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  1. The sound issues are fixed in the updated version released by Hendriscks266 (one of developers of EDuke32):
  2. Don't wanna make a new thread for this, but Mount & Blade is currently free at
  3. I couldn't find a game giveaways thread, so here: Eador: Genesis is a very in-depth fantasy TBS/RPG mix taking the best from the classics of these genres. You have a great degree of freedom in shaping up your leader character and the heroes under your command, there is no fixed tech tree or classes, and the world is randomly generated every time you play.
  4. I just noticed that there's a set of digitized gloveless fists in the attic: Perhaps, with some polishing, they could be used for consistency with the other weapons where there are no gloves?
  5. Bugs, I like that. A reference going back to Aliens as well. I've never given much though to Freed∞m's story but I've always kind of assumed that the chaingunners are AGM's security while zombies (and possibly the combat slug) some sort of failed experiments on humans and the rest obviously aliens. But for chaingunners there' still that design of either an anthropomorphic lizard or demon as replacement. On a side note, I think it's still a good idea to collect all the different stories that have been proposed here over the years and put them in the zip with the IWADs. Some are quite entertaining to read. This would also be a direct opposite to that infamous statement by John Carmack about Doom's plot :)
  6. Just a side note, it is probably more accurate to call the monsters arthropods rather than insects; both real-life trilobites and centipedes are classified as such.
  7. Hey, sorry for the belated reply. There's indeed a slight difference which becomes more apparent if you upscale the image to 640x480: In the imgur pic (the second one here), the left-side part of the breather (which is to the right for the viewer) is a bit more articulated IMO. It's not like this is a very big difference though.
  8. This and [url=]this[/url] appear to be identical..? (or at least I cannot discern any differences) [Edit] Upon very close inspection at 600% magnification, there's a single column of pixels that is different. I admit it kind of gives a better look of the breather part.
  9. The blue font seems not to stand out of the background too much. Perhaps the metal grey, similar to the logo, would work better?
  10. I agree. A while ago I thought that some alien symbols could be used instead. However this suggestion wasn't picked up and I don't have any designs for such symbols so far. Perhaps something like the Zerg symbol in StarCraft II would be appropriate, considering the nature of some of the monsters. A very simple but equally unoriginal solution could be to use the runes from the teleporter flats.
  11. I just checked fredrik's graphics improvement project — or rather, what was preserved by the Wayback Machine — and it appears that two textures, RW35_1 and RW35_2 (right at the bottom of that page), might have never been committed, as they are neither present in any of the releases nor in the attic. Here's a comparison with the current versions on the left and fredrik's submissions on the right: Not sure if they would be an improvement in-game though. There was probably a reason why these were not included unlike the rest of fredrik's submissions. However a factor could be that they were apparently committed later than the rest of the stuff.
  12. Well, I was completely unaware of that. Actually you're completely right. I've long gone past the stage of being an impartial observer, and it's time I started to take a more active stance. Thanks for helping me realise that. Still, I do believe that a discussion of some matters in the forums before submitting changes certainly do no harm, and could be beneficial in some cases.
  13. Only in the first post which I made quite some time ago (25 December 2015). A few days after that, raymoohawk used the terms vitality boost and shield charge when he created new sprites for them (27 December 2015), which I took as a tacit acceptance of the changed names (in the absence of any feedback in this thread). After that, as you know, raymoohawk took inspiration from the very old health bonus pickups from an early build of Freedoom and drew his own version (30 December 2015). And now it has occurred to me that perhaps a name like vita-booster could be more appropriate to the new, current design of the health bonus pickup, as it now looks more like a man-made medical item rather than an abstract item of obscure origin. As for the shield charge, raymoohawk designed the current armour bonus pickup to explicitly look like a battery, and IIRC an updated version of the green armour also incorporates a battery as well (I can't find that version ATM though). [Edit] It appears that this is the current version in the repository. The battery is at the belt. I'm sorry if the way I initially presented this was confusing. And of course, I do not even remotely insist on these name changes, it's just a suggestion. Sorry if my posts took time from something more important.
  14. Revamping? I merely suggested changing their names in the text strings, doesn't sound like much effort involved.
  15. After considering the possibility of making a reference to Shadow of the Wool Ball in Phase 2 secret levels, I had a further thought that maybe some of the levels could contain references to other community projects as well? I'm not sure how well this could work out since no new sprites may be added to the IWADs and only textures. They way such references may be implemented, as I understand it, would be via a secret teleporter and/or elevator platform that would take the player to an otherwise disconnected part of a level which recreates a recognizable area from a different WAD/TC. I'm assuming that this would allow to add areas of considerable size to an existing level without messing up its main layout and architecture. For example, I think that some part of Epic 2 could be recreated using stock textures and Egyptian TNT textures, and perhaps something from Back to Saturn X could be re-made with the Aquatex set. I'm sure you guys can think of more examples/possibilities. Just to make it clear, I'm not suggesting to actually copy any parts of levels from other projects, but recreations from scratch which I assume is permitted under the fair use clause. But of course it would be wonderful if some of the project authors could donate extra textures (if it is possible to release such material under the Freedoom license) for a more accurate recreation. What do you think of this? Could it work? Would it be worth the effort?