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  1. I love the bloody brown contrast with occasional green toxic goo. Very doom 2 vibe.
  2. Bochnik Chleba

    Doom 2 In Song Only - A Community Experiment Megawad

    I will take Map18 Waiting for Romero to play
  3. Bochnik Chleba

    [Community Project] Doom 2 Minus Doom [MAP29 OPEN]

    I will claim the remaining Map31 slot.
  4. Not gonna lie this "not firing any bullets" tactic completely flew under my radar, but I must say I kinda like it :) It's almost like for a people that say "f*ck this map, I'm outta here". Also your time beating this in 11 seconds even with this pacifist route is really impressive. I set the destinations intentionally for the player to be in this "sandwich" situation where once the pressure is too high you need to fire BFG in order to reposition yourself. If the destinations were changed so the player could just run out of the corridor it would be much less impactful fight. I'm sure you get the point :)
  5. The BFG corridor has monster blocking lines on its sides so nothing should be able to fly over and on my playtesting sessions everything always teleported. Maybe some lost soul got out of bounds when pain elemental died next to wall. Anyways thanks for your feedback, it's always appreciated :)
  6. Map Slot:16 (P) Map Name: Powering up Mapper Name: Bochnik Chleba Map Music: Aliens, Say Your Prayers (by Robert Prince - from Duke Nukem 3D) Eager to hear any of your feedback and critics. Screenshots:
  7. Bochnik Chleba

    Finer Doom: The Nominal Touches (TNT CP!)

    Wow, what a nice vanilla TNT CP! It's my first time joining a community project and I would like to work on Map 19. Thanks!