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  1. Archanhell

    "Caco" in "Cacodemon" is pronounced:

  2. Archanhell

    My Works

    The one in Pixel Art is Vermillion, a Original Character, and he's basically one of the best I have made, with one of the best backstories in my opinion. The Stickmen have no meaning. The Landscapes have different meanings depending on the viewer. The Crow-mask one is another Original Character, the same for the female in the other Pixel Art. The Star Symbol represents the Elements, and it's the symbol for the Mugen no Kami (The God of Infinity) And well there's a vocabulary there
  3. Archanhell

    My Works

    What do you mean by ironic? All work here is not ironic at all.
  4. Archanhell

    My Works

    The time has cometh and I will show all of thee my art, you hath to be prepared. I don't know how much I'll be able to post, yet I'll be glad to share more if I can.
  5. Archanhell

    Do You have a original World?

    ... ... ...Share that strong beer boy!
  6. Archanhell

    Do You have a original World?

    Wow, you sure have a good imagination dude! This Sci-Fi concept sounds pretty promising, I would like to hear more 'bout it and give my feedback on it, if you can or want!
  7. Archanhell

    Do You have a original World?

    I love that creation myth, sounds pretty interesting! Also the setting you are using for a RPG and the like is good too, so you if you need help on something related to testing, feedback, you can tell me. (And the rest of people who has commented and have yet to comment, too!)
  8. Archanhell

    Do You have a original World?

    That's amazing! I hope you can tell more about them when you can, I'm very interested in post-apocalyptic and fantasy stuff hah Oh so you programmed short text adventure games? That's something I'm interested in! And sounds like a good story!
  9. Archanhell

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    I love this mod, it's simply so amazing and beautiful with those visuals and the gameplay itself, you have my respects dude! I was wondering if I could use the visuals with other mods? Like playing HellCore with the material pack or something?
  10. I got to learn from him, a lot.
  11. I wonder how good will a Japanese player be playing DooM... ...Oh god. It would be interesting though, I don't know any Japanese who plays DooM, due to me having generally english and spanish friends, I think a few from other countries but no Japanese. ...I want to play a Wad or Mod made by them that is not JCP :^)
  12. Archanhell

    Anybody want some extra body parts?

    I want a robotic blade arm with a hand-cannon integrated, too.
  13. Archanhell

    Bombs Away- a just-for-fun map

    You know what? I'm going to do this in Ultra-Violence without taking damage, wish me luck lol
  14. Archanhell

    Bombs Away- a just-for-fun map

    So I completed the entire level without using any cheat all, nor changing the gameplay settings as I always do (Respawning Items or Powerups, mostly) I also played with a challenge: 100% Completion and No Damage. ...Surprisingly, I could accomplish that challenge and get 100% in everything along no damage taken. ... About the gameplay and visuals, I really loved them. Eye Candy may not be really important always, at least not in small games, however I really love when visuals get this magnificent along a quick, fun gameplay that keeps the player's attention on what is in front of them. I really look forward to more content, levels or maybe something more on this wad, and you have all my support, keep up the good work! I'm surprised you missed it. In the green room, after killing the Baron of Hells, you go to the room in your right and press the switch, when you go below you'll find those Cacodemons, a Mancubus and two Arachnotrons, right? Well, in the center of that room there's a small pad with a Plasma Rifle just above it.