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  1. Loomis


    Well, it indeed looks like Doom 2 Level 16...
  2. Loomis


    Since @Not Jabba mentioned that Veddge is a vegetarian, it came to my mind that "Veddge" could just be short for "Vegetarian" with a little altered spelling.
  3. Argh, why can't this be a "32 monsters challenge" project, haha? My "Shotgun Gambit" has (and needs to have) exactly 32 monsters:
  4. Loomis

    Abandoned Subspace V2

    Hey bro, why no screenshots?
  5. I'd say, if it's unused, then remove it...
  6. Loomis


    Well, that was definitely a trip. More than once I wasn't sure if my mind played tricks on me or if it was the map itself. This was a map like I never experienced one in 30 years of playing Doom. Also thanks to @Jimmy from my side, without the Doomwiki article I wouldn't have found my way through that nightmare.
  7. Loomis


    I played it and found no issues. I think the map was a bit too easy with all the weapons available ;-)
  8. Loomis

    kmetal 2018

    Looks cool! Strong Quake 1 vibes.
  9. Loomis

    My first finished map

    Came here because of your second map Reprocessing Facility and I wasn't disappointed. Your second map was impressive, but also your very first one - this map - is really cool! Recommended!
  10. Loomis

    Reprocessing Facility (vanilla)

    Nothing wrong with a techbase theme as long as it is so good as this map here!
  11. Loomis

    Reprocessing Facility (vanilla)

    Really great map! Reminds me a lot of No End In Sight, but with Doom 2 weapons and monsters. Very cool!
  12. Loomis

    Bastion Escape

    Yeah, I replayed and I need to apologize, indeed the secrets and that one door to the outside are working! One thing though,
  13. Loomis

    Bastion Escape

    Hi, I played your map. It has some room for improvement, though. It can already be seen in your screenshots, that variation of brightness levels is missing. Look at all those lamps that don't make any areas brighter. The part with the maze played a little dull. Pressing switches and explore the next small part of the maze is not that interesting. Doortrack textures could be used at doors. Then - probably it's just me not finding some more switches, but - it seems that some secrets and doors are broken and can't be opened or only opened once where it should be possible multiple times. But I hope this didn't sound too negative, I hope you continue mapping and maybe utilize some of the things I said.
  14. Loomis

    I recommend BloodRust

    @doomlayman thanks for the recommendation. I played the whole thing and had a lot of fun. Like @rita remton said, it might not be superfancy for today's standards but it is appealing and fun to play.
  15. Hey (check-)mates! It took a long while, but finally I made some changes to this map to make it a little bit harder and more entertaining: Changelog V2: - added nukage pits to reduce possibility for camping - removed a rather useless secret - reduced supplies to make the map harder There was the idea to add crushers to the corners of the map, but I realized that this would make it possible to lure the monsters under the crushers and that would make the idea counterproductive in regards to make it more difficult. Therefore the nukage pits which only hurt the player. The new download link is in the first post of this thread.