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  1. AtimZarr1

    [Plot hole?] Did Earth get invaded twice...?

    Exactly, they have been repurposed - but the distinction doesn't matter. I brought it up because the Codex is pointing out that Doom Hunters were resurrected to fight the Doom Slayer millennia ago on Argent D'Nur using their frozen remains on Earth. If this was the same Earth as Classic Doom, that wouldn't make any sense because the Slayer didn't exist thousands of years ago. According to Classic Doom, Doomguy was sent to Mars as a punishment. And according to Doom 2016, Mars was first colonized in 2096 - but Doom 2016 takes place in 2149, which would imply a time period of around 50 years at the most between Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Doom 64, and the events of Doom 2016. This contradicts the Codex on Doom Hunters as mentioned earlier, since the Doom Hunters were first resurrected from Earth to fight the Doom Slayer for way longer than just 50 years ago. In other words, this is a timeline inconsistency between Classic Doom and the Slayer Doom games if we're assuming they take place in the same universe/dimension. Time is relative, the other dimension wouldn't be viewed as "set a millennia back". It's a common fantasy trope to have other dimensions take place in different technological settings / time periods. For example: Marvel's What If series where characters experience their universes in a different time frame from each other, but they all occur relatively concurrent. Yes. It was sealed into a cursed sarcophagus along with the Slayer. Here's a Codex excerpt from Doom 2016 where the Slayer's unusual preservation is highlighted: "The body was not petrified or decomposed - in fact, he appeared to be only sleeping despite the fact that the bed he lay in seemed millennia old."
  2. AtimZarr1

    [Plot hole?] Did Earth get invaded twice...?

    Not necessarily. The "Mark of the Slayer" specifically refers to the Slayer's Mark, and was a term likely coined by the Dark Lord / Hell when manipulating the Khan Maykr: "The Khan set out to find him - paranoid, afraid of this potential hidden threat the Dark Lord convinced her was close. She would do anything to find and destroy the hidden Beast." The Mark of the Beast has no reference to the Slayer's Classic origins. And since the Hell Priest Deag Ranak also refers to the Slayer as a "Beast", it's likely a term later adopted by the UAC as propaganda against the Slayer. Similar to how the ARC also refer to the demons as "mortally challenged" in reference to the UAC Spokesperson's messages. In that case, the street prophet is likely referencing UAC propaganda when he says "For it is he they fear, not man nor his armies... they fear the Mark of the Beast." There's also the timeline inconsistency issues between the Classic Earth and Slayer Earth. For example, this Codex excerpt on the Doom Hunter's origins: "Continuing the cyber-demonic experimentation that began on Mars, the Cultists study the Agaddon's potential for resurrection and cyber-augmentation. A similar program occurred at this location millennia ago, when Deag Priests (often cited as Hell Priests) bred the creatures and genetically modified them to function as 'Doom Hunters' - fearsome mutants designed to battle the Doom Slayer and his Night Sentinels during the Unholy Crusades on Argent D'Nur." This claims the Doom Hunters were first resurrected from their remains in Earth's arctic from thousands of years ago - to fight the Doom Slayer during his time on Argent D'Nur. If Classic Earth and Slayer Earth are in the same universe, that wouldn't make any sense at all.
  3. AtimZarr1

    Update 6.66 Released - Impressions

    Not sure what your set-up is, but I just got this message when launching Doom Eternal today. Might be a relevant work-around for now. --- As an aside, I hope id Software is able to figure out how to implement a checkpoint system for Master Levels / Mission Select (I believe Hugo has mentioned there are technical issues/reasons why one isn't in for these modes already). The Master Levels are quite long and a checkpoint system not only offers a chance to take breaks in that regard but also makes crashes a little less annoying to deal with.
  4. AtimZarr1

    How do you think the Demonic Crucible would work on a Titan.

    The Codex entry on The Crucible (Doom Eternal): "A sacred relic of the Sentinel People, the Crucible remains one of the most mysterious artifacts known to man. Texts from Argent D'Nur reference the weapon in a revered, righteous manner; while Night Sentinels were known to employ similar energy-based blades in their armaments, the Crucible remains the only one powerful enough to reportedly slay Titans. Only the Slayer holds knowledge of this venerated sword, for only he has been known to wield it. The blade burns with ethereal heat, immediately cauterizing flesh as it slices through." While it makes no mention of the demonic Crucible, it does seem to suggest "the Crucible" (belonging to the Slayer) is the only weapon that can kill Titans even though the Night Sentinels used similar Argent-powered energy weapons. That would suggest the demonic Crucible wouldn't kill Titans either, though I don't see reason why it wouldn't potentially harm them at least. It can be considered a bit ambiguous anyways since the demonic Crucible in Doom 2016 was also referred to as "the Crucible". We also don't know what specific property of the Slayer's Crucible allows it to "kill" Titans that the other Argent-powered weapons can't, besides the blue light manifesting from a Titan's body, possibly a link to the Elemental Wraiths. And since we don't know the true origins of the demonic Crucible either, it's even harder to say for sure what it's actually capable of.
  5. AtimZarr1

    Update 6.66 Released - Impressions

    I believe so. I figured they were like the statues in the Taras Nabad Master Level, so I didn't even know you could destroy them. That's pretty interesting. --- Just wanting to add screenshots and videos about the in-game look for the upcoming Doom 64 and Quake Slayer skins that were leaked in Update 6.66. Love the little details they put onto the podiums for each as well, plus Ranger's rocket jump animation is pretty hilarious. Hopefully we're one step closer to a Doom 3 skin... Both skins have interesting references in their animation names. - Doom 64 marine's Idle Animation is called "Rumble Pack", likely a reference to the Nintendo 64's "Rumble Pak" device. - Doom 64 marine's Intro Animation is called "Power Play", possibly a reference to the "Power Player Super Joy III" devices that resembled a Nintendo 64 controller or a reference to Nintendo's "Now You're Playing With Power" marketing slogan for the NES. - Doom 64 marine's Victory Animation is called "Altar of Pain", a reference to Doom 64's MAP12 of the same name. - Quake Ranger's Idle Animation is called "Slipgate Marine", a reference to Ranger's Quake Champions' in-game title. - Quake Ranger's Intro Animation is called "Rocket Jump", a reference to the rocket jump mechanic introduced in Quake. - Quake Ranger's Victory Animation is called "Quake Champion", a reference to the series' latest game: Quake Champions. - Doom 64 marine's green and red color variations might be a reference to the Marine NPC bots in Doom 64 - that were also green, red, and aqua. Not sure on Quake Ranger's skin color variations, but the teal version could be a reference to Crash from Quake 3 - who was also had teal-colored armor. --- Video showcases by Doomguy Bot with recolors and animations:
  6. Update notes from Slayer's Club Highlights: - Horde Mode - Two Master Levels (Mars Core and The World Spear) - Battlemode 2.0 (playable Dread Knight, Stronghold Immora-themed map, rank-based matchmaking) - Controller weapon re-binding - Full Auto mod buff - TAG2 encounter adjustments - Option to select between the two main menu tracks --- Impressions: Horde Mode Horde Mode feels quite fresh, somewhat similar to Arcade Mode from Doom 2016 but featuring curated arenas, challenges, and encounters. While you start off only with the base Shotgun, you earn a random weapon at the end of each arena encounter. Seems like a cool way to keep things fresh on repeat attempts - however, I am a bit concerned there's no option to start a Horde Mode attempt with a full kit instead. While Classic Mode is a fun way to try a Master Level, I don't find it as fun as having all the weapons available like it is normally. I think a similar thing might happen here, where fighting a Tyrant / Doom Hunter with only a base Shotgun + one other weapon is going to get old fast. At the least, there should be a choice between starting from scratch and starting with the full arsenal - divided by leaderboards of course. And speaking of options to add, I do also wish there was some sort of endless/survival version of Horde Mode. Regarding the gameplay, I actually quite enjoy Horde Mode. Most of the encounters are interestingly designed and you get some enemy compositions you don't see in the campaign or Master Levels - like a possessed Pain Elemental + a Marauder, or a Buff Totem blocked by a set of four Turrets, or a small room full of Prowlers and Screechers. The gameplay is divided into different encounters - Arena, Blitz, Bonus, and Traversal. The arenas are standard fights divided by distinct waves. Sometimes, Bounty-marked demons spawn that you kill quickly to earn more points and a special power-up to use later. Most of the Bounty Demons weren't too challenging to get under the time limit. One of the last Bounties are two Doom Hunters and you have 110 seconds - which is hilariously long if you're aware of the "solved Doom Hunter meta", which is two Blood Punches + SSG -> Lock-On Burst -> Staggered Doom Hunter. Blitz rounds were actually really fun. You have to kill as many demons as possible within a time limit. One of the first ones involve Hell Knights spawning down both sides of a hallway and there's the interactable damaging blade in the middle for you to try to bait the Hell Knights into. There's also the Prowler + Screecher room mentioned earlier. The bonus rounds are accessible if you perform well enough - and they can either be a coin collecting challenge or a different Blitz round - the coin collecting is decently interesting. You have to collect all the coins in the arena, though you need to be a bit familiar with your surroundings, because it's possible for you to be awkwardly looking for the last coin for a bit longer than you should. They also place an enemy or some to harass the player. One challenge had a Cursed Prowler, and another challenge had a Blood Maykr + Tentacles. The other bonus rounds are bonus Blitz - which sounds like a fun idea except they all seem to be just Quad Damage + Cueballs + high health demons. It's an interesting challenge the first time, but it feels repetitive quite fast. And having all the bonus Blitz rounds having the same setup didn't help much either. And finally, Traversal rounds are basically dedicated platforming bits. These are entertaining to complete as well, but that depends on how much platforming you tolerate in Doom Eternal. The later Traversal rounds actually do get a bit tough/strict. Horde Mode notably showers the player with Extra Lives. I had something like 30+ by the end of my run, only using two and missing out on four, I believe. It's understandable why because Horde Mode is a bit of a commitment since you have to start all over if you die and I don't think they wanted players to feel discouraged to lose all their progress. Because of this, and a few other reasons, Horde Mode felt a lot easier compared to the two new Master Levels. There are two "end goals" of Horde Mode (besides beating it once of course) - which are leaderboards and cosmetics unlock. The leaderboard makes Horde Mode feel similar to Arcade Mode, even featuring the same medal system - Slayer, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. I got Gold on my first completion, but I was apparently considerably off from Slayer - so it'll be interesting to see what the "meta" develops for min-maxing Horde Mode score. The cosmetics unlocks take a lot longer to unlock than I had anticipated. Defeating Horde Mode once for me only unlocked 2-3 parts of the Classic Doom 2 Marine Master Collection of 10 - and there's a whole Biker Slayer Master Collection after that as well. So it seems they're trying to put a carrot on a stick to encourage players to retry Horde Mode again and again to be able to unlock these two Master Collections completely. It does feel a bit grindy compared to how unlocks are handled in the rest of the game, but I don't really mind. Deag Ranak acts as the announcer for the mode and even has some new voice lines, which is pretty cool. There are also "cutscenes", essentially featuring the Doom Slayer walking out of or into portals. It's a bit strange, especially since they reused animations from other campaign cutscenes. I guess the purpose is to raise the feeling of quality of the mode itself. It just feels so weird and unnecessary. The first "cutscene" is the only one with something happening, and it's unintentionally hilarious - a portal opens, the Slayer walks in, hears Deag Ranak smack talk him, and then he walks back out the portal. It's just so bizarre. Another random addition is a title drop at the ending of Horde Mode. But the interesting thing is (and I'll need someone else to verify this), but it sounded like a new track. I didn't really recognize it, it didn't seem to sound like Levy's TAG menu/ending track. Overall though, Horde Mode feels quite fun and fresh. Some of the encounters are like interesting puzzles to solve. I do wish there was an option to start with a full kit, as well as an option for endless mode. Other than that, I hope they continue to add more gameplay modes in the future. Perhaps Arcade Mode is next? (Probably not). Master Levels The Mars Core Master Level can be quite unexpectedly tough because of the opening areas and their narrow hallways. Unfortunately, the intro segment (the elevator ride down on Phobos) is unskippable, which I imagine is going to be a pain for Ultra-Nightmare repeat attempts. However, I quite enjoyed discovering all the little tricks and traps they've planted in Mars Core - much more than I did for Taras Nabad. Probably mostly because I like Mars Core a lot more as a level, so I felt a bit more invested in seeing what they pulled off at such-and-such parts of the map. There's a number of interesting and unexpected encounters. Like the bridge platforming section becomes a fight. The BFG first-time test area becomes an arena filled with distinct waves of enemies. A massive portals opens in the Lost City of Hebeth, and two Tyrants spawn from its lightning bolts - which is really cool visually. There's also a whole lot of Shield Soldiers - possibly too many, probably to highlight the use of the Plasma Rifle in this level. There's also some amusing callbacks, like an Arch-Vile at the Phobos deck gate entrance (referencing the Quakecon ending for Mars Core) or two Tyrants at the end of the map (referencing the one-Tyrant E3 ending for Mars Core). The level becomes quite difficult by the end of it, but I still enjoyed the Master Level overall quite a bit. The World Spear Master Level is (probably) id Software getting payback for all the "it's too easy" complaining about TAG2. Because this Master Level is brutally difficult. Much more than the Mars Core Master Level and Horde Mode. And I'm speaking as someone who has done Ultra-Nightmare for each campaign/ML of Doom Eternal (I was also playing this on Nightmare, so keep that in mind). Many of the fights required me to take a few attempts to get done, which I don't really mind. However, there are two arenas that feel particularly long and when you die on those - it can be quite annoying. The last fight in particular is quite brutal. That being said, this map also had a lot of interesting changes and new encounter designs. Amusingly, there's a section where you go through the level backwards. Some of the Meathook platforming has been made harder. The small slime arena is much longer now. There's quite the evil part where you're fighting buffed Demons and when you go to destroy the Buff Totem responsible, a shield surrounds the Buff Totem almost immediately. I'm also glad there's two fights inside the World Spear itself - though the specific segments in the World Spear aren't as long as I'd like, but it is nice regardless since I felt the interior of World Spear was underused in TAG2. In any case, The World Spear Master Level is quite fun and nicely designed in many sections, but it does feel quite brutal which is probably going to rub off badly for some people. Battlemode 2.0 I actually haven't had the time to test this one yet (I spent nearly 5-6 hours on the singleplayer content alone). However, I am excited to try out the new Dread Knight demon since I felt just adding maps wasn't enough to revitalize the multiplayer population. I am feeling rather cautious about the seasonal-limited cosmetic unlocks though. Especially since they're unlocked by winning and earning win streaks - for both the Slayer and Demons (the two have separate unlockable cosmetics, so you'll have to complete the criteria for both if you're a completionist). On its own, that would be manageable, but these cosmetics are also apparently going to be unavailable to obtain once the season ends - in 30 days from the release of Update 6.66. I do wonder what their long-term plans are for Battlemode - will they continue to add cosmetics each month and, if so, for how long? Horde Mode also has a seasonal-based leaderboard, but besides some fancy nameplates for the top 500, there aren't any time-limited seasonal cosmetics to unlock. Final Thoughts Horde Mode and the two Master Levels are quite enjoyable to play through with some neat ideas and encounter designs. They sometimes can reach absurd peaks in terms of difficulty (even Horde Mode, which I consider to be the "easier" of the three, has quite the finale in terms of encounter challenge), but I'd rather have that than the other way around since it's much more memorable as long as it's fairly beatable and not absurd. Also, I would not recommend doing all three of these back-to-back, it's pretty exhausting. Looking forward to seeing how they continue to support Doom Eternal (if they even do). More modes and more Master Levels are enough for me really. The scale of this update compared to the ones before does make some wonder if this might be the final update, especially considering Update 6.66 was the last update for Doom 2016. Although I do believe Hugo and Josh have indirectly hinted at something else beyond Update 6.66 they can't discuss. Of note, a large number of leaked cosmetics from a while ago that were datamined to be unlocked via Twitch Prime are actually unlockable in Horde Mode - like the Doom 2 Cover Marine skin, the Praetor Suit recolors, etc. That's pretty nice and supports the theory that a "Twitch Prime" unlockable skin in the future is probably placeholder to be unlocked by something else. Also, there's a "LAN Party" podium that has Classic Doom, Doom 2016, Quake 2, and Quake Champions on computer monitors - which I thought was really cool. I also look forward to seeing how the enemy randomizer mod is made to work with Horde Mode. --- EDIT: One of the arenas in The Holt mission of Horde Mode is set in the Exultia / ARC Complex Slayer Gate from the base game. Even though The Holt already has its own Slayer Gate arena from TAG1 they could've used. I'm curious if it's meant to be a reference to Proteh's Horde Mode, which also took place in the Exultia / ARC Complex Slayer Gate as well.
  7. Dread Knight, along with Pinky and Hell Knight, were the only base game Heavy Demons not represented in Battlemode in any way (AI spawns or playable) - making any of the three likely candidates for inclusion as playable demons since none of the playable demons have AI counterparts in Battlemode (so Arachnotron would have to be an exception to be included), unless they chose to go with a DLC demon or a completely original one instead, similar to Prowler or Harvester were from Doom 2016's multiplayer. Among DLC demons, the Blood Maykr seemed like a likely candidate. As an aside, it's quite likely that the upcoming Event Series 18 will feature a Dread Knight Master Collection set. The rest of the cosmetics for Series 18 had already been datamined except for the Master Collection - so presumably id Software had been trying to keep the Dread Knight's inclusion under wraps. As Series 18 is apparently titled "Sixty Forsaken", it'll be curious to see what they design for him. There was a theory that Sixty Forsaken is a reference to Doom 64 (Sixty Four-saken), though we'll have to wait and see if that's the case.
  8. Update 6.66 will release October 26th.
  9. For reference, TAG2 achievements were uploaded about two weeks in advance. In this case, that would indicate Update 6.66 would probably release the week of October 25th (likely the 26th or 28th). Since Hugo's Horde Mode sneak peek preview livestream was delayed to October 21, it lines up even more. I wonder if acquiring all the weapons is a separate achievement because it's the "mid point" between starting and finishing Horde Mode, or if it's because weapon progress eventually becomes optional (like collecting remaining weapon mods or the Unmaykr) from the main Horde Mode progress.
  10. In the past 30 days, there have been 64 Doom Eternal mods uploaded to NexusMods. Sorted by most downloaded, LavaMod is ranked at 21th place of 64, just at the very top of the second page of results. Sorted by Trending, LavaMod is 2nd place of 64. Sorted by endorsements, LavaMod is 8th place of 64. When viewing just the raw statistics, "less than 100 people" doesn't seem like very much but relatively to the other mods released within the same time period, it has performed above average. Keep in mind that the Doom Eternal modding scene is still quite considerably small. Considering you're not a prolific Doom Eternal modder, have chosen not to post this on the Doom 2016/Eternal modding Discord, and there is no promotion for LavaMod on YouTube/Reddit (besides your personal channel) - I would say LavaMod has done a good job so far on its own. It's entirely up to you what you decide to do with your mod. However, I believe having the mod promoted by a Doom Eternal YouTuber (like Allstin for example) would do a lot to bring more eyes to your mod and what it offers. This is why companies spend so much on advertising, because getting exposure and recognition is the hardest part even if the product is high quality and a lot of time and effort was spent on it. The people who didn't install the patch that makes the campaign beatable probably don't even know that it exists, or that there would be an officially posted fix to a mod that has been already been publicly canceled. In any case, I understand it is demoralizing that a project with hundreds of hours behind seems to underperform, but LavaMod has actually performed above average relative to other Doom Eternal mods released in the same time period, and it could probably benefit from more exposure from other sources. Finishing the mod and posting on the Discord would probably also help with exposure, but those are your decisions to make.
  11. AtimZarr1

    Update 6.66 Information (Fall release)

    Some new info to add: Hugo is streaming Doom Eternal for the next few weeks. Notably, a Horde Mode sneak peek stream will be held on October 7th. This reinforces the speculation that Update 6.66 will launch sometime in mid-October most likely. In the most recent stream (September 9), Hugo has revealed some new information: Horde Mode - Will feature DLC demons. - Wave-based gameplay - Combat, Traversal, and Blitz (timer) wave types. - Weapons/mods are unlocked randomly. Enemies and wave types are also random. DLC 2 - Some arenas will be tweaked to increase difficulty and improve pacing
  12. I didn't see a dedicated thread yet so I figured I'll post one with all the new details we learned from QuakeCon for those that may not know about it yet. Most of the information isn't entirely new (if you've been following Hugo's streams), but it does confirm what is coming in the next update, additional details on Horde Mode, and an expected release window. --- Update 6.66 is the next major update for Doom Eternal and is expected to be released "this Fall". Horde Mode - Defeat waves of randomized demon spawns. Unlock more of the level as you survive. There is an ending. - Score-based with a global leaderboard. Rankings include Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Slayer. - You can gain additional points by quickly killing assigned high-value demons or by reserving BFG ammo. Master Levels - The World Spear - Mars Core Battlemode - New map: Stronghold - Win streak based matchmaking --- Thoughts: Considering there's no specific release date nor gameplay footage shown, I'm guessing this might be further away than expected (or maybe they're just choosing to remain secretive). Previous major updates release two to three months on average after the previous update - which would place this content drop somewhere in mid October most likely. Major updates have always either released on Tuesdays or Thursdays, so keep that in mind as well. Curious to see them wanting to package all these into a single update release. They could've stretched it out by spacing out separate updates for each category (Horde Mode update, Master Levels update, Battlemode update, etc.). Most excited for Horde Mode. I'm glad there's randomized demon spawns since Proteh's enemy randomizer is one of my favourite mods, but I wonder how much that might impact the leaderboards. A bit disappointed there's an ending. An endless mode would fit the game really well. Maybe they're concerned about power creep or poor console performance if the combat spirals out of control at the late-game. There's the question on whether id will make new levels for the Horde Mode, but I'm going to go in with the expectation that they might just re-use the pre-existing levels. Two new Master Levels sounds exciting, and I especially enjoy both maps chosen. Apparently Joshua on Hugo's streams claimed The World Spear Master Level will be available for users even if they don't own DLC 2, but there's the possibility he may have misspoke (that would effectively be giving out DLC content for free - and they don't even use DLC enemies in the base game Master Levels even though mods can do that). I'm guessing they're releasing the Mars Core Master Level at the same time so the players that don't own DLC 2 don't feel left out. I'm a bit wary on both Battlemode changes. A new map is fine, especially since recent mods have allowed players to fight demons in them for custom Master Levels. But Corrosion (the previous added map) came and went without much fanfare. There was talks of a new playable demon - last Summer - and we still haven't heard much regarding that. Either development on that is moving much slower than anticipated or it's been quietly dropped (since it was never officially announced anyways). That's a shame because I feel a new playable demon (or any new extra features/modes) would inject Battlemode a bit more life than just releasing maps and balance updates. Not that new maps are bad - just that they don't really do much to draw someone back into the multiplayer. Also, it's nice that they're finally adding a matchmaking system, but one based on win-streaks is a very curious choice. Why not go for an ELO system like most multiplayer games do? Of course some matchmaking is better than none, but I think it's just a very strange decision to use the winstreak system as its basis. I'm not sure if that'll resolve the stomping that goes on, but I could be mistaken.
  13. AtimZarr1

    So I finally played Doom Eternal...

    Nice review. I do agree that Doom Eternal's gameplay design somewhat leaves casual players behind. For a singleplayer game, there's a considerable skill gap between someone who plays Doom Eternal "like a regular game" and someone who optimizes use of all the abilities / weapon combos. All the extra abilities and mechanics and their synergies with your guns begin to make more sense the longer you play. I remember at launch thinking that Blood Punch was superfluous and that the Equipment abilities could've been baked into the weapon mods, but after playing for so long, I've developed an appreciation for all these mechanics being their own thing to the point that I'm unsure how I'll feel playing a Doom Eternal sequel without those added gameplay elements. The BFG does share ammo with the Unmaykr, which doesn't matter much because the BFG is significantly more efficient with its ammo usage and the Unmaykr gets unused as a result.
  14. AtimZarr1

    Would you care if you'd be the bad guy in Doom?

    Doomguy being evil doesn't work, but a Doom game where you play as some sort of demon warrior with Hell-themed weapons and abilities would be pretty cool since it would be an opportunity to do things differently from a gameplay perspective. Demons already in-fight each other, so maybe that can be the story setting. Painkiller had an expansion where you played as Belial, a half-demon and half-angel, so the concept can probably work in other games (and maybe be better realized if made from scratch rather than just an expansion).
  15. AtimZarr1

    More Master Levels

    There are currently four Master Levels: Cultist Base, ARC Complex, Super Gore Nest, and most recently, Taras Nabad. The Cultist Base Master Level can only be unlocked by purchasing the Rip and Tear pack from a storefront. The next major game update will apparently include two Master Levels: The World Spear (DLC 2) and an unknown one (it will be revealed tomorrow on Hugo's livestream). There are also two "locked" official Master Levels (Hell on Earth and Exultia) that have existed in the game files for a very long time and have to be unlocked by mods in order to be played. There are also fan-made mods that create their own Master Levels, ex: Proteh's Reclaimed Earth Master Level. There's even two "Master Campaigns" by Delta that replace every level in the base game and DLC 1.