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  1. I'm logged in for now. I am moving soon, and have a busted hand.

    Hope you all have a great day and night.

    1. Xerenogan


      Busted as in I can't play games requiring two hands.

  2. Damn! I've been following the development of this for this for months now. You folks completed it just in time for me to break my hand. I only hope I recover before you reach the actual release candidate, as I can't wait to play this.
  3. Xerenogan

    Doom: The Golden Souls Remastered - Download Now!

    Hell yeah! I saw earlier today and thought "Oh yeah! I remember this!" and I just started playing. The levels came to me like I was riding a new bike after years of not riding. This is some good stuff. I am particularly enthused to see the bonus coin garden finished. It was one of the few things that I was melancholic about not being completed despite seeing the sequels being worked on and released. I've been playing back through it all afternoon, and am close to finishing it. Thanks.
  4. Xerenogan

    Cheogsh 2

    I enjoyed this for the most part, although some things did try their best to sour it for me. The atmosphere and level design is great, but some of the required backtracking was handled a little clumsily. I see the hub thing that you were going for. It's a neat idea. The rebuilt city was nifty, even if the sewers felt far to repetitive. The ending part with the elevator shaft really stuck in my craw. I very nearly lost my temper to that spiral. Overall though, this is one I'm glad I played.
  5. Xerenogan

    The People's Doom

    I'm not sure, I don't think one has been published yet. Reading this from an older post, it looks like it did have some kind of proprietary thing. Pretty discouraging stuff. Hopefully it gets a more permissive license in the future.
  6. Xerenogan

    Terminator Player Class Mod 3.0 BETA is out!

    This is pretty neat. I haven't seen too many class mods that come complete with mugshot changes, but then I haven't looked too hard.
  7. Xerenogan

    Blasphemer discussion

    It looks like it was last updated 3 years ago. From what I can tell most of what needs to be done is maps(it's got alot of placeholders), a bunch of projectile sprites and a few other things. If I had to guess, I'd say it's on hiatus but I'd love to hear from one of the devs.
  8. Xerenogan

    Blasphemer discussion

    I really like this. I hope more interest comes to this in the future.
  9. Xerenogan

    what about FreeQuake?

    Librequake is something I've been watching off and on. Their discord is somewhat regularly active. Realy? I had no idea. I'm going to have to check that out.
  10. Xerenogan

    GZFreePunk - a FreeDoom fork for GZDoom

    Interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out in the end. Keep up the good work.
  11. Xerenogan

    A New Romero Megawad?! Not official... yet.

    Awesome! I 'm really looking forward to it. I'm gonna have to generate a new wadsmooshed iwad (when JP gets around to updating it with this new one). Actually that seems like an exciting proposition. I'd be interested in seeing some new deathmatch maps from such an OG deathmatcher as himself. EDIT: Just found out that sigil came with deathmatch maps. I feel a little silly for not having known that.
  12. Xerenogan

    OpenGL or Vulkan?

    I generally use Vulkan.
  13. Xerenogan

    If you were the doomguy how would you like to die

    *Screams* Xerenogan Mutated (Definitely Nukage)
  14. Xerenogan

    I love Plutonia.

    I love it as well. Nothing like a room full of chaingunners and revenants in the morning. Really gets the blood flowing.
  15. Xerenogan

    Should Unity Add-Ons be considered canon?

    This ^^^ All they are doing is acknowledging the fact that you can't load custom wads on consoles, and so they are packaging some of the higher quality ones to mitigate that shortcoming. That's all.