sure he eats and takes care of himself. Take him out to dinner a couple times, check in on him every so often. It can be a big help.
  14. That video really put a lot of words into why I feel like such an alien. "It is taken as value neutral, and objectively true, that expertise and success are the natural objectives of play, and thus the default mode of play that players owe to those around them." This one line perfectly encapsulates the difference between how most people approach games vs how I approach games. I am not here to iteratively improve myself through repeated failures, I'm here to have an Experience. I like a mechanics-oriented game as much as anyone else but I need more than that to stay engaged. The problem is that I often feel like the only one who actually approaches games this way. Like, it's my belief that the goal of any game should always be fun. For me, that's having an experience -- I'm not asking for it to have no challenge, but I'm looking for a relatively smooth experience. If I run into a roadblock, and I can't surmount it even with effort, I'm gonna dip. Some people get fun out of surpassing challenge, but that isn't the be all and end all of gaming for everybody. But that's the predominant expectation of what games should be like. And I resent the fact that wanting a game that doesn't put all its emphasis on "git gud or die trying" is often treated like I'm somehow wanting to impose my personal tastes on everything. It reminds me of that old saying about how when you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression. I know it's a little trite to compare difference in video game tastes to actual entrenched issues regarding privilege and social progress, but it's the exact same kind of reaction, if you're so used to having things your way then letting someone else have theirs feels like taking something away from you. And gaming culture is so oriented towards numbers and conquest that even wanting games as a whole to be considered an art form gets peoples' back up. "i just want a crumb of immersive sim, please sir" "a CRUMB? that's one less crumb for n00bslayer1488 in warzone II! how dare you!" The weird thing is that I used to be on the other side of all this, and then I went through a mountain of trauma and I don't care anymore, lol
  15. june gloom

    When did Old School FPS fans turn around on Halo?

    I definitely remember the Halo hate, because I was part of it. What changed? I got older, I gave Marathon a shot after bouncing off it a couple times (it helped that Aleph One had evolved tremendously in the interim and someone had finally properly ported the original game to it) and decided to try Halo again and loved it. I still think it has some level design issues (the sequel is worse in that regard) but in general it's a work of genius. "The Silent Cartographer" is one of the greatest FPS levels ever made.