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  1. Loomis

    [Boom] Untitled single-map WAD

    Nice and tough map!
  2. Loomis

    Hydrosphere (6 level Boom mapset) RC4

    I really loved this mapset. Especially I liked the brightness and colorfulness of the maps. This is not seen that often, but it looks really good. Also all the architectural details. I also liked the ambushes and combats. And gibbing dozens of enemies by shooting the barrels is great fun.
  3. Loomis

    Struggles with item mode.

    Which editor do you use?
  4. Loomis

    Cotton's Grabbag

    I'm sure chances that they (and others) will play it rise if you comply with this:
  5. Loomis

    Made a new speedmap after burnout

    The red one is cool: quick and tough (for a lower tier monster). The melee revenants were too few or there was too much space to avoid them, though.
  6. Loomis

    Made a new speedmap after burnout

    Nice little map! I also liked the assault rifle and the new monsters. Very refreshing.
  7. This map looks really impressive and beautiful. Great work!
  8. Loomis


    This is a great map! The look is incredible! Wow! Only, for my taste ammunition is a little scarce, especially at the beginning of the map (on UV).
  9. Loomis

    Found my first WAD again.

    To be honest I used Hardware Acceleration although you said we shouldn't. But even Ultimate Doom Builder complains that a texture is missing (in the first room of the first map), so I guess it is a bug: Yes exactly. I think those vertices are messed up. There shouldn't be lines crossing without a vertex: By the way, I liked the smooth transition between levels. Really cool.
  10. Loomis

    Found my first WAD again.

    The maps are quite fun! You should definitely spend a few more minutes on fixing the bugs like some missing textures and a probably defect sector in map 7.
  11. Thanks for playing! Yes I think I'm going to reduce supplies on UV. Thanks! That is a great idea! I'll definitely try this.
  12. @Clippy Thanks for playing! I see, most of you have absolutely no difficulties to beat the map. So I guess I should make it harder on UV. Should I probably reduce the supplies on this difficulty level? I'm not sure how to intensify the combat itself though, given that I want to stick with only 32 monsters. OK, I could use 16 Arch Viles as pawns... ;) But who shall then be queen?
  13. Hey, thanks for your feedback! I gave myself some constraints to meet the rules of chess (having 32 chess pieces - or monsters in this case - of six different types) as well as sticking to only one weapon (for which I chose the SSG). Therefore I did not include Sergeants and chaingunners since they would drop Shotguns and Chainguns. If you have any idea how to make the gameplay more interesting under those conditions you're welcome to let me know.
  14. Shotgun Gambit 64 squares 32 chess pieces 1 Super Shotgun In Doom, even Chess has it's own rules. There is no white or black, you just need to checkmate both evil kings! To do that, you can rely on your good old double barreled shotgun! Shotgun Gambit is a short single player map for Doom 2 (replacing MAP01). Map Format: UDMF Tested in GZDOOM 4.3.3 Freelook? allowed but not necessary Jumping/crouching? allowed but not necessary Difficulty settings not implemented New textures: The sky is my own work and a glass texture has been created. It has been quite a while since I created my last map, but now I found some time to create a new one and also try Ultimate Doom Builder for the first time (I used Slade before) and also I wrote some basic ACS scripts for the first time. Screen Shots: Download: SHOTGUN_GAMBIT_WAD.zip
  15. Loomis

    First (released) Doom map

    Hey, that's a fun little map! Liked it. What's up with that second secret? Couldn't find it and from looking at the other guys' videos they couldn't either?