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  1. AtimZarr1

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    According to two Bethesda Twitter accounts, the DLC will be downloadable tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM EDT (and not a midnight release): Source 1 and Source 2.
  2. AtimZarr1

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    Launch trailer.
  3. AtimZarr1

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    Spoiler guess: Since the new achievements are part of the base game, it's likely the DLC will also be part of the base game and not its own standalone game (like Wolfenstein: The Old Blood). Some people on the Steam forums were sharing this link to access the season pass: https://store.steampowered.com/sub/370432/ Weirdly enough, the release date on that season pass has a typical placeholder of "December 31, 2020".
  4. AtimZarr1

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    Interesting spoiler considering
  5. AtimZarr1

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    I got this email a few hours ago. It confirms a launch trailer on the 20th. I do wonder if the DLC will release at midnight (like the base game did) or after their 10:00 AM livestream. EDIT: Also achievement names. Not sure when these were updated:
  6. AtimZarr1

    Have the master levels been abandoned?

    To add on to this: - The Super Gore Nest Master Level will release alongside the DLC [source]. - Master Levels will have "modes" - a new Classic Mode, Ultra-Nightmare mode, and Extra-Lives mode. Completing modes unlock cosmetics [source]. They have mentioned that working from home has slowed down development, so they've mostly been working on the DLCs - which is why there haven't been that many updates to Master Levels, Battlemode, Invasion, or the Switch port.
  7. AtimZarr1

    Call of Doom info?

    https://kotaku.com/are-these-doom-4-screenshots-5889217 We got leaked screenshots of the original Doom 4 in 2012. This was the public's first look at the game since its announcement in 2008. https://kotaku.com/five-years-and-nothing-to-show-how-doom-4-got-off-trac-468097062 This article, from 2013, describes Doom 4.0 in development hell according to various sources. One source in the article described the game as "Call of Doom". The article goes on to quote Bethesda in confirming that this canceled version of Doom was rebooted in 2011. https://www.slashgear.com/unreleased-footage-of-cancelled-doom-4-shows-why-they-restarted-19384240/ This article, from 2015, describes the video leak. Searching on YouTube, the earliest video of the trailer was also published in 2015. --- Doom 4.0 was suffering development insecurity and development hell long before people even saw pictures in 2012, let alone the video in 2015. The first public mention of Call of Doom was in 2013 (by an unnamed source in the Kotaku article, not a YouTube video), after the project had already been canceled two years before the moniker was even coined publically. It was id Software themselves who were unhappy with the game, the public wouldn't even get details on the game until many years later.
  8. Possibly the ARC's holographic projectors were hacked to play UAC propaganda instead. This may be easier to accomplish since many ARC bases appear to be originally UAC facilities: "Hayden, overseeing all aspects of ARC weapon and tech development, set about repurposing the UAC facilities on Earth, many of which were unaffected by the invasion due to their remote locations and high levels of automated security. These facilities, operated by powerful AI, are already designed for weapon development and mass production, meaning they could be repurposed overnight." The actual line is "Corporate says we should let them through!". The UAC workers were being told by upper command to allow the demons to win. From 2016 lore, the final and highest ranking of UAC workers ("Tier 3 Advocates") would be able to join the demonic cult. UAC workers below that rank were kept in the dark about the true nature of the research being conducted. That's likely what's happening on Phobos - the low level UAC workers are just trying to do the right thing while the upper level UAC cultists are ordering them to surrender.
  9. AtimZarr1

    Doom Eternal. Is there an actual date??

    Here is some background information about the ARC's formation: (1) "By 2151, the formation of the ARC has taken highest priority and is considered to be, in all practical terms, the last hope for humanity." (2) "A global military crisis-relief initiative established by the Allied Nations in 2151. The Armored Response Coalition is designed with the sole purpose to combat and contain the Hell invasion, to succeed where modern militaries are ineffective, utilizing cutting-edge Argent-powered technology." (3) "By 2151 the ARC began running operations from the Mobile Command Carrier, a seaborne command center designed for long-range strike operations which would serve as ARC HQ." (4) "In 2150, following the loss of communication between Earth and Mars-based facilities, UAC director Dr. Samuel Hayden suddenly resurfaced on Earth before the AN Council. The demonic invasion of Earth had already begun, and Dr. Hayden had arrived just in time to provide aid. He supplied the resistance armies with Argent technology and advanced armaments, taking helm of the newly-formed ARC as Lead Director." So the ARC was "newly-formed" in 2150 but "established" in 2151 but its "formation" was also "highest priority" in 2151. However, there are posters about the "25th Annual ARC Expo", which would suggest a date of 2175 at the earliest. Otherwise, the ARC would have to have been established in 2138 to fit the 2163 timeline proposed by Dr. Richardson - which doesn't make sense at all because the Codex never suggests it and that would be 11 years before Doom 2016's story, before any demon invasion would necessitate its existence. One of the above quotations even says the Armored Response Coalition (ARC) was designed solely to combat the demon threat, so it's unlikely to have been repurposed from another organization (like a robot-building Expo group or something). --- Dr. Richardon's log entries date from January 24th, 2163 to March 3rd, 2163. Here is an excerpt that suggests the logs are about Hell on Earth and not the Argent Facility on Mars: "We watched as the horde overwhelmed the very best and most advanced machinery and weapons technology that we could muster against the opposition. It was useless, they moved too quickly, they cared not for themselves, only sought out the blood of humanity. They were willing to sacrifice their own to get to the heart of our world. We slaughtered thousands and millions more followed, but then he came - he cut through them like a sickle through a field - his fury surpassing their own." The "heart of our world" is likely referring to Earth and not Mars. And the Argent Facility on Mars also did not have a mustered opposition, everybody was killed from the surprise attack within 24 hours ("I'm willing to take full responsibility for all the horrible events in the last 24 hours..."). Perhaps even more strangely, we have the final log which suggests the Hell Priests are still alive at the time of recording: "The Priests command the armies to the North and South, but he controls the fight. The inner circle of death is where he resides - hunting them at the far reaches of the earth and beyond." The issue is that by the time we reach the ARC Complex, two of the Hell Priests are already dead. There's only one left and he's not even on Earth. --- Here are some ARC broadcast excerpts that seem to contradict the timeline set by Dr. Richardon's logs: (1) "The Doom Slayer, or 'Doomguy' as he is sometimes referred to, was thought to be a myth of the resistance - a sort of avenging angel. He was last reported to be seen on Mars and is allegedly responsible for the destruction of the Argent Tower there." (2) "While it is clear that the Slayer is an enemy of the challenged, it is unclear if he could also be a threat to civilians." (3) "We believe the Slayer has joined us in the battle against the demons." So despite Dr. Richardson's logs that study the Slayer over the period of two months, his existence is a "myth", he was "last reported to be seen on Mars", is an "unclear" threat to civilians, and has only just "joined" the battle against the demons during the events of Doom Eternal itself. --- So: * The ARC was either formed in 2150 or 2151. However, we have 25th Annual ARC Expo posters up during the events of Doom Eternal, which would imply a date for 2175 or 2176 at the earliest. * Dr. Richardon's logs range from two months in 2163. They seem to be recorded in the past since it implies the Priests are still alive at the time of March 2163 but also imply she's discussing the the Slayer's fight on Earth. * The ARC broadcasts suggest the Slayer hadn't been seen since 2149 (the date of Doom 2016's events). --- 2149 (Doom 2016) ----> 2150 / 2151 (ARC formation) ----> 2163 (Dr. Richardson's logs) ----> 2175 (ARC 25th Annual Expo) If we're seeing 25th Annual ARC Expo posters during the ARC Complex mission, then it's possible maybe the Slayer was briefly on Earth in 2163 but disappeared shortly after. He wasn't after the Hell Priests back then if they were still alive for those two months. He would then return in 2175 to kill the Hell Priests. However, that still doesn't explain the ARC broadcast's "last reportedly seen on Mars" line, since it's an ARC employee who studied the Slayer for two months in 2163. Since we don't have an explanation yet as to what the Slayer was doing between Doom 2016 and Eternal, it's hard to imagine the Slayer would ignore the Hell Priests for so long if he was ever on Earth before. We see throughout the game, like on Mars Core, that the Slayer takes the quickest and most direct route to solutions. At least we do know he must've killed Deag Nilox's demon guardian if he was able to be killed. Maybe the Slayer was searching for a way to kill the Hell Priests and sought a Celestial Locator? I don't know how that would take 12 years though (2163 to 2175). Personally, I think retconning Dr. Richardson's logs would be the easiest solution. Most of what the ARC broadcast says makes sense if those logs didn't exist: the "hasn't-been-seen-since-Mars" line, the "could-be-a-civilian-threat" line, and the "only-just-joined-the-fight" line. None of those lines make sense if Dr. Richardson's logs are true, or at least it would be very difficult to convincingly reconcile that both texts are true.
  10. AtimZarr1

    Doom 3: Phobos

    That fixed it, thank you. Thanks for this as well, I had forgotten about using an autoexec.cfg in my latest Doom 3 install. Here are Twitter posts where they mentioned a Bloom bug from earlier this year.
  11. AtimZarr1

    Any Pro Tips on My Gameplay?

    I wrote down a list of notes as I watched the video. I have some specific tips based on the notes at the very end. Here are all my notes (in spoiler form): --- --- TIPS 1. Always advance in a direction. A lot of damage taken is from staying around one spot for too long. It doesn't matter if you're strafing a bit in place, the demons will converge and overwhelm. Keep advancing and attacks are less likely to hit. 2. Don't try to melee so many demons. You often take a lot of damage from trying to melee a specific demon but dealing no damage because Blood Punch wasn't charged. Make sure Blood Punch is charged before going in. 3. You almost always took damage while using Full Auto or Mini Turret. These mods reduce your movement speed and in a packed arena, they are very risky to use. You're better off dealing damage another way (Lock-On Bursts, Ballista shots, etc.) while advancing in a direction. 4. Only move in to demons when going in for a glory kill. You took a lot of damage from Mancubi or other demons from trying to move closer to them while you were fighting. It's not worth it and you should keep fighting from a moderate distance. 5. Use burst weapons to inflict a lot of damage fast. For example: Lock-On Bursts, Super Shotgun, Ballista shots. Sometimes, you took too long to kill something like a Prowler or Tyrant because you were using a Plasma Rifle or Heavy Cannon, and that gives them a chance to hit you back. 6. I'm not sure if I wasn't paying attention, but you should definitely Dash a lot more in combat. It's noticeable near the end when you took a lot of hits from the Tyrant - many of their attacks are negated if you Dash to the side right before they go off. 7. You panic at a few points and toss out a lot of random things. Happens to everyone. But if you want to do Ultra-Nightmare, you need to learn to maintain composure even when things don't go your way. That makes a lot of difference in how players approach an overwhelming fight. 8. Try using the Super Shotgun <-> Ballista combo to inflict a lot of damage fast. I believe console controllers have a keybinding that lets them swap to their previous weapon, so that would help pull this off. Quick-swapping between the two weapons allows you to inflict a lot of damage in a short amount of time. 9. Try using the Ice Bomb more strategically. Most of the time, it felt like you activated it randomly. Against a Cyber-Mancubus, you start: Ice Bomb -> Blood Punch -> Super Shotgun = dead Cyber-Mancubus already. Or against an Arch-Vile: Ice Bomb -> two Lock-On Bursts = dead Arch-Vile already. And so on. The Ice Bomb is a very effective single-target tool. 10. Try to Chainsaw more often. While you demonstrate that you don't need it for long stretches of combat, it's definitely helpful in maintaining those stretches. Otherwise you get these awkward breaks in the middle of the action where you're looking for fodder to chainsaw or whatever. 11. If an Extra Life triggers, definitely begin Dashing out of there. If you stay there, you'll likely get killed again. 12. Watch other people's Ultra-Nightmare 100% speedruns to get an idea on the most optimized way to play. It's how I learned most of my techniques. --- I hope that helps. Most learning is from practice, so keep at it and good luck in future runs.
  12. AtimZarr1

    Doom 3: Phobos

    Huh strange. I was able to play Phobos last year fine but for some reason after re-installing it again it's become hyper-zoomed in during gameplay. This is all I see, I can move the camera and hear sounds, but it's so zoomed. Here's a screenshot: It's fine in the Phobos main menu and it's fine in vanilla Doom 3 gameplay. It's only when playing Phobos does this hyper zoom happen. Tried changing resolutions, toggling full-screen, and re-installing the mod but none of them have fixed it. Not sure what's causing it, does anyone here have an idea?
  13. AtimZarr1

    Best Episode Three Map?

  14. AtimZarr1

    Best Episode Three Map?

    E3M9: Warrens I actually thought I had entered the wrong map by accident when I used the level select in the Unity port to play it for the first time earlier this year. Once I realized this was indeed E3M9 and not accidentally E3M1, I decided to go ahead and continue with the map. I had literally no idea what was going to happen, this was my first time playing it and I don't recall hearing much about it either. The level played more or less the same but the anticipation to find out what made E3M9 different from E3M1 kept me intrigued. After a surprise Cyberdemon encounter at the "exit" teleporter, the level then takes you back in reverse but now the areas are larger, filled with more enemies, and new pathways have opened up. While I may not enjoy E3M1, the experience of "discovering" E3M9 and realizing what the level was turning out to be made it a very memorable moment. I often replay Doom games more than any other game and I know what's there to expect for the most part. The ability for Warrens to surprise me even after all these years of playing Doom made me appreciate it all the more. While Inferno is mostly a blur for me, E3M9 I think is a very fun and intriguing map to play, at least for the first time like I did recently.
  15. AtimZarr1

    Is it possible to preorder the DLC?

    There was a season pass page on Steam (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1098291/DOOM_Eternal__Year_One_Pass/) but it apparently just re-directs to the front page of the Steam store now. It also doesn't seem to appear on Doom Eternal's store page either, as it did before. Seems the only way to pre-purchase the DLC would be to purchase the Deluxe Edition for now. Not sure when that change went into effect, but it's in effect for the time being now anyways. According to this interview from a month ago, Marty Stratton has said that players don't need to own Doom Eternal to play the DLCs. Perhaps they've taken down the DLC page temporarily and are planning on bringing it back later closer to the release date. We'll have to wait and see since they haven't communicated this update.