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  1. Hello everyone, it is been almost 6 full months since TCTOA stopped developing mapping-wise, but we continued development on other fields, mostly weapon models and preparations. It has also been like 2 months since my last post here, which maybe has not been much for you, but for me it is. The reason I post this today, is because I am saddened to communicate that, now that my PC has been repaired... Nothing was recovered, nothing from the most recent disk nor from the old disk from about seven months ago or something, except an old Games folder. What does this mean? No, TCTOA is NOT dead, not until I completely give up, but if my friends who have been with me has not given up, neither I will. However, until we can try and find someone who can give us a last hope with this, TCTOA will be on an indefinite hiatus still. I will not map, code or anything, not until I feel I am "fully" settled and ready, but my love for DooM is still there, alive and well, therefore I will continue playing for a loooong time still, just... Not doing the aforementioned. I am deeply sorry towards everyone who had expectations of this mod, this is not my friends' fault but mine, because I never did a full backup of all my stuff, on a USB nor on the Cloud, I just did not - and I fully regret every day. I will post again when I feel like it, hopefully I will still be on Doomworld posting semi-actively like months ago. Take care, and, again, I hope you can forgive my stupidity.
  2. Archanhell

    What are the best lyrics you've ever heard?

    I uh, have many song lyrics that I really love just because how strong they can convey certain feelings, so I will post two on Russian which I really love and always makes me feel a weird sadness or melancholy, yet I still listen to them. https://mrfz.fandom.com/wiki/Lullaby https://mrfz.fandom.com/wiki/Requiem When you play the games though, this does not hit like a car anymore, it hits like a damn truck. (At least, the second song so far, because the first one is from something of the CN Server, not Global.) And then there is Bury the Light from Devil May Cry 5 which makes you want to wreak havoc upon everything. https://genius.com/Casey-edwards-bury-the-light-lyrics (For full lyrics that you can easily read along and sing to.)
  3. Archanhell

    † The Knight of Erebatos [Idle Animation] †

    Thank you very much! It was fun to make it!
  4. Small Update. Soooo, I have been kind of busy with other things (Creative stuff, mostly) and I have not continued the bible beyond the Armoury (Mostly, because the next section is regarding Power Ups and Items. I have some to write about, but I don't know if it's enough, but seeing I have the metroidvania-ish powerup, the vanilla-like ones, along some items and armour, I may write about it soon or later) so the Bible is right now on a small Hiatus. Now, the most important thing here is the current status of my PC. Supposedly, the Motherboard does not power on (Is that how you spell it?) and the Power Supply Unit exploded or something (I do not think it exploded though), thus basically delaying even more the repairs of it sadly, and I do not know if I can recover documents, images and other stuff. Those documents include DooM mods, DooM stuff and resources for my mod, thankfully a good quantity of those resources were old and are replaced with the much better, higher quality stuff that we have been doing, item and weapon-wise, and thus it may not be a great deal on that regard, but the rest of things I mentioned are very important on my life and I WANT to recover them somehow, thus if anyone here knows about that kind of stuff, I'll be happy to hear. (Those documents, images, etc were on the faulty HDD and thus I do not know if you can recover them, I heard it burnt or something?) Overall, I hope that you can still give us, and I, some more time, this project was supposed to be delivered around September or something for the demo, but all those circumstances are delaying it way more than I expected for a project that begun on 2019. Nevertheless, the quality that we have been doing is shown here, and we progress more and more despite all those bad events, we will stay firm and not sink, so please bear a bit more. Thanks and stay safe.
  5. Archanhell

    Who speaks Hispanic here

    Hablo Español y sinceramente es el idioma en el qué mejor me expreso y puedo comunicarme con la gente mediante historias y creaciones. No obstante, debido a mi pequeño pasatiempo con mi Mod más actual y como gran parte del foro es de habla inglesa (Por supuesto), me comunico en inglés la mayoría del tiempo, últimamente hablando en español tan solo en un par de lugares (Servidores en Discord) más que nada. Ah, y vengo de Marte por sí se lo preguntan.
  6. I took a couple days to finish this animation which was intended to look as something straight from a videogame, thus why the title indicates this is an Idle Animation. There is not much Lore to this aside the one told within the artwork, but as always I try to tell myself and the others a story to make what I draw or make have sense while not having to stick to what is reality. Some friends of mine helped me with advices and all to fix some stuff which was on the animation and the anatomy, without them this would have looked different, hehe. Overall, I hope you enjoy this very short thingie I did! https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/84026092 for the Lore and anything else!
  7. Thank you bud! We are giving our best effort to make this something great and enjoyable!
  8. Hello everyone! I hope you have been doing very well those weeks - I myself have been working on some mapping stuff for other game, pixel art and the TCTOA Bible whose Bestiary and Armoury are fully done (So far) right now. My friend @GormanFreebmen has been working on a lot of new models as of lately, and I am happy to show you all the progress he has been doing so far! Those models are pretty incredible and I myself love how they look! What do you think? The new M1911 model with new hands! Small and bubbly, but those potions will heal two points per pickup instead of vanilla's one point! Those armor shards will replace the Spiritual Helmets! (I never found the sense to those helmets sincerely, hehe) They will restore you 2% of your Armor per use - though this probably will change and keep being the usual 1%. And this is a WIP Armour for the game! The Green Armor (The name is on a file of my PC, so I can not tell its real name right now) will not give you 100% Armor, but 75%. The reasoning behind this is the fact Armours will protect you a bit 'more', as it will reduce damage taken by certain damage types, on this case being Physical/Bullet damage. (I was still working on this because I feel I did not do it right haha)
  9. Tell Sandy Petersen to practice mapping and have a better map design, or seeing how he loved Lovecraft, probably had some more eldritch feels to it. and remove doom rng, like @Juza said cus honestly rng is ugly. I can not say much, as I would also like jumping and crouching, many maps could be cooler with that.
  10. Archanhell

    What's your best Doom memory ?

    Well, back in 2012 when I started playing DooM for the first time, on that same year I started playing Multiplayer on the ZDaemon Port. Those times were golden and I met a myriad of awesome people, as well as a lot of WADs and even the creator of teh_base.wad which was pretty incredible for its time. Later on, I started reuniting with people on a server called [LA] Space Station, there was always at least 15-30+ people there, even more, and those moments very awesome, where I also used to die a lot and was famous for that.... Kind of, I guess (?). Then on 2014 I stopped having PC, and on 2016 or something I came back, seeing how everything was pretty much different, and while the servers were still alive, I stopped playing on ZDaemon and came veeeery few times just to see at least 10 or 12 players there, it felt weird and I do not know what was of them nowadays. That was one of the best memories, and while back then I was not like what I am today, on many senses including "being good" at the game, I would like that server to revive someday, even if it's on Zandronum. Talking of Zandronum, the same thing happened with the ClusterF*ck/CF Mod Community. Back then we used to play a lot of LCA, CF and addons every day and every night, I met a lot of cool people, many of them being my friends until this day, and enjoying those moments with everyone full of salt and laughs was the best of the best, along many other mods like Zombie Horde or Who Dun It. However, despite being good memories, later on it sloooowly became bad and sad, due to how the current status of the Mod and throughout many months it started to fill with more and more drama (Which I will not mention much), nowadays CF being a drama mine and me not playing it anymore, but I guess it was very nice while it lasted.
  11. Archanhell

    Natural - looking environments

    Found two good examples of what I said from my map. That's just the first area and you are able to observe how I made use of height difference, adding ambience like waterfalls, diverse props and all that kind of stuff, which makes it seem a bit more lively, surely I would be able to make that better using actual waterfalls, and making some extra geometry here and there but that's the best I got rn.
  12. 1.- I really love the idea of this project, and while I myself can not contribute much, I will really love to play it when it is released to the public, and I may try to test it somehow. 2.- STEVE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-
  13. Archanhell

    Natural - looking environments

    Well I can understand you right now, before my PC died I was working on the first map for my team project which is basically an Island, so you can expect how much natural-looking outdoor areas I have to do right? Hmm, I don't have any pictures right now, but obviously shapes are not grid-perfect or have a perfect shape, everything is random and there are various changes on surfaces, walls, etc. For example, mountains that are higher while others are much lower, terrain which goes up and then suddenly goes down, holes in the earth, hills, etc. I see many mappers do it so for example, they make a lot of squareish or something mountains, ones that go higher, others that protrude a bit to the front or to the back and use a different texture, and it goes on and on like that, giving it a more natural-ish look, I guess. But honestly myselfl I prefer to use a single texture, as it fits more the map. For terrain what I do is this: •Make a big, randomly-shaped land which usually has some curves here and there, for the outer mountains and some variety. •Then, add a few hills, they will always be more roundish and NEVER square-ish, usually has two or three layers to climb, and a few trees, rocks, bushes, etc. •Some pieces of land will go down, giving some height difference, this can go viceversa and "climb" a bit, without being qualified as a "hill". •Waterfalls and rivers give some ambience to your maps, as well as ponds and such. And a few other things but this is extending a lot, look at references, both for videogames and real life enviroments, that can give you some ideas, then visualize it as if it was on DooM, I think that CAN work.
  14. Archanhell

    Doomkid's Mega! [WIP Vanilla Megawad]

    Hey my dude, the name of this WAD fits very good, because this is mega cool! Keep up my dude, I will try to play this when it's released, I don't know when as I have many things to do, but hopefully one day that is not too far!
  15. Archanhell

    Does anyone else see this?

    My imagination can not see it, and thus I failed this mission, sorry Commander Eurisko, I will proceed to self-destruct.