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  1. I would greatly recommend WinROTT GL over the other ports as this is the only one so far to properly address the aspect ratio issue.
  2. The old shotgun is probably one of the better unused sprites, but there's a reason why the game sticks with centred weapons. Without a crosshair, this shotgun is pretty hard to aim — I've played the old IWADs where this is used (and also newer ones with the leftover PWAD) in MBF, and this is really not convenient.
  3. The first version of Freed∞m that I played was v0.7, and I still have very fond memories of it. Since the massive art updates thanks to our awesome contributors, the thought of a retro IWAD occurred to me several times. As far as I can tell, there are two possible approaches: a) Take the most recent retro style IWAD (v0.8) and polish it, since a lot of art and maps have been replaced since this release and are completely different from their current counterparts. By "polish" I mean stuff like making sure all letters in the old font have the same width, clean up the edges of the Pain Lord sprites etc. b) Take as many usable assets from the attic, including espi's STARTAN textures, the old version of pinky etc. (much of this is found in the leftover WAD), and replace as many of the current art with older versions as possible, provided that these are of decent quality. This might also involve polishing as described above, but since the end result will not match any of the older IWADs, I think it is possible to make more radical changes, like re-purposing certain sprites. For example, the original version of the Revenant/Dark Soldier could be used as a Baron replacement.
  4. A while ago I reported the same issue for MBF 2.04, and Gerwin added a command line parameter to ignore embedded DEH/BEX lumps. However this only partially fixes the problem as the port will not load PWAD-specific DEH/BEX lumps if they're not supplied as separate files. I think I might have also posted about the same issue in the PrBoom+ thread but not sure. UPD: yep, here it is. As far as I can tell, the only true workaround is to have dedicated executables with Freed∞m-specific strings already in.
  5. Recently I discovered LairWare's shareware Macintosh port of Ultima III, and it runs fine in Executor, even in DOSBox: I've tested this with v1.3 available from the archived copy of Lairware's website. The port features high-resolution graphics, animation and sound effects, also optional music. The unregistered shareware version allows to play freely except you can't enter the land of Ambrosia.
  6. The sound issues are fixed in the updated version released by Hendriscks266 (one of developers of EDuke32):
  7. Don't wanna make a new thread for this, but Mount & Blade is currently free at
  8. I couldn't find a game giveaways thread, so here: Eador: Genesis is a very in-depth fantasy TBS/RPG mix taking the best from the classics of these genres. You have a great degree of freedom in shaping up your leader character and the heroes under your command, there is no fixed tech tree or classes, and the world is randomly generated every time you play.
  9. I just noticed that there's a set of digitized gloveless fists in the attic: Perhaps, with some polishing, they could be used for consistency with the other weapons where there are no gloves?
  10. Bugs, I like that. A reference going back to Aliens as well. I've never given much though to Freed∞m's story but I've always kind of assumed that the chaingunners are AGM's security while zombies (and possibly the combat slug) some sort of failed experiments on humans and the rest obviously aliens. But for chaingunners there' still that design of either an anthropomorphic lizard or demon as replacement. On a side note, I think it's still a good idea to collect all the different stories that have been proposed here over the years and put them in the zip with the IWADs. Some are quite entertaining to read. This would also be a direct opposite to that infamous statement by John Carmack about Doom's plot :)
  11. Just a side note, it is probably more accurate to call the monsters arthropods rather than insects; both real-life trilobites and centipedes are classified as such.
  12. Hey, sorry for the belated reply. There's indeed a slight difference which becomes more apparent if you upscale the image to 640x480: In the imgur pic (the second one here), the left-side part of the breather (which is to the right for the viewer) is a bit more articulated IMO. It's not like this is a very big difference though.
  13. This and [url=]this[/url] appear to be identical..? (or at least I cannot discern any differences) [Edit] Upon very close inspection at 600% magnification, there's a single column of pixels that is different. I admit it kind of gives a better look of the breather part.
  14. The blue font seems not to stand out of the background too much. Perhaps the metal grey, similar to the logo, would work better?
  15. I agree. A while ago I thought that some alien symbols could be used instead. However this suggestion wasn't picked up and I don't have any designs for such symbols so far. Perhaps something like the Zerg symbol in StarCraft II would be appropriate, considering the nature of some of the monsters. A very simple but equally unoriginal solution could be to use the runes from the teleporter flats.