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  1. Loomis

    Deep In Hell 1 [WAD]

    Hi @Trapper I played your map now and it's a nice start. I will point out some flaws and bugs, though:
  2. Loomis

    Deep In Hell 1 [WAD]

    Can't download the file:
  3. Loomis

    Double-Danger (single level for doom 2)

    Hi @white dragon now I played your map. I really liked it. The architecture looks cool and has a lot of detail, and I liked how the difficulty steadily increased from easy to demanding. Well done! What could be improved though is the texture alignment. In some cases it looks bad, which spoils the good architecture a bit: I couldn't find the second secret. I had a look in the WAD and there are two TEXTMAP entries. I'm no expert in UDMF format, but is this intentional? One of them has two secrets (sectors 1533 and 1821), one has only the secret in sector 1533. So I suspect there is something wrong.
  4. Loomis

    Double-Danger (single level for doom 2)

    I didn't forget your map, I just can't find time for anything at the moment, sorry...
  5. Loomis

    Double-Danger (single level for doom 2)

    Great choice of music! I'll definitely give this map a try.
  6. Loomis

    [Doom 2] Sin City - Speedmap in 5,5 hours or less.

    Now I played your map. The visuals are again great. You seem to have a very good knowledge which textures fit to each other. Building such a detailed map would not be possible otherwise, I think. When you say 5.5 hours, did you plan your map or do a sketch before those 5.5 hours start or is all the planning included in that short time? I would have needed at least the fivefold of time.
  7. Loomis

    How to make fun Ultimate DooM maps?

    Interesting question. I tried to mix projectile monsters with hitscan monsters, which in theory should increase difficulty. But in practice in my maps this often leads to a lot of infighting and the difficulty is thus not higher.
  8. Nice map, had much fun playing it. I found 6 secrets, one additional I found only after having a look in Slade and one I completely missed.
  9. Loomis

    [Doom 2] Sin City - Speedmap in 5,5 hours or less.

    By the way, seeing how good a road can be designed with the stock textures I wonder why the id guys didn't put a road into a map like Doom 2 map 13 "Downtown". It would have fitted well and made the map look more realistic (and less monotonous).
  10. Loomis

    [Doom 2] Sin City - Speedmap in 5,5 hours or less.

    Cool, looking forward to play this, as I liked your last map. Hope I find the time soon!
  11. Loomis

    How to change the DOOM 2 sky texture?

    Please post the contents of your mapinfo here and we can have a look.
  12. Loomis


    I'm sorry to say, but looking at your WAD in an editor (Slade in my case) there is no sector with special 9. By the way, I don't know how exactly you meant "tagging" them: Tags and Specials are different things here.
  13. Loomis

    My first WAD - Into the Complex

    It's a cool map. Already a lot of details for a first map. Nice oldschool Doom 1 feeling. Exactly when I thought that it is rather easy the difficulty suddenly increased. Some clever secrets. Very good start!
  14. Hi, thanks for playing! Took me a while for finding time to write a response. I can understand what your main critique point is. I still have to learn and experiment how to mix projectile based monsters with hitscanners to make the experience more demanding and interesting. Often if I put more of those different monster types into an area it leads to a lot of infighting that doesn't help then making the experience more interesting. In the past I thought about making this map map 1 of a bigger WAD (therefore also the name Into Battle), that's why I didn't want to give the plasma rifle and the BFG already and that's why I did not put all kinds of the bigger monsters already.
  15. Loomis

    Camping Aborted - Vanilla map

    OK, I understand, thanks.