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  1. Hi DoomGappy, my map is mostly done (75%). I 've been kinda stuck on making one part of the map, so that's probably why it's been taking so long for me, sorry. Anyways I will send some screenies of finished bits:
  2. I haven't completed my map yet, but I'm trying to finish it ASAP.
  3. Sorry for not replying sooner, but I am still on board. I am busy with school and part time job, but nevertheless I will try to finish my map till end of the month.
  4. Sorry for being so silent here, but yes I'm still on board :) I will try to finish my map as soon as possible.
  5. Title: Ancient Halls Slot: MAP25 Author: Bochnik Chleba Ports Tested: Crispy and dsda Known Bugs: None.. MIDI: Retribution Stalks by solidago Version 1: ancienthalls.wad Version 1 (MIDI added): ancienthalls.wad Screenies:
  6. You need to set different brightness for both sectors around the bars. It works just fine even when you change brightness by one.
  7. I have just a starting area, which I made at day 1, but I haven't touched my map since. Though no worry, I have this map in my todo.
  8. I have done like third of my map, but i was kinda busy with real life stuff last two months. Fortunately, now I have much more time and energy to continue working on these projects.
  9. Bochnik Chleba

    So, how old are you ?

    Even though I'm 15 years old, I can already feel how fast the time passes. So live your life at your fullest and spend time with your family while you still can.
  10. I love the bloody brown contrast with occasional green toxic goo. Very doom 2 vibe.
  11. I will take Map18 Waiting for Romero to play
  12. I will claim the remaining Map31 slot.
  13. Not gonna lie this "not firing any bullets" tactic completely flew under my radar, but I must say I kinda like it :) It's almost like for a people that say "f*ck this map, I'm outta here". Also your time beating this in 11 seconds even with this pacifist route is really impressive. I set the destinations intentionally for the player to be in this "sandwich" situation where once the pressure is too high you need to fire BFG in order to reposition yourself. If the destinations were changed so the player could just run out of the corridor it would be much less impactful fight. I'm sure you get the point :)