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  1. Yeah >.> I noticed after posting and kinda felt like an idiot haha I can just do one or two as extras in case or if peeps wanna check em out or something I thought this might be a good way to get back into map-making and dust up on my skills
  2. The textures look fun to work with I'm up for it if that's alright :)
  3. CthulhuChan

    Heretic Mapset, Doom Project and Old Content

    No need to be a dick. I just following what you wanted, unless I'm misinterpreting you.
  4. CthulhuChan

    Heretic Mapset, Doom Project and Old Content

    Okay I won't bother posting updates from now on.
  5. Basically been thinking about doing a Wad that will just be a set of new maps for 3 episodes >.> I've been working on a few Doom based maps as of late and kinda getting burned out so I was thinking of doing this project as a change of pace and kinda make some maps casually rather than my usual highly edited stuff. I dunno if I'll add new textures but it will have new maps at least. Oh also the Doom project that I've been working on is just a full mapset for Ultimate Doom consisting of Eps 1-4 with added textures. I'm hoping to get a demo of the first episode done soon and it will be compatible with mods but it's recommended to play vanilla. Final note I'm considering releasing some old content of mine that is basically old maps and things that I've made over the years but haven't really shared publicly. I may put out some separately if they are big projects and the more one map kinda wads will be put in a single big zip folder with dates if available and if its unfinished. This is mostly because I wanna share my progress as a map creator and kinda as a resource for others as a slice of history. Anyways this is all I got to say for now at least, hopefully next time with a bigger update on the current projects.
  6. This is my first topic post and first public project I'm working on. I have been working on Doom maps and such for about 9-10+ years now but really haven't released many, however I'm planning on changing that. So this project, basically its currently the first episode but will be the whole 4 episodes in the future. The concept behind this project is that I take the starting room and use that to make a new map based sorta on what that level was like with similar landmarks but with added areas, monsters and secrets. Basically putting a new spin on the classic levels, I dunno personally I thought it would be an interesting idea to do this and plus I have added new textures and the Doom 2 textures so there will be more visual variety. With this post I have added a alpha file of the first map but I also plan to release a beta type version with 3 maps once they are made just to see what people think of them and stuff, then I will release the full episode once completed. Anyhoo here be the alpha: D1E1EX-AL.rar Screenshots here: Also map 2 tease ;) Hope you guys enjoy ^.^
  7. Yeah I'll just leave it here Just in case they need a smallish early game map But if not then at least it's free for others in the thread/randos to enjoy WASTE_VAT.rar
  8. I've made a pretty basic map How do I submit?
  9. Yep I'm down, just made an account just to get in on this